Dr. Tomo Shibata, womens violence, pornography, and an unexpected link to horse-faced feminist theologian Catherine McKinnon

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As I and others have noted, understanding organized gang stalking requires that you separate the “directed energy,UFOs,and Morgellons” whack jobs from their actual OGS victims.
So, this leaves us with OGS denialists, most of whom work curiously close to the NSA and Fusion Centers, policing, or other institutions that are actively wiretapping Americans, and then, OGS victims, most of whom are aware that the “electronic weapons” are actually any of many described by Edward Snowden, and the Intercept hereor in the bizzare “mind control”documents that the Washington state Fusion Center released to the press; and in the even more bizarre morphing of the definition of terrorism to domestic violence and the accompanying Fusion Center monitoring of targeted individuals, outlined here by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).
Well, the horse-faced lesbian linebacker is out of the hag now.I encourage the attorneys, psychologists, law enforcement agents, and ESPECIALLY the sociologists reading ROGS to follow this link between a major disinformation/discrediting effort by Dr.Tomo Shitbata,and many of the ROGS thesis, as outlined below. Its another 100% ROGS BINGO, using ROGS predictive analyses.
Once again,I link feminist/Wiccan /gender-lesbian/sex and pornography profiteers to the gang stalking dialectic, the Lesbian sex and pornography wars of the 1980s, and high heeled policing, where the ugly but clever, sociopathic, manipulative girls continuously seek to “control the sex supply,” and hence, control attractive womens lives-but especially seek to control men. And, I encourage investigators to follow these links, and maybe, prosecute a few gang stalkers (I offer free assistance, should you wish to prosecute them ).
And, bonus points for a link to the Swedish Model, academic gang stalking and more, as we review the link between OGS disinformation, womens cowardly deviance and violence, and an ongoing bizarre and actual collusion between Dr. Tomo, and several othered pedigreed gender lesbian theologians.
The following validates the utility of ROGS predictive analyses in cases of organized gang stalking, and also , manufactured terrorism, as we see one of the more recent attempts at discrediting victims of feminist /lesbian gang stalking.
Hampster-faced Tomo Shibata,beneath, is trying to lead the herd of disinformation con artists in the discrediting of targeted individuals, and claims to be raising money for legislation to fight OGS, but manages to get every single discrediting narrative into the first paragraphs of her proposed legislation.
Here is Dr.Shitbatas Gofundme campaign.
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Hampster-faced Dr. Tomo Shitbata.
Here are ROGS related posts where I predict these links, but also, link womens violence and deviance to gang stalking, and even mass shootings,or other bizarre events, like the feminist gang stalking of Michael Fry in Texas.
And here is a link to her bizarre fabrications about gang stalking, and then her other works, linking her to both lesbian theology, and weaponized pornography.
First, her book:
‘Pornography,’ sexual objectification and sexual violence in Japan and in the world / Tomo Shibata
And now, a link to her other work, where she calculatedly discredits targeted individuals across the spectrum by tramping every bullshit “electronic weapons “trope straight out of military psychological operations manuals, and obscures her actual victims complaints.
From Tomo Shitbata, on Amazon.com
Tomo Shibata
Tomo Shibata graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arts and Sciences College, Cornell University, and received a doctorate with high distinction from the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) in Paris, France (Catharine A. MacKinnon at the University of Michigan Law School served on her doctoral defense committee). Shibata made a number of oral statements at the United Nations Human Rights Commission (now called Council). She has written newspaper opinion articles including “A ‘socially accepted’ act of child abuse” in The Japan Times, “Organized Stalking Must Stop” in The Ithaca Journal, articles in journals including “Japan’s Wartime Mass-Rape Camps and Continuing Sexual Human-Rights Violations” in The U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal and “Undoing Sexual Objectification in the Japanese Socio-Juridical Context” in The International Journal of Japanese Sociology, and a book in Japanese titled Child Sexual Abuse and Human Rights, which is held by 170 university libraries in Japan.
Further Reading:
the bizzare death of US Marine and Fresno police corruption whistleblower John Lang, who allegedly stabbed himself in the back and set his house on fire, as fire trucks parked blocks away after local police framed him with child pornography .
The link I make to women in secret societies, and the UN black operations targeting Japan

The link I make to women who work in Infragard, or who work in Fusion Centers, or with subsidiary police mechanisms, and thos whose names regularly occur in the gang stalking dialectic.
The curious connection of actual psychological operations via ATAP morphing of the definition of terrorism feeding at the domestic violence trough.
The link between the Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock, and alleged child pornography, but also, how his father was in constant contact with police, and the FBI for most of his life, even being portrayed by law enforcement in Pima, AZ as a special deputy. Coincidentally (of course!)Jared Loughner was speech -policed, and gang stalked at Pima Community College for egregious amounts of time for challenging neocon -progressive narrative control, aka zionist supremacy in American Literature.
The symbolic”coincidental “use of the number 13 in nearly every single mass shooting, but ALSO in the UNs own scurrilous sex trafficking narrative too.

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