Revisiting Seung Hui Cho and the Virginia Tech shooting: the number 88, and Jews who collaborate with zionist white supremacists in “mind control” situations online, and off.

〔this is a post in progress. Check back later, or write to me if you have information, or a sound hypothesis, like Dr. Kenneth Westhues of Waterloo University.)

Seung Hui Cho was bothered, by “someone” or “something,” beyond any doubt.

But what, or who was “bothering” that young man?Like many/all mass shooters, we can.find evidence of “mystical” bothering in the shooters own writings.

One hand looks for money, one hand looks for goods. The sordid case of the Chinese billionaire, and the Minnesota honeytrap

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Happy Friday the Thirteenth: A global technology savant, Mr Qiandong Liu has been vindicated in a #fakerape honeypot sting in Minnesota, on the same day that Clint Eastwoods vindication of the FBI-smeared Richard Jewell gets an image makeover, released today.

The avid ROGs reader will note that I wrote about Richard Jewell awhilea go in a piece entitled “Hey there, Mr. Jewell, can you smile and hold this bomb for the good and nice, and trustworthy all-American FBI agent?

The thirteens are a real thing indeed.

The Two Tiered Economy and Its Connection to Gang Stalking

One hand looks for money, one hand looks for goods

Minnesota has a very large, very well organized DVIC entrapment economy, similar to the Russian social climate in 1900,and much like so many US states that depend upon asset forfeiture, or federal dollars that incentivize institutional rape, or child theft, and over one out of four dollars there come from the federal government.

In fact, 26.88% of Minnesota state revenue comes from federal funding, which is heavily tied to a,states,adoption of DVIC policies,and practices. So, the state is relatively low ranked compared to other states that are currently more dependent on federal dollars.

But to understand the link between the two tiered America that has put DVIC mechanisms like gang stalking in place to usurp court trials, and due process procedure avoidant based in “high policing,” tactics, one must understand that it wasnt always the case in that state.

While its transition from a manufacturing/agriculture/construction based economy into a DVIC based economy would make an interesting novel, more recent events there paint a better picture of the clash between a post manufacturing America that is dependent on federal dollars via international banking interests and their attendant practices, and its local, domestic effects on its population.

The case of Qiandong Liu, vindicated from a classic honeytrap scheme, and the case of David Schladetzky, a recent gang stalking target who went ballistic are an interesting vignette, a juxtapisition og locality versus global-ability and an accurate portrait of American democracy in decline.

Minneapolis police documents say woman who alleged she was raped by Chinese billionaire sought money and apology

Related Story: Minneapolis is a hotbed of illegal covert surveillance activity,and even the hotels are wiretapped by “unknown” mystery agents, according to the MSM

I wrote about how various hidden agents and agencies there in Minnesota staged the classic honeytrap to ensnare Mr. Liu, and provided photographs of the pre-honey trap event, staged by the University of Minnesota (I currently advise mainland Chinese to avoid sending their daughters, and especially their sons to that university, due to American policies of gender villification)and also, named the eventual rape accuser( who herself could very well been unaware of how she was being used in that trap, or exactly what agents and agencies put her at the scene), because I am well aware that these things happen in that state, but also well aware of the following:

-Minnesota has high rates of Google searches for gang stalking, and one online blogger, Deb Matheny has documented a vast network of actual gang stalkers there, many of whom work in security, local policedepartments, politics and oter state offices. I will with hold my opinion about Matheny as an author, but have personally validated her claims that several actual named persons are in fact shady gang stalkers, who can be prosecuted.

-the police in that state do in fact stalk reporters, and misuse databases, as documented by major media and several MSM reporters who sued the Electronic Peeping Toms and Tinas of Minnesota, and claimed millions for database abuse

-I personally blew the whistle* on a Minnesota Corporation, 3M, which was allowing Level three breaches of the CHRI database, one of the largest identity management database in the world,and doing so with political motivations, and that investigation covered/trash binned up by a retired FBI agent on their payroll. A single Level three breach is comparable to a terrorist cyber attack, but in fact there were multiple breaches, and that corporation kept them outside the sight of the FBI, and outside of major media reporting; and as batshit crazy gang stalkers hacked my internet and security cameras.

-I have repeatedly documented and named names of both right and left wing gang stalkers in that area, and traced their nation wide networks across the country, even including the son of a United Nations intelligence station chief.

– ROGS was once a humble doorman, at an international bar full of actual intrigue, and actual spies, but where I failed *again* and refused to cooperate with that localities,“deep state,” for which I have paid a heavy price, but also, paid it forward. ROGS recently laughed when he heard about an unexplainable car crash in that area of a rather highly placed official.

-ROGS even had the president of the UN USA park a cohort of SUVs under armed guard outside my house one fine day.


So, with all of that as background, lets look at the difference between.two men, both entrapped in the,same city and,state, both provably spied upon, and “framed”(in the sense of the word framing in BOTH media and public relations, and criminal law, with labelling theory applied).
(to be continued)

Quite notably, Minnesota also has bizarre gang stalking related homicides too.

Pensacola Navy base shooting as manufactured terrorism: narcissistic abuse, strange SOCMINT, and psychological operations targeted Mohammed Alshamrani

After studying gang stalking for a few years, I was extremely surprised, and frequently horrified at where the data led; I found myself fighting for the rights of people who I could easily dislike in person; and much of my idealism about certain classes and groups of people has diminished along the way too.

On one hand, Americans want to trust law enforcement, and our military to do “the right thing” in cases of terrorism, and on the other, there is so much extreme military and intelligence agency bleedover into the domestic spaces, that even cops are confused, or even terrified themselves at drawing the clear lines.

Without a doubt, most targeted individuals of organized gang stalking encounter that exact bleedover online, and then, military derived “high policing” tactics are then targeted at them offline too, which we saw in every case I have documented here at ROGS. This is most clear, and striking as we see in the case of military psychological operations that were once used to target terrorists in the middle east are now being run out of domestic Fusion Centers, as former military spies now are targeting citizens of our own theoretically democratic nations.

Follow the Data Points

But one thing that I was certain about from the beginning, is that there are a shocking amount of women involved in it, AS gang stalkers online, but also as actual military spies, and women who have intelligence agency backgrounds.

Related Stories: Reuters News Service and lThe Intercept reveals that female spies often become “the bad kind of spy ”after leaving the NSA, and then, they target Americans, and others from offshore as hostile “Ravens,” as the words raven, blackbird, and crow are the sign and symbol of the “signals intelligence” (SIGINT) aka wiretapping and other electronic eavedropping operations.

I first documented this practice here, when I discussed Eleanor White, the internet famous victim of gang stalking, but also in the case of Karen Stewart, of hoax-prone Targeted Justice, who is a pseudo whistle blower that NO mainstream press has taken seriously.

Then, I became active on social media, and in other places in news media to raise awareness of this heinous practice, having been targeted myself by these sociopaths, and this practice, and THEN,the two news services above ran stories that revealed this practice two years later.

Reframing organized gang stalking as state sponsored terror fisguised as counter-terror, and the attendant psychological operations waged on targeted individuals, using insane levels of bizarre conduct: te case of Mohammed Alshamrani

My thesis is so correct, that my methods can be replicated with surprising scientific accuracy, as we see in case after case, starting with the Virginia Beach shooter, where I predicted key features of that event BEFORE it “occurred ”.

And, ROGS Analysis has revealed another ROGS Bingo in the case of the Pensacola Navy Base shooter, as we see international spies behind the,scenes of that mans life, radicalizing him online and off. Get out the ROGS BINGO Card in these cases

CHECKLIST, case study Mohammed Alshamrani:

Narcissistic abuse and sexual harassment directed at the eventual shooter as demonstrated in this news article linked below, where a “trainer” instructor James Day had sexually harrassed the subject Mohammed Alshamrani, who finally filed harrassment complaints against his sexual harrasser. When men file sexual harassment claims tey will udoubtedly be targeted with bizarre conduct:

Report: Base Shooter Filed Complaint About Instructor

He was ‘humiliated’ by ‘Porn Stash’ nickname

✔ the use of, or reference to the guys possible /inferred / actual use of pornography, as I discussed here in this story, and also in direct reference to OSI Informers, and Navy NCIS, and especially where I discuss the ideological basis of weaponized pornography, referencing political sociology practitioner Dr. Tomo Shibata.

✔The subjects social media was manipulated, likely by someone other than the shooter. Manipulated social media is a HUGE factor in these events, as is the deletion of these accounts immediately after the shootings, which hidessubstantial evidence of how these men (and afew women) get radicalized; but also hides the links to who the radicalizers are, as well as hides whatever forms of harrassment these guys endured online, which is a major part of online military derived psychological operations,which are tribal-sectarian, weaponized,and which target specific individuals.

✔ contact with radical zionists, the Mossad, or other foreign agents and radicalizers online and off,before the event. See the next checkpoint below as to who, specifically was “tracking and following” the shooter, with this link here for background

Also, have a look at a few of my own lovely stalkers, one a former USAF-Mossad liason who tracked, and targeted me on Twitter, and the other who followed me recently, and he directly affilliated with the US Department of defense

✔A former FBI agent, who was also a dual agent of two intelligence services, and with definite ties to the CIA; and who now runs her own shady intelligence agency being quoted in the MSM after the event.

My previous writing on the topic of crisis PR narrators can be seen here in a Texas case, and in this story too where we see a police affilliated PR pundit cyberstalking an eventual #fakebomber, as these crisis PR agents are frequently alarmingly close to the eventual shooters, carcrashers, butter knifers, ec.

To whit: as reported by a Bangladeshi journalist and
Joint Editor of the Prothom Alo, Mizanur Rahman Khan

Who is Rita Katz?Who are the SITE Intelligence Group?
[ROGS Note: I have not fully verified soe aspects of the writers opinion about s. Katz, but her Wikipedia entry and other sources corroborate much of it]
Once a little known research group, the SITE intelligence surprised many last year when it published a video showing the murder of American journalist Steven Joel Sotloff even before the jihadist did.

The group has ties to both the US government and commercial clients and specialises in monitoring the online activities of jihadist and issue warning to their clients, the newspaper said in an article last year

Katz was born in Basra in Southern Iraq in 1963 to a well-to-do Iraqi Jewish family. After the Six Day War and shortly after Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party seized power in Iraq in 1968, her father was arrested on charges of spying for Israel. Late he was convicted and executed in a public hanging in the central square of Baghdad to the roaring applause of more than half a million Iraqis. Katz’s mother managed to escape on foot with her three small children to Iran, and from there they made their way to Israel

The family settled in the seaside town of Bat Yam. While in Israel, Katz served in the Israeli Defense Forces and studied politics, history, and Middle Eastern studies at Tel Aviv University.

In 1997 Katz’s husband was offered a research fellowship in endocrinology at the National Institutes of Health and they moved to Washington with their three children. Katz has acknowledged that at this time she worked in violation of the provisions of her visa. This was disclosed whilst she was acting as a witness against a defendant accused amongst other things of visa fraud.

In the USA, she had worked in the intelligence Branch Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and before it, she played significant role in Israeli’s Central intelligence- MOSAD.

In approximately 1997 she began working for a Middle Eastern research institute. As a result of her research, she realized that the Holy Land Foundation was a front group for Hamas.

Rita Katz had played many ferocious role providing false statement and news to the medias and leaders of western countries. Recently her Intelligence Group SITE says, The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the murder of an Italian national in Bangladesh,

Her SITE statement was totally baseless and false because the international community onserved no presence of ISI in Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh frequently said there is no ISI’s presence in the country.

Actually Rita katz is yellow journalist who is serving the purpose of Jews and Western countries, who established, trained many terrorists organizations like Islamic State, Al Nushra Front, Boko Haram etc. and many terrorists like Osama bin laden, Abu Bakkar Bagdadi and many more. And when the purpose is finished, they killed their hand made terrorists.

A few months ago, her site claimed that ISI is building their base in India when a killing was occurred. She wanted to make India a state of failure. But all her attempts went in vain. Her mission with Bangladesh will also be in vain.

–Mizanur Rahman Khan

David Schladetzky case, and gang stalking in Minnesota : when men are targeted by the DVIC and narrative control agents in media

(this post is in progress. Come back later for the finished draft )

The Domestic Violence Industrial Complex is BIG BUSINESS*, and involvement with it is at the center of nearly ALL mass shootings, spree killings, Incel car crashers and butter knifers, and the hidden “investigative”tactics and methods of the DVIC “high policing ” is actually CAUSING these events.

Colliquially called organized gang stalking, the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP )advises police departments around America and the world to use “colluding parallel investigations ” and actual military derived psychological operations on American citizens who become targets of these Fusion Center operations, as the military derived technologies and oractices that were once tareted at foreign terrorists noe target Americans.

Trigger Warning: this post discusses the tragic DVIC related deaths of Kjersten Schladetzky and two children. If by chance you are her parents, or other relatives or associates close to this case, please take note that Mr. Schladetzky was likely being gang stalked, before this event. Gang stalking is the use of an extra-judicial “third party punishment, ” system utilized by DVIC beneficiaries, and community policing elements, ranging from NGOs and “non -profit agencies ” to groups like the American Swedish Institute, and their “Good Templars ”organization, and more.

And, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

So, whoever was stalking and harassing David Schladetzky, and slandering him, causing to lose jobs, and other opportunities is the problem you should seek address; and maybe, use that information to change how you look at this tragedy.

But especially, take a ook at how “empowering women ” organizations are targeting men specifically, individually, and covertly, from behind te doors of family courts, womens shelters, and more, and all of those organizations directly implicated in this case .

David Schladetzky is a ROGS BINGO: DVIC involvement, Real estate, secretive whisper campaigns that cause a man trouble in his workplace, and SHEITLOADS of NGOs, and non -profits in the pre -ballistics of the event

When organized religions and their abiity to maintain overt social control was challenged beginning in the early part of the WW1 era and ladting well into the 1960’s, these groups realized that they had a huge problem on their hands: how to maintain social control of a population/s that had access to science, and technological advancements in the information environments and media; how to control, and manipulate a population thst had seen the light, and peeked behind Oz ‘ curtain?

And, and who realized that the Jewish-christian confabulation was just that-a massive series of milennia -long lies that enable the One Percent to exploit and profit from the labor and ideas of “the masses? ”

Enter the Era of the church and state backed NGOs, and their umbrella organizations, and the hidden workings of Jewish -christian religion in western societies, and around the world

I will be covering the case of David Schladetzky from that angle, because it fits a clear pattern, which we saw in the DVIC-involved case of the Scottsdale shooter and many others too, and I will be using ROGS Analyses to make scientific predictions in this case, as we see that I was able to predict key features of a recent mass shooting BEFORE that shooting occured.

Also, this post is an update to the totally free ROGS BINGO card, because in this case, there are a few surprises, and I have reached out to other journalists, and I am awaiting comment from a “crisis PR agent” who was quoted in the news, and who is surprisingly and uncomfortably close to this situation BEFORE it occured.

As we see repeatedly in these DVIC /PIC /community policing derived cases, ranging from the manufactured pseudo-terrorist and Wiley E. Coyote fake-bomber Cesar Sayoc, to the bizarre case of Denton County Texas car crasher Michael Chadwick Fry, who specifically named Texas Rangers crisis PR manager Tom Reedy on his crude attempt of a flier to raise awareness about organized gang stalking. Fry even mentioned female deputies and “witches ” synonymously on his fliers, possibly mistaking and mis-naming (classic Type 1&2 errors of reference )community policing elements who had been harassing him since he witnessed a deputy involved homicide.

*the DVIC is a huge subject for an entirely separate blog. But as we see in case after case, predatory family courts, divorce courts, domestic violence kangaroo courts, and the subsidiary industries of social work, psychology, policing, etc. are huge beneficiaries of this narrative.

Pedofication and gang stalking in the news: when shitbags like Elon Musk pick on “the little people” using DVIC derived punitive labelling

Vernon Unsworth battles Peter Pan: Elon Musk took the stand yesterday to explain his outrageous DVIC defamation of a child saving diver.

The case, from and a similar case where news and mefia personalities, private investigators, and retired police gang stalked an individual in order to exploit and profit:

After finding an article linking Unsworth’s home city of Chiang Rai with the sex trade, Musk defended his submarine plan in a series of tweets to his 20 million followers, and called Unsworth a “pedo guy.”


Imagine yourself working with others to save the lives of 12 young boys trapped in a cave, at immenent risk of drowning, as the whole world watches vicariously from television, internet and social media.

You are Vernon Unsworth, a flippers-on-the-ground ex-patriate of notoriously DVIC controlled and sexually perverse Britain, and an underwater diver, one of a rare breed of spillunkers who know that exact cave well, and your goal is to do the right thing, and save those boys from a cold death, ensuring that their mothers and other family dont lose a child; that they have a living son to look to in the future for love, companionship, laughter, and support.

As you discuss this online, suddenly one of the internets many megalomaniacs and narcissists weighs in on their plight, giving useless, vain, unasked for advice, and that advice, totally flawed.

You brush it off, call that idiot what they are, and tell them to stick their advice where the sun doesnt shine.

The next thing you know, that narcissistic internet megalomaniac begins to wage a slander campaign on social media, speculating without evidence that you are a pedophile, but not stopping there, but continuing the defamation for weeks, even hiring criminals and private investigators to cyberstalk you, hunt you down offline, spreading rumor, innuendo, and lies, and the billionaire and his affilliated NGOs and Twitter trolls continue the slander on social media.

And, even more clear is that this sociopath with endless resources to target you personally also has a larger agenda. Beyond vain, self-referencing self promotion, and the use of punitive labelling, this socioath is using you, your name, and your life to self to “virtue signal” to the world that “his brand” rejects hypothetical pedophiles; but perhaps more cleverly, to signal that his brand of products is better than other nations brands of priducts, and those nations having adopted electric vehicles ling before the west.

That POS is Elon Musk, and he will stop at nothing to smear you repeatedly, in order to hide his own vain self perception from scrutiny.


Eventually, it becomes clear that this targeted harassment has racist connotations, and the billionaire waging the hate campaign against you now derides your choice of marital partners, because she is non-white, and then, he carries forth with the smear by relying upon an ancient trope about men that marry outside their race/ethnicity/tribal affiliation, and that smear is that you married a twelve year old bride.

You have been caught in a nearly unescapable, unwinnable trap, which is sprung on the internet every day, as corrupt western Jewishh-cristian societies penultimate slander upholds the claim to be “more moral” than other societies rests solely on the idea that they “save the women and children” from harm; and that harm most frequently that such a society PUTS THE CHILDREN IN to begin with.

Its no small irony that these same societies have waged the most deadly wars, and used the most “evil” tactics to win them, tactics ranging from the mass rapes of both women and men; the dropping of nuclear bombs on civilians, and the recent salting of oil fields and childrens playgrounds in the middle east with depleted uranium.

This is what Jewish christian culture is at its core, and Peter Pan-like men such as Musk wholly dependent upon that narrative, and willing to defame, harass and slander anyone who rejects the premise that such a society is worthy.

So, here we see the Jewish-christian pedophile smear in action, as one man Vernon Unsworth fights to clear his name after a billionaire maliciously stalks a man online and off, because that man rejected his country of origin, and perhaps rejected Jewish-christianity and its deceptive social compact, strange bastardized mythology, and garrulous binary religious thinking:

Newly released court documents reveal more backstory to a tweet that became a defamation suit. “I’m a fucking idiot,” the Tesla CEO said in an email.

According to emails included in the filing, Musk has regrets. “I’m a fucking idiot,” he wrote to a public relations adviser in September 2018.

The court filings are from defamation lawsuit filed by a Thailand-based British cave expert named Vernon Unsworth, who aided in the rescue of a Thai youth soccer team and their coach in July 2018. Unsworth’s lawyers contend that Musk is “a thin-skinned billionaire” who “orchestrated a malicious, false, and anonymous leak campaign in the UK and Australian press” that sought to paint Unsworth as a pedophile. The drama included a $52,000 private investigation by a convicted felon, as well as a Musk associate acting under an assumed name.

Musk had his own plan to rescue the soccer team, involving a child-sized mini-submarine. Unsworth told a CNN reporter that Musk’s plan was a publicity stunt that wouldn’t work. Musk, he said, could “stick his submarine where it hurts.”

A few days later, Musk saw Unsworth’s comments online, and spent less than an hour searching the man’s name online, Musk said in an August 2019 deposition. The billionaire was frustrated, he told lawyers during the deposition: “Who the hell is this guy, and what the hell is he doing insulting me, insulting everything my team did, the hard work everyone put in to try to help these kids?” he said. After finding an article linking Unsworth’s home city of Chiang Rai with the sex trade, Musk defended his submarine plan in a series of tweets to his 20 million followers, and called Unsworth a “pedo guy.” The CEO apologized for the tweets three days later.

But Musk didn’t let the matter drop there, according to court filings. According to the court filings, a British man named James Howard-Higgins reached out to Musk in August 2018 about Unsworth, claiming to be a private investigator and alleging the diver had “skeletons in his cupboard.” Musk allegedly passed Howard-Higgins’ information to the head of his family office, a man named Jared Birchall. Birchall assumed the name James Brickhouse for his dealings with Howard-Higgins, and as Brickhouse, used more than $50,000 of Musk’s funds to hire the investigator to dig into the expat’s history.

Musk said Howard-Higgins passed Birchall information alleging that Unsworth had married a girl when she was as young as 12, though Unsworth’s lawyers say Howard-Higgins never told Birchall that Unsworth’s wife was any younger than 18 or 19 at the time of their marriage. (In fact, the diver’s wife was 32 when they met, the lawyers say.)

Related Reading: The “save the women and children” philosophy, and the cross-sectarian NGOs that push it are thinly veiled western religion and theosophy, working through CIA and US/Britain/state department front corporations.

David Schladetzky and the DVIC do a deadly dance: another murder suicide proves that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results

UPDATE 12-05-2019: The most basic, casual reading of the news,stories about David Schladetzky are so full of quotes by NGOs,and NGO affiliates, that even casual researchers will note the “public relations placement” of crisis PR “bystanders” and eventually notice that the shooter himself was once sought by local, and national media as a crisis commentator.

Also worth noting is that the killings took place right up the block from the one and only American Swedish Institute, which is affiliated with the Good Templars secret society, which is an alcohol prohibitionist organization, according to its own creed, ; and which excercises an inordinate amount of political power in that area, expressed via Lutheranism, which I touched on here, and here too, in the cases of Scott Bierle, who killed one of his stalkers, and Ian Long, who also likely killed several of his Lutheran affilliated stalkers.

For reference as to the fact based, scientific evidence of ROGS ANALYSIS, I ask you, the reader, to note that I predicted several key elements of a recent mass shooting, and provided pre-event analysis to do so.

Related Reading: another man kills his wife and two children in Pleasantville,NY the same week that Shladetzky killed his family. I posit that case was NOT a case of gang stalking, excaserbated by DVIC stalking, though I could be wrong. I will later compare these two cases for the signs, and symbols of gang stalking, using ROGS Analysis, and use the Pleasantville case as an OGS study control.

Of the very few men who finally solve the gang stalking puzzle, the Scottsdale spree killer Dwight Jones set his sites on people who worked within the DVIC apparatus, and targeted those who had targeted him.

Oh, make me wanna holler
And throw up both my hands
Yeah, it makes me wanna holler
And throw up both my hands

Crime is increasing
Trigger happy policing
Panic is spreading
God knows where we’re heading
They don’t understand
Oh, make me wanna holler
They don’t understand

-Marvin Gaye

In that case, we saw a contentious divorce, false allegations, and a dirty, retired cop squatting like a magpie in the killers life, and that filthy pig eventually marrying the guys well-heeled wife.

And, that case mirrored a similar case where unethical police forces, and specific dirty police gangs harrassed another guy under similar circumstances, and that guy,Jeff Pataky famously blogged about it

And, the case of James McClynas where we saw a man gain custody of his kids while sitting in a jail cell, after dirty pigs pedophied him, and passed his cowardly ex-wife around like a party popper, in notoriously corrupt Pinellas County FL too, where gang stalking is specifically mentioned online in many blogs.

Divorce, child theft, and all of the bank account draining brutal mechanisms of punitive psychology is big business, and the police and state are in it snout deep.

In the Scottsdale case,we also saw:

-a “retired cop” involved in every aspect of the record

-a “retired cop” as both witness, and, behind the scenes narrator of events, a.d provably “investigations” of the shooter, and none of that in the “official records

-mysterious weapons planted in the alleged killers home before he went ballistic
-anger management, and predatory, politicized psychology/psychologists and arbitrary diagnoses and capricious conclusions is a biggy in these cases as the state and its apparatus pries property and children out of mens hands; in this case, Mr. Jones was repeatedly vindicated and his shitbag cop-fucker wife shown to be in the wrong

-gaslighting, gang stalking by police and state affilliated shitbags, slander, and every other type of DVIC nonsense that could get tossed on a guy during a divorce.

-MOST IMPORTANTLY, she was ordered to pay him spoysal support, after it was he who had worked and supported her as she went to med school, and he who raised their child. Nothing infuriates the neocons and pseudo -feminists working in the DVIC system more than true equality, where the same rules that have been applied to men are now applied to women.


The only problem for Jones was that he killed innocent people, instead of the actual shitbags who had screwed him, and according to the court records, “alienated him from his son. ”

He targeted “the system,”and rightly so, because the DVIC puts an armed and dangerous culture war at a mans feet,which acts just outside of due process of constitutional law, and expects no resistance.

So, as David V. James and many others who participate in the official source gaslighting that goes on in these cases pen studies about aggression directed at psychologists who enable that system, we see one after another case of mass shooters being linked to due process free, arbitrary DVIC processes preceding their events.

So, here we go again: David Schladetzky, kills his kids, his wife, and himself as yet another by-product of the DVIC due process free divorce courts, as states have come to rely on federal funds when women inevitably become/allow themselves and “their children” to become resources to be exploited in these nefarious schemes.

Let me know if you start seeing patterns, lol. Some say that noticing patterns indicates delusional thinking, or “odd belief systems,” while others say that something stinks in the due process free DVIC divorce and family courts across America, as men are routinely shafted, starting in 1993 and the birth of the DVIC and its fair maiden/Madonna-whore in high heels, the gender-biased VAWA.

A short list of mass shooters and others in the news who encountered the inter-linked state databases of the,DVIC, and then, encountered inter-state gang stalking, before their events:

1)ROGS was the first to predict that child murdering lesbians Jennifer and Sarah Hart was a DVIC/CPS related mass murder of children, and, unsurprisingly also tied to Minnesota baby farming and “progressive” politics

2)….to be continued

Brian Lee Schappert, Iowa new case leads: why didnt the MSM mention David Schladetzky the MN killer as an MSM “crisis PR” interviewee?

(Draft post in progress)

There was a quadruple homicide in Minnesota recently, and the shooter, David Schladetzky might have been closer to solving the organized gang stalking puzzle than it appears at first glance, considering that he was stalked by the DVIC apparatus and its apparatchiks.

I will get to that later, but first, have a look at the shooter as crisis PR interviewee:

Schladetzky was once interviewed in main stream press for a news article about a murdered convenience store clerk, and as ROGS Analysis posits, he was once involved in, or for whatever reason, close to crisis PR and narrative control.

The Cold Case of Brian Schappert: finally solved?

Cold case murder of convenience store clerk in Cedar Rapids, Iowa never solved.

But, no major media anywhere connected this link, including, which ran quickly with a discrediting narrative, and other links to news articles where the shooter was quoted as,a commentator/witness, despite that story being easily available by any search engine.

Why is that?

Here is the .pdf file on David Schladetzky, the Minneapolis shooter, as a crisis PR “bystander” and then, here are two pictures of the police sketch of the shooter in that story:


And here is a picture of the police chief who put that case to rest:


I meant to use this picture:


Shit! Wrong picture! Ignore that!

Here is the police chief who “put that case to rest”:
EP-190909843.jpg&MaxH 500&MaxW 900

Well, you get the picture. Something about this story just isnt right.
For example, what are the odds of a random guy from Cesar Rapdis Iowa being quoted by both the lical press, and then, four years later, quoted the LA Times in a totally unrelated story?

Pretty unlikely.

But, stranger things have happened in recent times, such as,former Los Angeles county coroner and literal gang stalker and cold case investigator Joyce Kato and her bomb sniffing boyfriend Frank Tomota being tied together in stories as far back as 1998.

In fact, retired cops, cold case investigators, the FBIs Infragard agents,and their webs of relationships in police and intelligence agencies ARE who the gang stalkers ARE, and here at ROGS, you will find proof of that.

And, its also why America hasnt been a democracy, ruled by law, since 1993, when the DVIC was shit into our laps like a squallorous baby Jesus from the anus of Hades.