Marc Angelucci gunned down in mysterious homicde: try not to see patterns; or call out the K 4 mobs for their bullshit.

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Yeah, heterosexual(not gay) males, of white, black, and Hispanic heritage are being murdered across America.

Try not to see patterns, except this one: no Jews are being killed, or assassinated*. No gay leaders, like the Ford Foundations CEO; and, no white females ever get bullets in their faces, like JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, or so many other male leaders did, including these low-level recent state sponsored/assisted, targeted hits, like up and coming software developer Duncan Socrates Lemp, or Darren Seals of Ferguson MO, and what we see now with Marc Angelluci and others who tangled with online word police from the ADL/SPLC, and their affilliated relugious fanatics from the various sectarian churches; or NGOs with shared political leanings and payola.

Sure, conspiracy is nearly ALWAYS part of these calculated, non-random homicides, but ROGS is no conspiracy theorist. I simply depend on facts, patterns in the evidence, and the scientific method to cough up more facts, and more patterns, all of which can be refuted, which I encourage.

But, none of that will stop organized gang stalkers from doing what they do, and in case you forgot who these “gangs of stalkers” are, please refresh your memory by reviewing the organized gang that murdered young potential trade college electrician Ahmaud Arbery as he was out jogging, and stopped to study a construction site(which was clearly not posted “no trespassing” in any account I have read.)

Yeah, “coincidence” is a thing in gang stalking alright.

The odds of Ahmaud Arbery meeting a gang of retired police, active police, and district attorneys, and other police affilliated persons, and their hog-jowelled relatives who had been tracking him for many years, and even attempted to literally shoot him with an ACTUAL electronic weapon, a Taser, in cowardly fashion, were literally #AhmaudArbery1/17000.

A coincidence, no doubt; NOT.

Perhaps, America needs more assasinations of white females, gay people, Jews, and gay, black men, in order for “equality ” to occur, because when you or I review history, we see that NONE of these are ever murdered for their activism, while heterosexual white, black, and Hispanic men have long been targets of assasinations.

SO: what is freedom, without dead leaders anyways? Otherwise, “freedom” appears to be just a word, Stobewall be damned! Because none of those listed above is doing a,damn thing about police gangs in America murdering straight males who exhibit leadership potential; and the same cannot be said the other way around, because non -LGBTQ folks have been standing up for that community since Walt Whitman, and before.

So, in the US, apparently, only white men, black men, Hispanic, and Native; and heterosexual men get murdered in non -random killings.

Maybe, mull that over, and then: go do what you feel that you must do for “equality ” to happen in the USA.

Marc Angelluci, a tireless advocate of equal rights, has been murdered…..

“Homicide Detectives are investigating the murder of Marc Angelucci in Cedar Pines Park” from SBSD

* Unlike white female leaders, and gay leaders, some Jews do occasionally bite some bullets in the freedumb luvin’USA, but of these, most,are part of what is colloquially called the, “kosher nostra ” a word play on the Italian mob of old,6 called the la Cosa Nostra. With little coincidence, we see how both of the major synagogues that were attacked by psycho-MKULTRAN shooters were non -coincidentally closely affilliated with crime, and its partner in crime, narrative control agents.

Exhibit A: The good Rabbi from the Poway Synagogue shooting in San Diego has now been convicted in a multi-million dollar tax evasion crime spree, and will likely do soft time for being complicit with these police-gang manufactured terrorist events.

Exhibit B: Another race-baiting racist white female gets the boot from a major news outlet, as Bari Weiss is forced into #fakeharassment claims, after her colleagues got tired of her racist blather.

Coverage of her last whining gasp here.

There is a non-trivial link between rabid zionists like her, and most mass shootings, and shooters; but most significantly, her deranged form of sociopathic worldview originated in none other than the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pennsylvania, which hosted its own police-gang /ADL trained and sponsored mass homicide in 2018.

Nothing to see here, folks. MOOoooove along, sheepies (but make sure you dont take off that red scarf, tied lovingly around your neck by the “good peeple ”of the freedumb luvin USA.)

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