Rogs takes organized gang stalking mainstream: Wired magazine covers OGS correctly, but with a gender -biased narrative

[draft post in progress ]I met my first CIA affiliated persons in fifth grade.
But really, considering the tattooed Holocaust survivors, and Kennedy clan affiliated politicos, Black civil rights leaders, and others that I knew as a child, probably, I met my first CIA targets /affilliates /psychologists, etc. well before that.
OGS is, after all political.
And, many psychopaths, and sociopaths are drawn to OGS, because it is actually how America works. Here, have a look at how John Poindexters Total Information Awareness program morphed into our total surveillance state, utilizing gang stalking as I have presented it to be.
So, when I see that mainstream news is starting to form a narrative about OGS, beyond Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, Christine Sarteschi, and others, I kind of, well….I know what the fuck I am talking about, and no amount of bullying by intel agency related hacks and hacker will shut me up, despite USAF affiliated cops whose sons fly F 15s in CO doing shit like this to me at one point.
So, I always knew that America is not free, nor is it a democracy, in any sense. It is, and has been for my entire lifetime, a pseudo -militarized space, run by intelligence, and its agencies.
And, I can prove all of that, with scientific methods, unlike Dr.,Lorraine,Sheridan, Mike McPhate, or this ang stalking denialist Laura Yan, and so many other people I have named, and, hopefully defame appropriately.
And now comes a Latina (one of Americas other white meats ), to vie for the ROGS Gary Webb Award for excellence in gang stalking journalism reportage, which carries with it a one thousand dollar stipend, and a trophy of a gold plated pair of .22 calibre bullets dangling above a pigs trough, with high heeled pugs gladly eating the shit at the bottom of the hole in the trough. And, those pigs gartered and swaddled by the Anti Defamation League, who proudly wage swastihoaxes all across America today.
Well, anyhoo, as one recent gang stalker from Minnesota, USA said (and she, affiliated with: Rotary club, police crisis PR, Boys and Girls club PR, etc -all of the suspects I have named herein )…tggrrss.
Keep an eye on her/it for me, willya?
But this, in, covering OGS almost appropriately, except for the ADL friendly gendered narrative of a daughter, trying to understand her father, who was under seige by the “high policing ” that I have described herein, at rogs.
And: get out the ROGS BINGO card, as we go back in time to examine the CIA MHCHAOS/ FBI COINTELPRO 2·0, where the fox (FBI ) claims to protect the henhouse (CIA sparrows, ala the Cathy OBrien psyop) combined with total bankster funded DHS psyops.
It really isnt pretty.….
Or: how white slavers control the press, via half truths and mental illnessnarratives:
Author: Jean Guerrer o
My Father Says He’s a ‘Targeted Individual.’ Maybe We All Are
I was 11 when my father destroyed the condominium where he was living. Searching for hidden transistors or other devices that might be beaming voices into his skull, he took a hammer to the walls, shoved his fists into the holes, and pulled off chunks of plaster. He shut off the power generator and cut the electrical wires in the walls. He put his ear to the floor. He ripped up the carpet. He called 9-1-1.
A Mexican immigrant who perfected his English by reading books he sneaked into the San Diego shipyard where he helped build oil tankers, Marco Guerrero had always been an uncanny mechanic. He could see through to the machinery of everything as if he had x-ray vision: He could adjust brakes, fix broken pipes, tap telephone lines.
After mass layoffs at the shipyard, he stayed at home, documenting my first words on his camcorder and taking me to coastal tide pools to catch cobitos. But then he fell into a depression. My parents separated. He started smoking crack cocaine. After tearing his place apart, he vanished on a years-long, cross-border quest to escape alleged CIA persecutors.
The author’s father tosses her at an artificial beach in the suburbs of San Diego, 1989.
Courtesy of Jean Guerrero

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