Alpha, Delta, Gamma: revisiting the Las Vegas shooting, scapegoats and fallguys. I am asking the LVPD to reinstate Officer Cordell Hendrex

(post in progress )
Officer Cordell Hendrex, it turns out, is the fall guy for the Las Vegas shooting, where Stephen Paddock allegedly shot up some folks.
Cordell Hendrex also had numerous opportunities to lead a five person team up to the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay, and distract an alleged mass shooter.
Instead, he stood in front of the elevator doors, turned right, and led his (alleged ) team to a safespace in a hallway on the 3st floor, and did nothing.
On the surface, it appears that former officer Hendrex is a cowardly, fumbling buffoon, until….
….until you realize that amidst the radio chatter, he asked for the chatterers to shut up, so that those in the LVPD could communicate clearly; -and that previous to the extant video, we have NO FUCKING IDEA what the command structure of that event was, or whether or not the video is even remotely accurate, because time, and again, we see that Hollywood and the,Anti Defamation League are in bed with policing, teaching all the tricks and tradecraft of framing narratives with cameras.
But dont take my word for it -have a look at this genuine piece of work from the Parkland shooting, who cohencidentally, is affiliated with white slavery, children, policing, AND Israelification of mefia narratives.
Jeffrey Kasky, Parkland shooting father, and cop.

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