Its no secret that ROGS cares deeply about black people, or the many “othered peoples ” that Jewish -christianity has “othered ”

Addendum to my page “A special note about Anti -semitism ”

Reading through ROGS, one might get the (Anti Defamation League sponsored) “idea” that ROGS is somehow a racist miscreant,because I have specifically mentioned, discussed, and named racist organizations that targeted me, personally, starting in a community college, where I wrote a story in a college newsroom, documenting Americas first manufactured terrorist.

So, ROGS is neither racist, or anti -semitic in any sense of the word, having had both secular christian, AND Jewish parents, so nothing can be further from the (Anti Defamation League twisted truth!). And so, I seek to go on record as documenting that organizations complicity in the new K4 lynch mobs that form the modern body politic of OGS perpetrators, seperately from the white and Jewish supremacists that perpetrated OGS in decades past .

While organized gang stalking does indeed carry racial, and racist baggage, ROGS is unlike anything you have encountered before in the OGS dialectic, because I come at you from an awareness of how we are all manipulated at the internet switch, by the (primarily ) Jewish -christian cults and sects of western religions, as demonstrated here in this post, where we see the ADL enabling the stereotype of Jews as blackmailers,and Svengali-like hypnotists as they literally practice mind control on non -consensual subjects.

And, I come at you knowing that every time I see the phrase “Judeo -christian ” in print, that it is itself a lie – a linguistic trick, designed to obscure, and occlude the complicity of Jews in the hardships that you, and maybe, targeted individuals face every day in JEWISH dominated christian cultures*.

So, then, using proper names is important. But also,understanding the link between the horsehair worm, and neuro -memetic fasciitis of the mind.

In that light, if targeted individuals are to succeed in throwing off the yoke of their slavers, you must start with only one word, and the significant difference between the King James Bible -the bible that fueled christian justification for slavery -and the “literary fiction ” that forms its basis: the word Judeo has zero meaning in any modern context, but the word Jewish is instantly recognizable to all people.

In this light, my phrase Jewish -christian, which I use throughout ROGS, takes on modern meaning, devoid of cultic, or even symbolic traditions, because eradicating superstition, and the Phariseeical gang stalking that these people are responsible for (aka OGS ) is my primary goal.

So, a necessary step to eradicating mystical, symbolic, superstitious or other occult influence over our secular law and culture, as well as online gang stalking, is to de -mystify this term, and call it what it is in plain English, so that there is no confusion about the poison at the root of our democracies: it is Jewish -christianity, backed by gang stalking, and the Israelufied, politicized poluce that believe we are “fundamentalist ” nations.

*when you dig deeply into what is colloquially called conspiracy theory, you find two interesting facts: 1)these theories are about 70% fact and factoid, and 30% speculative discourse 2)when you view real events, like the Iraq,war, 9-11, etc, you also find that about 70% of the leaders, thinkers and advisors who cooked up those schemes, and the accompanying narrative control are also Jewish (for example, a not -too -difficult Google search reveals that about 70% of the neocon advisors to the president during the Iraq war were Jewish, rabidly zionist, and affiliated with think tanks much like a few of my own, personal and recent, “followers”, as we see here, and also here. ).

Then, factor in the christians, and how the horsehair worm effect works (outlined the links above) and you can then begin to understand both ROGS, personally, and gangstalking, generally .

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