Republicans backing Republic-rats: “43 Alumni for Joe Biden” try to seal the Devils deal that #43GWB signed with torture, no touch torture

The “43 Alumni for Joe Biden” must be the stupid-est political PAC ever to hit the Republicrats( pro-prisons, pro-DVIC, pro-war, pro-torture Democrats), because no modern president EXCEPT GW Bush is on record torturing human beings, and advocating the “Palestinian Exodus of 1948 Model” of tribal-religious and ethnic cleansing of the USA (and the accompanying purges of documents that record their attrocities).

As my readers know, I have tangled with these people before.

While my goal was never (necessarily) to start this revoloooooootion that you saw unfolding before your eyes after the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police departments Anti Defamation League sponsored “dieversity” hit squad, I was certainly tired of being followed by Pentagon lackies, bitchy old child molesting, gang stalking United States Air Force and Israeli Mossad affiliated spooks like this, and various other spooks, including United Nations affiliated spooks(in this case, I do not mean to use the term “spook” in a racially insensitive manner, as Slava, the guy in this story here is actually an African.

I use the term “spook” as it is used to describe spies of all kinds, but particularly, government agency spies. I invite my reader to clck the links in the above paragraph, and feel free to write to me, because my evidence is rock solid: gang stalking is what I say it is, and the people named above actually followed me in real life, on my Twitter accounts, and here at this blog you are reading now(click the links for hard evidence of that).

Seriously “spooky,” creepy stuff.

Well, anyways, a quick recap of the George Bush Jr. administrations accomplishments “for freedom and democracy”:

Abu Ghraiband its fallout across western democracies, where we now see a hyper-militarized police,state having replaced civil rights,and due process.

The Guantanamo Bay mind control and torture facility, which is in operation even today, utilizing anal rape, forced drugging, and more “freedom” than I can recount herein.

No Touch Torture, aka, never ending pseudo investigations of American citizens that are designed to never ever see a challenge in court; and that are waged against targeted individuals by multiple levels of law enforcement, intelligence, and “community policing” assets. This last one is what is collowuially called organized gang stalking, and what security industry profiteers like the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) which includes multiple levels of CIA/NSA/FBI/LEIU/and other law enfarcement agents call the “parallel colliding investigation.”

Well, you get the idea.

So have a look at Republicans backing Republic-rat Catholic neocon Joe Biden, the guy who shit the DVIC onto our Constitution back in 1993 in the form of the gender biased, religion tainted “Violence Against Women Act,”virtually building the surveillance hhstate that we have today.


Whether you worked in the earliest days of the 43rd Administration or sprinted to the finish in January 2009, you know a thing or two about serving the grand ideals and exceptional people of our country. Together we saw compassion in action, strength on display and the steady leadership of a true statesman who inspired us to meet some of America’s greatest challenges.
We knew pundits and historians would measure the work we did each day – whether big or small – and that there was a solemn responsibility to do our jobs well on behalf of the American people.
Now, another task stands before us. This one asks many of us to set aside partisanship in service, once again, to a country we love.
Earlier this summer, having seen far too many days filled with chaos emanating from the highest levels of government, we knew it was time to take a stand.

Former colleagues and friends from both sides of the aisle joined together and began to put our experience to work. As our former boss said, “Leadership to me means duty, honor, country.”

Bound by our shared work experience and a belief in a brighter tomorrow, we endorse Joe Biden for President. Political differences may remain among us, but we look forward to a time when civil, honest and robust policy discussions are the order of the day.

Our democracy is at stake. Please join us!

ROGS asks: Exactly what are you fanatics calling a democracy anyways? Oh….never mind, I read the fine print. You are calling demicracy YOURS not MINE, or THEIRS.


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