Molson Coors Milwaukee shooting and Anthony Ferrill: classic gang stalking, by definition. Its a ROGS BINGO

One only need to read three paragraphs of the story about the Milwaukee Molson Coors brewery shooting to declare it a PERFECT ROGS BINGO:

* the shooter was targeted at length by private investigators who were working a weaponized investigation whose pretext was that he was cheating on workers comp (a common charge directed at people who have suffered OTJ injuries, and an especially common smear of African Americans and other slave-classes of people as *lazy* since the beginning of slavery into today)

* workplace mobbing was involved, that included so-called *pranks*(the Virginia Beach shooting included *pranks* that used Masonic symbolism)which are actually properly called “workplace harassment.”

* the victim complained about mysterious break ins to his home and office (a common complaint in OGS, so common in fact, that I made a meme for it, from a photo in my personal archives of a black bag job at my own home)

* these actual events, that actually happened coincide coincidentally with the psychiatric definitions of a delusion

You know you are definitely NOT delusional, when you capture a black bag job on a hidden camera at your house:


About a year ago, the co-worker said, Ferrill started saying he believed brewery workers were coming into his home, bugging his computer and moving chairs around.

“I was: ‘Are you serious, Anthony? What?’ We all kind of joked about it, saying we should maybe get him an aluminum hat. Things just started getting weird. But he was dead serious about it,” the co-worker said.

But another co-worker, Keith Giese, said Ferrill seemed fine when he saw him earlier this week.

“I never had a clue. I talked to him a couple of days ago and he seemed fine to me,” Giese said. “I had no idea that there was a problem, that somebody could snap like that.”

So, classic and notably healthy and necessary self-protective paranoia, derived from workplace conflict and harassment, union activity targeting an individual(see this post about the Virginia Beach workplace shooting, where another black man was gang stalked by primarily white people, and notice the mention in the news story of “workplace pranks” that included the symbols of freemasonry in the news story),and then:

according to neighbor Erna Roenspies, who said she had become close to Ferrill and his wife during the 15 years they’ve lived on her block.

A few years ago, he told her that insurance investigators were parked in the neighborhood, watching to see if he was working around the house, which could affect his workman’s compensation claim, Roenspies said.

Hmm. Actual, unregulated private investigators, stalking the guy for a couple years, in front of his house.

Gee, I cant imagine that could make a guy anything less than paranoid, absent of ANY delusion whatsoever. HAHA, sure, like someone is following people around, and blatantly photographing you, right?

“HAHA, alminum hat wearer,” the gang stalking denialists and psychologists frequently say, “what makes,YOU so special that an army of people follow YOU,around, and snap photos of you,” etc.?

Well, few OGS victims ever make such broad claims, because those broad claims online are usually made by psycho-babbling loons who are actually disinformation agents, working for agencies. claims. And, it only takes one photographer to send the message that victims are being watched.

So, get those gang stalking cocksuckers on film, as I did. Its more useful than therapy, and more validating and empowering for victims of OGS,too.

So, lets revisit the definition if a delusion for a minute, according to the Oxford dictionary:


an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.
“the delusion of being watched”

misapprehension · mistaken impression · [more]
the action of deluding or the state of being deluded.
“what a capacity television has for delusion”
deception · misleading · deluding · fooling · tricking · trickery · duping

The “delusion of being watched” its no longer a false assumption, in light of the empirical fact that western governments now spy on all of their citizens; or that corporations literally collude to rape our privacy, and our “Big Data.”

And, it is no longer a “belief system” but it is the underlying and quite scientific fact of our modern lives, as both NSA spying, and corpirations that mine and sell our data are in fact, a reality now.

I might also add, what a capacity psychologists have for being delusional in cases of OGS,because the myth of delusion is a,HUGE cash cow in the DVIC apparatus, and the psycholigical services industries.

As we see time and again, gang stalking denialists are all on the state teats, working in punitive psychology, or working with cold case investigators and other state paid functionaries and apparatchiks, the myth of delusion reveals an interesting fallacy: that ONLY those who derive income from the,DVIC,deny OGS is real.

In the case of Anthony Ferrill, we see his complaint validated in multiple ways with evidence–a complete ROGS BINGO.

Here, have a look yourself, using the fentanyl free and scientifically proven OGS assessment tool, the ROGS Bingo card.

So, in this case, the gang stalking denialists will say that the man (who was in fact on doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals) was a drug addict, or suffering delusions of one kind or another.

And, we have evidence that in fact the shooter was actually being followed by “mysterious people,” who the evidence indicates were in fact, private investigators, and that the man also had a documented workplace harassment going on, with a group of organized individuals mocking him(they are literally organized union members), and telling him that he needs an aluminum hat, aka a “tinfoil hat,” adding insult to narcissistic abuse-based injury, applied to a man who was literally enduring the trauma of chronic back pain.

Gang stalking denialists such as Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, David V.James, Christine Sarteschi, et al have chosen to relegate the complaints of gang stalking victims as delusional in basis, yet case after case of mass shooters and workplace and school shooters indicates that the complaintants are frequently correct about being followed, surveilled, mocked, etc., as in the case above, which could have been validated BEFORE the shooting occured.

But as we see repeatedly, gas lighting a victims complaints is the norm, not the exception; and, there is no legal mechanism in Human Resources departments, psychology, or court rooms where the victims complaints are validated either. Why is that?

Well, the answer is complex, for many reasons. But none of those reasons are that the victims of OGS are actually delusional, as opposed to merely being factually incorrect about “who” their actual stalkers are.

Ferrill made the claim that it was coworkers gang stalking him, during a period of harassment, which is a valid, healthy paranoia that many African Americans have. And, he was,at some point followed around by actual investigators whose tactics are frequently unregulated or supervised to ensure that the law, and due process is observed.

Its a small and quibbling detail, whether or not he can actually name his gang stalkers; because thats not his job, its the job of law enforcement, which are themselves implicated in.nearly every case of gang stalking.

Again, from WebMD:

Delusions come in many forms, but they all have one thing in common: The people affected by them can’t be convinced that something they believe isn’t true. Those unshakeable beliefs are different from person to person and affect different parts of their lives.

In the Molson-Coors Milwaukee shooting, we see that what psychologists call delusions are in fact actual complaints of highly organized gang stalking that includes the usual suspects: corrupt union members, and other organizations, and organizational institutions, in this case Molson-Coors bad HR practices; retired cops acting as private or corporate investigators, and claims that the victim is crazy, rather than the sociopathic gang stalking workplace mobs.

And, another entirely preventable mass homicide assisted by psychologists who are gang stalking denialists spouting rhetoric about delusions and gang stalking.

Intergenerational targeted individuals, SWAT Teams, and Florida cop killer Franklin Reed the third: when state patrol and SWAT Teams gang stalk targets, and stalk individuals on our Highways.

They dont call them Highwaymen for nothing…
(this is a post in progress )

The most recent cop killing in Florida, USA, resembles police initiated organized gang stalking by definition.

But first, some facts, from MSM :

The evidence: A SWAT team killed the shooters relative shortly before this gang stalking began, which ended with the shooter, killing a cop who was, just there, on the scene, as other cops were coincidentally, just “driving by”(like the murder of the Minnesota Crossroads stabber Dahir Adan, who was being stalked by a cop, who owns a gun range, Mall killer, and Asian American Mathew Riehl, or the bizarre death of Iraq War veterans Ian Long, and ,
A 21-year-old pregnant woman was killed during a Sunday morning shootout amid a SWAT raid at Florida home

Exhibit A: a pregnant woman is gunned down, and the “narrative ” blames everyone except the SWAT Team that fired the bullets into her stomach . …

Family of pregnant 21 year old girl stunned, as murdered

Alteria Woods, a pregnant, expectant mother, was murdered by police during a,DVIC related SWAT

Womens Funding Network: political extremism and organized gang stalking, institutional violence and “where do gangstalkers get all the money?”

Extremism and Organized Gang Stalking

(post in progress… )
“extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”
– U.S.Senator Barry Goldwater

Is that true?

In research about gang stalking, we see evidence of many historic battles about “rights,” playing out most notoriously in proven cases of OGS, where the victims of FBI and corrupt police conduct are involved in narrative, and framing of suspects. Keith LaBella, Esq. writes about that,

Liberty and freedom are not the same thing, and the US Constitution was keenly aware of that, granting liberty to white men and white women, while casting black, brown, yellow, and othered people like the indentured whites as three fifths of a human being, because in the,US, the conditions of servitude, in any form, denies the most basic civil rights of the servant.

Liberty is civil rights and equal status, with many venues wherein citizens can exert power, or express and assert equal rights, whereas freedom is binary, and a person is either at liberty, or not at liberty to do as others do. So, gang stalking is most visible as,a social control mechanism in situations where people are not at liberty.

This is what I have called the “gray area policing schemes of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex,” and cited with evidence repeatedly, as we see for example, Rakem Baloguns dillema with being labeled an extremist, stalked, incarcerated, and harassed by the legal system AFTER he encountered the DVIC in the form of domestic violence charges, and the child support system (the latter has its roots directly in slavery and the “ownership ” of children by the “masters”).

Balogun was caught in the slavers nets of the DVIC and its mechanisms, which Dr. Stephen Baskerville notes are directly and deliberately in conflict with the constitution.

So, Balogun was then literally stalked by institutional forces that labelled him a “black extremist ” for merely exerting his Constitutional right to bear arms, and actually arrested by the FBI, though he was innocent of all charges. And we also see that the FBI directly involved in both family courts, making sure that men who are,affected by the DVICs undue processes remain silenced, after the fact of coming into contact with the DVICs slavers net, by actually cyber stalking and word policing them, and waging behind the scenes whisper campaigns IN family court.

And, this pattern, this proof of how the gang stalking mechanism works, is present in case after case of men who become mass shooters, with key crisis narrators in media, and complicit or dirty police acting as narrative control agents in these events.

Links between Gang Stalking and connections to DVIC narrative control
Cop is fucking mans wife during cintentious divorce, guy figures out he was shafted, targets those who shafted him

Guy gets gang stalked by “mystery stalkers” from Tallahassee,who wage,a whisper campaign that he is a,sexual deviant, so he targets one of them to death

Iraq war veteran takes on the #fakerape narrative, college affilliated crybullies wage a literal whisper campaign about his mental health for years (!), gets gang stalked by police in multiple states, and shoots a few gang stalkers who entered his home without a warrant.

And it is in that gray area at the confluence of civil rights, freedom, and those select rights and freedoms that do not apply equally, such as the gender biased narratives of domestic violence as predicate for the civil liberty and civil rights defying methods and tactics of gang stalkers take place, and where gang stalking takes place, and without any doubt, it is highly organized.

So, as we watch democracy crumble in the west today, we see that the paradigm of power has shifted, and that the power base is no longer just white males versus everyone else, but in fact, we now see that Diversity Mobs, aka Kommunity Kulture Klubs and Kovens (K 4) groups are present in a majority of gang stalking events that eventually become mass homicides.

But even more striking, is the unexpected linkage to dialigues about womens “empowerment” and similarly worded framing of a narrative of power.

In my research of gang stalking, and mass shooters, incel car crashers and butter knife wielding “assailants” we frequently see that in fact, the multi-billion dollar crisis public relations industry inserts itself into the narrative to frame the issue as “misogyny” or other vague claims of hatred of women (with an even more interesting linkage to slanders and unproven smears about child pornography).

Some who have criticized my approach to framing gang stalking have criticized the following:

Perhaps there was a time when womens violence directed at “the other” hid behind the will power of men, and male violence, such as we saw with the,John Birch Society and the Ku Klux Klan in the days of lynchings, an eugenic movements.