Politics, paranoia, reporters, and stalking: The curious case of the Esquire magazine reporter being stalked by “farmers ” in white SUVs

Well, I am not winning any (tribal -sectarian )brownie points with Mike Masnick of Techdirt.com these days, who seems to feel (without evidence ) that much of my online performance art is based in non-tribal-sectarian actual conspiracies, because I practice non -biased blogging, and you can view that here,(and here, and here, too ) as I document the Anti Defamation League using Moonshot CVE to target the minds and opinions of those it chooses to “other.”
So, because that media format -TD -is one of the most speech tolerant platforms on the entire internet, despite its army of Israelified ADL accolytes, I wish to once again feed the deplatformers MORE evidence of how actual reporters are stalked in the, “real world ” of investigative journalism in the case of the Esquire reporter and the white SUVs.
For reference, heres my post about the “Whisperette” in a postal truck, and another about a Cadillac Escalade full of hackers from Texas that followed me around Hollywood, CA, and yet another about the Mormon mafia rifling through my vehicle, which became extremely common for me after I wrote this story described here and others before it.
So, without further adieu, the story of the Devin Nunes farm in Iowa, and mystery whisperettes in white SUVs, from Esquire.com-because it fits the tribal-sectarian narrative*:
Devin Nunes’s Family Farm Is Hiding a Politically Explosive Secret

When I walked in the front door of the mayor’s office, I had noticed a mud-spattered white Yukon parked outside. As I was driving to my next interview, I looked in the rearview mirror and noticed the white Yukon again. I drove aimlessly, crisscrossing streets from one end of town to the other. Everywhere I turned, the white Yukon appeared. I was being followed. When I turned the tables and followed the car back, it raced off. We played cat and mouse like that for more than an hour until I finally got a good glimpse of the driver: It was a middle-aged woman with curly, red hair who had a cell phone stuck to her left ear. The cat-and-mouse game started to feel a little dangerous, so I left town for a couple hours. On my way back into Sibley, the same car passed me on the highway. This time, the chubby man from the Lantern was driving. He smiled and waved.
Or maybe I’d made a mistake. White SUVs are common. Could I really be sure that was the same guy and the same Yukon? A woman was driving the car earlier; now it was a man. It didn’t make sense. Maybe I was just being paranoid.
I had a particularly sensitive interview that afternoon with a source who I knew would be taking a risk by talking to me about immigration and labor at NuStar. When I arrived, we talked for a few minutes before the source’s cell phone suddenly rang. The conversation seemed strained. “Sí, aquí está,” the source said. I learned that on the other end of the phone was a man named Flavio, who worked at NuStar. Somehow Flavio knew exactly where I was and whom I was talking to. He warned my source to end the conversation. Not only was I being followed, but I was also being watched, and my sources were being contacted by NuStar.
I left and drove to the local grocery store, where I parked in the open, hoping to draw out whoever was tailing me. I suddenly noticed a man in jeans, a work shirt, and a baseball cap pulled down low. He was talking on his cell phone and walking suspiciously. Was he watching me? I held up a camera to take pictures and he darted away. I followed. His car was parked haphazardly on the side of the road half a block away. He got in and took off while I followed. It was a dark Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck—with California license plates. I ran the license-plate number through a database. The car was registered in Tulare, California…..follow this link -connect the dots!

Moonshot CVE, revisited: I ask the reader (and Mike "the ADLs stepchild” ) Masnick to revisit each, and every ROGS thesis about ADLification, redirection, and “Jewish mind control”-prove me wrong!

“Internet content skews toward the virality of controversy, polluting the marketplace of ideas with vitriolic speech. The Redirect Method actually improves the online marketplace of ideas…

According to Mike Masnick* the progenitor of the Anti Defamation Leagues new go-to internet rag, techdirt.com (and Svengali himself would approve).
Let that sink into your brain a little bit. ….like poison, or a horsehair worm, infecting a cricket….ROGS will still be here, awaiting your analysis.
Oh, wait- that quote comes from the paranoid racist people at the Anti Defamation League, specifically defamer-in-chief, Jonathan Greenblatt, who has now acknowledged EXACTLY what ROGS has alleged ALL ALONG.
And, the language echoes Mike Masnicks comments in the linked posts below.
So, dont ask lil’ ol ROGS about the link between the dialectic of “polluting the internet, ” and the Anti Defamation Leagues(ADL) blackmail and smear streams (that traffic in negative stereotypes about Jews, as Svengali mind controlling wizards)!
Ask Masnick, himself, if lil ol ROGS is polluting the internet (whatever the fuck that means ) as Mike walks the plank between internet fact and fiction, in the case of the ADLs Jonathan Greenbacks v Free Speech online, because every ROGS,thesis,about the #ADLification of media, AND the hidden “high policing” methods being deployed on mass shooters before they go on rampages is validated here, as ROGS now affirms the toxic ADL being directly linked to mass shooters, and inciting mass homicides.
K4 manufactured terrorism has now replaced the KKK as a force of domestic terror, via the creation of the mass shooter through online and offline harassment.

RELATED POST: Look at how FBI/CIA/ADL affilliated neocon terrorist/manufactured terror creator Rita Katz shows up at so many manufactured terrorist events, as a person whose company has preemptively cyberstalked and harassed people who eventually become mass shooters.
Is any US law enforcement agency monitoring her? Nope: because theres no money to be made from that. Cops and alphabet agencies ONLY get PAID AFTER these manufactured terror events.

The Anti Defamation League, most known for practicing defamation, and paranoid “anti-semitic conspiracy theories,” now ties itself directly to EVERY ROGS THESIS about sick, sad, racist Jews practicing online psychological operations against those who they target, stalk, harass, and pre-emptively defame online (with Techdirt.coms Mike Masnick highlighted as a polluter of internet discourse, via following ADL boilerplate defamation tactics):
From Smolokos favorite shithole, the ADLs own blog, I bid the ROGS reader 小心, and I ask that you excercise caution when reading the radicalizing racist hate literature of the ADL, the SPLC, and their sattelute news outlets and enablers, be ause that irganization, founded by notorious gangster Mayer Lansky, has sponsored bombings, and stalkings and other US centered Israelified mayhem for the entirety of the last century into the current one; and has been implicated as subverters of democracy since they famously spied on activists in 1993; and, ROGS has linked them and their intelligence agency accolytes, and Jewish stalking, AND redirection repeatedly, here at this blog(look at my posts about this person who stalked me on Twitter, or these ADL affilliated stalkings, ranging from Ian Long, to Matt Riehl, and even the odd case of designer fake bomber Cesar Sayoc, and more .)
ROGS asks: who is better at ROMPER STOMPER BINGO, the alt-Right, or white Jews who masquerade online as Zionazis in sheeps clothing?….

Can Google Search Be Used to Counter White Supremacy?

We’re co-opting the online platforms that embolden extremists who fan the flames of bigotry and violent fantasies to stop them before they act.
Jonathan Greenblatt, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League
July 1, 2019
This article originally appeared in The Times of Israel
From hateful speech on Stormfront and Gab to the harassment of rabbis walking down the street in Germany to recent deadly violence at houses of worship in Pittsburgh, Christchurch, and Poway, it is painfully clear how online radicalization truly endangers communities. There’s a bright through-line from online hateful ecosystems to in-person violence. In fact, the perpetrators of all three of the aforementioned shootings were inspired by what they read online and actively involved in internet forums where extremism thrives.
The stakes couldn’t be higher. We must deploy every possible tool — from both the public and private sectors — to aggressively tackle growing online white supremacy as the global terror threat that it can pose.
That’s why the Anti-Defamation League is partnering with Moonshot CVE and the Gen Next Foundation to counter white supremacist and jihadist activity online. The program, dubbed the Redirect Method, will use advertising to provide individuals who search Google for violent extremist material with content that exposes the falsehoods of extremist narratives, providing searchers the choice of an off-ramp to radicalization.
Targeting content potential extremists search for — rather than focusing, for example, on what they post to social media — can directly address their harmful online behavior and desires. By providing them with credible sources, we hope to decrease the impact of extremist content and increase the spread of the truth, such as, there is no one “European” identity that is under threat. In this way, we speak directly to those who may be at risk of radicalization, and we incentivize re-thinking those ideologies with accurate information.
While it is too early to tell whether this method works, there is early evidence to suggest that it can have an impact on what content people searching for extremist content are ultimately engaging with and viewing.
Moonshot and Google previously launched a Redirect Method program for ISIS-related searches, which found that those who searched for ISIS content were highly likely to engage with the more constructive, non-violent content that was offered. This led to several thousand views of constructive materials in place of searches related to Islamist extremism. Our new project builds on this success while pulling from ADL’s subject matter expertise in extremist codewords and unique insights to lead the project.
The data on extremism is clear: white supremacist threats are increasing. ADL research has found that of the 50 murders in the US committed by extremists in 2018, all but one were linked to right-wing extremism and 78 percent were tied specifically to white supremacy.
Technology has accelerated the speed with which this hate spreads. Extremists have leveraged the anonymity and connectivity of the internet to move out of the shadows and into the spotlight. They have developed sophisticated, media savvy strategies to circulate their messages and reach a wider audience than previously possible. No longer is this content confined to the margins of society, online platforms embolden extremists like never before by creating an echo chamber that fans the flames of bigotry and violent fantasies. The internet now makes it possible for round-the-clock white supremacist rallies.
Throughout the next year, we will run thousands of ad campaigns across the United States. We will harness the vast array of content that has already been created by local organizations and individuals. We expect the results to provide promising insights into how white supremacists engage with online content and how we can use commercial tools to empower positive messaging to influence their behavior before they commit acts of violence.
Some people might hear about this and raise concerns that it could inhibit free speech. In fact, the opposite is the case. Internet content skews toward the virality of controversy, polluting the marketplace of ideas with vitriolic speech. The Redirect Method actually improves the online marketplace of ideas, not by limiting any speech, but by ensuring that hateful propaganda and intellectually honest information are presented side-by-side. Individuals are always free to ignore online advertisements, but we hope the alternative content will effectively challenge harmful ideologies.
There’s more to be done in fighting hate from wherever it rears its ugly head, but this is a significant step forward. We hope the Redirect Method will inspire tech companies, governments, and international groups to join us in creatively tackling this challenge so that platforms that are meant to bring us together to share ideas will not tear us apart. Together, we can be a force for good that prevents the viral infection of extremism from spreading further throughout our digital world.
If you are interested in learning how to perpetrate a swastihoax on yourself, or study crybullying and #fakerape, contact these guys:

Anti-Defamation League
605 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10158-3650
(212) 885-7700
Contact Us: www.adl.org/contact
Tax ID/EIN: 13-1818723
© 2019 Anti-Defamation League. All rights reserved.
* Mike Masnick and Techdirt.com is one of the extremely few online places where free speech happens. Unfortunately, it is only 90% free, because any criticism of the spy network known as the “Anti Defamation League,” or its octopus of affilliates, including spy agencies like the Israeli IDF, or the Mossad; or Israeli rech companies that spy on Americans from Silicon Valley (like this withered old cunt that spied on me via,Twitter, or this pathetic example of a United Nations rat that couldnt even shoot a digital camera) are “VERBOTTEN!”

The B'Nai Brith, the Anti Defamation League, and their paid armies of LVPD are trying real hard to create domestic terrorists. But totally failing, due to obvious biased and (((weird))) news stories.

Yeah, organized gang stalking, and the Israelification of mass media, and the paid soldiers of the DVIC is weird, but only weird because filthy rich, racist, sectarian Jews kind of own it.
Bye bye, Jeffrey Epstein, Bnai Brith and FBI political pedophile ring darling child! I am sure your mohel burped up foreskin vomit, as your putz self-asphixiated itself due to suicide.
Or, maybe that creepy bearded bastard jerked off, remembering your bar mitzvah, and your missing foreskin. Either way, yeah- gang stalking is a curiously Jewish cultural practice.

Here, have a look at another targeted individual, who has apparently endured decades of slander and smears, eventually becoming anti-semitic, due to the nature of this cultural practice of the Pharisee sects of Jewish and lower case christian/zionists gang stalking in Las Vegas(which, like New York, and other places where synagogues are used for domestic spying, and targeting of non-Jewish nen who refuse to be pro-semitic, has inordinately high rates of Google searches for gang stalking related search terms):
Another Synagogue-based Gang Stalking Target, and Failed False Flag in Las Vegas
…follow the links, connect the dots!© in the case of ADLified alleged race supremacist Conor Climo

He Unnerved a Neighborhood in 2016. Now, an Unnerving Arrest
Feds say Conor Climo plotted to attack Jews, LGBT bar patrons in Las Vegas

Two new mass shootings, two more potential ROGS BINGOs

I will keep this post brief, because writing from a WordPress blig which is under chronic attacks, from devices loaded with “electronic implants” courtesy of any of many alphabet agencies is a pain in the ass.
But I urge the readers to examine the most recent mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton OH, and note the following:
1- if you search ROGS blog, you will note that I specifically have targeted Texas in many posts, noting that OGS is extremely prevalent there, including pseydo-feminist hoaxes, corrupt cops, bizarre claims of targeted individuals, and witnesses to deputy involved homicides who claim they are targeted by people calling themselves “witches,”, and more; and also that NSA operates major listening nodes there too.
2- I have specifically singled out OHIO, in cases of OGS, and even named names. Importantly, the case of “Noises in the Night” where Rob and Cindy Krlich were and still are targeted by shitbags in their community is by now quite famous, as covered by ABC news.
I also implicated Parma, OH, police and associated scum too
So, I urge you, the reader, to investigate how the NSA/USN/USAFOSID use the data from the NSA in community policing, especially in the case of the El Paso shooting, where we see Fort Bliss soldiers “saving children,” to understand that gang stalking, military and police affilliated persons are actually placing children in harms way, long before any mass shooting takes place.
Also note that the OH shooter attended a USAF affilliated community college, and a psychology class/teacher is specifically linked in his case, via the testimony.of his so-called girlfriend/handler.
So, the DVIC narrative, connected to miltary policing AND psychological operations is sure getting interesting isnt it?
I have provided evidence of that elsewhere.

Dear WWW.FIGHTGANGSTALKING.COM(and my new follower lowprofile 7777): ROGS is asking you to write more about OGS, because, damn, you write well.

…this is an unfinished, draft post. Come back later for the final draft post. ROGS is a novel in progress.
Dear www.fightangstalking.com :
I invite you sincerely to write more often, and publish more posts about OGS. Because you write damn good stuff.
But also, perhaps you have overlooked how FBI Countering Violent Extremism programs, combined with cowardly and gender-biased secret policing, aka the DVIC apparatus, has co-opted the narrative of gang stalkin, as demonstrated by the publics tolerance for secret policing and highly personalized, religion tainted “high policing ” that the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (who advises gang stalkers ranging from LEIU members to FBI profilers, to common gang stalking FBI Infragard scum to wage “colliding parallel investigations ” on dissidents activists, and others,

Gang stalking in progress by corrupt police in Texas: police and others orchestrate the harassment of one targeted woman

Dear shitbag gang stalking cops/police affilliated /military NGO/health and DVIC industry affilliated stalkers in Texas: if aything happens to the letter writer below, I am putting you on notice that I am witness to what you are doing.
So, as you and yours harass, intimidate, and violate this womans civil, constitutional rights, please know that I am documenting what you are doing, and forwarding her plea to others.
A note to my readers:
What you will read below is the testimony of a woman who is decribing what ACTUALLY happens when dirty cops,work with union thugs, and retired cops and community policing elements that I describe here at my blog to do exactly what this woman describes.
Regardless of my opinion about this one woman (she does indeed suffer from Level X thinkingsuffer from Level X thinking, and likely Type 1 errors of attribution, caused by unknown operations and operators; she is kind of rude and lacks insight, but otherwise , her life circumstances, etc.,such as an inheritanc and more fit the,ROGS Analytical framework i.e, ROGS is dedicated to exposing this form of police affilliated harrassment, and the writer describes it quite accurately in plain terms.
UPDATE 10-30-2019:I have many new readers from Texas now, which has plainly bizarre, corrupt policing protocols, as exemplified by the inordinately high numbers of recent mass shootings, which you can view here, and here, and generally all over the web, as gang stalking, aka, “colluding parallel investigations, ”bully, and harass, and intimidate (primarily male )people.
But also, because those who practice gang stalking frequently wage media hoaxes, I caution the reader to excercise good judgement and understand that the conflict inherently has a bias towards what surveillance professionals call Level X thinking, and also, colloquial language difficulty.
Also search my blog for the following posts I have written about how documented police gang stalking in Texas is very bizarre, and these law breakers and their enablers even wage hoaxes in the media, attempting to pre -emptively cover their high heeled shoe prints.
✔Michael Chadwick Fry, a witness to a deputy involved homicide, crashes truck into TV station, after being stalked by female deputies and others
✔ Bizarre hoax, where police elements distributed bogus gang stalking fliers from NSA affilliated Targeted Justice on their own vehicles, parked in front of their own police station, as their own surveillance cameras rolled
✔Sheriff Tracy Murphrey, and his targeted county
✔ Another Texas case of the FBI and its army of rats trying to radicalize a man online, finally “disrupting ” his entire life, causing him to lose his home
✔a case where a former Los Angeles county coroner delivers a cowardly after death body punch to a man who lived in an RV. Also see my piece about her, called Bacon Bits and Blowflies and note her boyfriend being quoted in the story.
And now, a desperate plea for validation from a targeted individual, who claims, regardless of her social status or what people say about her, is being violated by community policing, aka parallel colluding investigations, aka gang stalking :

This is Sarah Degeyter in Texas. I have a situation at hand that I need immediate help with. I have hard evidence, as in hidden cameras in my shower and all over the RV that I bought just one week ago. The day after I bought the RV, I was bullied by the Montgomery County Sherrifs Dept. to vacate my RV because I did not have a contract with the landlord. The landlord accused me of stealing electricity and called cops on me. However, 7 hours before this incidents, I had phoned the landlord and introduced myself as new owner of the RV and asked if I needed to pay him anything. The landlord told me “No, nothing is due till The first”
So, when he showed up later and excused me of stealing electricity and abruptly ordered me to leave the property ( which I agreed to and started my truck and left running while I gathered up my dogs) he called police anyway. Cops showed up and talked to me like total garbage, the main one delivering this skit was Deputy Jones of Montgomery County Sheriffs . He was incredibly rude and was spitting next to me. He interrogated me and I one pint I truly thought they were going to arrest me. During this time, I was texting my older brother frantically in Fort Worth. ( I have these texts to show record of the incident and traumatized and panicked emotion I was feeling)
Deputy Jones told me that I needed to leave immediately and not come back till the next day by 6pm to remove my RV from the property, if I came back before that I could be arrested. Then he suggested that I thank the landlord for not impounding my RV then.
In complete shock I got in my truck and left, and went to a gas station and cried my eyes out. What I didn’t realize at that time was that particular skit was not just to bully me, it was to get me out of the RV so that they could have free rein to install hidden cameras in my RV.
I found the cameras 2 days later with an expensive RF signal detector that has a heat lamp to locate tiny lenses. There are cameras all over my RV. The first one that I found is inside the turn knob of the skylight above my shower, and many are inside the screws in the doorway to my bathroom, etc.
I have had so many hard clues of the voyeurism for sometimes now, but no way to prove it until now.
I have not left my RV since finding the cameras and I have not attempted to remove them, as to preserve them to be intact. I know if I leave, they will simply come inside my RV and remove the cameras.
They are making many efforts to get me to walk out of my RV, such as 2 nights ago the air whole RV started filling up with a thick fertilizer type chemical where it made it hard to breathe. I ran and opened my door, but just stood there trying to get fresh air. Someone was standing on the other side of my front door (it was dark and I could not see the person) but big flashes of red laser light started flashing at me. I had a large mirror that I was holding outward to shield this red laser light. (I have using been using mirrors to shield attacks of laser for a year now, so I knew to have it handy).
I need an attorney ASAP. I need someone to come in my RV and properly document these cameras as evidence that can be used. I have searched and searched for an attorney online for days. I’ve called the Texas State Bar Referral, which gave me the names of 2 attorneys. The first attorney I called didn’t provide much as I talked to a paralegal that I gave detailed info to, but never heard back. The 2nd attorney number was one that I kept calling, but the call would never go through. They do this a lot, end my calls, etc.
Apparently, they were interfering with me connecting to this attorney for a good reason. The number belongs to Assistant County Attorney Daniel Plake. I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to get through to his office. I’m not sure if this message will actually get through to you.
Please contact me ASAP, I need your advice on what to do. I’ve been in my RV for days now and have not left. I have affairs that are not being handled as a result, but I can’t let this opportunity slip through my fingers. Eventually, they are gonna find a way to force me out… so time is of the essence that I find the right person who is qualified to come to my RV and validate the cameras and document correctly as evidence for a case.
Please contact me immediately through any of these means:
Text my iPhone 409-656-7431
Email me at
[email protected]
Or text my backup cell phone 682-249-9704
My RV is currently at a rented spot at the expensive RV park called Park on the Lake in Willis, Texas. The address is 12351 FM830 Willis, Texas 77318
I have begged my family for help, but my brother and mom are not helping. I have reasons to believe that my mothers is in the know of my hardcore almost 4 year now run of my gang stalking, and may have helped by contributing information etc.
I have no one else I can contact. Every relationship/ friendships I enjoyed prior to my stalking have all vanished.
Praying to hear back from you soon with some words of advice.
Sarah Degeyter

Final Case Analyses: After Ms. Degeyter asked me to also look at the case of her brother, who apparently is in the “aliens, poop, and ghosts ” crowd of OGS complaintants, I rate this case as “likely a nutter ” with personality disorder unspecified, although her case has sone poitns on the ROGS Bingo card:
-it involves an inheritance
-DVIC and health insurance issues are involved
-mysterious death issues
-family disputes

I get letters, part FBI trainee, part gibberish, redux : What are FBI ce programs, and why do they create mass shootings?

So, I promised that I wouldnt publish a recent email exchange between myself, and a targeted individual. And,relatively speaking, Im a person of my word.
In that light, lets look at tribalist, sectarianism within the Federal Bureau of Instigation (FBI ), and how ROGS blog has changed that dialectic entirely, utilizing fearless investigative journalism, and assisted by non -Americans, becauuse Americans plainly cannot be trusted, caught up as they are in sectarian strife, and mob squad activities.
So, lets read this other New Yarwk Times piece that chronicles the bizarre antics of a,Jewish billionaire named Jeffrey E. Epstein, who is “cohincidentally ” affilliated with every other gang stalking private contractor, corrupted cop, and other sultry scum that I indict herein.
Then, add up (list ) the names of Jews in that one article, to see how many of ROGS thesis, with evidence, validates how the Jewish mafia, disguised behind Google, Palantir, and even the Department of Defense, and Israeli Mossadis from the USAF targets individuals.
Yeah. Seriously bizarre…
Start with mother fucker Gavin de Becker, for fun.
Then read up on Cesar “the Wiley Coyote, ADL created fake bomber”Sayoc here.
Maybe, take a look at one of thousands of FBI /ADL affiliated crybullies such as Proffessor [email protected] Your life Finklestein, and notice how Pima, AZ mass shooter Jared Loughner took on the Israelified narrative, and then saunter over to Americas first mass shooter, who was gang stalked by local cops, acting on sectarian “tips ” in this post here.
Then, get back to me, bro.