Two new mass shootings, two more potential ROGS BINGOs

I will keep this post brief, because writing from a WordPress blig which is under chronic attacks, from devices loaded with “electronic implants” courtesy of any of many alphabet agencies is a pain in the ass.
But I urge the readers to examine the most recent mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton OH, and note the following:
1- if you search ROGS blog, you will note that I specifically have targeted Texas in many posts, noting that OGS is extremely prevalent there, including pseydo-feminist hoaxes, corrupt cops, bizarre claims of targeted individuals, and witnesses to deputy involved homicides who claim they are targeted by people calling themselves “witches,”, and more; and also that NSA operates major listening nodes there too.
2- I have specifically singled out OHIO, in cases of OGS, and even named names. Importantly, the case of “Noises in the Night” where Rob and Cindy Krlich were and still are targeted by shitbags in their community is by now quite famous, as covered by ABC news.
I also implicated Parma, OH, police and associated scum too
So, I urge you, the reader, to investigate how the NSA/USN/USAFOSID use the data from the NSA in community policing, especially in the case of the El Paso shooting, where we see Fort Bliss soldiers “saving children,” to understand that gang stalking, military and police affilliated persons are actually placing children in harms way, long before any mass shooting takes place.
Also note that the OH shooter attended a USAF affilliated community college, and a psychology class/teacher is specifically linked in his case, via the testimony.of his so-called girlfriend/handler.
So, the DVIC narrative, connected to miltary policing AND psychological operations is sure getting interesting isnt it?
I have provided evidence of that elsewhere.

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