A broken Promis and the genesis of the world wide wiretap, toxic NGOs and more : Mega-men v. Uber-men actually ARE involved in a conspiracy “too big to fail,” as the FBI hides the paper trail

When organized crime masquerades as philanthropic NGOs

Promis software preceded the NSA wiretap, and current CIA /FBI gibberish about a need for backdoors

An explosive three part series written by Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb in Mint News explores the links between The Mega Group, and over a century of actual conspiracy between international crime, every American president since Kennedy, and between FBI and Mossad and CIA, organized crime and corrupt cops and NGOs answers the question “who are the gang stalkers. ”

A long read, as the series is in three parts, but well worth it to explain complexity, recent events in politics, and the levels of complicity between actual mafias, intelligence agencies, police corruption and the rise of gang stalking as a tool of social control.

Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal(part three of a three par series )

Though the Mega Group has officially existed only since 1991, the use of “philanthropy” to provide cover for more unscrupulous lobbying or business activities was pioneered decades earlier by Sam Bronfman, the father of Mega Group members Edgar and Charles Bronfman. While other North American elites like J.D. Rockefeller had previously used philanthropic giving as a means of laundering their reputations, Bronfman’s approach to philanthropy was unique because it was focused on giving specifically to other members of his own ethno-religious background.

Sam Bronfman, as was detailed in Part I of this series, had long-standing deep ties to organized crime, specifically Meyer Lanksy’s organized crime syndicate. Yet, Bronfman’s private ambition, according to those close to him, was to become a respected member of high society. As a consequence, Bronfman worked hard to remove the stain that his mob associations had left on his public reputation in Canada and abroad. He accomplished this by becoming a leader in Canada’s Zionist movement and, by the end of the 1930s, he was head of the Canadian Jewish Congress and had begun to make a name for himself as a philanthropist for Jewish causes.

Yet even some of Bronfman’s activism and philanthropy had hints of the mobster-like reputation he tried so hard to shake. For instance, Bronfman was actively involved in the illegal shipping of arms to Zionist paramilitaries in Palestine prior to 1948, specifically as a co-founder of the National Conference for Israeli and Jewish Rehabilitation that smuggled weapons to the paramilitary group Haganah.

At the same time Bronfman was abetting the illegal smuggling of weapons to the Haganah, his associates in the criminal underworld were doing the same. After World War II, close aides of David Ben-Gurion, who would later become the first prime minister of Israel and was instrumental in the founding of Mossad, forged tight-knit relationships with Meyer Lansky, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, Mickey Cohen and other Jewish gangsters of the period. They used their clandestine networks to establish a vast arms smuggling network between the United States and Zionist settlements in Palestine, arming both the Haganah and the Irgun paramilitary groups. As noted in Part I of this report, at the same time these gangsters were aiding the illegal arming of ZIonsit paramilitaries, they were strengthening their ties to U.S. intelligence that had first been formally (though covertly) established in World War II

Then, read this below to undersand the FBI as a secret, political police BY DEFINITION, oerating as,a criminally involved syndicate itself.

You will uderstand conspiracy on a whole new level forever, beause there simply is no “theor ” about the levels of corruption that all western governments particiate in.

Sir Robert Maxwell’s FBI file is getting more classified by the minute

The media mogul and alleged spy’s increasingly redacted ties to the PROMIS scandal include tapping a government database on tapping government databases

Written by Emma Best
Edited by JPat Brown

Sir Robert Maxwell is mostly remembered as the Czech-born British media mogul who owned the Daily Mirror and was a Member of Parliament. Less remembered is that he was an alleged spy for both the U.K. and Israel, and was accused of ties to the Mossad abduction of Mordechai Vanunu – accusations which he denied shortly before his apparent suicide. All but forgotten, however, are his alleged ties to the PROMIS affair, thanks in no small part to the FBI withdrawing his file from public view. The withheld materials describe Maxwell accessing an NSA database with information on tapping government databases, which is precisely what U.S. and Israeli intelligence are accused of modifying PROMIS to do.

According to FBI documents first obtained by William Hamilton of Inslaw Inc., the original creator of the PROMIS software which was stolen by the Justice Department, the FBI was contacted by employees of Sandia National Laboratories regarding Robert Maxwell and his company’s access to government databases based on information from the National Security Agency. As a result, the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation to the matter. According to court documents and a FOIA appeal filed by William Hamilton and Inslaw, portions of these documents were suddenly reclassified by the FBI in response to Inslaw’s FOIA request.

Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed: innovations in prosecution as womens violence against men gets a (re )visit from a prosecutor.

Its impossible to overstate that womens violence directed against men takes many creative, and bizarre forms, not least of which is through narcissistic control and abuse; and that the DVIC fully exploits this at all times, having gendered violence as male in the Feely Joe Biden era of VAWA, despite ample evidence that women initiate MORE domestic violence than men, as consistently reported by Dr. Martin Fiebert of USC, and especially, women are responsible for nearly all child abuse in many forms.

Related Story: Watch as Minnesota agents of social engineering from the University of Minnesota spring a trap on an unsuspecting Asian man named Qiandong Liu, in “the Minnesota Honeytrap.”And, notice when that fails, they wage a smear campaign against that man.in the form of #fakerape slander.

Minnesota has a long history of pimping girls and women to intelligence agencies, as we see in the case of the famous honeytrapper Betty Pack.

But, high heeled policing, beyond being absurd, is a several billion dollar per year domestic industry, now wholly tied to NSA spying, FBI monitoring of child support hearings of dissidents , and the DHS literally stalking men in neverending pseudo investigations called “colluding parallel investigations. ”

Those are some mighty expensive high heels your wearing, pardners.

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
San Jose Police Department Police Chief Eddie Garcia checks out his women’s shoes as he prepares to walk for YWCA Silicon Valley’s “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” at Santana Row in San Jose, Calif. on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Over 550 men walked in women’s shoes to raise awareness and money to end violence against women. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

From welfare state to police state indeed, Mr. Baskerville

Related Story: Nearly every mass shooter in recent history can be empirically linked to womens hidden violence via crybullying online and off and working with hidden “high policing ” such as Ian Long, and Mathew Riehl, the Hot Yoga shooter who likely killed one of his slanderers as we saw with the case of Scott Bierele and the famous Virginia Tech mass shooter, and many more.

These men and boys were stalked, harassed, slandered and bullied by DVIC profiteers who operate from within the #safespaces of community policing, campus #fakerape centers, and other gray area policing based DVIC mechanisms,such as the non -consensual human experimentation in the form of Moonshot CVE redirection via military derived psychological operations and much more.

Here is my final analysis of that which documents extensive links to institutionalized female violence, and the police moneypot that feeds them.

Finally, take a look at Dr. Tomo Shibata and trace her ideological links to 1980s misanthrope and man hater Dr. Catherine McKinnon of Michigan ( whose father, Admiral George McKinnon created thes ecret star chamber FISA court ), and note how active these are in discrediting OGS victims

But in feminist jurisprudence, we occasionally see innovation based in honest assessments of the inequitable situation of violence against men, based in how the western gendered narratives of violence gaslight male complaints of womens obscured, creative and abusive violence, with the proven result of many mass shootings as fruit of their poisoned tree.

So, because the DVIC is itself the bizarre marriage between violent militant women, and the police power, men can only and forever lose, because there is never a shortage of cowardly but muscle bound Ubermen to jump into an argument between another man and an abusive woman, because religion based western societies are based upon child theft and “white slavery,” with “the children ” as the goal of of these exploiters; because rational people reject religion, there simply is no other way for such societies to thrive without falsely constructed and gendered narrative of violence .

Former BC student charged with manslaughter for alleged role in boyfriend’s suicide

julia jacobo

Oct 28, 2019

A former Boston College student has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for her alleged role in the suicide of her boyfriend, according to Massachusetts prosecutors.

South Korea resident Inyoung You, 21, was allegedly present when her boyfriend, Alexander Urtula, jumped to his death from the roof of a parking garage in Roxbury on May 20 — the same day he was set to walk in his Boston College graduation ceremony, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins announced Monday.

An initial search of Urtula’s cellphone led to an “extensive” investigation in which prosecutors and detectives from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police Department discovered that You was allegedly “physically, verbally and psychologically abusive” toward him during their 18-month “tumultuous” relationship, Rollins said.

(MORE: Michelle Carter, convicted in texting suicide case, is denied parole)

The abuse allegedly became “more frequent” and “more powerful” in the days and hours leading up to Urtula’s suicide, Rollins said.

“This unrelenting abuse was witnessed by friends and classmates of both parties and documented extensively in text messages between the couple and in Mr. Urtula’s journal entries,” she said.

In the two months prior to Urtula’s death, the couple exchanged more than 75,000 text messages, at least 47,000 sent by You, Rollins said. When asked by a reporter whether You “explicitly” instructed Urtula to kill himself, Rollins replied, “I would comfortably say, yes, thousands of times.”

“In the 47,000 text messages, yes, there were many, many instances where she instructed him to do so,” she said.

While any person in any culture can be a narcissist, or a control freak, or an abuser, it is far more common in women in western societies because of the nature of the extreme religious programming, and strict gender constructs.

But these cases take on new meaning when we notice that the western, religion infused narrative underlies these stories, and that Asians, and South East Asians are highly influenced by bad religion.

Take a look at the baby kidnapping rings that western Christians established in South Korea after the war, and note there is a “coincidental ” tie to Minnesota as well:

AP Exclusive: Abusive S. Korean facility exported children

ROGS Battles with Bruno Bettleheim, and beautiful FBI informant James Doyle, of Minnesota: what is a police state, if not the targeting of dissent, and those of us who resisted?

When I met James Doyle, of Minnesota it was by “propinquety.*”

Related Stories: Look at how the world has been shaped by the George Floyd protests, fifteen years after I met the FBI informant, who I named below. He was one of the many local police and FBI (cowardly, anti-democratic ) informants who I have named here at ROGS blog.

Catholic, christian,Jewish (and now Muslim, Hindu, and other/ed ) informants frequently meet their targets exactly that way, by “coincidence” as outlined by Prosecutor Jim Garrison during his prosecution of the JFK plot(I mean “if you believe in conspiracy theories” like international banksters controlling media, key persons, politicians, and whole societies by wanton criminality, lies, and assassinations as local and national “law enfarcement ” agents look away, as we see with key black activists like Fergusons heart and sole activist Darren Seals who was murdered shortly after he connected the Ford Foundation and its white female movement coopters with black activists deaths , and other victims of gang stalking, like Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Brian Clark) and because FBI/DHS/CIA/ bankster informant creation and asset handling scenarios are simply structured “that way.”

How to compromise a “white male asset ”

James Doyle was as I recall, a wonderful intellect, the son of a doctor from Afton, MN. White, affluent, and steeped in his localities privilege( Afton has a man made ski slope that caters primarily to white, upper middle class people ), and he was born to middle class falsehoods about “human rights” and especially oblivious to due process of law.

He was also: physically beautiful by contemporary pro-white male standards, extremely well read and intellectually curious, insightful, and a hardy drinker, who had a sharp Irish wit. The only problem James had was this: he was a, “sex offender,” with a criminal record in Afton.

His offense?

“Well, I was out drinking with some friends, and later I needed to take a piss. So, I took a piss in a public park, in the middle of the night and the cops swept up on me.

“They asked me why my dick was in my hand. Then, I dont remember all of it because I was drunk, but I was arrested and later, plead guilty to indecent exposure.”

I knew James, because he had likely been sent to me by a handler, and I was likely his target.

Then, I edited the City College News, pushing content from my own psuedonymous hideout as an assistant editor, and that paper which won free speech awards as the college presidentvexperimentedd with ten foot by ten foot “free speech zones, ” while remodelling the toilets to accomodate Muslim prayer habits.

And, I covered the nations first manufactured terrorism story, about Mohammed Warsame, who himself was on the FBI payroll, as documented by the MSM, and who, despite the Wikipedia entry and the “official story ” in the MSM, was likely the key domestic informant who helped te FBI frame several other Somali manufactured “terrorists ” as the nation sought to infiltratethe Horn of Africa.

Stories like that take a lot of time and resources to build, and I fidnt have that then or now.

But looking back all these years, one thing that consistently stands out is how James literally used “directed conversation ” derived from FBI handlers and others to talk to me.

To this day, I have a book that he gave me, and the book itself derives from the post WW 2 era where Jews who had survived the Holocaust sought desperately to survive in America, and sought validation for their broken, disrupted lives in a new nation rife with Zionazis of both Jewish and christian sects, and actual, real, bankster funded and created Nazis too.

Here is the book, one of the oddest relics of that era:


Ooops. Wrong book. Hold on…..


Darn it!

Where is that Bettleheim? The poor guy was under chronic attacks, and slander that he beat and abused children, nearly from the minute he encountered the Cathlioctocon at the University of Chicago, the same university where Dr. Norman Finklestein was gang stalked out of academia after he criticized the #HolocaustIndustry….

Here it is, I found it!


OH NOOOOOOES ! Thats not it either, Trudy!



*propinquety is what the Lousiana prosecutor Jim Garrison, who investigated the John F. Kennedy assasination called all of the “coincidences” like oddly timed suicides, magic bullets, and the conveniently placed people like Abraham Zapruder that he found during his investigation.

Dear Santa Anita Racetrack /Stronach Group: the issue isnt just over -medicated horses, but over -medicated jockeys and trainers. Can we talk about methamphetamine use at the track?

Like everything gang stalking, the mainstream media takes the “professional track” and uses only official, pre-vetted corpirate sources and runs with official narratives in its search for fall guys and scapegoats in the Santa Anita dead horses scandal, as another horse bites the (extremely hard ) Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia, CA .

Another horse death has activists renewing calls for a racing ban as Santa Anita gears up for Breeders’ Cup

Posted by Andre Coleman | Oct 24, 2019

Unrelated Story: Christina DeSousza, who was involved in Bush era extraordinary renditions and the accompanying torture protocols gets her final burn notice? So ROGS asks, in the post “Zero Dark Thirty Something” era of female led black programs at the CIA (most notoriously in Thailand ), are intel agency women finally feeling the pinches and punches and more that they dealt to others, finally ?

The creation of fall guys, patsies, and scapegoats is a very real aspect of secret policing, aka high policing, and all agencies practice it, hiding their dirty deeds behind moral imperatives,and other smokescreens, simply because it keeps the black operation, or the corrupt but profitable practices of agencies /institutions /NGOs /corporations “live,” and here too, as the Stronach Group is doing exactly that in this story.

We also see a real human interest story buried: the story of lower tier migrant, immigrants, and undocumented trainers and other workers at the track, and according to one source a methamphetamine epudemic caused by bad working conditions.

So, a peek back at one of ROGS stories from 2017 is valuable, and this story, which I floated in the MSM at that time, but which was coopted by the coporate and sectarian morons that fill the ranks:

Is methamphetamine use by overworked, underpaid trainers and jockeys at Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia, CA the cause of an absurd number of dead horses?

Is there more to the story than meets the eye there, in the #fakenews corporate sponsored media?

I ask the journalists who peek in here at ROGS to keep an eye on this story, as we now see that the Stronach Group is pointing the finger at anyone but themselves, as they frame the issue as an issue of bad horse trainers who over -medicate horses, rather than the brutal business model that horse training-for-profit is to begin with.

Here in this post, ROGS has mentioned that while I was being gang stalked across Los Angeles, CA (and as occulted law enforcement from West Hollywood literally moved in next to my apartment, and hacked my internet connections), a young mother sidled up next to me at a taco stand, and told me about the rampant use of meth by the lower tier trainers, and jockeys at Santa Anita, and many of those (mostly male ) workers were somewhee on the spectrum between immigrants, and undocumented workers from south of the border.

Apparently, the long hours and deplorable conditions at the track breed a culture of drug use by the HUMAN BEINGS who work for the Stronach Group, according to my source.

And so, blaming the workers just doesnt cut it with me, as,I,watch the story spun out and strung out in the MSM now.

But keep yor eyes open*, and watch this story evolve, because ROGS Analysis is really good stuff -but ROGS Media framing is even better, because I am one nose,ahead of many important stories that eventually get re-framed by tribal -sectarian media un nice, tribal -sectarian, packages (use my search feature to notevthat I,was one of the first journalists in America to write about manufactured terrorsm, a beat later covered so well by Trevor Aaronson.

Also, take a look at my Gary Webb Award for excellence in gang stalking journalism, which carries a $1000 stipend to be awarded to MSM reporters who pick the beat, and use the term “organized gang stalking ” in an appropriate, non -sectarian manner.

* keep you eyes open is a methamphetamine pun, lol

While certain (religious) save the white whales NGOs are corrupting your politicians, take note that I do not lie, or mislead you: spotting good journalists in a western context.

Its almost laughable, how deeply the blur between western media channels, and CIA sponsored NGOs as crisis PR agents are in western mefia.

I say mefia, because it sounds like mafia, but is coordinated by a different sort of illicit collaboration, which your country/ countries around the world knows as “the Joos.”

But the reality of the western mefia assault on your nation is actually much more complex, and actually involves and invokes “chaos theory,” at times, in conjunction with Ramsey theory-the conditions under which “order takes place.”

So, first, lets look at a relatively decent journalist, Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone describe “fake news” emanating from the US Pentagon:


You see, the “narrative” of western culture is merely the neocon christians and the tickbird on their horn, the scapegoats and arrow tips of their elaborate media circuses, called the“Joos” who are at all times working with, and on behalf of other
religious confabulations ranging from their warrior class servants in the Catholic/ Baptist/ etc folds, to the newly emerged Middle Eastern derived tribes who find vouce in US media, and outliers who seldom get full credit for the disinformation they perpetrate, like this piece of shit here.

As such, they are “everyday CIA*” and actually working AGAINST your country, even as they corrupt you in the short term. The “next thousand years,” and “a thousand points of light,” and all that other gobbeldy gook**are actually real symbolic indicators of western Jewish christianity, as that version of a World Order creates,“safespace” to work its black propaganda magick.

Well, it makes it hard for the onlookers to discern what is true and valid news and commentary.

But there are a few American journalists who occasionally make sense, outside of the CIA/MSM collusion, and Matt Taibbi is one of them.

Have a look here:

If there’s a worse idea than the Pentagon becoming Editor-in-Chief of America, I can’t remember it. But we’re getting there:

From Bloomberg over Labor Day weekend:

Fake news and social media posts are such a threat to U.S. security that the Defense Department is launching a project to repel “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks,” as the top Republican in Congress blocks efforts to protect the integrity of elections.

One of the Pentagon’s most secretive agencies, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is developing “custom software that can unearth fakes hidden among more than 500,000 stories, photos, video and audio clips.”

Once upon a time, when progressives still reflexively distrusted the military, DARPA was a liberal punchline, known for helping invent the Internet but also for developing lunatic privacy-invading projects like LifeLog, a program to “gather in a single place just about everything an individual says, sees, or does.”…..

And of course, this is the “free” western media, which once claimed moral right to free speech, and press, while mocking you, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, and Russia.

Americans are luvin’ their (religious, tribal, sectarian) freedumb.

Now have a look here, at Americas secret police, adopting racial-sectarian guidelines about “free speech,”and kowtowing to fanatical religious interests from the middle east

FBI: Conspiracy Theories Are Now A Domestic Terrorism Threat
August 1, 2019 MHB Admin

Yup. You guys won (whoever you are)e dspite my best efforts to preserve journalistic integrity, due process, and first, fourth, fifth, ad infinitum amendment rights.

Yup. Our secret police are no better or worse than anyonee elses, and America is no longer a democracy (if it ever was.)

*Everyday CIA© will be the title of my next blog.

As we see with most NGOs that do the CIAs work around the world, we also see domestically in the USA now, as these NGOs are actively in constant dialogue with CIA and its “totally deniable” linked domestic operations, as,we see time and again in cases like Fusion Centers being headed by DoD PsyOps trained militants, or in the CIA conceived ALPR license plate tracking and databasing of citizens movements across our “free” country. that there is a blur between CIA/FBI/DHS trained “specialists,” and college professors, network operators, and other CIA/InQtel startups that guide/monitor/ interact with our daily lives.

And this is in concurrence with our media stream, which is also is polluted with news commentary from former CIA, FBI, DHS, and other intelligence agency chiefs.

Read “Spooks turned Spox” for a brief analyses of that:

After years in the shadows overseeing espionage, kill programs, warrantless wiretapping, entrapment, psyops and other covert operations, national security establishment retirees are are turning to a new line of work where they can carry out their imperial duties.

That is, propagandizing the public on cable news. Reborn as cable news pundits, these people are cashing in.

**Gobbeldy gook is a colloquial slang term that indicates unintelligible speech, and likely has its roots in the Korean/Viet Nam war era, when Viet Namese people and other Southeast Asians were mocked for their linguistic alliterations.

How accurate is ROGS Predictive Analyses? Start here at my latest gang stalking, by George W. Bush/Hillary affiliated NGOs.

Is there a connection between politics, and gang stalking, as ROGS has repeatedly demonstrated?

Ask my chess partners!

Pardner! (pardner is regional colloquial bastardization of the word “partner,” and it derives from Texas, in the era of cattle drives, and wild west American iconology, expressed (again) through Department of State, George Bush anti-prostitution “proselytes.”

Those proseylites might be interested in knowing that te socialist, communist, anti-religionist variant of Pardner(is the word “brother,” for which I PERSONALLY, was monitored for using, over decades of time, by cultists,and,religious, tribal sectarians in America, the land of the pseudo-free, and home to millions of gang stalking cowards who work within the “parallel colluding investigations”gang stalking framework, undermining our Constitution.

Gang,stalkign is,DEFINITIVELY linked,to military, and police affiliated western religious shitbags, disguising their outreach and preaching as,NGOs, like the George Bush Feedom Foundation, andvothers.

But,ROGS asks: WTF,is,wrong with Texas, as mass homicide,after mass homicide lines,the pockets of “cops and first responders?” with federal gang stalking dollars?

Texas gang stalking story here,and here
, and so many other cases in Texas.

Well, anyways, this, again.

UPDATE 09-19-2019: About a year and a half after I wrote this post, certain political groups have admitted using actual military grade psychological operations on targeted individuals and recent mass shootings indicate a link between PsyOps and the shootings.

That link is so solid that ROGS Predictive analysis even predicted two key features of a recent mass shooting in Virginia Beach, VA. You can read about that here. Also, the heads of Fusion Centers (many of them with PhDs in weaponized psychology )are targeting citizens with non -consensual psychological operations, and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals has attempted to invent another phrase to combat the growing awareness of organized gang stalking, calling these psychological operations “parallel colluding investigations. ”

Workplace mobbing is gang stalking lite: white woman mobbed by K4 affilliated race warriors, and collecting evidence produces escalation

As my readers know, I am unable to favor one race, class, or gender over another, regardless of what their little violin is playing, because I am infinitely aware of the effects of historical injustices around the world.

I am also aware that regardless of anything, specific persons and institutions literally derive billions of dollars exploiting race and these are literally profiting from “the business of hate.”

But like anyone, I am biased, because I am human, and a few of my pet peeves are:

-gang stalking denialists like the following social workers and Dr.s: Lorraine Sheridan, David James, Christine Sarteschi, Elizabeth Dietrich, Josephe Mengele, Donald Ewan Cameron, and the CIA torture doctors Mitchell and Jessen; and other occultists who encourage gang stalkers from NGOs who cloak their religion and theology into other forms of proselytization,and to wage these covert campaigns in order to exploit women and access the children of other nations, by exploiting their poverty or ignorance.

-police that wage hoaxes, and tell lies in order to virtue signal their total corruption and complicity with these NGO/Federal/international campaigns.

-Jewish groups and individuals like this guy, that wage swastika hoaxes, and bomb threats, and more, and then rake in federal ca$h to defend themselves from themselves, as they profit in other ways from the delusions of persecution (and I concede that, as an anti-semite, I am a failure, as I am both a Bobby Fischer fan, and a correspontent with Americas First Palestinian Protector, Stanley Cohen, Esq, both of whom were targeted and endlessly harrassed by the exact tribal sectarian forces I outline here at ROGS.Stanley literally identifies as a targeted individual.)

-I am generally not a fan of white women in any sense, having watched them benefit from their privileged positions of un-earned power, from the Feely Joe Biden VAWA era forward, and as others like myself struggled along under the privileged false narratives and gendered DVIC policies that they voted for; and watched for years how they willingly were used in every moral panic and crisis PR situation ranging from #fakerapes which led to the lynchings of black men, to the current DVIC gang stalking which has replaced lynching, by Edward Bernays related, and styled PR firms.

So, as I now watch the crows come home to roost with the chicken heads, in the braising pit, I sort of smile when I see the white woman actually struggling for a change.

But also, I like to see her following ROGS advice, and keeping herself armed with digital recording devices, and collecting evidence, once she realizes she is being targeted in her workplace by K4 affiliated mobsters(my advice is race, and class, color blind, and gender neutral- anyone can and should follow it, once you can identify your stalkers ideological basis. Look at the top of the page for help, and proof, and how to fight back sections)

So, here, a white woman now comes, to fight for her rights like the rest of us, which is a good thing. And, she brought her tape recorder to collect evidence of a race-based workplace mobbing.

I,ask the reader to note that this encounter is NOT YET organized gang stalking, but that, using ROGS Predictive analysis, we might be able to slude the bar from workplace mobbing, to actual gang stalking, if she knows where to look for evidence.

AND: please note that the Virginia Beach mass homicide started as a workplace situation, where mobbing is suspected, and where the use of “Masonic symbols” were actually mentioned in the main stream news; and that if you use Rogs Predictive Analyses, you too can predict features of these events.

In the following piece, note that these elements of gang stalking are present/positive indicators, but the actual gang stalking has not been.indicated, meaning this is standard workplace mobbing and harassment:

-ADLified race baiting is present
-a smear in the workplace, and later, in the press, using crisis PR terminology
-a person who believes they are being victimized by hidden, or not readily apparent persecutors
-actual workplace mobbing, and isolation
-the person feels the need to collect evidence
-email shenanigans
-some shitbag named Carranza who has racialized the workplace(you really cannot make some of this up)

So, another feature of gang stalking is that the gang stalkers ALWAYS escalate, they never de-escalate their attacks. And so, welcome to the escalation of workplace mobbing, to the official pre-judicial smear campaign in the press, and note that escalation occurs when the target begins collecting evidence!

This us an empirical fact that can be found in nearly ALL gang stalking, and it is where we move away from defining a situation as mobbing/harassment, and begin to call it gang stalking-collecting evidence is literally the precipitator of gang stalking:

Education Dept. exec who filed reverse discrimination lawsuit had her own checkered history, coworkers say

By Michael Elsen-Rooney
New York Daily News
Oct 16, 2019 | 12:01 AM

A former Education Department executive who blasted schools Chancellor Richard Carranza for creating a hostile climate for white employees has her own checkered history, including using the n-word in front of black colleagues, according to interviews with seven current and former coworkers…..

Leslie Chislett, who until May headed a prominent city initiative to expand advanced placement classes to under-served schools, filed a blockbuster multi-million dollar lawsuit against Carranza and the Education Department alleging the new chancellor created a culture that demonized white employees and ultimately forced her from her position.

Two months later, at a charged discussion on a team retreat, during which multiple staffers said Chislett was recording conversations, resentments boiled over. Renee and other employees tearfully confronted Chislett, who accused her coworkers of suggesting that white people don’t deserve safe school and work environments.

Related Story: Stanley Cohen Esq., is an attorney, targeted for decades by “the Feds,” and their internecine domestic spy rackets. Like Lynn Stewart, myself, and many others, have provably been targeted with state and federal abuse. When I first met Stan, he was skeptical of the term “targeted individual” as,well as the disinformation and discrediting of the phrase “organized gang stalking,” though he now says “The US government will target me until I die.”

Kära Sverige: din USDOJ kille i Thailand är bara CIA lite. Jag kommer att göra mina nya vänner medvetna om det

Dear Soon to be New Friends:

You have recently been approached by a representative of an organization that had “information” about how they can use the religious “science” of ponerology and internet black magic to help you enforce a hypothetical moral code, or some vague, or unwritten laws.

And, deep in their sales pitch, they offered you a bribe, in the form of grant money,or other financial reward or incentive to help you, personally, or your country in general down the great new road to the future. But there is a problem with that rationale, and it is this: with religious orders, the future is always the past, and their offer to you can only lead you, and those they have approached, back there.

Well, you might have noticed that this blog you are reading,( as I type it,) is a useful spy hunting tool and that the author-the guy writing this from a fully entrapped communications device, is a useful and reliable, proven spy hunter, who is familiar with how these “good people” operate, online, and off, and that I am deeply familiar with their religious, tribal,theocratic, sectarian, and coded online psychological operations.

You might also have noted that I can train teams of other spy hunters to do what I do, but to do it better, because everything works better if everyone is on the same team-and if we all get a paycheck, of course. And, because it takes a huge amount of time and resources to do it.

Related Story: Look at how India is waking up to the fact that western spy agencies by proxy of “corporations” like Facebook and Twitter have been entrapping their soldiers, and others in sensitive infrastructure positions, using social media, and “religious gurus” and utilizing “honeytraps.”

‘Crucial source of intelligence’: Indian Army urges officers to wipe Facebook accounts & avoid WhatsApp over security gaps
15 Nov, 2019 01:19

So, in that light, I would ask you to take special note of the religious and tribal sectarian affiliations of your recent informers, and then, notice THEIR affilliation with my own Department of State, and Department of Defense, and other levels of our “deep state.”

But also, please especially notice that our spy agencies are targeting your networks, and switches, using these types of tools, all of which leave electronic signatures behind if you know where to look; but also that certain online dialigues can lead you to these people who use those pieces of code, and even subsidiary languages online. And, that everything is not always what it appears to be.

In western theology, there is the concept of scapegoating, which featured heavily in recent tribal sectarian holidays. The story is basically thus:

A tribe full of baby bombers and affilliated seething lunatics refuses to be held responsible for their hateful crimes and high misdemeanors that they perpetrate on others across the globe, and so, with high pomp, and ceremony, they blame a goat for their crimes, even marking that goat with a “red” scarf.

Yeah, I thought you might chuckle at that last part. Me too.

Well, anyways, they then throw this goat off a cliff, much the way that we see in this odd case from the USA, or this one from Australia, but ESPECIALLY this one, which involved a foreign born billionaire encountering the perverse honey traps that western governments are using to compromise you, your diplomats, your citizens, and others who are integral to your countries public safety.

So, read the headline above from that perspective, and then, lets return to the narrative of the goat.

As you know, the western dialectic is infused with signs and signifiers that are not always apparent, and the goat is one such narrative that we see repeating in many forms in the western theology, and for many sundry reasons.

But here, lets focus on what is seldom discussed in liturgies that appear during this holiday season: what happens to the goat after they toss it off a hill, or, in this case, off of Capitol Hill?

Well, a little known fact about the goat is this: once kicked into the wilds, it becomes a beacon, easily followed due to it red scarf, and, that goat will inevitably fend for itself.

This of course, means that the goat will find new sources of food, water, and shelter, as well as to bring actual, and real predators out of their internet hiding places. And then, of course,the shitbags who tossed the goat all pounce on the food, water, shelter-and you, eventually.

So, I think you might be interested in hearing more? You know where to find me if you want to hear more.

Best Regards,


ROGS Predictive analysis takes on prosecutorial prevarication, pre -emptive of predicate in the gang stalking dialectic: the thirteens, previsited.


speak or act in an evasive way.
“he seemed to prevaricate when journalists asked pointed questions”
be evasive · be noncommittal · be vague · be ambiguous · evade/dodge the issue · beat around the bush · hedge · hedge one’s bets · fudge the issue · fence · parry questions · vacillate · shilly-shally · cavil · waver · quibble · temporize · hesitate · stall (for time) · shuffle around · hum and haw · pussyfoot around · waffle · sit on the fence · duck the issue/question · flannel · palter · tergiversate

As the horrific modern due process free DVIC and its domestic profiteers that derive financial rewards from the fraudulent and ambiguous War on Terror,and agencies like DHS and FBI veer into the territory of mission creep,speech policing, and Stalin era punitive psychology, I have stated repeatedly, that ROGS is online, and offline performance art, with an emphasis on demonstrative political speech, with the goal of producing results that verify and validate the veracity of ROGS Predictive analyses.

Because its a necessary and important step towards transparency in government, and the publics right to know; but also in the interests of public safety, as we see online psychological operations derived from theaters of war waged on non -consenting targets of actual, and literal “mind control ” operations that are literally implicated in case after case of mass shooters, crazed incel “movement ” car crashers, and butter knife wielders across America, and the west in general.

So, let me once again demonstrate my commitment to outing, and then, extirpating the cockroaches behind the internet switched networks :

Dear President Trump:

I want to help you build a bridge from Russia, into Alaska, so the Russians can work their way south, and maybe even get into Seattle, where they have their way with all of our poor,nubile, helpless and innocent Virgin Marys, and chainsaw wielding women who adulate the number thirteen, and, who eat waaaay too many sand-witches, likely because Edward Bernays is rolling around in hell in a pigskin lined coffin, unable to save them with the light of Liberties Torch.


Then, with expediency, I want to help you to enlist “the Chinese*”who are forever grateful for our help in Viet Nam, to investigate Joe “Cop -a -feel ” Biden, the Vicar of VAWA, for the possibility that it was he who ran the Ukraines most notorious child sex rings, with the aid and assistance of (nebulously Jewish ) Ukrainian “Holodmor billionaires”, while sunning his pasty white ass on the banks of the Black Sea, as his son Hunter hunted…..well, you get the idea.

Anyways: Mr. President, what can I do more? I ask not what my country can do for me( like the noble freedom protecting FBI did for so many civil rights leaders), but rather, sir, I ask what my country can do to restore due process, and civil liberty, and wrest our constitution from that hands of DVIC Vampires and FBI fed Svengalis?

Sir, if it is a fact that democracy is over in America -then how can I too fully exploit that fact, and get pig-fat in the process like the rest of the hogs?

But especially, sir, how can we predict, and then validate the fact that all of our communications are indeed entrapped, ensnared, and pre-vetted as soon as we hit send on an email? I have a few ideas. You know where to reach me.

Please advise!

Signed –

Sven, a nice man from the friendly, Dr. Tomo Shibata lovin’ Sveden

Dear Foreign government,[REDACTED]

Hi, foreign government unspecified, you know who I am.

Im that guy who left America because my country no longer is a democracy. And, the west in general is a religious, tribal-sectarian cesspool.

Yeah, that ONE guy. The one who once believed in civil liberty, due process, freedom of speech, and all that other crap we are taught about “freedom.”

Yeah, that guy. Yup, its all crap. Look at how religious fanatics control everything that we say online, and how they gang stalk us offline.

Hey, I need your help to mock these people, and also, to hunt them down, even in your country. I can help you, and your nation, to hunt these people down, because they are active in your country too. And, after we find them, you can do what comes naturally after that. You know where to reach me.

Look, America “land of the free”is a full blown secret police state now with a 24/7 wiretap of all of our communications systems, and a huge octopus with its tentacles wrapped around every conversation online. So, my country no longer has lost any moral basis to say that your country is somehow devoid of morality.

So, anyways, yeah, I need a country to serve, with honor. My own is totally broken.