Dear Marc Sharp, of Black & Rossi: why were you following me in Chicago?

(post in progress, as hackers from India run a dictionary attack against ROGS blog)
Proving that sleazy FBI“disruption” programs are directly connected to gang stalking is hard,they say. Whoever “they” are, online and off.
Until ROGS did it, here.

Related StoryATAP ATAP styled (and narratedFB)-FBI CVE programs disguise themselves as “parallel colluding investigations.”

So too we see scummy Special Agents, and dirty little ADLified gangs work within the FBI (which award winning journalist Trevor Aaronson has documented)is almost as hard as documenting brain damage caused by sound weapons, health weapons directional phenomena or microwave weapons, and even the Journal of the American Medical Association is stymied, trying to describe the bizarre, OTB methods of modern “high policing,” aka parallel colluding investigations, aka gang stalking. use black bag jobs(and here, and here, and here, with meth addled stringer/porn guy Edward Hu, who “has friends in the FBI”) sleazy informants; and then, the case of uber-stoopid US Marine Marc Sharp of Black & Rossi, as he stalked me at the Millenium Hotel in Chicago a few years back.

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