International NGOs, extra -judicial homicides,and psychopathic social policies: the World Wide Fund for Nature, torture,rape, and murder by the “Save the Cute Fuzzy Animals, ”people

So, as the avid ROGS reader has noted, many NGOs, and other “do gooder ”organizations participate in acts of criminality, across international boundaries, and local police actively participate.

Highlight: Wikipedia chronicles the extensive crimes including rape, torture, and murder of the World Wide Fund for Nature, a neo -colonialist tax dodge of Europes royalty and other elite.

Most obvious of these are the Save the Women and Children types (none of which  actually save anyone or anything, except their bloated budgets), as I have documented in the case of Scotland Yards Hamish Brown.
Mr. Brown has been appointed by none other than Prince Charles of Britain, and whose policies of stalking men who have the misfortune of encountering the DVIC are enabled by American police organizations like the FBI, DHS,and ATAP, which gave us the proper name for organized gang stalking, aka “parallel colluding investigations, ”. These gray area, high policing schemes are ALSO lunked directly to what some call freemasonry, as we see time, and time, and time again, organizations like the Rotary Clubs are implicated with indisputable evidence.
Other NGO related gang stalking can be found by examining the case of the Virginia Tech shooter, where we see a case of yet another Professor [email protected] Your Life Finklestein-styled harrassment of a disabled Asian male college student, which even has a freemason at the helm of that academic stalking in the form of Eastern Star Freemason Nikki Giovanni.
So, OGS is indeed tied to NGOs, and members-only Kommunity Klubs, and especially, policing, and as such, a different picture emerges from the online detritus and garbage writing about OGS, such as the pseudo-NSA-Whistleblower Karen Stewart, and so many other disreputable former spooks, and intelligence agency affiliated gang stalking denialists, and disinformation specialists.

Related Story: retired NSA spook, Karen Stewart has repeatedly claimed that she is a whistleblower -yet no reputable media has ever supported her, or her claims, unlike Thomas Drake, Edward Snowden, William Binney, and so many other ACTUAL whistle blowers who are covered EXTENSIVELY in MSM.
Ms. Stewart is now writing about Rotary Clubs and gang stalking, one and one half years after ROGS outed them as major participants in gang stalking-but putting quite a strange spin on their involvement. Use your own judgement: can you spot the mis /disinformation in the above link ?

Well, anyways, you can read through ROGS to find more evidence of the above claims, and more, but for now, take a look at the murder by torture, deprivation, and deceptive practices by one of the many “Save the _______”organizations that works in the gray area of law and societies to force /enforce dogmas of one kind or another.
And, note the hypocrisy and extensive connections to royal families, as we see a farmer, murdered after days of torture, by paramilitaries who are double -dipping in Nepal :
WWF Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People

The World Wide Fund for Nature funds vicious paramilitary forces to fight poaching. A BuzzFeed News investigation reveals the hidden human cost.
By Tom Warren and Katie J.M. Baker
Posted on March 4, 2019, at 3:26 a.m. ET
Down the road from the crocodile ponds inside Nepal’s renowned Chitwan National Park, in a small clearing shaded by sala trees, sits a jail. Hira Chaudhary went there one summer night with boiled green maize and chicken for her husband, Shikharam, a farmer who had been locked up for two days.
Shikharam was in too much pain to swallow. He crawled toward Hira, his thin body covered in bruises, and told her through sobs that forest rangers were torturing him. “They beat him mercilessly and put saltwater in his nose and mouth,” Hira later told police.
The rangers believed that Shikharam helped his son bury a rhinoceros horn in his backyard. They couldn’t find the horn, but they threw Shikharam in their jail anyway, court documents filed by the prosecution show.
Nine days later, he was dead.

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