The Ku Klux Klan is passe ’: gang stalking, Anti Defamation League stalking, and Kommunity Kulture Klubs- Mans (and a few womens )search for meaning, and K 4 domestic terrorism.

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I think it was Viktor Frankl, who once pondered the meaning of man, long before domestic terrorists like these Anti Defamation League,and community policing terrorists terrorists deployed psychological operations, combined with “community policing ” on them, ( below), started gang stalking targets so bad, that these, Bell Curve outlier people , who are total, isolated outliers went on shooting rampages AFTER they experienced gang stalking (which is strikingly familiar in the Palestinian Exodus of 1948) frequently affiliated with the US college system, AND, women likecthis,shitbag, or this one, occulted along the internet backbone, plus Israelified, Rotary Club affiliated “parallel colluding investigations, ” as we see in the case of Ian Long, and the “thirteens. ”

Here is a,short list of men who were gang stalked, and, frequently reached out for help to local poluce, and even the FBI during their gang stalking, with the net result that they were “gas lighted ” by these police institutions:

Andy Ostrowski, gang stalked by zionists, Republicans, Jews, the DVIC, the Department of Homeland Security, and more.

Mathew Riehl, an Asian American who was stalked by Israelified police, and “empowered women. ”

Poor, semi -literate Michael Chadwick Fry, who witnessed a police involved homicide in Texas, and then, was stalked by female deputies in the same state where the famous fentanyl fliers hoax was perpetrated.

Well, after ROGS discovered how (very white, upper class, politically affluent ) Jews, allied with K 4 gang stalkers were united in the way their own racism and biases

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