Delusions and gang stalking: beyond the gender biases of type 1&2 errors, we see weaponized psychology itself as the problem

Is pscychopathy a choice in western nations and Jewish-christian societies that engender emotions as female, and the lack of emotions as male?

it seems as though for most of us, empathy is the default mode. If we see a victim, we share her pain. For the psychopathic criminals of our study, empathy seemed to be a voluntary activity

So, as I have demonstrated repeatedly, and as we see in the Los Angeles Times and other places today,police themselves are actual gang members, who utilize utterly bizarre online and offline language, tactics, and un-constitutional methods to target, entrap, and control individuals. And, the fact that these gangs are at all levels within police departments, the DHS, and even the FBI, one can infer that weaponized investigations, aka, “colliding parallel investigations” are themselves quite bizarre.

And all of that, plus military derived, weaponized psychological operations, run by various agencies, and tribal-religious groups online and off are actually applying weaponized psychology on non-consenting subjects sort of makes the case that the narrative of gang stalking itself is very flawed.

Related Story: Khalid Alexander writing for the LA Sentinel, talks about his thirteen years in a targeted neighborhood, full of targeted individuals, and how gangs of police, and horrific databases ensnare whole neighborhoods and generations of men via ritual defamation.

So, this post you are reading will now move past the Jewish-christian white supremacy that was highlighted by the New Yarwk Times pseudo-journalist Mike McPhates notoriously racist, ADL type smear campaign targeting individuals, titled
United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers”and explore psychology and “expert opinion” and how it directly drives outdated narratives of mental health that are throwbacks to Operation Paperclip in the post-Nazi era, but also how it is little more than a great confabulation itself, and “gang stalking delusions,” are in fact the One Percent and its enablers further ritually defaming their victims.

As I have discussed with the situation of a two-tiered justice system, which is highlighted by Dr. Stephen Baskerville’s analyses in “From Welfare State to Police State”(.pdf here), we see that lower tier black and white, Asian, Native, and Hispanic men were caught in a huge slavers net, and that this system operates as a shadow America, a cartoon democracy overseen by DVIC industries for over 60% of the US population:

It’s not called the welfare “state” for nothing. Even more serious than the economic effects has been the quiet metamorphosis of welfare from a system of public assistance into a miniature penal apparatus, replete with its own tribunals, prosecutors, police, and jails.

So, because the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) operates outside of constitutional rights, and operates within a carefully Constitution-avoidant gray areas of due process of law and civil liberty(this is called “high policing” in criminology), it might be expected that any caught in its tentacles would naturally encounter Kafkaesque psychological processes as well, because punitive psychology is the norm in these cases, most often applied to men.

Its important also to note how closely the DVIC industries-ranging from social workers, to psychologists, to police and health professionals are to these cases, and even how the FBI is now monitoring the child custody and support hearings of men who resist the DVIC narratives, and its associated speech policing.

So,naturally then we now also see that Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan and David James, and Christine Sarteschi are in fact all associated with the DVIC/PIC and especially that they are all OGS denialists, and are on record in major media claiming that people who complain of gang stalking are “likely delusional,” and that their definitions of delusion comes straight out of the sectarian, Nazi-importation/MKULTRA era of the 1950s.

With recent major media covering the well known gangs of police in major cities like Chicago*, and Los Angeles, and the bizarre un-constitutional methods of policing in general, I would suggest that Lorraine Sheridan, David V.James, Christine Sarteschi, et al are in fact suffering from delusions-delusions of grandeur related to their white supremacist viewpoints, and willing complicity with such an actual police state by the very definition of the term.

Examining the term psychopath, and its often confused relative, sociopathy, which derive from the idea of genetic criminality and this which lead to eugenic social policies of the Freudian era, and even today

Now, having excised the fetid cancer of weaponized psychology that these peoples opinions are as regards delusions and OGS, and revealed their proponents as institutional sociopaths who advocate punitive psychology, I will now move on to yet another psychiatric label which had served their kind so well in the War on Drugs/DVIC/ VAWA era which gradually criminalized men primarily, while also removing access to civil rights and Constitutional challenges to these policies: the label of psychopath, which has been a convenient tool of labelling theory since people like Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron tweaked it and applied labels such as schizophrenic, and delusional quite loosely to serve the CIAs agenda of socially engineering a society that could accept the “new world order” and more.

Related Stories: Nobel Peace prize winning mathemetician, John Forbes Nash, the subject of a pro-drug industry book and film, A Beautiful Mind,was labelled a schizophrenic, and put onto a forced regimen of truth serum, aka, psychotropic drugs. He described being gang stalked for decades, and his theories about games, aka Game Theory single handedly modernized the worlds economies. With little irony, his biographer Sylvia Nassar was the daughter of a CIA case agent.

Then, we saw how one of Americas most famous gang members, Whitey Bulger was a documented CIA/FBI mind control victim, subjected to a regimen of daily LSD; and so many others were used unwittingly in that eras domestic mind control and social engineering programs that defied law and logic.

So now, we see the term of pyschopath is itself being revealed as little more that applied labelling theory, and that one of the key tropes about psychopatholigy, the lack of empathy, is itself incorrect.

The study below highlights the fact that psychopaths can in fact, empathize. This is significant in many ways, which I will not discuss here, other than to use it as yet another example of psycholigy asa fatally flawed pseudoscience.And, as we see the correlation of the rise in gang stalking complaints directly alongside the rise of the modern surveillance and due-process free police state, we now see psychologists “revealing” that so-called psychopaths can feel, and empathize.

It just doesnt get more bizarre than this, in Jewish-christian Ich Du world.

Neuroscience Shows That Psycopaths Can Use Emotional Intelligence

In one study, Keysers and his team analyzed the brain activity of 21 convicted violent psychopathic offenders, comparing the results with 26 men of similar age and IQ. The called participants were shown movies of people hurting each other while brain activity was measured. Later, a doctoral student would slap the patients on their hands to localize brain regions connected with feeling touch and pain. The goal was to see if patients’ brains activated a feeling of pain in their own brain when viewing the pain of others.

The result?

“The vicarious activation of motor, somatosensory and emotional brain regions was much lower in the patients with psychopathy than in the normal subjects,” writes Keysers. “The theory seemed right: their empathy was reduced, and this could explain why they committed such terrible crimes without feeling guilt.”

But one question still plagued Keysers.

How could these same individuals prove to be so charming at times?

“I remember chatting with one of the patients … a particularly severe psychopath (he had scored the full 40 points on the psychopathy checklist),” writes Keysers. “Surrounded by the guards, he seemed a most pleasant person. He was smiling, engaging, and seemed to feel exactly what we wanted from him.”

So Keysers and his partner decided to let the patients watch the movies again, this time asking them to try and empathize with the victims in the movies.

“What we found was that this simple instruction sufficed to boost the empathic activation in their brain to a level that was hard to distinguish from that of the healthy controls,” writes Keysers. “Suddenly, the psychopaths seemed as empathic as the next guy. Their empathy was switched on.”

Keysers’ conclusion:

“Psychopathic individuals do not simply lack empathy. Instead, it seems as though for most of us, empathy is the default mode. If we see a victim, we share her pain. For the psychopathic criminals of our study, empathy seemed to be a voluntary activity. If they want to, they can empathize, and that explains how they can be so charming, and maybe so manipulative. Once they have seduced you into doing what serves their purpose, the effortful empathy would probably disappear again.”

*Chicago not only runs black site torture facilities, but also notoriously uses gang stalking tactics to infiltrate the Boys and Girls Clubs there

Gang Databases, Gang Stalking, labelling theory,and ritual defamation: Khalid Alexander talks about reforming police gangs

From the LA Sentinel:

California Must Reform Discriminatory Gang Suppression Scheme

By Khalid Alexander
Published November 15, 2019

Thirteen years ago, I moved to a heavily-policed neighborhood in Southern California. I realized things were different when suddenly I was pulled over by the police three times in one week. I’d been pulled over before, but something other than the frequency of these stops stood out to me. It was the first time police asked me if I was a gang member.

What I have learned since then, as the founder of Pillars of the Community and a father of two young men of color, is that this questioning about “gang affiliation” is a part of a long history of law enforcement’s attempt to label, criminalize, and abuse people in Black and Brown communities. What those officers were really trying to figure out was whether they could get away with violating my rights as a human being and constitutional protections as a citizen.

Recent years have brought new attention to the real impact of California’s gang laws. We’re at a strange inflection point: There are
truly dangerous criminal gangs within law enforcement, who continue to act with impunity thanks to the inaction of prosecutors (L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, for example, is known
for failing to prosecute bad police“>“> refusing to even exclude known bad cops from building bad cases).

Those same police are maintaining a database of supposed gang members that’s so flawed, it includes the names of kids under one year old and a separate system of justice for communities of color, with criminal charges that don’t require actual wrongdoing, and lead to longer sentences, restricted fundamental freedoms, and a tilted playing field in the courtroom. The legal consequences are clear: more Black and Brown bodies pulled from their families and communities, locked up, and forgotten. But these legal consequences are just the beginning. The truth about California’s gang suppression scheme is that it’s not just putting people in prison, it’s stripping entire communities of their futures. And because of that, it’s making us all less safe.

Contact with the criminal legal system can permanently destroy a person’s economic mobility…..follow the links above to read more , connect the dots!©

Real Estate mobbing: United Nations affilliated NGOs and gang stalking

The savvy ROGS reader will notice that I have been gang stalked by both alt-right mobs, and the radical left; but that in between my story, is also some real estate, and even a link to a recent suicide of a Team USA runner named Jonathan Grey*

UPDATE 03-28-2020: This post is so popular today! I think the popular girls are reading in, third party proxy stalkers that they are.

Some 41 people from the “land of the free (lol) read this post today. Join the mob! Tell your friends! And, as usual, you know how to use the comment system, right? Join the conversation.

And, if you are an investigator, or other law enforcement, I can provide you with more details of what is outlined here at this post, including paper evidence with their actual signatures (and even DNA) on it, films, photos, and tape recordings of these people in action (in return for details that you will provide for me).

The named parties below all share common locality, common “causes”(reffered to as cause stalking online), common meeting places, and frequently they know each other first hand. And, there are many more names associated with them, which I documented between 2009-2013; and some of those connections at the highest levels of that states government, with the resources that you can imagine(state police are frequently involved there and elsewhere in this horrific form of high policing).

Lastly, for the people who are reading this post, hopefully you are not one of the named parties, but if you are, well good luck going forward. You will need it. Happy thirteens, bitches.

The founder of Team USA is also part of the lical mob in that area the “womens empowerment” clique, and she once even threatened me in writing directly related to Jon Grey, as mysterious people broke into my house, which I captured on hidden camera.

Her threats were directly related to her position as a gang stalker affilliated with the University of Minnesota, the Olympics, and her position in the so-called womens empowerment funding network; and several police departments too.

So, what OGS is, is actually a turf war, as I described in the case of Larry Guzzino here, and as documented by Medawars in the case of real estate developer related gang stalking in Texas, where current, and retired police and FBI agents are nearly ALWAYS involved in the bizarre harassment.

As we now see all over the US today, gang stalking is associated with modern real estate red lining, which is perpetrated by both K4 diversity mobs, and also white supremacist* mobs too.

In other words, gang stalking is BIG BUSINESS, and it is extremely widespread.

I also met many people who used UN affilliated persons as their personal references, and I even named a few names, starting with applicants at various rental properties, and these applicants ranged from:

1- potential purported renters who used actual UN affilliated persons as personal references; and those references had offices within a stones throw of the local police station; and whose hackers left traces behind, from both law offices, AND the local Fusion Center, as I documented elsewhere

2-that said renters were ALL were affilliated with various NGOs, and,“save the women and children” organizations,and these organizations strangely affilliated across partisan lines, as we see here with a fundamentalist Baptist NGO which started under G.W. Bush, united with liberal organizations to save the wimmin/prostitutes!”

3-when I researched the rental applicants during a brief period of time, every single one worked at, or was affilliated with womens“shelters”, or NGOs likeo Boys and Girls clubs, Junior Rotary Clubs, Lions and Rotary Clubs, etc. and that things that could ONLY have been gleaned from aw iretap on my communications devices were repeated back to me by these applicants/community spies. That this is how Fusion Centers are being used.

The folliwing posts are instructive on these points:

Kill My Landlord! : Amy Berquist, Human Rights, MN.

Womens Shelters and hit lists of targeted men n Pennsylvania Maggie Karl, Patricia Chavez-Hunter, et al

Fathers harrassed out of Boys and Girls Clubs by an armed gang of police, who then infiltrate the B&GC: Torrie Rinehart

How Infragard works with police, and NGOs to stalk, target, and harass property owners in targeted neighborhoods

The case of the bumbling backdoor photographer, the son of a UN station chief in Gabon, Africa, folliwing ROGS around in Venice, CA: Sava Gneme, brother of Audrey Gneme

And, of course, the UN eager to “save” the young girls of Japan, so they can sell them at a higher price later, with bonus 13’s: Mihoko Minai would shit in the face of Joyce Kato if she knew

So, here is RenterHarrassment, one blog that I recently found where real estate “mobbing” is described by a person who exhibits Level X thinking about electronics, and other spy gadgets, and also exhibits frustration and anger about being gang stalked in her neighborhood by property developers.

And here is the UNs various statements about the rule of law, and how they are active in various countries both as advocates, but also as actual gang stalkers, as I demonstrate above, and in other places in this blog.

The people I have named are intetesting in their own right, but is their affilliation together under the “umbrella” of organizations that indicate with little doubt that the UN via its “umbrella ” programs is operating black programs in America, and elsewhere, and, targeting men, primarily.

Related What is relational violence, and why are women and their enablers in the DVIC octopus industries frequently cited as gang stalkers? See “third party punishment” for the answer.

Relational aggression or alternative aggression is a type of aggression in which harm is caused by damaging someone’s relationships or social status. Although it can be used in many contexts and among different age groups, relational aggression among women and girls in particular, has received a lot of attention.

It is directed at those who areaid to violate social norms, customs, and taboos. Whereas once the Ku Klux Klan is said to acted inhave this capacity, today, we see an increase in what I call “Kommunity Kultur Klubs and Kovens (K4)”. The use of the letter K here is a nod to how the left frequently used such spellings in their fliers and literature of earlier eras(1960-1990s), and we even see today such as “Amerikka.”

I also use the K because it fits with the historical Masonic/ occult society narrative, starting with the rise of the first KKK under racist Nathan Bedford Forrest, and used up until the demise of the “third rise ” of the KKK in the 1980s.

Today, we see the greatly diminished power of white supremacists, and a great rise in power of the multi-cultural communities, led by the other version.of white supremacists in the Anti Defamation League, and its inter-connected NGOs ( the usual suspects like the,Ford Foundation, CIA -backed Open Society, etc., what some have called “the Liberal CIA).

*I suspect Jon was as much a victim of Big Pharma psychiatric meta-narrative by those around him, as he might have been a case of depression, and if his family is peeking in, I send my condolences, and apologies if my opinion offends you.

But I have lost other friends,and associates exactly as I describe herein, due to the failure of psychologists and other DVIC beneficiaries and narrative control agents to simply update the DSM-5 from definitions coined over 60 years ago, at the height of the well known behavior experiment era of MKULTRA, and to to ask the right questions in these cases, and to recognize the highly organized aspects of this social mechanism, and its well known denialists who are,quoted in media, like Dr.s David V. James, Lorraine Sheridan, and social workers Christine Sarteschi, Elizabeth Dietrich, and more, all of whom are direct beneficiaries of the DVIC, all of whom are gang stalking denialists, with Dr. Sheridan being an actual prison system psychologist.

Letter to a gang stalking victim in Los Angeles, CA

Victim Profile: Male, late twenties to early thirties; gay, identifies as femal; father; former video producer for major media Buzzfeed;

Targeted in: Van Nuys, CA, Hawthorne, CA

Dear X:

Sorry to hear about your situation, and I hope you have people to support you. And, I do commend you for how you use pepper spray to create a fog for the GS to inhale as they follow your car.

Gang stalking is very real, and in the LA area it is notorious. It falls under the DHS “see something say something” policies, and it has a technical name : high policing, which is really just mob rule under thin cover of national security (as defined by radical christians and neocon fanatics.)

Most/much of it is directed by local police and sherrifs department affiliated community groups, ranging from public union people, retired cops and military, to any of the many NGOs in that area. And, with ALPR readers (cameras around LA that track you, and send the data to a Fusion Center, called JRIC in your area)and other technology, they really do target and track people there, largely because there is no real terrorism, so they create it this way.

This is called community policing, and the threat assessment people from ATAP etc. call it a “colluding parallel investigation.”

Yes, these people DO have the time and resources to do it, as all of their pensions are bound together, and frequently their politics too. Its no different than the KKK era, except that now, there are multi-racial gangs, called K4 involved in it, so now, gang stalking has multiple groups doing it.

But all if them are involved with policing, and the end goal is to literally drive people crazy, because that makes work for them, and feeds their Domestic Violence Industrial Compkex narrative, and its associated industries.

For example, each mass shooter/butter knifer/car crasher they create brings federal funds to the locality that creates the shooter via these tactics. Each manufactured terrorism event garners matching state and federal funds to the locals who create the event.

Also recently, a lawsuit was filed by several LAPD cops against ACTUAL gangs that operate within the police department. And LAPD has many gangs, of every race.

I think you mentioned that you are gay, so it might help you to know that the gay mafia version of gang stalkers operates out of the West Hollywood precinct. Officer Deb Nxxxxx and might be able to help you.

Please contact me at my blog, I would like to hear more about your case.


Two Houston cops indicted for homicide, in case of gang stalking no-knock raid that killed two: gang stalker BINGO

What is organized gang stalking?

In a classic case of gang stalking gone wrong, a likely drug task force snitch provides phony information to cops who get a phony warrant, and then murder two homeowners in cold blood,
after stalking them.

Then,the Supreme High Orders of Sooper Seekrit Police go into CYA damage control mode,siccing their Pit dog police union thug Joe Gamaldi on critics bythreatening journalists, and others that they will be individually targeted BY THE POLICE should they criticize this police state action, it is revealed that the cops themselves purchased, and planted dope in the house to create a false narrative.

It just doesnt get much “gang stalkier” than this story-get out the ROGS Bingo card:

1-“the gang stalkers will move in next door to you,” meaning that these snitches on the police chain will then let cops use the home for stake outs, and wiretappung, and other shenanigans
2- “the gang stalkers will tell your neighbors….” that you are a prostitute, a pedophile, a drug dealer, etc.
3-“the only three possible outcomes of gang stalking are that you will be incarcerated, institutionalized, or dead.”
4-the gang stalkers will wage a slander campaign in your neighborhood
5-people who are under threats from gang stalkers feel a need to protect themselves, etc.

First, the two corrupt gang banging cops are indicted, after a case where cops,working with a likely informant poses as the mother of a “victim” and gets two people murdered.

Then, take a look at this story below to weed through the webs of lies that led a racialized police force to murder two people in cold blood(the cops, and their informants are K4 identities, whereas the suspects killed in cold blood are white).

Use ROGS Analysis, and my free BINGO card to note that this is a 100% ROGS BINGO.

Who is the 911 caller in the Harding Street raid?
Patricia Ann Garcia Harding Street raid 911 caller: do snitches still get stitches, in the modern due process free DVIC policing era? I sure hope so.

Patricia Ann Garcia was arrested on federal charges Wednesday morning in connection with the deadly drug raid that killed two people.
HOUSTON — The 911 caller arrested in the Harding Street raid, Patricia Ann Garcia, has a long criminal history dating back to 1984, KHOU 11 Investigates has learned. Among the arrests was one by the same narcotics squad involved in the raid.

Garcia, 52, was arrested this morning and appeared in federal court this afternoon in connection with the deadly January raid that left two people dead.

She was a new name in the ongoing investigation that’s resulted in a felony murder charge for former Houston police officer Gerald Goines and new federal charges for Goines and former officer Steven Bryant.

Garcia is a convicted felon whose recent arrests include one by Houston police in 2013 for possession of cocaine. Garcia was convicted and sentenced to 60 days in jail.

The arrest stemmed from an investigation by Narcotics Squad 15, according to an HPD incident report.

Neither Bryant nor Goines were the arresting officers in that case, but they were members of the squad in 2013, according to court documents. The Harris County District Attorney is currently reviewing hundreds of the squad’s cases.

She was also convicted of felony theft in 1995. The rest of her long rap sheet is misdemeanors — five thefts, an assault of a family member in 2013, four driving while license suspended, with the last one in 2016 and one possession of marijuana.

The only other interaction with HPD she had was in 2002 for one of the driving while license suspended arrests.

Garcia lived just a few houses away on Harding Street where the raid resulted in the deaths of Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas, as well as injuries to other Houston police officers.
Dennis Tuttle, 59, and Rhogena Nicholas, 58
Photo by: HPD/KHOU
Dennis Tuttle, 59, and Rhogena Nicholas, 58

READ MORE: Man killed in Harding Street raid was shot 9 times, autopsy report says

The charges against Garcia allege she conveyed false information by making several fake 911 calls. Specifically, on Jan. 8, she allegedly made several calls claiming her daughter was inside the Harding Street location.

According to the indictment, Garcia added that the residents of the home were addicts and drug dealers and that they had guns, including machine guns, inside the home. The charges allege none of Garcia’s claims were true.

Garcia faces a five years in prison for conveying false information.

The face of modern “white supremacy” : anyone who combats, or challenges the ADL One Percenters: LAPD gang stalking in perspective.

Few rational people doubt the power of the Jewish mafia, working through Hollywood narratives, or international power. Far fewer doubt the media narrative control around the topic of Jewish kosher nostra control of media, because all western religious sects and cults are dependent upon the perpetuation of Jews as victims of “bad guys and losers”which wecsee time, and time again in western media.

Those “poor” helpless, picked on Jews!

Well, here is Paul Tanaka, who Jewish media frames as a,“white supremacist.”


And here is recent mass media, fron Mike,Masnicks Anti Defamation League centered narratives calling non-ADL controlled police assets as “white supremacists”

LAPD scumbags involved in race based gang stalking

Try NOT to see patterns, as ADL controlled media selectively targets speecific, named and identifiable speakers, ctrating mass shoorers along the way.

New Lawsuit Focuses On Alleged L.A. County Deputy ‘Gangs’: extraordinary claims, extraordinary evidence

Gang stalking is actually police stalking, aka, stalking BY the police, and it is happening all over America, and the FVEYs nations, enabled by NSA/FBI/CIA spying.

Here below, we see how bizarre western policing is, and look into the highly organized Gangs of the LAPD, from Ali Winston of The Appeal:

New Lawsuit Focuses On Alleged L.A. County Deputy ‘Gangs’

Deputy gangs such as the Grim Reapers, the Jump Out Boys, and the Regulators have been accused of brutality and unconstitutional policing in Los Angeles for decades. But the sheriff’s department has not cracked down on the gangs, despite the recommendations of three independent oversight bodies since the early 1990s.

All major American cities have actual gangs working within the departments, doing the bidding of the elite within those communities; and those gangs often incentivized and organized along racial and sectarian lines, which is one of the ways that professional hate groups like the ADL maintain social control as gatekeepers for the One Percent.

These police gangs are now inter-linked digitally in cyberspace, and through fraternal and sororal organizations and NGOs, as well as through various as yet to be disclosed hidden databases maintained by various police unions such as the LEIUs, the FOP, and the ATAP; and hate groups like the ADL.

ROGS first encountered police gangs as a child, watching my father, the grandson of a then famous union organizer, harrassed across several counties and towns, and later, I was harrassed too in various ways (scroll to the bottom of this post for LA related gang stalking stories).

My father was part of the 1960’s civil rights movement, and shook hands with Martin L. King. He helped form the first black owned garbage hauling business in a mafia/mob dominated industry, in a mafia/mob dominated city.

So, I am extremely familiar with the “bizarre” nature of organized gang stalking, and its enforcers in policing.

On that note, and once again to shame and chastise the compromised journalists Mike McPhate and Laura Yan, as well as Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, and David V.James, I now add this page you are reading to demonstrate that gangs, working in police departments across the world, are real, and in fact, very bizarre.

And, I point you also to my Gary Webb Award for excellence in gang stalking related journalism, which carries a $1000 stipend, and an award in the shape of a gold plated pigs trough, with the bottom chewed out.

So, here below is another example of good major media reporting of police gangs, written in The Appeal in 2018, two years after I began to write ROGS, and now, these stories are blossoming into major news stories about gangs in policing, from a County where I was personally gang stalked, and as I documented it in various ways (follow that link for just one example, but all over this blog, you will find many more).

Claims of Racism and Brutality Dog Los Angeles County Sheriff ‘Deputy Gangs’

It is a law enforcement culture that, ironically, apparently mirrors the very people they target for arrest in anti-gang operations: Deputies in these gangs sport tattoos signifying the number of people they have killed, flash gang signs, and tag buildings with graffiti to mark their territory.

Related ROGS Posts:

ROGS gets surrounded by retired LAPD deputies,and SWAT team members who want to change the narrative.

Mysterious people steal my GPS outside the LA Mormon Temple

ROGS uncovers the K4 affilliated network of gang stalkers from the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valley, whose network of influence spans five states or more

ROGS gets followed around in Los Angeles, much like what happened to Elisa Lam, but I identify an actual stalker, who is actually affilliated with an international spying organization instead of relying upon corrupt, tribal sectarian, and police.

ROGS runs the gauntlet of gang stalking turf in LA

ROGS asks: Will no one help the widows son? Mass shooters are manufactured

Hypotheses: Are hidden “high policing” tactics and community policing activities, hidden under the vague “investigative privileged methods” clauses of modern policing, and the “parallel colliding investigations” tactic of community policing (which uses data drawn from actual international spy agencies affilliated with the military FVEYs spy programs to target “local” citizens in civilian roles, contributing to or directly correlated with the conditions and causation of mass shootings?

Thesis: Many mass shooters are in close, persistent contact with law enforcement agents and agencies, or DHS/FBI/CIA/other intel agency affilliated “private contractors” in the weeks, days, hours and minutes before their events.

UPDATE 12/26/2019: Within moments after I wrote this post, I discovered that the Pensacola Navy base shooter had filed a sexual harassment complaint against his flight trainer, who he targeted during the shooting, and also that the shooter was in persistent contact on Twitter with agents provocateurs aka “private intelligence contractors”, and was being cyberstalked and tracked by notorious anti-Muslim race-based intelligence agent, race-hoaxer, and FBI/CIA/Mossad affilliated Rita Katz,and her dubious SITE Intelligence group.

ROGS asks: are law enforcement/FBI/Other agency affilliated practices CAUSING men and boys to go ballistic due to hidden (occulted) tactical stalking, the tactics of which include constant surveillance, targeting of first amendment protected speech, hacking and redirecting of communications and web searches and more, aka gang stalking??

I examine the cases of Dahir Adan, Omar Mateen, Syed Farook, Mathew Riehl, and most recently Asian American Nathaniel Berhow, and many others to see if police or agents provocateurs are in close proximity to the alleged shooters, knifers, and car crashers immediately (within days, hours and seconds) before they murder.

To examine this phenomenon, I will use a single scientific criterion, stated as a yes, or no questionaire and checklist, and utilize the research question “were police, under cover police, off duty police, or mysterious un-named others in extremely close contact with these shooters/knifers/etc. immediately before AND after these bizarre “unexplainable” shootings/butter knifings, car crashing events?

First, a note about profiling victims of organized gang stalking, from J.D.Salinger:

“Up home we wear a hat like that to shoot deer in, for Chrissake,” he said. “That’s a deer shooting hat.”

“Like hell it is.” I took it off and looked at it. I sort of closed one eye, like I was taking aim at it. “This is a people shooting hat,” I said. “I shoot people in this hat.”


Checklist: a check mark indicates that police were within several feet, yards, or within blocks of the shooters/butter knifers/car crashers AS THEY COMMITTED the alleged crimes.

The lack of the checkmark indicates that there is scant, little, or no evidence to prove that police were in close contact with the alleged shooters/car crashers/butter knifers as they committed these crimes.

✔Omar Mateen-
all major media has noted that Mateens father was both an FBI informant, and political flack, but also, that Mateen had endured several FBI weaponized investigations, having had contact with the FBI weeks before his event at Pulse Nightclub

✔Syed Farook-
all major media reported that Farook was “on the radar” and that police were “working up his name” as recently as one week before he responded to workplace harassment from a radical zionist, Nicholas Thallasinos, with gunfire

✔Dahir Adan-
this young Somali man, a security guard, allegedly knifed a few people after he bought a brand new Iphone, and an “off duty” cop was within FEET of him as he did this. Importantly, Minnesota is the FBIs primary Somali manufactured terrorist recruitment center.

✔Mathew Riehl-
not only was,Riehl in clise, and nearly constant contact with law enforcement agents and agencies, but this happened for many years, in several states, as he was stalked by police and elements of academia, online and off, because he used words on, and off the internet.

✘Patrick Crusius-
this one is extremely close,because a strange CNN exclusive reported that his mother had called police and reported that he owned AK47 type weapons, yet the news report states that a) she never named herself, or her son in that contact with police in Allen TX, so b)somebody, SOMEWHERE knew both the mothers name, and hence his own, and either were acting as middle men on the phone call and tracing it, or, were operating from an intelligence collection post, such as a Fusion Center. You can read this strange CNN news feature here: El Paso suspect’s mother called police concerned about gun

Also quite significantly,several eyewitnesses at the El Paso Walmart “saw three men dressed in black, firing guns” immediately
behind Patrick Crusius.

✔Adam Lanza-
Major media has repeatedly documented extensive connections between Adam Lanzas father and police, police fraternal organizations, and then, the strange saga of the “man in the woods.” Arguably, I include this as a yes.

✔ Nathaniel Berhow-
The recent Saugus shooting is a definite yes for several reasons, not least of which is the “coincidental”arrival if not just one, or two-but THREE off duty cops, exactly as the shooter begins shooting. You can read that here.

Also worth noting is that ROGS Predictive analyses indicates,that Berhow had social media savvy local bullies, and his web profile was changed. Thi alteration of social media AFTER a shooting event happens in nearly EVERY case of a mass shooter Saugus CA, has extremely high numbers of police who live there. So many in fact, that you could call it a police suburb……(to be continued.)

Lastly, having analysed the cases above for signs indicating that a ROGS BINGO exists, I exami.ed the case of an earlier shooting, that of Chris Harper-Mercer, the Umpqua college shooter, and guess what?

Not only did the state attorney general Ellen Rosenbaum plant the number 13 in the news, which was completely false, but the shooters social media was also manipulated, with some callung him a right wing white supremacist despite the fact that he himself was mixed race, and described himself alternately as black, and mixed.

I will return to that case later, but for now, it does not appear that police were near him at the time of the shooting.

Dear Elior Tichner: why are you concerned with gang stalking/and Neverending harrassment of speakers online?

Dear Kent Wagener, LAPD: You might have noticed a recent mass shooting in your area.A 16 year old boy went on a shooting rampage, after being profiled, stalked, and harrassed by agents of Israel(who get ALL of Americas data, unfiltered, and un-protected by due process of law, long before PsyOps is waged against them by unknowns, and ATAP affilliates), or some other dumb shit, and then, his web profile was,”changed” or altered by his frenemies AFTER the shooting.

Or, you noticed that a major theme of the ROGS blog is,“Israelification,” and how the NSA hands the unfiltered, un-protected, un-constitutionally raped data of American citizens to Israel, and only thereafter, they filter that data back to the USA/FVEYs/FourteenEyes monstrosity.

Well, have a look at this name: Elior Tichener. You can find him at, or, via variouscweb searches, where we find an Israeli who uses “sherlockshome1” and “sherlock55” and even links to “maor tzooberi” for proof of what I say.

Then, lets talk, after you research it.

Manufactured terrorism case study: was the DeKalb County Georgia bombing an FBI, or DHS orchestrated and manufactured terror event?

I will use several criterion to analyze the recent case of a man apparently blowing himself up with a bomb in DeKalb County Georgia, USA to attempt to reveal that it was indeed another FBI /DHS or state police agency engineered event, in this case the Georgia Beaureau of Investigation, or GBI.

1-similarity to other events that mainstream journalists like Trevor Aaronson have analyzed at length and then determined that it was indeed a manufactured terror event.

2-the events locality, and the historical record of that areas police involvement in similar, “mysterious ” or suspicious cases

3-I will address a key feature of these events, which is almost always the peculiar, or contradictory “bystander interview ” where key bystanders are the neighbors of the alleged suspect /targeted individual as we saw using ROGS Predictive Analyses in the case of the Virginia Beach shooting where I predicted key features of that event BEFORE it happened, and in the case of the Wiley E. Coyote mad bomber Cesar Sayoc and Rochelle Ritchie, and also in the case of Michael Chadwick Fry of Texas where he implicated Texas Rangers crisis PR narrator Tom Reedy previous to his event, that narrative control agents are uncomfortably implicated as pre -event narrators, and after event narrators in case after case.

4- mysterious silence, or hollow, vacant and contradictory news reports about the event.

5-as always, in nearly EVERY EVENT actual bystanders eyewitness accounts will be negated by official FBI narrative most frequently as pertains to the FBI informants, or other handlers who are spotted at the scene.

This last point is such a common occurence in FBI manufactured terrorism, that it shows up in nearly every case.

So, with those five criterion in mind, I will analyze the recent case of James Douglas Lark the Guy Who Exploded in Georgia and, a case that has an EXTREMELY SMALL amount of news coverage on the web, despite it being a huge event.

1- this case indicates a ROGS Bingo, simply because it fits the pattern of a tightly controlled “suspect ”who is isolated, by design, and who is under conspicuous surveillance (surveillance so blatantly obvious that the neighbors all knew for many days that blatantly obvious surveillance was taking place.)

This bizarrely obvious surveillance is exhibited here in this news story from WSBTV, which has an interesting bystander interview as well with a difficult to identify bystander, which I will address later

We also see that there is a posdibility that informants /handlers are involved in yet another bystander interview from CBS news.

2- regarding locality, we see that the DeKalb County Georgia hazmat teams, and bomb squads are raking in federal cash, every time a “bizarre ” event takes place there, like this other strange case of an “un -named man ” dying in a still unexplained poisoning in a motel room, or this one, where a DeKalb cop was indicted as an actual gang member, and as an actual murderer and hit man.

So, theres DEFINITELY something bizarre in that one county, out of tens of thousands of American counties.

3-Now, the bystander interview is a staple of journalism, as old as journalism itself. In theory, the reporter seeks non -biased, actual bystanders, selected at random. Ideally, a good journalist gets many, many bystanders, and pucks the best quotes to help tell a complete story.

But thats not whats happening in cases of OGS, as I demonstrated using ROGS Predictive Analysis in the case of the Virginia Beach shooting, where I predicted two key features of that event, including the bizarre symbols of freemasonry appearing in the narrative.

I have also repeatedly implicated crisis PR pundits as being overly close to the shooters /bombers /butter knifers /car crashers in these events(which I mention above, and provide links ).

So, to point 3, I will add an unusual bystander interview, and elaborate on why this bystander is suspicious.

The interviewee: Ben Hardy Bey mentioned here in this linkhe simply does not exist.

But, on further examination, we find a character who DOES exist, with similar, and multiple names. Lets focus on tracking this purported eyewitness for a moment.

a )a search of the given name-which any reporter worth salt would have spelled correctly -goes nowhere. The given spelling does not exist, but a Bing search DOES provide a teactor tralier full of links to a white pop musician named Ben Hardy.

b ) moving away from the reporters incorrect spelling leads us on a goose chase of similar names, using: ben bey, benjamin bey, and ben hardee bey, all of which provide various ben beys.
-one is a deleted mugshot and arrest record for a benjanim oneal bey, another for a ben hardee, and many more variants.
-two hits for a Benjamin O. Hardee Bey and variants such as this record from Pacer

c ) I hone in on the most unusual aspect of the name, which is “bey ”
-the use of the name Bey, el Bey, and several similar nyms /noms is as old as the Black Muslims and similar groups, to whit, and likely in this case, African American variants ofsovereign citizens (The following link is a .pdf file, which is everything you ever (never? ) wanted to know about Soveriegn Citizens, from UNC: A Guide to Sovereign Citizens )

Sovereign Citizens, and the use of the surname “Bey ”from the above linked. pdf, page 4:

….on closer examination
the issuer is the MU’UR Republic or
ISISAbaannaki Aboriginal Nation or other
make-believe government. Onecommon
factor in much sovereign citizen
identification, particularly for blacks,is
inclusion of “Bey” or “El Bey” in the
person’s name, such as “John-Doe El Bey

ROGS knows from personal experience that FBI, state and local police highly target sovereign citizens for many purposes, not least of which is as informants.

(…to be continued)

Another bizarre death in DeKalb Cty Georgia: James Lark apparently explodes due to gang stalking

In the last week, many readers are reading about how organized gang stalkers, aka police and community policing elements work with NGOs, and the world police to wage “parallel colluding investigations ” on unsuspecting non -consenting subjects(and also, how religious groups are using military grade psychological operations on targets ).

But especially, my many readers, (I get between 100-200 readers per day )are reading about how the un -naming of men, or fear of poisons, toxins,and chemicals are staples in the dialectic of OGS, as we see in case after case of people stalked by hidden,mysterious “gangs” and frequently, “five person teams ”or mysterious news coverage,after some bizarre police involved event like this post about Frances Wilkes of DeKalb Cty Georgia.

Related Stories: DeKalb County sherrif arrested for fondling his penis in a park, as another DeKalb County police officer isindicted as a hit manand served in an actual gang.

I ask the reader to note that gang stalking is: just the tip of the banana of corrupt police doing corrupt things.

This weeks readers have also been reading up on the bizzare case of DHS whistle blower Julia Davis, whose case is the very embodiment of corrupt DHS practices, but also had every single point on the ROGS BINGO card filled, including strange claims of poisoning, endless unfounded investigations waged against her, and actual black helicopters hovering in front of her house, after she did her job, and flagged mysterious middle easterners (likely Mossad agents) coming through the border.

So, I think that this recent interest in the practice of “un -naming men”in DeKalb County, Georgia “mystery policing” is directly related to the following case, where a man under pressures of FBI/GBI/Sherrifs task farce gang stalking /manufactured terrorism procedures apparently blew himself to pieces with some kind of bomb.

And, of course, his neighbors who were actual eyewitnesses reported “two other people ” with that man, while official FBI narrative says, “there were not two other people ” with him, that he,was under chronic surveillance, and that sherrifs deputies and “others” had forced him out of his house with his hands up, within two months previous to his mysterious implosion.

Yet NO ARREST RECORDS exist in any of the online,arrest records portals that I looked at, and I looked at five of them, ranging from, to, etc.

So-what the hell is going on down there in DeKalb County, GA? The only thing we know for certain is that the muscle bound SWAT teams, bomb squad and the happy hazmat crews are getting paid, despite this case and others having NO LINKS TO TERRORISM.
Let me know if you start seeing patterns, lol.

Seeing patterns cand indicate mental illness to psychology professionals, despite the fact that any, and every police investigation is based on.the observation of patterns.

Well, what is a police state anyways? Its all narrative, with official source “facts ” that encourage, and enable un -democratic, due process free, fascist high policing to continue, unchecked.

Man Blown To Bits in DeKalb Cty GA

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) — Sources inside the Redan Cove apartment complex say FBI agents went door to door showing residents a picture of James Lark, the man who died in a mysterious explosion Sunday.

One resident reportedly told agents he recognized a man in the same outfit as pictured entering the complex Saturday afternoon, hours before the explosion in a Uhaul.

That witness reportedly also saw two other men in the Uhaul with Lark. That Uhaul was found a short distance away, but not immediately near the explosion. No others were in it.

Eric Ciaramella, Ukraine whistleblower /whistle-leaker snuggles back into the CIA, as impeachment hearings begin

Whistle-leaking is like, a real thing in the domestic CIA operations manual, and it falls on the same side of political dirty tricks as, #fakerape, and #honeypot stings, as we saw in the case of the Chinese billionaire, framed in the honeypot state of Minnesota.

CIA operative, registered Democrat, professional dirt-digger, and Feely Joe Biden aide Eric Ciaramella is said to be the leaker in the Ukraine call scandal.

From Trending Politics:

On Wednesday afternoon, the identity of the infamous whistleblower who is responsible for the beginning of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump was revealed to be registered Democrat Eric Ciaramella who has close ties to former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden and corrupt former CIA Chief John Brennan.

Not only does Ciaramella have an extreme political bias against President Trump but he also helped start the Russian collusion investigation into President Trump back in 2016.

Organized gangs of christians use gang symbols, and gang stalking to recruit “warriors for Jesus”

Religious Delusionals Frequently Misinterpret Natural Phenomenon,like “seeing the light”the-light

Christianity is, for the most part, a cooption of mysticism laden tribal -religious narrative, mythology, and symbolism; and, for the most part, dervies from many mystical practices, at a time when outsiders tried to control insiders, circa 1 A.D. and the Roman conquest of Jewish held areas.

We can see this in action today, as the “leader of ISIS ” recently died, and in that one case, you can examine ROGS many thesis about gang stalking, ranging from my analyses of mystery religion, and ISIS that is active today, all over the world as western religion cloaks women in mystical roles (chiefly, relegating women as blameless, and unaccountable for the violence, death, and mayhem that there societies wage across the world ) in order to perpetuate their form of culture.

And elsewhere, we see hidden western Jewish -christianity and its religion spawn reaching out to other cultures in cloak and dagger fashion too.

Here, below, are two photos from my archives, and these photos were in a a fashion magazine at a coffeeshop in Los Angeles, Calfiornia:


Note the style of the handwriting, and a direct, irrefutable link to gangs, and the recruitment factor,
aka proselytization.


Also, notice the juxtaposition of this proselytization over and on top of an advertisement for a luxury item, Swarovsky crystal.

Without deep indulgence of this topic, suffice it to say that this privides one of millions of examples of the folliwing:

1-occulted methods of christian recruitment /proselytization
2-a falsifiable piece of evudence documenting a link between “gangs, ” “christians, ” and a form of unasked for, unsolicited in your face presence, akin to stalking, or cyber -stalking.
3-a link between fundamentalist christians, stalking gangs via media, slogans, and gang affilliation

This is important for many reasons, not least of which is that the method used -graffiti and defacement, is EXACTLY what gangs use to recruit gang bangers.

(pist in progress, stay tuned )

Heels on the Ground: woman, surrounded by pixelation


Sometime around the end of WW 2, western governments and their affilliated intelligence agencies realized that they could no longer control populations with western religion, its attendant mythology, and superstition backed by social code enforcement schemes like gang stalking those who think religion is thinly veiled fascism, or who cannot stomach telling, and retelling factually incorrect,anti -scientific, historically deceptive “truths. ”

Related Story: US Attny Rachelle Bergeron shot dead for stealing children on Yap Island, as her husband lounged around inside their house with a child. Apparently her magic high heels could not protect her from bullets

And so, I will now shift to one of the underlying themes of the ROGS blog: human trafficking as a false narrative, and how the DVIC is itself a dialogue between occulted religionists and gender feminism that vie for pork barrel grants and federal fund initiatives, and have coopted the dialectic space regarding gang stalking (just take one look at Eleanor White, and give me your assessment of her, and especially how she used the term RAVEN in her work, but ESPECIALLY how the Intercept reported this linnkage between women from the NSA as, both “ravens ”and “bad spies ” about 1.5 years,AFTER I documented that linkage with the Intercept.)

So, first, here are two dueling narratives about human trafficking, and I ask the reader to decide for themselves how confused and coopted the dialogue is.

Missionaries Arrested for actual human trafficking, as western mefia omits the fact that they are missionaries.

39 human beings smother to death in a refrigerated truck in Ireland, in actual human trafficking, and white people cannot discern if they are Chinese,Viet Namese, Japanese, or just more “Asian invaders. ”

There are many financially lucrative reasons for this cooption and confusion about human trafficking, and narrative control, but also, Asian skepticism about western,hidden religion laced narrative, and here are just a few :

-hypocrisy: Christians of many folds tried to wipe out Jews with genocide; and many, many of these Jews then and now continuously tried /try to wipe out “non -chosen” peopl by ensnaring or enslaving them into debt bondage, and second tier social constructs

-lunacy and delusional madness: prophets from the western holy books are frequently killers, rapists, and fraudsters, as documented in those books

-cultural coption: western cultures historically and literally “feed off of” non -western cultures, draining their resources, and enslaving their peoples in debt bondage, drug wars, and other exploitation, as we see with the dueling narrative of “Save* the sex workers /trafficking victims, ” versus the “empower sex workers towards autonomy” conflict.

-many more reasons, such as: modern media which travels quickly, and able to dispense scientific discovery, information cobtrary to religious myth, and also able to dispel hoaxes, frauds, liars, and preachers; a media able to prod and manipulate people towards goals, and desires outside of pre-mass media church controlled narratives, etc.

So, in that light, yets take a look at how religious sects, cults, and orders realzied the “existential danger”that they were in after that era, and how these then began to hide themselves in secular law, media, and culture, and to then proselytize from hidden dialectical positions online and off.

Woman, surrounded by excessive pixelation

I briefly mentioned how gender lesbians and religious factions in the USA and around the world are engaged in a bizarre bed fellow arrangement, and simultaneously a holy crusade in many places on this blog.

I also specifically named one such person, who works with the FBIs domestic wiretap /spy program in a post, calling her Buck Toothed Amy (this woman was also a former law clerk under, and integral in both the whisper campaign, and to unseating judge Alex Kosczinsky on the 9th circuit.)

And,the high heeled hoofprints are everywhere in online psychological operations, and offline gang stalking, especially in cases of mass shooters, many of which cases can be traced to hidden /occulted womens violence, backed by police power.

Ian Long even had chainsaw wielding women count coup on his corpse, claiming to have LITERALLY forced him to “run thirteen miles. ”

Mathew Riehl, an Asian American who criticized the multi -billion dollar US crisis PR industry, and its many ca$h cow$ of high heeled policing, including the gender-lesbian /religious sponsored and affilliated #Rapecult, and #fakerape memetics.

What is gang stalking? Within days of me writing about Matt Riehl, I got a new “follower ” who uses a .ch email address, and hails from the EXACT location where Riehl was gang stalked. A similar thing ALSO happened after I wrote about corrupt federal agent Dan Love, who kept a “kill book ” of men who he had coerced to commit suicide. In that case, the new follower also used the name Love in their email address.

Well, there are so many examples of how coopted, police affilliated militant femism (faux -feminism )is used to stalk, and harass activists, dissidents, and men, generally, that it is a seperate novel (you can start with Michael Chadwick Fry who actually identified narrative control agents AND female deputies during his event and the fentanyl fliers hoax if you want ).

*the word “save” is used in a hidden context, because the goal of religion is stated as “saving ” people.