David Schladetzky and the DVIC do a deadly dance: another murder suicide proves that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results

UPDATE 12-05-2019: The most basic, casual reading of the news,stories about David Schladetzky are so full of quotes by NGOs,and NGO affiliates, that even casual researchers will note the “public relations placement” of crisis PR “bystanders” and eventually notice that the shooter himself was once sought by local, and national media as a crisis commentator.

Also worth noting is that the killings took place right up the block from the one and only American Swedish Institute, which is affiliated with the Good Templars secret society, which is an alcohol prohibitionist organization, according to its own creed, ; and which excercises an inordinate amount of political power in that area, expressed via Lutheranism, which I touched on here, and here too, in the cases of Scott Bierle, who killed one of his stalkers, and Ian Long, who also likely killed several of his Lutheran affilliated stalkers.

For reference as to the fact based, scientific evidence of ROGS ANALYSIS, I ask you, the reader, to note that I predicted several key elements of a recent mass shooting, and provided pre-event analysis to do so.

Related Reading: another man kills his wife and two children in Pleasantville,NY the same week that Shladetzky killed his family. I posit that case was NOT a case of gang stalking, excaserbated by DVIC stalking, though I could be wrong. I will later compare these two cases for the signs, and symbols of gang stalking, using ROGS Analysis, and use the Pleasantville case as an OGS study control.

Of the very few men who finally solve the gang stalking puzzle, the Scottsdale spree killer Dwight Jones set his sites on people who worked within the DVIC apparatus, and targeted those who had targeted him.

Oh, make me wanna holler
And throw up both my hands
Yeah, it makes me wanna holler
And throw up both my hands

Crime is increasing
Trigger happy policing
Panic is spreading
God knows where we’re heading
They don’t understand
Oh, make me wanna holler
They don’t understand

-Marvin Gaye

In that case, we saw a contentious divorce, false allegations, and a dirty, retired cop squatting like a magpie in the killers life, and that filthy pig eventually marrying the guys well-heeled wife.

And, that case mirrored a similar case where unethical police forces, and specific dirty police gangs harrassed another guy under similar circumstances, and that guy,Jeff Pataky famously blogged about it

And, the case of James McClynas where we saw a man gain custody of his kids while sitting in a jail cell, after dirty pigs pedophied him, and passed his cowardly ex-wife around like a party popper, in notoriously corrupt Pinellas County FL too, where gang stalking is specifically mentioned online in many blogs.

Divorce, child theft, and all of the bank account draining brutal mechanisms of punitive psychology is big business, and the police and state are in it snout deep.

In the Scottsdale case,we also saw:

-a “retired cop” involved in every aspect of the record

-a “retired cop” as both witness, and, behind the scenes narrator of events, a.d provably “investigations” of the shooter, and none of that in the “official records

-mysterious weapons planted in the alleged killers home before he went ballistic
-anger management, and predatory, politicized psychology/psychologists and arbitrary diagnoses and capricious conclusions is a biggy in these cases as the state and its apparatus pries property and children out of mens hands; in this case, Mr. Jones was repeatedly vindicated and his shitbag cop-fucker wife shown to be in the wrong

-gaslighting, gang stalking by police and state affilliated shitbags, slander, and every other type of DVIC nonsense that could get tossed on a guy during a divorce.

-MOST IMPORTANTLY, she was ordered to pay him spoysal support, after it was he who had worked and supported her as she went to med school, and he who raised their child. Nothing infuriates the neocons and pseudo -feminists working in the DVIC system more than true equality, where the same rules that have been applied to men are now applied to women.


The only problem for Jones was that he killed innocent people, instead of the actual shitbags who had screwed him, and according to the court records, “alienated him from his son. ”

He targeted “the system,”and rightly so, because the DVIC puts an armed and dangerous culture war at a mans feet,which acts just outside of due process of constitutional law, and expects no resistance.

So, as David V. James and many others who participate in the official source gaslighting that goes on in these cases pen studies about aggression directed at psychologists who enable that system, we see one after another case of mass shooters being linked to due process free, arbitrary DVIC processes preceding their events.

So, here we go again: David Schladetzky, kills his kids, his wife, and himself as yet another by-product of the DVIC due process free divorce courts, as states have come to rely on federal funds when women inevitably become/allow themselves and “their children” to become resources to be exploited in these nefarious schemes.

Let me know if you start seeing patterns, lol. Some say that noticing patterns indicates delusional thinking, or “odd belief systems,” while others say that something stinks in the due process free DVIC divorce and family courts across America, as men are routinely shafted, starting in 1993 and the birth of the DVIC and its fair maiden/Madonna-whore in high heels, the gender-biased VAWA.

A short list of mass shooters and others in the news who encountered the inter-linked state databases of the,DVIC, and then, encountered inter-state gang stalking, before their events:

1)ROGS was the first to predict that child murdering lesbians Jennifer and Sarah Hart was a DVIC/CPS related mass murder of children, and, unsurprisingly also tied to Minnesota baby farming and “progressive” politics

2)….to be continued

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