Dear YOU, my one dear reader, I get letters, part “Dox me, I dare you.”

(this post is in progress)
Well, I got a subtle threat today, from one of my letter writers who has a “plan” (emails actually).
I wont go into it, but the subtext is that I will be DoXd, because, well, I have made a difference in Americas neocon, ADLified, Mossadi jihadi infiltrated bankster state and its narrative control, because thats how correct I am in my main thesis.
Dont take my word for it, though, as we see how FBI CVE programs work with CIA methodology, and actual Israeli trained blackmailers and saboteurs and Fusion Centers, and Scientologists, and local police work together to try to frame judicial reform activist Andy OSTROWSKI!
Do your own research! But, please start here, at ROGS, avoid Level X thinking, and work your way outward, and backwards-because the exact political interests I describe herein finance, plan, and deploy organized gang stalking to gain political advantages, federal funds, and valuable media placements, via crisis PR.
Start here in this post, where my latest gang stalking began, as I outed a cyber-stalking retired USAF criminal profiler who uses the occult symbols of Freemasonry, and particularly the number 13 and other nutbaggery in her work.
Or here, where I literally predict demographic, and ideological links in a recent mass shooting, with nearly 100% accuracy, in Virginia.

Incels as feminist psyop: search language that comes to ROGS, and Five Things To Know About Incels,

The first thing anyone should know,about “incels,” is that
a female-an as yet unnamed, bisexual nutjob- started the “movement,” back in the heyday of the post 1993 VAWA era; and according to ROGS main thesis about a big fat ugly Jew named Andrea Dworkin, and a horse-faced cunt named Katherine McKinnon(religious cult/sect/unspecified), and the latter feminist theologian whose father, CIA/DoD affilliated Admiral George McKinnon was active starting the FISA court, and todays surveillance state- the incel psyop is largely gay,females bullying boys and men.

The Woman Who Accidentally Started the Incel Movement

“I can’t uninvent this word, nor restrict it to the nicer people who need it.”
By Peter Baker
Mar 1, 2016
Since beginning research into the incel universe, I’d hoped to find the first online incel: Which corner of the manosphere had he hailed from? How had the concept spread? More than once I thought I’d found the source of it all, but the trail kept going cold—until, after four months of looking, I found her.

The second thing any researcher of organized gang stalking should know, is that most OGS is what OTB intelligence collection is: bully and harass a target without warrant, due process, or predicate,,,, and glean information from them for free(take a look at the major scandals that some mass shooters fathers/mothers are affilliated with, to understand how their children are targeted; but especially Google Eliot Roger, Adam Lanza, and Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock to watch FBI/Etalphabet “colliding parallel investigations” that are inter-generational.
Incels, as embodied most famously by Eliot Roger, a half Jewish, half Asian, American kid who was mercilessly bullied and harrassed by girls and boys before he himself took aim at his harassers, identified with involuntarily celibate males who believe that they have been deselected from the breeding pool,for a variety of reasons.

Related PostTake a look at how the anti-Mixed Asian American Hapa psyop works, as we examine an FBI informant interacting with an Anti-Defamation League foreign agent, and, a few of my personal gang staljers, who I encountered in multiple states across America from 2003-2016: Edward Hu, and Jocelyn Eickenburg, of Ohio, hate the Hapa, which are mixed Asian babies.
These have been implicated in several high profile car crashings, and shootings, but only AFTER encountering academic gang stalking, slander, harrassment and more as police looked the other way.
And, as we see with my own personal experience with a recent “following”(and just after I named a nutty sociopath who also followed me on Twitter, and whose bio includes participating in a,USAF cult affiliated with the Brookings Institute) from a Department of Defense affilliated, Brookings institute accolyte, Joe Schuman (whose name I will shit all over until he responds to my several emails that ask him “why is your cigar chomping ass FOLLOWING ME?); and like how I was followed by Brad Eyre of Lontetree, WY after I wrote about how Mathew Riehl, like most #fakerape hysteria, was started by a woman.

5 things to know about incels
Incels have been linked to multiple acts of mass violence over the past few years
Nov 28, 2018

In Closing: ROGS is quite proud of his relationships with women, having dated, mated, cohabitated with, made love to, fucked; coddled, adored, hated and scorned hundreds of them.
And so, yeah, I kind of know what I am talking about. Ed, Jocie, care to.elaborate on your “Asian blogs?” and as you call them, HAPA children?
Then: watch your own back next time around. Maybe, get other seriously deranged Asians (whatever that means) involved, like this fat, thug like and pug like DVIC narrator here.
And for “GODS SAKE” get those vaginas off your stupid heads. Its a bad look for people like you. People, like, you.

Dear Marc Sharp, of Black & Rossi: why were you following me in Chicago?

(post in progress, as hackers from India run a dictionary attack against ROGS blog)
Proving that sleazy FBI“disruption” programs are directly connected to gang stalking is hard,they say. Whoever “they” are, online and off.
Until ROGS did it, here.

Related StoryATAP ATAP styled (and narratedFB)-FBI CVE programs disguise themselves as “parallel colluding investigations.”

So too we see scummy Special Agents, and dirty little ADLified gangs work within the FBI (which award winning journalist Trevor Aaronson has documented)is almost as hard as documenting brain damage caused by sound weapons, health weapons directional phenomena or microwave weapons, and even the Journal of the American Medical Association is stymied, trying to describe the bizarre, OTB methods of modern “high policing,” aka parallel colluding investigations, aka gang stalking. use black bag jobs(and here, and here, and here, with meth addled stringer/porn guy Edward Hu, who “has friends in the FBI”) sleazy informants; and then, the case of uber-stoopid US Marine Marc Sharp of Black & Rossi, as he stalked me at the Millenium Hotel in Chicago a few years back.

Case No. 47,077: Americas first mass shooter, Howard Unruh, whisper campaigns about sexuality, junk psychology, and the Jews卍®, of course!(Part 1)

Does the,FBI /Miltary /CIA /Mossad-in-America/ Etalphabet agency establishment use gang stalking to drive social narrative, as it/they/them deploys weaponized psychology to target, stalk, and harass individuals ?

Lets ask Techdirt.coms comments section (below and in the linked headline; then, ask Smithsonian online)!

FBI Serves Incredibly Broad Warrant To 8chan, Demanding Info On All Users Who Responded To A Shooter’s Post

R,og S/, 21 Jun 2019 @ 10:58am

Creating the Nazi

Nearly every mass shooter/manufactured terrorist was in close contact with, or under surveillance by JTRIG /FBI /Fusion Centers /Israeli hasbara /ADL “Deplatformers ” and lashon hara specialists prior to the shooting incidents.
These hidden internet provocateurs are the lynch pin in these events, and manufactured terror.
And, without irony, a substantial body of evidence indicates that this is what Fusion Centers do too.
Then, most often, the DHS /FBI and local police webscrub the evidence of provocateurs by having Facebook et al delete the accounts. -s-and-israeli-governments/
And, preceeding these events, we see these shooters, car crashers, and butter knife wielding manufactured terrorists complaining of being stalked, followed, and harassed by people who “coincidentally ” are ideologically allied with ADL race rhetoric and cry bullying.
A short list of shooters who had direct, and persistent contact (sometimes for years, and even decades)with the FBI /ADL /local police and zionists: William Atchisson, Matt Riehl, Gavin Long, Cesar Sayoc, Omar Mateen, and Sayed Farook, the San Bernardino shooter.
In each case, the cowardly “anonymous tipsters” are curiously in constant contact with both police, AND the alleged shooters.
In the San Bernardino case, the cops claimed that “someone was working up” the name of the shooter”just one week before” the event. Guess who that anonymous tipster might have been?
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CIA/DoD Radicalization, Incitement, and Provocatio, 23 Jun 2019 @ 6:37am
Re: Creating the Nazi
Nearly every mass shooter/manufactured terrorist was in close contact with, or under surveillance by JTRIG /FBI /Fusion Centers /Israeli hasbara /ADL ‘Deplatformers’ and lashon hara specialists prior to the shooting incidents.
You’re very close, but still incorrect.
Nearly every American mass shooter / manufactured terrorist was in close contact with, or under surveillance by, CIA / DoD Special Forces personnel prior to the mass shooting / terrorist incident.
Additionally, nearly every American mass shooter / manufactured terrorist is a “former” US military employee, and/or hails from a US military family, and/or has CIA agents in their immediate or extended families.
This biographical pattern can be observed extending all the way back to 1966 with the very first modern American mass shooter Charles Whitman, who was a U.S. Marine Corps enlistee.
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R,ogs/, 17 Jul 2019 @ 10:47am
Well, semantics aside, I am not incorrect, or factually in error, particularly as pertains to the most recent round of shooters, car crashers, etc., and I acknowledge, concur, and appreciate your addition to my statement.
But I think you are in error excluding the Mossadi jihadis who work at all levels of the US military and security industrial complex.
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identiconR,ogs/, 17 Jul 2019 @ 11:00am
re : the thirteens, man
The first military /OSS era mass shooter was actually Howard Unruh, whose case got swept under the post-war rug, as the Protestant /Catholic OSS transitioned to the Zionazi CIA:
The potential sexual /homosexual blackmail scenario, and the, “coincidental 13” that appears in case after case of modern mass shooters cannot be missed either….

Now, for a real eye opener, full of “apophenies” about conservative/religion based/Jewish/community gang stalking targeting of a gay man,replete with all the standard signs and symbols of OGS, including gas lighting break ins, garbage strewn across a persons lawn repeatedly, and a vicious whisper campaign in 1949, targeting a war veteran who LIVES IN HIS MOTHERS BASEMENT, that ends with a “cohincidental” 13 victims (you really cannot make this shit up if you tried)-the case of Americas first gang stalked mass,shooter, Howard Unruh, who killed off a bunch of his gang stalkers, and unfortunately, a few innocents too.
Poor Howard. He spent 60 years in a psychiatric ward after he encountered Jewish-christian homophobia and gang stalking, with Jews controlling the narrative in the press for decades after that.
On the surface, one might suspect ROGS of anti-shemitis….anti-ssamsclub….anti-something or other!
But read this below from the Smithsonian, and note for yourself how many cohincidences pop up with Jews on one hand creating the shooter via bizarre bullying in tandem with “community policing ”, and on the other, Other Jews controlling the press, decades after the shooting event(you really, really CANNOT make this shit up… )
Yeah, feel free to call me anti-anti Defamation League.
Because I am, for good reason.
Then, wipe the circumcised dick stains off your mouth, and read this:

…The Story of the First Mass Murder in U.S. History
Howard Unruh’s “Walk of Death” foretold an era in which such tragedies would become all too common
Read more:
Follow us: @SmithsonianMag on Twitter

And, notice the close proximity, and “noise complaints” of his Jewish neighbors, who hate and denigrate classical music, as their own noisy son plays shit trumpet.
Culture conflict, or a case of the One Percent, using double standards and slander against a war veteran, who fought for their right to live?
You decide, wheelchair warrior.
But for my money, its where my mouth is at, on the Gary Webb Award, outing these hidden gangsters, who drive our social policy-and our veterans-crazy.

What is organized gang stalking? ROGS Bingo hall pays bonuses, as the FBI investigates “secret societies ” in LAPD

In case you missed the memo, gang stalking denialist, and bought /paid for pseudo -journalist Mike McPhate, who wrote the infamous OGS hit piece called “United States of Paranoia : they see gangs of stalkers, ”is a total piece of shit.
And, so is Brooklynite Laura an for that matter.
But let me explain first: the police in America are totally beyond repair, and Mike McPhate wrote a piece in the New York Times awhile back adulating police corruption, while fismissing the claims of some individuals who are targeted by corrupt police, and ADLified policing.
This piece here, where he micks and derides the poor, the disenfranchised, and the mentally ill, as he quotes one of the most discredited psycholigists in recent history, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan.
It seems that someone over at the failing New York Times prompted Mike McPhate to write disparagingly about people who are targeted by any of the many security gangs, property developers, retired cops and private investigators, etc. who gang stalk people.
Later, McPhate tried to recoup his credibility by writing about how gangs of LAPD deputies, working with the,Fusion Centers and the FBIs own CVE framework, literally gang stalk, harass, perform black bag jobs and sometimes, murder targeted individuals.
And now, LOOK!
Of the many gangs and corrupt police units that saturate American cities, the Los Angeles Times zeroes in on one group of corrupt deputies out of the four mentioned in the article, and that group, just happens to be in an area that is also infested with Israeli property developers!
What a cohincidence. Maybe Mike McPhate can get to the bottom of THAT story, aka Boyle Heights, gentrification, and how sold -out pseudo journalists like himself use the number 13, after eating crow

FBI investigating tattooed deputy gangs in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

By Maya Lau and Joel Rubin
Jul 11, 2019 | 10:00 AM
The FBI is investigating a secret society of tattooed deputies in East Los Angeles as well as similar gang-like groups elsewhere within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, multiple people familiar with the inquiry said.
The federal probe follows allegations of beatings and harassment by members of the Banditos, a group of deputies assigned to the Sheriff’s Department’s East L.A. station who brand themselves with matching tattoos of a skeleton outfitted with a sombrero, bandolier and pistol. The clique’s members are accused by other deputies of using gang-like tactics to recruit young Latino deputies into their fold and retaliating against those who rebuff them.
In interviews with several deputies, FBI agents have asked about the inner workings of the Banditos and the group’s hierarchy, according to three people with close knowledge of the matter who spoke to The Times on the condition that their names not be used because the investigation is ongoing.
In particular, the sources said, agents have been trying to determine whether leaders of the Banditos require or encourage aspiring members to commit criminal acts, such as planting evidence or writing false incident reports, to secure membership in the group.
The agents also have inquired about other groups known to exist in the department, which has nearly 10,000 deputies and polices large swaths of the sprawling county. They have asked for information about the tattoos and practices of the Spartans and Regulators in the department’s Century station, and the Reapers, who operate out of a station in South Los Angeles, according to the sources.
Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he could not comment when asked about the FBI probe Wednesday. An FBI spokeswoman also declined to provide any information.
A Times investigation: Inside deputy cliques and why the Sheriff’s Department has failed to stop them »
The inquiry marks the return of federal law enforcement authorities tasked with digging around in the Sheriff’s Department, which has been beset by episodes of corruption and mismanagement in the last several years.
In 2011, the FBI secretly opened an investigation into reports of inmate abuse by deputies working in the county jails. The sweeping probe involving an inmate who served as an undercover informant upended the insular department, sending several deputies to prison for beatings and cover-ups. Former Sheriff Lee Baca, his second-in-command and other senior staff were convicted of conspiring to obstruct the FBI.
The current investigation appears to have been spurred by a group of deputies who in March filed a legal claim against the county accusing Sheriff’s Department officials of failing to address a hostile work environment in the East L.A. station. The deputies say Bandito leaders, who are alleged to control key elements of station operations, put others’ lives at risk by not sending backup to help on dangerous calls, enforced illegal arrest quotas and carried out other forms of harassment.
The claim, a precursor to a lawsuit, focuses on what deputies say was an unprovoked attack by members of the Banditos during an off-duty party in the early morning hours of Sept. 28 at Kennedy Hall, an event space near the station.
The altercation started when four Banditos began harassing a rookie, according to the claim. Two other deputies said they intervened; one was struck repeatedly in the face, while the other was punched and kicked multiple times before being choked and losing consciousness, the claim says.
RELATED: Secret societies at the Sheriff’s Department cost taxpayers millions »
The lawmen accused in the claim — Deputies David Silverio, Gregory Rodriguez and Rafael Munoz, and Sgt. Mike Hernandez — were placed on paid administrative leave after the incident. The Sheriff’s Department presented a criminal case involving the four men to the district attorney’s office on June 19.
Greg Risling, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office, said Wednesday that charges have not been filed and that the case remains under review. He declined to comment when asked whether federal officials have asked his office to hold off on the prosecution.
Villanueva has repeatedly downplayed the significance of tattooed deputy groups in his ranks, calling them a “cultural norm” and a source of intergenerational hazing among lawmen. He said there is nothing wrong with the clubs as long as they don’t promote misconduct.
Still, he acknowledged the pervasive influence of the Banditos at the East L.A. station, saying they “ran roughshod” over the previous captain and dictated where deputies would be assigned, enabled by the weak leadership of past administrations…(follow the link to read more from the Los Angeles Times, which was a paper of record repirting how the racist, sectarian Anti Defamation League spied in, harassed, and ratted on over 12000 activists and groups in 1993. Read “The Kings of Garbage”)

Dear Profiler: I have sketched out a profile of YOU, and it isn’t pretty

Dear YOU:
This post is for whatever psycho -sadist sectarian FBI dumbass who left this online trail here, about the “mental rapist” online in 2009, just after the FBI/DHS /CIA/JTRIG/Etalphabet began manipulating our political scene, using Infragard, ATAP, LEIUs, the scandalous, democracy destroying, racist spy operation called the ADL, literally giving orders/literally plotting behind closed doorsmuch as these have done since the 1960s, but this time, armed with internet, and with corporate platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. targeting online speech and its speakers.
Lets take a look back in internet history, and what is decidedly the beginning of the modern zionazi led police and surveillance state, as the Anti Defamation League sets a trend by spying on dissidents anti-war activists, and others:

New Details of Extensive ADL Spy Operation : Inquiry: Transcripts reveal nearly 40 years of espionage
Transcripts of the interviews–among nearly 700 pages of documents released by San Francisco prosecutors last week–offer new details of the private spy operation that authorities allege crossed the line into illegal territory.
At times, the intelligence activities took on a cloak-and-dagger air with laundered payments, shredded documents, hotel rendezvous with foreign agents and code names likes “Ironsides” and “Flipper.”
On one occasion, Gurvitz recounts, he received a tip that a pro-Palestinian activist was about to board a plane bound for Haifa, Israel. Although the Anti-Defamation League publicly denies any ties to Israel, Gurvitz phoned an Israeli consular official to warn him. Shortly afterward, another official called Gurvitz back and debriefed him.

So, we see gang stalking being described in the paragraph above as electronic harrassment, and actual stalking takes place, with illegal spying, and all of that off the books.
Fast forwards to 2001-3, when these type of domestic spying operations were legitimized as the Total Informattion Awareness and Fusion Center era, and we have a full blown police state, curiously headed by these same people.
So, these groups began targeting online speakers, and then, taking these online first amendment cases into the real world to actually create “manufactured terrorism,”by endlessly targeting, and harrassing these speakers offline in what the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP ) calls the “parallel colluding investigation.
So, in that light, here is a bit abour how the FBI and its internet influence operations works behind the scenes, much like ATAP, ADL,LEIUs, and affiliated NGOs to frame narratives, and then create flimsy predicate to target “suspects ” aka, manufactured terrorists.
They ritually defame their targets, and then wage neverending parallel colluding investigations on them, and they do it with junk science, psychology, and labeling theory, used as weaponized profiling of dissenters.
Meet the FBI profile of the Mental Rapist, which cohincidentally, resembles online psychological operations, and these agency operatives too.

Dear ALSO YOU, and you, and you…. : internet profiler,
/psychometrics experts,
/behavioral analysts,and retired military. Mossadi jihadis
/deep state “electronic implants ” whack jobs,
and you here, and here and here, too:
I have sketched out a profile of you, and it isnt pretty. And, part of your profile indicates that you are a mental rapist, according to FBI profiler junk science / forensic fraud /ADL sponsored un-naming of men, and smear campaigns /ritual abuse.
The prescence of female violence, bullying, tactical passive aggression, and agency involvement in online narrative in the OGS dialectic online
The FBI Profile of “the Mental Rapist ” sounds curiously close to what female bullies are in practice: passive aggressive, manipulative, and willing to use various mucro -aggressions to keep the upper hand.
And, with few exceptions, it is also, curiously, how female DHS/FBI /Etalphabet agents bully targets online and off, with online and offfline black bag jobs of various kinds too.

I get letters: Analysing the ADLified, weaponized OGS dialectic

Well – Russel Palarea,PhD. and a few other “threat assessment professionals ” who are part of this generations largest forensic fraud, and who float in and out of military -to -civilian jobs in security; and who work in Fusion Centers and wage psycholigical operations FROM these centers havent yet responded to my emails, asking for comments about gang stalking.
And, neither has this Brookings Institute funded DoD operative, Joe Schuman, who followed my blog last week.
And, like other zionified political operatives who literaly are what gang stalkers ARE, I asked Schuman in multiple emails, and a comment on his blog, “why are you following me?
Still no answer, of course, which is not surprising, considering that he quotes rabbis in his writing, because, yeah, gang stalking is basically cults, and religious nutjobs disguising themselves in secular positions, and using that mask of sanity to wage personalized vendettas, suppress speakers, and more, utilizing local, state, and federal resources.
So, in the very least, you there, dear readers, can ask yourself “is gang stalking real? Who are gang stalkers? ”and, especially –is gang stalking culturally Jewish, or rabidly zionist aand ADLified?
And, maybe you can answer that by having a look at this proof of gang stalking intelligence agency affilliated, USAF OSID cult-involved person who cyber stalked me on Twitter, goading me with taunts of violence, during an election year.
In that light,I do also get letters from people whi are actually targeted by these Fusion Center and threat assessment industry affiliated psychopaths. And, to which I frequently reply thusly:

Orale,—— and thanks for writing( I hope you can appreciate the irony of me writing that name ).
Well, I like your initiative, and confidence in yourself, and in my abilities also.
Perhaps I am willing to discuss further secure communications, if you give me some kind of idea what you have. But honestly, you sent me a Google address, using standard software and operating system, so to be honest, whatever you think you have is likely already known, lol.
First, a word of caution: I write from a hacked device, using publicly available free resources and easily hacked email for a good reason -that it leaves a solid trail for “them ” to find.
Also, because I have a foreign government protecting me right now, and looking over my shoulder to see what a comical, modern fascist police state, and post -constitutional farce America has become.
So, for example, if you, or the FBI /NSA /ADL etc want to send me rick-rolling links to wholesale plutonium, deep web heroin factories run out of Myanmar, or pogo pins and stolen drone parts; or child porn embedded in an email like they did to Alex Jones, the trail is there for any competent investigator to follow.
I seldom reveal or discuss actual security with anyone. So, give me an idea what it is that you think you have, and if it is interesting, I can forward you to various offshore intelligence personel, using various encrypted devices and or /communications channels, and these can help us proceed.
In that light, please feel free to write again, using the contact feature at my blog, or, contact me here.
I do look forwards to hearing from you, and,I am excited to have a new, potential pen pal.
Best Regards,

Alpha, Delta, Gamma: revisiting the Las Vegas shooting, scapegoats and fallguys. I am asking the LVPD to reinstate Officer Cordell Hendrex

(post in progress )
Officer Cordell Hendrex, it turns out, is the fall guy for the Las Vegas shooting, where Stephen Paddock allegedly shot up some folks.
Cordell Hendrex also had numerous opportunities to lead a five person team up to the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay, and distract an alleged mass shooter.
Instead, he stood in front of the elevator doors, turned right, and led his (alleged ) team to a safespace in a hallway on the 3st floor, and did nothing.
On the surface, it appears that former officer Hendrex is a cowardly, fumbling buffoon, until….
….until you realize that amidst the radio chatter, he asked for the chatterers to shut up, so that those in the LVPD could communicate clearly; -and that previous to the extant video, we have NO FUCKING IDEA what the command structure of that event was, or whether or not the video is even remotely accurate, because time, and again, we see that Hollywood and the,Anti Defamation League are in bed with policing, teaching all the tricks and tradecraft of framing narratives with cameras.
But dont take my word for it -have a look at this genuine piece of work from the Parkland shooting, who cohencidentally, is affiliated with white slavery, children, policing, AND Israelification of mefia narratives.
Jeffrey Kasky, Parkland shooting father, and cop.

Patterns in the gang stalking dialectic online: mass shootings are always followed by crisis PR agents like Jeffrey Kasky – who are also FBI /police /Israeli affiliated

Patterns in the data, and the naming of actual gang stalkers: The Parkland shooters two most vocal gun control advocates are the sons of cops, FBI agents, and Israeli affiliated ADL types.
Throw in some scandals involving “adoption and child surrogacy,” and organizations using the idea of “One World,”and you have actual trafficking in children, where people actually pay for and purchase children. Jewish-christian society* is exactly that bizarre.
Read “Jeff Kasky’s Strange, Scandal-Ridden History with One World Adoption Services” for an eye opener about who these people are, and I stole the post wholesale from VOAT. com:
Florida School Shooting – Cameron Kasky (GreatAwakening)
submitted 1.3 years ago by srayzie
Yesterday I made this post about another student/crisis actor, David Hogg. I have more to add to that today!
Let me start by telling you that the schools registered under 2 different domains…
Cameron Kasky’s father is Jeffrey Kasky. He’s an adoption lawyer. He worked for a non-profit called One World Adoption Services and is listed as the vice president. His father, Robert Kasky, is listed as the president. Jeffrey Kasky has an interesting background.
First, let’s look at One World Adoption Services
One World Adoption Services had their accreditation revoked by The Department of State for substantiated claims of corruption and fraud.
Russia has One World Adoption Services on their list of home study providers that will not be accepted by that region…
More about One World Adoption Services…
Here is someone’s testimony about the experience they had with the agency.
Here is more about Jeffrey Kasky…
Jeff’s success as a mediator stems from his eclectic business ventures and interests. Jeff is presently a Florida Department of Law Enforcement-certified police officer. He is also the President of The Autism Channel and host of its popular show “Spectrum At Law,” examining the intersection between legal issues and the world of autism. As a music agent at the world famous William Morris Agency in New York in the 1990s, Jeff learned the entertainment business from the inside-out. Jeff combines his law enforcement background with his love of entertainment to provide risk management services to large events – particularly concert festivals and music cruises.
Jeff, also served as the Vice President of One World Adoption Services, Inc., a Florida-licensed child-placing (adoption) agency for over 20 years. Further, he participated in the Broward County’s Guardian ad Litem program as a volunteer Guardian. Jeff continues to practice law, predominantly in the area of gestational surrogacy.
Before embarking on his legal career in 1993, Jeff was a music and entertainment agent in New York City, including a stint in the prestigious William Morris Agency’s Agent Training Program. In addition to his career as an attorney whose practice has been concentrated almost exclusively on adoption law, Jeff has been involved in law enforcement for approximately twenty years, and has been a fully-certified and sworn police officer (reserve) since 1999.
Jeff’s experiences in entertainment, adoption, and law enforcement give him a unique perspective from which to approach these types of cases as a mediator.
Jeffrey A Kasky is President of the Autism Channel. Here is his profile.
Jeffrey Kasky explains how Open adoption is legally meaningless is Florida.
Cameron Kasky, the supposed survivor, is asking people to donate to March for our lives.
Cameron’s Kasky Posts on social media saying “I’m so damn sick of “thoughts and prayers” from people taking money from the NRA.
The following is HUGE if true. This is being spread around in social media saying this is a picture of Cameron with Nellie Ohr of Fusion GPS!
Twitter is censoring people who posting anything against the official narrative in regards to the shooting. People are having accounts deleted and followers removed. There’s a huge push back. There’s weird things behind many of the people involved. When you start putting it all together, it’s obvious this was a false flag! For those of you who do not know, a false flag does not necessarily mean it didn’t happen.
* I use the phrase Jewish-christian, instead of the phrase “Judeo-Christian,because thats what this type of society is: what has been called Jewish thought and ideology transmitted through tribal culture and narrative, is in constant conflict mode at all times. This conflict manifests as a force that drives moral wedges between societies based in other thought and ideology.
Judeo-Christian does not properly identify the nature of these conflucts, and in fact, the term occults the meaning of the intended eventual awareness that Judeo is Jewish. So, the layperson, or average person who first hears the term is misled, and so, I use Jewish in place of Judeo, and I dont capitalize the C in christian,because there is zero evidence that anyone named Christ ever lived, much less died.