Manufactured terrorism case study: was the DeKalb County Georgia bombing an FBI, or DHS orchestrated and manufactured terror event?

I will use several criterion to analyze the recent case of a man apparently blowing himself up with a bomb in DeKalb County Georgia, USA to attempt to reveal that it was indeed another FBI /DHS or state police agency engineered event, in this case the Georgia Beaureau of Investigation, or GBI.

1-similarity to other events that mainstream journalists like Trevor Aaronson have analyzed at length and then determined that it was indeed a manufactured terror event.

2-the events locality, and the historical record of that areas police involvement in similar, “mysterious ” or suspicious cases

3-I will address a key feature of these events, which is almost always the peculiar, or contradictory “bystander interview ” where key bystanders are the neighbors of the alleged suspect /targeted individual as we saw using ROGS Predictive Analyses in the case of the Virginia Beach shooting where I predicted key features of that event BEFORE it happened, and in the case of the Wiley E. Coyote mad bomber Cesar Sayoc and Rochelle Ritchie, and also in the case of Michael Chadwick Fry of Texas where he implicated Texas Rangers crisis PR narrator Tom Reedy previous to his event, that narrative control agents are uncomfortably implicated as pre -event narrators, and after event narrators in case after case.

4- mysterious silence, or hollow, vacant and contradictory news reports about the event.

5-as always, in nearly EVERY EVENT actual bystanders eyewitness accounts will be negated by official FBI narrative most frequently as pertains to the FBI informants, or other handlers who are spotted at the scene.

This last point is such a common occurence in FBI manufactured terrorism, that it shows up in nearly every case.

So, with those five criterion in mind, I will analyze the recent case of James Douglas Lark the Guy Who Exploded in Georgia and, a case that has an EXTREMELY SMALL amount of news coverage on the web, despite it being a huge event.

1- this case indicates a ROGS Bingo, simply because it fits the pattern of a tightly controlled “suspect ”who is isolated, by design, and who is under conspicuous surveillance (surveillance so blatantly obvious that the neighbors all knew for many days that blatantly obvious surveillance was taking place.)

This bizarrely obvious surveillance is exhibited here in this news story from WSBTV, which has an interesting bystander interview as well with a difficult to identify bystander, which I will address later

We also see that there is a posdibility that informants /handlers are involved in yet another bystander interview from CBS news.

2- regarding locality, we see that the DeKalb County Georgia hazmat teams, and bomb squads are raking in federal cash, every time a “bizarre ” event takes place there, like this other strange case of an “un -named man ” dying in a still unexplained poisoning in a motel room, or this one, where a DeKalb cop was indicted as an actual gang member, and as an actual murderer and hit man.

So, theres DEFINITELY something bizarre in that one county, out of tens of thousands of American counties.

3-Now, the bystander interview is a staple of journalism, as old as journalism itself. In theory, the reporter seeks non -biased, actual bystanders, selected at random. Ideally, a good journalist gets many, many bystanders, and pucks the best quotes to help tell a complete story.

But thats not whats happening in cases of OGS, as I demonstrated using ROGS Predictive Analysis in the case of the Virginia Beach shooting, where I predicted two key features of that event, including the bizarre symbols of freemasonry appearing in the narrative.

I have also repeatedly implicated crisis PR pundits as being overly close to the shooters /bombers /butter knifers /car crashers in these events(which I mention above, and provide links ).

So, to point 3, I will add an unusual bystander interview, and elaborate on why this bystander is suspicious.

The interviewee: Ben Hardy Bey mentioned here in this linkhe simply does not exist.

But, on further examination, we find a character who DOES exist, with similar, and multiple names. Lets focus on tracking this purported eyewitness for a moment.

a )a search of the given name-which any reporter worth salt would have spelled correctly -goes nowhere. The given spelling does not exist, but a Bing search DOES provide a teactor tralier full of links to a white pop musician named Ben Hardy.

b ) moving away from the reporters incorrect spelling leads us on a goose chase of similar names, using: ben bey, benjamin bey, and ben hardee bey, all of which provide various ben beys.
-one is a deleted mugshot and arrest record for a benjanim oneal bey, another for a ben hardee, and many more variants.
-two hits for a Benjamin O. Hardee Bey and variants such as this record from Pacer

c ) I hone in on the most unusual aspect of the name, which is “bey ”
-the use of the name Bey, el Bey, and several similar nyms /noms is as old as the Black Muslims and similar groups, to whit, and likely in this case, African American variants ofsovereign citizens (The following link is a .pdf file, which is everything you ever (never? ) wanted to know about Soveriegn Citizens, from UNC: A Guide to Sovereign Citizens )

Sovereign Citizens, and the use of the surname “Bey ”from the above linked. pdf, page 4:

….on closer examination
the issuer is the MU’UR Republic or
ISISAbaannaki Aboriginal Nation or other
make-believe government. Onecommon
factor in much sovereign citizen
identification, particularly for blacks,is
inclusion of “Bey” or “El Bey” in the
person’s name, such as “John-Doe El Bey

ROGS knows from personal experience that FBI, state and local police highly target sovereign citizens for many purposes, not least of which is as informants.

(…to be continued)

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