A Tale of Two (colluding) FBI's, as multi -cultural Kommunity Kovens and Klubs put FBI at a “crossroads”: revisiting Syed Farook and DVIC policing

The Brazilians say ‘bagunça'(confusion, chaos)
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Take note that I have written about old-school policing,at the crossroads of the modern surveillance capitalism police -state, helmed by the usual suspects,as it confronts the Hegelian dialectic, and herein examine the old KKK, which did not have technoligies like cell phones, and full spectrum domination via Fusion Centers at its disposal, and contrast that era with this era of the new Kommunity Kulture Klubs and Kovens, which utilize Fusion Centers, and work with police in community policing and utilizing hidden, unchallenged online /offline tactics to control individuals and infringe on civil liberties as well, such as rights of privacy, speech, association, and political action.

…attitudes that, astonishingly, drew the FBI and the KKK together.

And, earlier here at ROGS,I also gave a nod to a christian-type Detective Worts in San Diego CA, which has EXTREMELY HIGH rates of Google searches for gang stalking ; but also where globalists deliberately cause conflicts that police are forced or enabled to negotiate, while agencies like the FBI and DHS and especially their propaganda organs like the ATAP,are in many ways complicit, and at all times refuse to prosecute the globalists who finance these conflicts, orto investigate the local actors who perform at their request.
And, beyond globalist initiatives*, we must look at local agents in local conflicts to perform dialectic biopsies on these flawed narratives of mass shootings, and other “domestic violence”to separate the majoritarian sectarian babble from the facts in order to arrive at a correct narrative, because as we see time and again, police, and military figures work in occulted roles in the community policing scheme (which is itself quite bizarre, as documented by the author of Chameleo, Dr. Robert Guffey .
So, first, lets revisit the “colluding parallel investigation,”aka organized gang stalking as described by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and how they themselves have named, and then have linked the neverending make work projects of DVIC community policing and the attendant excessive chronic harrassment of individuals to mass shootings.
Then, take a look at how ROGS Predictive Analyses can be used to in fact, link this modern excessive policing /harrassment /Fusion Center monitoring (which the ACLU has noted is political, and that it targets individuals too).
In other words: the colluding parallel investigation is in fact and practice the modern lynch mob, with police positioned as they have always been, at the helm of the narrative as we see with ATAP, but also, this time, instead of a unified, hegemonic white and Jewish -christian mob, we have in fact, two distinct gangs of sectarians now, and even the Anti Defamation League has noted that the old Ku Klux Klan is almost non -existent, having been replaced by other ADL/globalist* sponsored and incited gangs of Kommunity Klubs and Kovens, as actual movements, and individual disdidents are killed off and coopted, as we saw in 1993.
So, lets also take a look back into the past, and see how the FBI worked alongside the KKK of old, much as they work today with the other KKK, the Kommunity Kulture Klubs and Kovens.
From this point forwards, I will use two acronyms to describe these similar K -configurations: K 3 and K 4, for expedience.
But first, a look back at the white-led Klan, and their synonymous goals, actions, and working nature with the FBI:

Review:The FBI and the KKK: A Critical History
Annotated edition Edition
ISBN-13: 978-0786440726, ISBN-10: 0786440724
Michael Newton is the author of five McFarland books. He lives in Nashville, Indiana. — Choice.
From the Inside Flap
The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Ku Klux Klan share a long and complicated history. Beginning with their first confrontation in 1922, this book examines the similarities, covert collaborations and common goals of the FBI and the KKK. After briefly describing the history of each, it explores the development of their association and the specific ways in which each organization furthered the other’s goals. The book traces eighty years of parallel development and the conservative attitudes that, astonishingly, drew the FBI and the KKK together.

Moving forward now, I would like to view the link that the FBI itself has made between ADL rhetoric, and the multi cultural klans these two organizations have created, and use the San Bernardino case to make an indisputable link between Jewish -christian fanaticism, crybullying, and spying .
An Insight Into K 4: using ROGS Predictive Analyses to retroactively discover the semiotic, and linguistic traces of K 4 involvement in the pre-ballistics of the San Bernardino shooting.
1-Read this left-wing Jewishy author in Newsweek, decrying the FBI listing of a violent left -wing activist group called BAMN as “violent”
2-read these right-wing Jew -christian-like opinions of how Black Lives Matter was listed as a violent organization (and my own scoffing opinion in the case of Rakem Balogun, despite having been gang stalked by blacks myself, as well as every other right-left group )
3- read this refresher on how the uber -Jewish Anti Defamation League spied on, and sold every single US activist group in 1993, which became the US de -facto police state model. Also see Counterpunch magazine, and this, from LGBTQI writers about how zionist -Jewish organizations use other groups to gain racial supremacy in narratives, via spying.
Then, read this about how these same are primarily respinsible for censoring speech in the US, and elsewhere, via Google /Youtube /Twitter /Facebook
And now, for my feature presentatiin, I invite you, the reader, to trace the allegiances and alluances that surrounded the narrative of the San Bernardino Shooting, starting with the vicious running mouth of Syed Farooks workplace harrassment, via a radical, gun toting Jewish man, named Nicholas Thalasinos, or “dont talk about politics or religion in the workplace unless your are a radical proselytizing Jew, or another crybully who is on the FBI protected species list. ”
1- Syed Farook on the “FBI radar”, and someone elses radar, while being radared by radar, and NOT wearing a red felt lined tinfoil beanie
2-Psychology Today magazine online advises us to “Recognize the Terrorist in Your Workplace: Reading Red Flags
How well do you know the people who work ten feet away? Take a closer look”uses the shooting to sell clicks, and also, affirm the Jewish -christian narrative control about mass shootings that start as workplace bullying, of the kind directed at Farook by a radical passive aggressive Jewish blabbermouth, who was UNDOUBTEDLY part of the community policing scheme, aka, the neverending “colluding parallel investigation. Apparently, “lone wolf terrorists” self-radicalize after encountering the un -fireable workplace proselytizer / bigoted crybully
3- being on the radar, Farook no dou bt was closely monitored, and all of the bizarre, neverending harrassment that I document here at ROGS was targeted at him, personally, from Fusion Centers, etc. Here, in this Inside Edition video, we see that the policecwere “working his name up”just onecweek before the shootings, and two weeks after his workplace harrasser Nicholas Thalasinos is said to have been harassing him about religion in the workplace, to whit. ..
And so: using the ROGS preductive analyses, and my tactical assault on the organized gang stalking dialectic, lets look a bit closer at how workplace bully, and religiously motivated “Messianic” Jew Nicholas Thalasinos not only brought religion into the workplace, but ALSO enlisted the “help” of another person WHILE he was bullying his target, Syed Farook.
News accounts after the fact of a DVIC/ADL/K 4 styled harrassment campaign that leads to a mass shooting often includes several features, which you can find after the fact, including the ADL being quoted, and as I documented here, where we see the domestic violence after death body punch, and here also in the case if Iraq veteran Ian Long , where we see long term harrassment by WOMEN, and even the number 13x as a recurrent feature, and where we see those who had previously bullied or harassed the shooter being quoted in the news.
* ROGS is personally a fan of globalism, when it is enacted within the law, and patently against criminality and corruption in policing, and especially, disgusted with those organizations and institutions that I have named herein that notoriously encourage corruption and Jewish-christian sectarianism taking precedence over due process rights and civil liberty. .

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