Impersonation attacks and private -contractor corruption: Key compromise impersonation attacks

UPDATE: You can view more recent coverage of this event here, and also here, as this thing happened in “real life,” aka “meatspace.”

ROGS blog (the blog you are reading right now ) was attacked recently, by someone who is most likely in Texas.

To be clear, it was an “electronic attack, using microwave technology.” But not the kind of “electronic attack ” that the gang stalking crackpots talk about online, as in these examples here, where security contractors, retired cops, and Fusion Center operatives yammer on about “mind reading locusts,” UFOs, flat earth, and mystery planets .

No, this attack started with a “social engineering ” attack, where some shitbag on the darkweb took over several of my electronic devices(and much to theircsurprise, found themselves incriminated by having done so).

Then, I got a new “follower” who used an expired web domain, to stage the social engineering exploit from my comment feature here at my free WordPress blog.

Lanel Wilson appears to be a “web persona ” and not an actual person, though an actual author by that name did once write a blog of her thoughts.

Heres a bit about the next stage of that attack, which included “certificate impersonation, ” and a few other things wherein these geniuses can redirect my devices into their fake internet, and other malware-laden shenanigans:

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