Brian Lee Schappert, Iowa new case leads: why didnt the MSM mention David Schladetzky the MN killer as an MSM “crisis PR” interviewee?

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There was a quadruple homicide in Minnesota recently, and the shooter, David Schladetzky might have been closer to solving the organized gang stalking puzzle than it appears at first glance, considering that he was stalked by the DVIC apparatus and its apparatchiks.

I will get to that later, but first, have a look at the shooter as crisis PR interviewee:

Schladetzky was once interviewed in main stream press for a news article about a murdered convenience store clerk, and as ROGS Analysis posits, he was once involved in, or for whatever reason, close to crisis PR and narrative control.

The Cold Case of Brian Schappert: finally solved?

Cold case murder of convenience store clerk in Cedar Rapids, Iowa never solved.

But, no major media anywhere connected this link, including, which ran quickly with a discrediting narrative, and other links to news articles where the shooter was quoted as,a commentator/witness, despite that story being easily available by any search engine.

Why is that?

Here is the .pdf file on David Schladetzky, the Minneapolis shooter, as a crisis PR “bystander” and then, here are two pictures of the police sketch of the shooter in that story:


And here is a picture of the police chief who put that case to rest:


I meant to use this picture:


Shit! Wrong picture! Ignore that!

Here is the police chief who “put that case to rest”:
EP-190909843.jpg&MaxH 500&MaxW 900

Well, you get the picture. Something about this story just isnt right.
For example, what are the odds of a random guy from Cesar Rapdis Iowa being quoted by both the lical press, and then, four years later, quoted the LA Times in a totally unrelated story?

Pretty unlikely.

But, stranger things have happened in recent times, such as,former Los Angeles county coroner and literal gang stalker and cold case investigator Joyce Kato and her bomb sniffing boyfriend Frank Tomota being tied together in stories as far back as 1998.

In fact, retired cops, cold case investigators, the FBIs Infragard agents,and their webs of relationships in police and intelligence agencies ARE who the gang stalkers ARE, and here at ROGS, you will find proof of that.

And, its also why America hasnt been a democracy, ruled by law, since 1993, when the DVIC was shit into our laps like a squallorous baby Jesus from the anus of Hades.

2 thoughts on “Brian Lee Schappert, Iowa new case leads: why didnt the MSM mention David Schladetzky the MN killer as an MSM “crisis PR” interviewee?

  1. I guess we could go a different direction with things we could get a group of TIs to gether and have a company trained in locating radio interference help us out. Think about it if it’s a wiretap it’s a radio.

    1. Hi, Gary.

      I do not engage with, or focus on the wiretapping /Fusion Center FVEYs radio /electronic /nano, etc.

      And, most TIs are in fact part of the problem, repeating evidence free, unverified claims about electronics. Especially vexatious are all of the retired FBI /CIA /NSA/etc spooks who muddy up the civilian dialogues on this topic, as current law nforcement turns a blind eye or even initiates this practice.

      My focus is documenting the community policing activity/mobbing /surveillance that is the most prominent feature of gang stalking.

      So, yeah, I am open to forming a full investigation and surveillance company that documents these things, and especially open to “mystery money” funded counter-surveillance enabling the endeavor.

      An interesting story from the Guardian UK offers a glimpse of what kind of money can finance such an investigative agency, but also the pitfalls of such a project, because in essence, we would be waging counter surveillance against our own nations unlawful counter surveillance, which targets us as citizens.

      So, yeah, it would be a big project. Maybe a couple vans decked out with a full SIGINT rig and a few DRT boxes would be a good start. It wouldnt hurt to have an eight person team and a border crossing either, lol.

      But because its our own agencies targeting our own citizens, lots of legal involved too.

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