Molson Coors Milwaukee Shooting update: fighting racism and noose hoaxes are incompatible with civil rights activism; and death threats

As ROGS predicted, race, and racism is at the center of the Molson Coors shooting. You can see that prediction here, and also have,a look at ROGS Predictive Analysis in the case of another black man who was gang stalked at his work place. ROGS is batting around 1000% accuracy in predicting features of mass shootings BEFORE they happen.

And, as ROGS also predicts, symbolic death threats, and actual psychological operations waged against targeted persons are a major feature of the dialectic, and a major feature in the pre-ballistics of mass shootings too. Go to Psywarrior here for more background information. (this post is in progress, stay tuned)

Meet the Death Card: we love you, but we’ve come to kill you


While Molson Coors shooter Anthony Ferrill was indeed–without any doubt–subjected to a racialized workplace, the question is, what these racist incidents were, and why he tolerated them, because he himself did not go through with the complaint process.

And perhaps that was because he was under the coercion of death threats, via symbolic actions directed at him. Let me explain my evidence:

We will never know exactly what form of racism it was that was heckling Ferrill, because for the last several decades, people who are literally “in the business of hate” have rampantly co-opted, misappropriated, and miscategorized racism, with the net effect of exploiting those who are already exploited.

And those hate profiteers are the various NGOs, like the Anti Defamation League, and its associates in the hate industry, who are at the center of diversity training, and other related, profitable industries.

Related Story: Notorious Murder Incorporated gangster Myer Lanksy, who also founded the Anti Defamation League, is connected to the Ace of Spades in a notorious gangster era homicide. Read his daughters account of that here

So, if one thing is clear, it is that whatever they are doing is not working, unless their goal is more of these shootings, and workplace harassments.

Layers of Exploitation: Hate lobbyists, and the Gay Mafia, eradicating heterosexual black male dissent

I have indicated that there is a culture war afoot, and that the idea of the so-called white male supremacy is currently in conflict with the diversity mafias. But significantly, it is important to note that in that culture war, are other splits, and rifts.

Most notably, I now for the first time ask: why are heterosexual black activists, and other heterosexual men being hunted, and stalked, and murdered, while gay black men are not? As we see with shooter Gavin Long, we also see with the murdered Ferguson activists: heterosexual, black, and male activists are targeted. Why is that?

I will for the first time on this blog, speculate that inside the Democratic party, and its octopus of NGOs, something isnt quite right.

For referece, I point you, the reader to the Urban Dictionary definition of “Bathhouse Barry”, and this story and a photo of President Obama and his Secret Service in front of my house. Disclosure: I voted for Obama in 2008, and organized one of the defacto, hidden second headquarters of the Democrats in that state; and helped unseat long time members of that states senate, whose lineage descended from the Jewish mafia.

Then, have a look at this story from Takis magazine about how the ADLification and hate hoaxing has now backfired on people, and especially straight black males like Anthony Ferrill, who had a noose hung on his locker.

For anyone who is familiar with ADL organizing tactics, we are all familiar with how frequently those who paint swastikas, and hang nooses in places use that tactic for personal gain, rather than to raise awareness of racism.

And, as we see with the gay, black, noose hoaxer Jussie Smolletg, blacks have adopted this ADL type hoaxing.
So, at the Coors plant, we can.never know for sure who put a noose on Mr. Ferrills work locker, because as is so common in these events, the camera footage was missing, indicating that the company itself, and the security staff themselves are implicated.

So, now I want to take a look at the other symbolic, potentially racist activity that Ferrills coworkers reported: that the Ace of Spades card had been slipped into his locker by “racists” and ask the question “but what type of racist?”

The Ace of Spades as a Death Threat: its not just a racist symbol


about a disgruntled academic, rambling on about how hateful bigots like herself are no longer on a pedestal.


Fake Noose!

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