Dr. Lorraine Sheridan eats bags of dicks for breakfast: classic gaslighting, as an academic (lol ) upgrades her (flawed, naive ) gang stalking thesis

I can barely get through my second massage today, having read,Dr. Lorraine Sheridans second, fatally flawed gang stalking study.

All I can really say is “keep trying, sweet little baby, ” as if I am speaking to an infant in a diaper, that is tryng, and failing, to hit the shithole as they potty train.

I mean — calling such a troll “sweet” is entirely gratuitous, considering the damage she has done to people like Ahmaud Arbery, Duncan Lemp, George Floyd, and Brian Clark.

Really, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan is not who you need to speak with about your gang stalking.

Instead, write to ROGS. I have guided security guards, police, and average, targeted citizens to safety, on multiple occassions.

Heres that (typical white female derived) study:


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