Dear WWW.FIGHTGANGSTALKING.COM(and my new follower lowprofile 7777): ROGS is asking you to write more about OGS, because, damn, you write well.

…this is an unfinished, draft post. Come back later for the final draft post. ROGS is a novel in progress.
Dear :
I invite you sincerely to write more often, and publish more posts about OGS. Because you write damn good stuff.
But also, perhaps you have overlooked how FBI Countering Violent Extremism programs, combined with cowardly and gender-biased secret policing, aka the DVIC apparatus, has co-opted the narrative of gang stalkin, as demonstrated by the publics tolerance for secret policing and highly personalized, religion tainted “high policing ” that the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (who advises gang stalkers ranging from LEIU members to FBI profilers, to common gang stalking FBI Infragard scum to wage “colliding parallel investigations ” on dissidents activists, and others,

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