I get letters: from the middle east

Dear Letter Writers: Please do NOT write to me unless you have read he following posts on this blog, where I attempt to weed out the psychobabble from military, ex -military, and police elements that fill the internet, from the concerns and actual queries of actual targeted individuals, who are targeted by Fusion Centers, and community policing, aka “colluding parallel investigations, ” as described here by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP ).
In that light, please read the following, before writing to me:
-What are psycholigical operations and who participates in them?
-I get letters, from whackjobs
-If you write to me, please avoid psychobabble, and other military grade garbage, like talking to dead people, aliens, directed energy, and locusts who read peoples minds (no kidding: intelligence agencies, Fusion Centers, and others who have trampled the US Constitution, and due process rights, actually fill the internet with exactly that kind of garbage. )
And now, on to todays letter, from a writer who appears to be distressed by the use of electronic implants, in a military context (yes, intel agents, and others in theaters of war DO use implants, for obvious security reasons, but also, here is how the CIA,NSA,FBI,JTRIG,MI5, etc discuss the military and police use of the term “electronic implants ” in context to illegal wiretapping of the phones and computers of people who they taret for information, and political or business advantages, aka targeted individuals).
My readers will note that I have used the letter X to protect the anonymity of todays writer:

Name: noam X
Email: [email protected]
Comment: cover your self for the possibility you might have active implantable
medical devices
one place to do it is in turkey at tuv sud they have another tuv sud in america
there other places to do this type of test the perps
use regular standart medical devices they just use them as a weapon system
and others /bodycon mindcon “body suite of implants ”
later, try to collect other types of forensic evidence for implantables
dont just skip what i say most of the implants used by perpetrators gangstalkers handlers controllers what ever name they have
is by regular standart active medical devices and other type of implantable devices technologies and
indid there are some other types of implantble devices
used by clandestin services intel agencies/anti terror espionage ect ect
any way any targeted individual have to lock for both of them
this are the standarts for the scanning protocol
test IEC 61000
directive 90/385/eec
directive 93/42/eec
google search in you location:testing or scanning for cactive implant medical devices aimds
still have to check it but this scan may not be so ultra /extream expensive

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