WOMENS VIOLENCE, PsyOps, and the “Incel movement:” ROGS Bingos are everywhere these days, as we see that "the incels" were started by a woman-and taken over by “mystery people ”

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Well, the pseudo-feminist weaponized, lesbian porn wars of the 1980s are totally out of the hag now, as ROGS performs a dialectic biopsy on militant feminism, and discoveres rats like Dr.Lorraine Sheridan, and hamster-faced con artists like Dr.Tomo Shibata, practicing a form of academic fraud and _itchcraft that has now emerged as a major factor in nearly every single mass shooting: females, occulted aling the internet backbone, targeting men, and in some cases, causing some to go ballistic, or ram cars into things; and as the former head of the FBI, James Comey brags about how that agency mobilized womens organizations to commit domestic spying.
I now ask the agencies who are tasked with investigating these things to examine womens involvement in cyber-stalking, and offline stalking men and boys like military veterans Ian Long, and Matt Riehl, but also, that women, and female deputies were directly implicated by Michael Chadwick Fry.
And, as my one loyal long term reader has noted, I specifically asked that you investigate specific, named ex -police, and ex -military investigators that you can refer to here, in the case of San Gabriel Valley, CA, and this former USAF liason to the Israeli Mossad who stalked me on Twitter.
Guess what? ANOTHER WOMAN is implicated in starting an internet cult which has led to mass homicides: a woman started the incel movement, but this one is shrouded in anonymity, much like a #fakerape “victim.”
Meet the pseudo-anonymous Alana, who started the incel movement; for alk you or I know, Alana is an ADL troll, or a CIA operative.
Sure – its a _itchhunt, alright, but only after so many men were and are murdered with impunity by cops, long after they were gangstalked and slandered BY women, which is one of the ways that WOMENS VIOLENCE enacts itself, and that, bringing actual violence to men who defy crybullies.
Beyond the glaring ideological links between nearly every single mass shooter encountering DVIC narrative control, and militant feminism and its cohort of bankster-backed “alternative” ,we also see women in traditional and non -traditional roles actively involved in forming narratives.
And, some of those narratives plainly stink.

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