ROGS Followers are an interesting bunch, indeed.

In order to understand organized gang stalking, one must identify, analyze, and research their stalkers, but also, research their “followers,” because one of the main points that APA trained psychologists and other “PsyOps ” practioners like to use to lynch gang stalking victims is this (not insignificant ) issue of “well, who is FOLLOWING you? Who are YOU and why are YOU so special that NGOs, Nazis, and Jewish Supremacists from the ADL follow YOU?

Well, ROGS does not claim yo have ALL of the answers, but I have a few.

Look at the goonies who followed me around in the USA. I simply got their names, phone numbers, rental applications, finger prints, and more, before I “made a call ” about who these gangs were.

Look! Actual spies and shitbags are everywhere, starting with Patricia Stockman Beatty and her klavern of United States Air Force affilliated scumbags. I hang her out to dry here, because her “USAF sponsored koven ” has done major work for foreign countries to undermine democracy.

Then, read this post, where I name a few dirty pigs (law enfarcement agents ) their relatives, and other spooks, and their children. Honestly, I hope genocide could target them. I would even contribute a few shekels to buy Zyyklon B to feed these pigs, if anyone is offering.

MoooooOOOving on now, lets take a look at my “new ” followers.

Start here, with this odd Gravatar of someone in Kenya with diapered infants in their profile:


Kenya Konnection, or some other Bathhouse Barry thingamajigger. Ho.estly, I forget their Gravatar moniker, but many spy outfits use nebulous “photography and travel ” blogs to spy on OGS victims. I will eventually write a post about that, but for now, why waste time?

Then, there was this totally fuckable muse from Romania, where Bathhouse Barry ’s CIA dipshit, Deanne Zachaos Ewing is hiding out 。
I.mean, regardless of whatever voodoo they toss you way, one must acknowledge women like,hillary 257 as a,seriously edible female.
Even gang stalking denialists would agree about that.

Here is hillary 257


Yummi, like a lolipop. Hopefully, we,are not related, lol.

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