Buhbuhbuhuuuut: why is ROGS laughing, like a fiendish bad guy in an ancient black and white movie, full of racial tropes, and clanking glasses of “Bourbon ”?

I always laugh, when I think of “bourbon. ”
And, I laugh, too, about poor Martha, and that silly shotgun, rammed, finally, up Michael Jackson’s legacy.
Then, too, I laugh, fiendishly, when I watch how the US Postal service and its networks of gang stalkers eventually -finally -pop up (or get popped )in a mass shooting.
Whatever YOU think about gang stalking, you cannot deny that ROGS is on record discusding the (non -random ) bystanders, or how various FBI /DHS CVE programs put ACTUAL children in harms way, as they gang stalk people.
HEHEHEheheheeeee. HmmmBwahahahahaAAAA!
Observing FBI -ADLified radicalization /manufactured terrorism is so fun!
And LOOK! Another Texas related ROGS BINGO near -prediction has come true!
I said the folliowing, in this post here, about how gang stalking relgious fanatics from San Diego, and Texas are deeply involved in NSA /Fusion Center relayed gang stalking:

“For reference, heres my post about the “Whisperette” in a postal truck, and another about a Cadillac Escalade full of hackers from Texas that followed me around Hollywood, CA, and yet another about the Mormon mafia rifling through my vehicle, which became extremely common for me after I wrote this story described here and others before it.”

Then, I provided photographic evidence :
Ooops, not that photo, hold on….
OOOOPS! Not this photo either! Hold on…..
AAAAAaaaw, shit. I give up.
Yes, this photo! This one above about how some nations bomb, murder, and kill the children of other nations, to make the world “safe” for international billionaires like Jeffrey Epstein and Jeff Bezos, and….so many others… to access OTHERED peoples children, and keep them safe.
Cuz: “its for the children,” after all.
I am NOT laughing anymore. Because Americas tribal-religious gang stalkers, Ready Rangers from Fort Bliss, and San Diego gang stalkers(and their their fentanyl laced flier /flyer hoaxes, and car crashers) are a very REAL threat to public safety, and children are getting killed in mass shootings after men are gang stalked.
Related Story: Is this the Rocio Gutteirez mentioned in news articles about Seth Aaron Ator?
As we see in many gang stalking related mass homicides, and in the Virginia Beach shooting, ROGS Analysis predicted features of the mass shooting BEFORE it happened, and ROGS is batting nearly 1000% in describing features of gang stalkers BEFORE these events happen.
Related Texas mass shooting stories, and how “empowered women” are nearly ALWAYS involved AS gang stalkers:
Cassety at bat?
Did the Hot Yoga shooter finally whack one of his stalkers?
Matt Riehl, stalked by #Rapecultists and the #badwerdz puhlice
The Ten Thousand Oaks shooting, and Ian Longs encounter with delicate horse-faced, chain saw wielding women, who were not only quoted in MSM after the event, but who ALSO use the coincidental 13 as a means to punish Ian Long.
Yeah. I think its safe to say that womens institutionalized violence-and Kommunity Kulture Klubs and Kovens have replaced the KKK as,a social control element in American society.
Thanks, Professor Finklestein!
(gosh, I hope I dont get gang stalked by DoD affilliated military operatives, or retired spies, because I am blowing the whistle on ADLification.)

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