Letter to a gang stalking victim in Los Angeles, CA

Victim Profile: Male, late twenties to early thirties; gay, identifies as femal; father; former video producer for major media Buzzfeed;

Targeted in: Van Nuys, CA, Hawthorne, CA

Dear X:

Sorry to hear about your situation, and I hope you have people to support you. And, I do commend you for how you use pepper spray to create a fog for the GS to inhale as they follow your car.

Gang stalking is very real, and in the LA area it is notorious. It falls under the DHS “see something say something” policies, and it has a technical name : high policing, which is really just mob rule under thin cover of national security (as defined by radical christians and neocon fanatics.)

Most/much of it is directed by local police and sherrifs department affiliated community groups, ranging from public union people, retired cops and military, to any of the many NGOs in that area. And, with ALPR readers (cameras around LA that track you, and send the data to a Fusion Center, called JRIC in your area)and other technology, they really do target and track people there, largely because there is no real terrorism, so they create it this way.

This is called community policing, and the threat assessment people from ATAP etc. call it a “colluding parallel investigation.”

Yes, these people DO have the time and resources to do it, as all of their pensions are bound together, and frequently their politics too. Its no different than the KKK era, except that now, there are multi-racial gangs, called K4 involved in it, so now, gang stalking has multiple groups doing it.

But all if them are involved with policing, and the end goal is to literally drive people crazy, because that makes work for them, and feeds their Domestic Violence Industrial Compkex narrative, and its associated industries.

For example, each mass shooter/butter knifer/car crasher they create brings federal funds to the locality that creates the shooter via these tactics. Each manufactured terrorism event garners matching state and federal funds to the locals who create the event.

Also recently, a lawsuit was filed by several LAPD cops against ACTUAL gangs that operate within the police department. And LAPD has many gangs, of every race.

I think you mentioned that you are gay, so it might help you to know that the gay mafia version of gang stalkers operates out of the West Hollywood precinct. Officer Deb Nxxxxx and might be able to help you.

Please contact me at my blog, I would like to hear more about your case.


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