Womens Funding Network: political extremism and organized gang stalking, institutional violence and “where do gangstalkers get all the money?”

Extremism and Organized Gang Stalking

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“extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”
– U.S.Senator Barry Goldwater

Is that true?

In research about gang stalking, we see evidence of many historic battles about “rights,” playing out most notoriously in proven cases of OGS, where the victims of FBI and corrupt police conduct are involved in narrative, and framing of suspects. Keith LaBella, Esq. writes about that,

Liberty and freedom are not the same thing, and the US Constitution was keenly aware of that, granting liberty to white men and white women, while casting black, brown, yellow, and othered people like the indentured whites as three fifths of a human being, because in the,US, the conditions of servitude, in any form, denies the most basic civil rights of the servant.

Liberty is civil rights and equal status, with many venues wherein citizens can exert power, or express and assert equal rights, whereas freedom is binary, and a person is either at liberty, or not at liberty to do as others do. So, gang stalking is most visible as,a social control mechanism in situations where people are not at liberty.

This is what I have called the “gray area policing schemes of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex,” and cited with evidence repeatedly, as we see for example, Rakem Baloguns dillema with being labeled an extremist, stalked, incarcerated, and harassed by the legal system AFTER he encountered the DVIC in the form of domestic violence charges, and the child support system (the latter has its roots directly in slavery and the “ownership ” of children by the “masters”).

Balogun was caught in the slavers nets of the DVIC and its mechanisms, which Dr. Stephen Baskerville notes are directly and deliberately in conflict with the constitution.

So, Balogun was then literally stalked by institutional forces that labelled him a “black extremist ” for merely exerting his Constitutional right to bear arms, and actually arrested by the FBI, though he was innocent of all charges. And we also see that the FBI directly involved in both family courts, making sure that men who are,affected by the DVICs undue processes remain silenced, after the fact of coming into contact with the DVICs slavers net, by actually cyber stalking and word policing them, and waging behind the scenes whisper campaigns IN family court.

And, this pattern, this proof of how the gang stalking mechanism works, is present in case after case of men who become mass shooters, with key crisis narrators in media, and complicit or dirty police acting as narrative control agents in these events.

Links between Gang Stalking and connections to DVIC narrative control
Cop is fucking mans wife during cintentious divorce, guy figures out he was shafted, targets those who shafted him

Guy gets gang stalked by “mystery stalkers” from Tallahassee,who wage,a whisper campaign that he is a,sexual deviant, so he targets one of them to death

Iraq war veteran takes on the #fakerape narrative, college affilliated crybullies wage a literal whisper campaign about his mental health for years (!), gets gang stalked by police in multiple states, and shoots a few gang stalkers who entered his home without a warrant.

And it is in that gray area at the confluence of civil rights, freedom, and those select rights and freedoms that do not apply equally, such as the gender biased narratives of domestic violence as predicate for the civil liberty and civil rights defying methods and tactics of gang stalkers take place, and where gang stalking takes place, and without any doubt, it is highly organized.

So, as we watch democracy crumble in the west today, we see that the paradigm of power has shifted, and that the power base is no longer just white males versus everyone else, but in fact, we now see that Diversity Mobs, aka Kommunity Kulture Klubs and Kovens (K 4) groups are present in a majority of gang stalking events that eventually become mass homicides.

But even more striking, is the unexpected linkage to dialigues about womens “empowerment” and similarly worded framing of a narrative of power.

In my research of gang stalking, and mass shooters, incel car crashers and butter knife wielding “assailants” we frequently see that in fact, the multi-billion dollar crisis public relations industry inserts itself into the narrative to frame the issue as “misogyny” or other vague claims of hatred of women (with an even more interesting linkage to slanders and unproven smears about child pornography).

Some who have criticized my approach to framing gang stalking have criticized the following:

Perhaps there was a time when womens violence directed at “the other” hid behind the will power of men, and male violence, such as we saw with the,John Birch Society and the Ku Klux Klan in the days of lynchings, an eugenic movements.

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