JFK Profile in Courage Award recipient, School Superintendent, and segregation fighter Corkin Cherubini, claims he is a targeted individual.

Describing Jewish supremacy and its attendant christian dominionism is as baffling to the outsider as is describing white supremacy, or other batshit crazy “evil shit” like the massive, endemic corruption that is endemic in the United States.
Like: how to explain the ongoing torture and human control facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where human beings regularly shove enemas up.the assed of men who have never been convicted og any crime?
Or: how to explain that American women generally cheer on such abuses?
And, at the far outside of a huge ringing bell of Bell Curve outliers, do we overlook the FACTS that are documented by diverse agencies ranging from bi-partisan mass media outlets and pundits, to even the republican-led CIA, that documents sound/health/other weapons being used on US diplomats in both Cuba, and China?
Well, get ready to understand it this way: there are many things that I, the author of ROGS simply does not know-there are many things I do not have answers for.
But I do know that OGS is bizarre; and that it is, primarily and ESSENTIALLY, police corruption on steroids. That, poluce corruption in these cases is a primary feature of the “complaint” and that psycholigy is not helpful in most of these cases, because psychology, like policing, follows an entirely corrupted model of social, intellectual, and empirical processes; that psychology and psychologidts are “weaponized” and useless after that empirical fact, to assess, analyze, or.otherwise address OGS victims complaints.
Because unless, and until cases like the case of Corkin Cherubini are assessed properly, from “onset” until “diagnoses” there can be no actual discussion about OGS as a mental illness, v a nebulous, subsidiary reaction formation against police, and social corruption.
Here is Corkin Cherubinis story, in the New York Times,as he took on white, Abrrahamic, race supremacistd, in 1994, BEFORE two OTHER major things happened:
Before the NYT wrote about targeted individuals as kooks, delusiinals, and mentally ill dangerous influencers.

When the issue of OGS was only gay people, blacks, and others were targeted by Jewish-christians in small towns, easily manipulated, blackballed, ostracized, and marginalized, as we saw in the case of the Beatrice Six.

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