Bright Red Targets on their backs: a story of racist Jews, organized spying, crybullying, and the stalking of activists.

One cannot under estimate the powerful dialectical manipulation BY Jews of media, and narrative control, as racist Jews bully and harass, and stalk their victims,and then, slide into the victim stance so easily after doing bad shit, and then claiming “anti-semitism!”
But the Intercept, which I have repeatedly criticized for its allegiance to racist Jewish organizations like the ADL, has published an account of Israeli Jewish racists, spying on activists from within an extremely well organized and far flung network that mirrors what the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals calls the “colliding parallel investigation,”aka weaponuzed spying, weapinized political polucing, aka organized gang stalking.
Extra points for noticing the phrase about how these racist Jews paint “bright red targets,” on the backs of activists who oppose Israelis world wide spying and harrassment operations:
And, I invite the author of the piece below to apply for the Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Journalism, which carries with it a one thousand dollar stipend, and a trophy of two .22 calibre bullets dangling above a pigs trough, with the bottom chewed out.
Breaking the Silence about Organied stalking by Racist Jews
by: Mairav Zonszein

On January 12, 2016, Yuli Novak called her staff of a dozen people together in their Tel Aviv offices to reveal the identity of a spy who had infiltrated the organization. At the time, Novak was the executive director of Breaking the Silence, an Israeli anti-occupation group that collects testimonies of Israeli soldiers operating in Palestinian territories. She informed the staff that a man calling himself “Chai” had been secretly videotaping them. Chai had been active with the group for a year and a half, visiting their office on a weekly basis, and had grown close to several staff members.
“The moment I said it, everyone’s first reaction was to look left and right,” Novak told me over iced tea in Jaffa, near Tel Aviv, in July. “The initial feeling was paranoia — everyone thinking to themselves, Who else? People were automatically suspicious. In that moment, you don’t know who is for you and who is against you.” Frima Bubis, who joined Breaking the Silence just before Chai was exposed, remembers the feeling. “Your mind just runs — I even suspected Yuli. It was awful. Everyone scared of the other, but everyone looking to others for support,” Bubis said. “I remember it as a moment of serious trauma of trust. It was a relief that it wasn’t anyone from the staff.”
Chai, whose real name turned out to be Chaim Fremd, had been hired by a right-wing Israeli group called Ad Kan, or “no more” in Hebrew. Ad Kan, part of the powerful political network that supports Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, holds as its mission to dig up dirt on Israelis who “seek to join the anti-Israel platform.”
Chai wasn’t the first mole. In the months prior, there were less successful attempts to sabotage Breaking the Silence’s work, including people who approached the group with fabricated accounts of their service in an effort to entrap the organization into publishing inaccurate testimonies. Among them was Oren Hazan, who in 2015 tried to get the group to publish a testimony he made up about Israel’s 2014 military operation in Gaza; he later admitted when confronted by a journalist in the halls of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, that he was part of a settler-funded campaign to “expose” left-wing groups. He went on to become a legislator with the ruling Likud Party.
For Breaking the Silence, the discovery of a network of spies was just the tip of the iceberg. The small whistleblower organization has found itself at the epicenter of a well-orchestrated, ongoing campaign by a spectrum of right-wing groups, individuals, media outlets, and senior politicians to quash its exposure of Israel’s occupation and human rights violations. The attacks have included incitement and threats. They have been called liars, traitors, and enemies.
The political persecution of Breaking the Silence is a testament to the settler right’s consolidation of power and permeation into the mainstream.
For the right, the attacks against Breaking the Silence make sense. The military is revered in Israel, and elite combat soldiers who question or challenge their service in the occupied territories represent the most effective wrench in the institutionalization of Israel’s system of control in the West Bank and Gaza. As one of the sole voices in Israel speaking consistently and clearly against the occupation, a bright red target has been placed on the group’s back. (Disclosure: I did some freelance translation work for them several years ago.)
The political persecution of Breaking the Silence is a testament to the settler right’s consolidation of power and permeation into the mainstream over the last decade; allegations against the group have found their way into the talking points of Israel’s most powerful leaders. The state has put a heavy price tag on calling for an end to the occupation, and Breaking the Silence has found itself on the front lines of this battle.
Those lines have become increasingly clear ahead of an April 9 election that is essentially a referendum on how much further right Israeli society will go. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made an alliance with the racist Jewish Power party that even the American Israel Public Affairs Committee has condemned. He is portraying his only viable opponent — former Israeli Defense Forces chief of staff Benny Gantz, who boasts in a campaign video that, under his command in 2014, “parts of Gaza were sent back to the Stone Age” — as a leftist. Gantz, for his part, has formed a joint ticket with former finance minister and Yesh Atid party head Yair Lapid, who has accused Breaking the Silence of “spreading lies.” Meanwhile, the only Jewish political party openly campaigning for an end to the occupation, Meretz, may lose the few seats it has in the Knesset.

JFK Profile in Courage Award recipient, School Superintendent, and segregation fighter Corkin Cherubini, claims he is a targeted individual.

Describing Jewish supremacy and its attendant christian dominionism is as baffling to the outsider as is describing white supremacy, or other batshit crazy “evil shit” like the massive, endemic corruption that is endemic in the United States.
Like: how to explain the ongoing torture and human control facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where human beings regularly shove enemas up.the assed of men who have never been convicted og any crime?
Or: how to explain that American women generally cheer on such abuses?
And, at the far outside of a huge ringing bell of Bell Curve outliers, do we overlook the FACTS that are documented by diverse agencies ranging from bi-partisan mass media outlets and pundits, to even the republican-led CIA, that documents sound/health/other weapons being used on US diplomats in both Cuba, and China?
Well, get ready to understand it this way: there are many things that I, the author of ROGS simply does not know-there are many things I do not have answers for.
But I do know that OGS is bizarre; and that it is, primarily and ESSENTIALLY, police corruption on steroids. That, poluce corruption in these cases is a primary feature of the “complaint” and that psycholigy is not helpful in most of these cases, because psychology, like policing, follows an entirely corrupted model of social, intellectual, and empirical processes; that psychology and psychologidts are “weaponized” and useless after that empirical fact, to assess, analyze, or.otherwise address OGS victims complaints.
Because unless, and until cases like the case of Corkin Cherubini are assessed properly, from “onset” until “diagnoses” there can be no actual discussion about OGS as a mental illness, v a nebulous, subsidiary reaction formation against police, and social corruption.
Here is Corkin Cherubinis story, in the New York Times,as he took on white, Abrrahamic, race supremacistd, in 1994, BEFORE two OTHER major things happened:
Before the NYT wrote about targeted individuals as kooks, delusiinals, and mentally ill dangerous influencers.

When the issue of OGS was only gay people, blacks, and others were targeted by Jewish-christians in small towns, easily manipulated, blackballed, ostracized, and marginalized, as we saw in the case of the Beatrice Six.

Best search term this week: seung hui cho gangstalking

I have covered the case of the Virginia Tech mass shooter Seung Hui Cho and his gangstalking in college by academic mobs, led by Eastern Star Freemason and poet laureate Nikki Giovanni.
But I advise my reader to read Dr. Kenneth Westhues,of Waterloo University in Canada instead, for the best *academic*take on the gang stalking of Seung Hui Cho by VA Tech, its faculty, and its whisper networks, and other cowardly crybullies.
As we see time and again, so many modern mass shootings begin with OGS starting in colleges and universities, that the link is by now undeniable: professors frequently and specifucally target, and harrass, and then, crybully the men that they target, that the linkage is buoyed with empirical evidence.
Asian -American Mathew Riehls gang stalking began in law school, and the crybullying campaign followed him for many years, as hidden, cowardly whisperers passed around photos of him, and emails, unter -state, and inter -police department, claiming that he was dangerous, based on words alone; and despite the fact that the local DA found no chargeable offenses in his pure speech.
And, my blog that you are reading right now was hacked after I wrote about Riehl, and shortly after I received an odd follower named Brad Eyre, who hails, unironically, from Lonetree, CO, where Riehl was repeatedly stalked by police.
Then, we also see the following gang stalkings that began in colleges, and extended outside of them, as weaponized campus #fakerape and womens crisis centers grab at the DVIC mineypot by morphing nearly non -existent rapes with domestic violence, and bad words spoken online. But targeting men from womens shelters, and campus rape crisis centers, or any number of other NGO financed crisis PR initiatives is not new, by any stretch.
Here, we see Scott Beierle hunting down one of his likely slanderers and popping a cap in her ass, likely for participating in his gang stalking, after a decade of unlitigated slander that he was a pervert.
And, then there was Jared Loughner, who blasted the Darling of Gun Control, Gabby Giffords, after the two shared some interesting exchanges about Israeli-Jewish billionaires control of American propaganda and literature.
And, more recently, now that ROGS and others are raising awareness of OGS, we see one academic gang stalking foiled in the case of Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein.
The links are there, avid OGS researcher. I advise you to find a few more.
But be careful of the shitholes you will step into along the way, like OSI Informers, one of many USAF offshoots, and cover operations for nation wide domestic spying by the NSA.
And, especially be careful of many of the women involved in the massive disinformation campaign around OGS (~THEY are ZAPPPPING ME with electronic weapins! !!)such as Karen Stewart, who claims she is a whistle blower, but who no MSM has taken seriously, ever.
And especially, steer clear of Save The Sex Workers, and other tribalist /sectarian neo -white slavery profiteers, like Dr. Tomo Shibata, who writes papers about saving the sex workers (who, according to nearly every study on the subject anywhere, dont want to be saved )and the next, she writes total gibberish about being zapped with electronic weapons.
Because, dear reader, most who write about OGS fall into two distinct categories:
1-OGS Victims, most of whom DO NOT claim any electronic harrassment other than NSA /Fusion Center-to -local police warrantless wiretapping and the accompanying bizarre activity one might expect in such a due process free environment
2- OGS denialists, most of whom are active,or retired police, military intelligence,or related “community policing ” elements ranging from Infragard to Rotary Club members, and other members only clubs whose activities take many odd forms,most notoriously, shit -posting about elaborate electronic mind zappers, and other bizarre hoaxes and stunts, like this here.
And, all of this latter category seldom mention the unconstitutional nature of Fusion Centers. But, if and when they DO write about it, they always include total garbage like “mind reading locusts”or other bizarre mind control such as the type that the Washington State Fusion Center uses in their secretive, online psychological /influence operations that was documented here and covered in the mainstream press.

International NGOs, extra -judicial homicides,and psychopathic social policies: the World Wide Fund for Nature, torture,rape, and murder by the “Save the Cute Fuzzy Animals, ”people

So, as the avid ROGS reader has noted, many NGOs, and other “do gooder ”organizations participate in acts of criminality, across international boundaries, and local police actively participate.

Highlight: Wikipedia chronicles the extensive crimes including rape, torture, and murder of the World Wide Fund for Nature, a neo -colonialist tax dodge of Europes royalty and other elite.

Most obvious of these are the Save the Women and Children types (none of which  actually save anyone or anything, except their bloated budgets), as I have documented in the case of Scotland Yards Hamish Brown.
Mr. Brown has been appointed by none other than Prince Charles of Britain, and whose policies of stalking men who have the misfortune of encountering the DVIC are enabled by American police organizations like the FBI, DHS,and ATAP, which gave us the proper name for organized gang stalking, aka “parallel colluding investigations, ”. These gray area, high policing schemes are ALSO lunked directly to what some call freemasonry, as we see time, and time, and time again, organizations like the Rotary Clubs are implicated with indisputable evidence.
Other NGO related gang stalking can be found by examining the case of the Virginia Tech shooter, where we see a case of yet another Professor [email protected] Your Life Finklestein-styled harrassment of a disabled Asian male college student, which even has a freemason at the helm of that academic stalking in the form of Eastern Star Freemason Nikki Giovanni.
So, OGS is indeed tied to NGOs, and members-only Kommunity Klubs, and especially, policing, and as such, a different picture emerges from the online detritus and garbage writing about OGS, such as the pseudo-NSA-Whistleblower Karen Stewart, and so many other disreputable former spooks, and intelligence agency affiliated gang stalking denialists, and disinformation specialists.

Related Story: retired NSA spook, Karen Stewart has repeatedly claimed that she is a whistleblower -yet no reputable media has ever supported her, or her claims, unlike Thomas Drake, Edward Snowden, William Binney, and so many other ACTUAL whistle blowers who are covered EXTENSIVELY in MSM.
Ms. Stewart is now writing about Rotary Clubs and gang stalking, one and one half years after ROGS outed them as major participants in gang stalking-but putting quite a strange spin on their involvement. Use your own judgement: can you spot the mis /disinformation in the above link ?

Well, anyways, you can read through ROGS to find more evidence of the above claims, and more, but for now, take a look at the murder by torture, deprivation, and deceptive practices by one of the many “Save the _______”organizations that works in the gray area of law and societies to force /enforce dogmas of one kind or another.
And, note the hypocrisy and extensive connections to royal families, as we see a farmer, murdered after days of torture, by paramilitaries who are double -dipping in Nepal :
WWF Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People

The World Wide Fund for Nature funds vicious paramilitary forces to fight poaching. A BuzzFeed News investigation reveals the hidden human cost.
By Tom Warren and Katie J.M. Baker
Posted on March 4, 2019, at 3:26 a.m. ET
Down the road from the crocodile ponds inside Nepal’s renowned Chitwan National Park, in a small clearing shaded by sala trees, sits a jail. Hira Chaudhary went there one summer night with boiled green maize and chicken for her husband, Shikharam, a farmer who had been locked up for two days.
Shikharam was in too much pain to swallow. He crawled toward Hira, his thin body covered in bruises, and told her through sobs that forest rangers were torturing him. “They beat him mercilessly and put saltwater in his nose and mouth,” Hira later told police.
The rangers believed that Shikharam helped his son bury a rhinoceros horn in his backyard. They couldn’t find the horn, but they threw Shikharam in their jail anyway, court documents filed by the prosecution show.
Nine days later, he was dead.