Dear Elior Tichner: why are you concerned with gang stalking/and Neverending harrassment of speakers online?

Dear Kent Wagener, LAPD: You might have noticed a recent mass shooting in your area.A 16 year old boy went on a shooting rampage, after being profiled, stalked, and harrassed by agents of Israel(who get ALL of Americas data, unfiltered, and un-protected by due process of law, long before PsyOps is waged against them by unknowns, and ATAP affilliates), or some other dumb shit, and then, his web profile was,”changed” or altered by his frenemies AFTER the shooting.

Or, you noticed that a major theme of the ROGS blog is,“Israelification,” and how the NSA hands the unfiltered, un-protected, un-constitutionally raped data of American citizens to Israel, and only thereafter, they filter that data back to the USA/FVEYs/FourteenEyes monstrosity.

Well, have a look at this name: Elior Tichener. You can find him at, or, via variouscweb searches, where we find an Israeli who uses “sherlockshome1” and “sherlock55” and even links to “maor tzooberi” for proof of what I say.

Then, lets talk, after you research it.

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