FBI as corrosive crisis PR agency, manufactured terrorism, narrative control, bystander interviews, and redirection: Dayton OH shooter Conor Betts

The astounding blur between agencies like the FBI and journalists/ journalism and crisis PR agents who are coincidentally close to the narrative is complete, as we watch how FBI informants, tabloids, and agency-manufactured terrorism works in America:

“FBI agents interrupted a Blade interview with Ms. Johnson at her Dayton apartment Monday to talk to her about the relationship.”

Much as we saw with Marcy Wheeler aka Emptywheel jumping in bed with the,FBI,after she became,a,“TARGET, TARGET, TARGET…,” we now,see political policing of speech, IN ACTION, as the FBI i.terupts an interview with a key informant after a manufactured terror event.
I first became aware of how current and former FBI agents craft social narratives, when I discovered this piece of social engineering

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