Patterns in the gang stalking dialectic online: mass shootings are always followed by crisis PR agents like Jeffrey Kasky – who are also FBI /police /Israeli affiliated

Patterns in the data, and the naming of actual gang stalkers: The Parkland shooters two most vocal gun control advocates are the sons of cops, FBI agents, and Israeli affiliated ADL types.
Throw in some scandals involving “adoption and child surrogacy,” and organizations using the idea of “One World,”and you have actual trafficking in children, where people actually pay for and purchase children. Jewish-christian society* is exactly that bizarre.
Read “Jeff Kasky’s Strange, Scandal-Ridden History with One World Adoption Services” for an eye opener about who these people are, and I stole the post wholesale from VOAT. com:
Florida School Shooting – Cameron Kasky (GreatAwakening)
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Yesterday I made this post about another student/crisis actor, David Hogg. I have more to add to that today!
Let me start by telling you that the schools registered under 2 different domains…
Cameron Kasky’s father is Jeffrey Kasky. He’s an adoption lawyer. He worked for a non-profit called One World Adoption Services and is listed as the vice president. His father, Robert Kasky, is listed as the president. Jeffrey Kasky has an interesting background.
First, let’s look at One World Adoption Services
One World Adoption Services had their accreditation revoked by The Department of State for substantiated claims of corruption and fraud.
Russia has One World Adoption Services on their list of home study providers that will not be accepted by that region…
More about One World Adoption Services…
Here is someone’s testimony about the experience they had with the agency.
Here is more about Jeffrey Kasky…
Jeff’s success as a mediator stems from his eclectic business ventures and interests. Jeff is presently a Florida Department of Law Enforcement-certified police officer. He is also the President of The Autism Channel and host of its popular show “Spectrum At Law,” examining the intersection between legal issues and the world of autism. As a music agent at the world famous William Morris Agency in New York in the 1990s, Jeff learned the entertainment business from the inside-out. Jeff combines his law enforcement background with his love of entertainment to provide risk management services to large events – particularly concert festivals and music cruises.
Jeff, also served as the Vice President of One World Adoption Services, Inc., a Florida-licensed child-placing (adoption) agency for over 20 years. Further, he participated in the Broward County’s Guardian ad Litem program as a volunteer Guardian. Jeff continues to practice law, predominantly in the area of gestational surrogacy.
Before embarking on his legal career in 1993, Jeff was a music and entertainment agent in New York City, including a stint in the prestigious William Morris Agency’s Agent Training Program. In addition to his career as an attorney whose practice has been concentrated almost exclusively on adoption law, Jeff has been involved in law enforcement for approximately twenty years, and has been a fully-certified and sworn police officer (reserve) since 1999.
Jeff’s experiences in entertainment, adoption, and law enforcement give him a unique perspective from which to approach these types of cases as a mediator.
Jeffrey A Kasky is President of the Autism Channel. Here is his profile.
Jeffrey Kasky explains how Open adoption is legally meaningless is Florida.
Cameron Kasky, the supposed survivor, is asking people to donate to March for our lives.
Cameron’s Kasky Posts on social media saying “I’m so damn sick of “thoughts and prayers” from people taking money from the NRA.
The following is HUGE if true. This is being spread around in social media saying this is a picture of Cameron with Nellie Ohr of Fusion GPS!
Twitter is censoring people who posting anything against the official narrative in regards to the shooting. People are having accounts deleted and followers removed. There’s a huge push back. There’s weird things behind many of the people involved. When you start putting it all together, it’s obvious this was a false flag! For those of you who do not know, a false flag does not necessarily mean it didn’t happen.
* I use the phrase Jewish-christian, instead of the phrase “Judeo-Christian,because thats what this type of society is: what has been called Jewish thought and ideology transmitted through tribal culture and narrative, is in constant conflict mode at all times. This conflict manifests as a force that drives moral wedges between societies based in other thought and ideology.
Judeo-Christian does not properly identify the nature of these conflucts, and in fact, the term occults the meaning of the intended eventual awareness that Judeo is Jewish. So, the layperson, or average person who first hears the term is misled, and so, I use Jewish in place of Judeo, and I dont capitalize the C in christian,because there is zero evidence that anyone named Christ ever lived, much less died.

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