Bizarre narrative, Alcoholics Anonymous, informants, pastors, and “weird world” the MSM begins to address ROGS main claims, via controlled narratives of “helolessness.”

The note read: “Don’t say anything. Take your jewellery off. Put it in the envelope. I’ll explain, just don’t talk.”

“It was just the most bizarre thing,” Pauline remembers. “I thought, ‘Who are you? What are you doing?’ But I did what she told me.”

Her mother took her to a motel room where Pauline was surprised to find Stan Sears waiting for them.

Stan and Ruth told Pauline that for the past 16
years they had been on the run from the mafia and that Pauline’s family
had been targeted because her father, Warren, had been involved in
organised crime. She couldn’t wear her jewellery because it needed to be
tested for bugs.


Warren Dakin was a successful businessman.

“It was unbelievable,” Pauline says. “But I
remember a feeling of terror coming over me that this might be something
we could never escape.”

Stan explained that it had all started after he
had counselled a mafia kingpin who wanted to turn his back on his
criminal past. When the mob discovered that the man had broken its code
of silence and come to Stan for counselling they had assassinated him –
and had then come after Stan thinking he probably knew too much.

Later, when Ruth – the embittered ex-wife of a
mobster – had started working as a secretary at Stan’s church, she too
had become a target.

“I was then told that each of us had somebody
following us, keeping an eye on us from a distance,” Pauline says, “and
that there had been many attempts to either kidnap, poison or kill me
but that these agents had intervened to keep me safe many times over the

I was sick with fear and sadness and it just felt like life was shattering all around me

As well as this government-sanctioned taskforce,
Stan also explained that there were shadowy communities – towns or
villages in different parts of the country – where people who’d been
targeted by the mafia could go into protective custody. This was known
as the “weird world”.

Read more:

Delusions, illusions, and media intrusions into the online-offline reality of police gang stalking: case study in perception management, type 1 & 2 errors.

While some ask “What is going on with mass shootings,” in fevered tones and defense department affiliated pitches, others simply collect evidence, and document the fact that the hidden hand of “high policing,” aka “police investigation privileged” methods and tactics are at the root of nearly every single event.

And gradually, journalists, psychologists, and criminal defense attorneys are catching on that those who claim gang stalking are, more often than not,e ral people who are whistle blowers, dissidents, activists; and unsurprisingly, people who once worked in the security industry.

People like the guy in the following story:

Paranoid delusions in the police state:

For Targeted Individuals, what happens when reality starts to look like your nightmares?

By: Joseph L. Flatley

…the American security apparatus (including the intelligence community, all levels of law enforcement, and private spooks like Stratfor and HBGary) is more vast, more out-of-control than even Julian Assange would suspect.
The result of having so many people running around with surveillance tools and law enforcement connections is that America is a de facto surveillance state, where we’re all victims of decentralized, lone wolf Stasi. Most of us just haven’t realized it yet.

As for Brian, all he really knows is that he feels persecuted and that
this persecution defies reasonable expectation. Unable to document hard evidence of his harassment, he assembled a theory to explain what might be happening to him.

“I personally think that there are different people,” he said, “different groups who use these same tactics,” one of which was hired by his ex-boss. Surveillance culture and gang stalking are so firmly fixed in the American psyche, said Brian, that all sorts of groups have the mandate (and the technology, and the budget) to
target anyone who pisses them off. Many of these people are “ex-cops or former agents. They know these tactics. I don’t think there’s a single
entity that coordinates federally all this stuff that’s going on.”

…..follow this link to read more!

So, ROGS has repeatedly asked a series of valid questions as regards gang stalking, AND the exact statements in the story above, made by another victim of gang stalking, and I invite any and all to “debunk” my “theory” if you can.

Because you cannot.

Here is why ROGS Analysis cannot be “debunked,” or in terms of the scientific method, falsified.

1- ROGS Analysis is batting nearly 1000% in cases of mass shooters, butter knife wielding fake terrorists, and other bizarre events, like the gang stalking related suicide of Sol Pais. ROGS ANALYSIS maintains that there are features of these events that can be predicted, or analyzed post mortem, to reveal often illegal policing , and police affiliated persons as causal agents (such as the many, many, many examples where we see off duty and undercover cops “arriving” within seconds of mass shooting event; or being there in the first place s) and my results hold up in case after case.

2- Unlike the case in the article above, ROGS has actually documented the facts stated in the article above, named a few names, and in many cases and my own, documented the mystery stalkers webs of relationships in policing, security, and various NGOs.

Related Story: Take a look at ROGS “moldie oldies ” file, where I traced a web (a hive? a rats nest ? No, just some cops,and federal investigators ) of gang stalkers from Minnesota to the Los Angeles County Coroners office, and eventually to the FBI itself. Gee, I hope I dont get gang stalked for writing this….

Notably, in my own case, I also did that with court room worthy evidence (and indeed, I sued a private security contractor and put those punks out of business). My results can be scientifically replicated, and in fact five other plaintiffs filed lawsuits against that same security contractor, and won, or settled for financial compensation.

3- I documented a gang stalking in Minneapolis, MN, with parties who were known to me by name, and by face; a gang stalking that ended badly for George Floyd, who is now a world reknowned icon of the excesses of our modern due-process free “police as gang stalkers” police state (the USA is that, by the very definition of a police state) over a period of twelve years, and that involved corrupt police, and their community assets in the various NGOs, a Fusion Center (I recorded and traced their IPs as they jiggled my internet around, and as squad cars parked outside my house, just out of range of my CCTV cameras), many strange and typical events that other TIs document, (without the gibberish of electronic brain beams, and talking computer locusts that gang stalking denialists utilize online, in examples like this), and much more, with photographs, video, and sound files; but mostly, with credible witnesses and other evidence like this.

So, yeah, organized gang stalking is what I have documented it to be, not merely some hearsay sans evidence.

And, best of all, journalists are now examining OGS in a different light, after Ahmaud Arbery was murdered in cold blood, by a gang whi stalked him, attempted to electrocute him on one occasion, and that gang led by a retired cop, and his “security gang” that included his relatives, a neighbor, a couple of local prosecutors, and even the 911 call system, which is in fact a “microwave based” device, the word bade in this case meaning “radio” via cell phone.

So, post-ROGS Blog (the blog you are reading right now) journalists are asking other questions, and getting different answers.

But dont ask me for all if the answers, I simply dont have them.

Ask Ahmaud Arbery instead.

Or, ask George Floyd.

Or Duncan Socrates Lemp.

Or Scott Bierele.

Or Mathew Riehl.

Or Andy Ostrowski.

Or Ian Long.

Or Dr. Moss David Posner.

Or any of so many others I have documented.

You can use my search feature, KW: the names listed above. After all, my search box can “talk to the dead,*”lol.

* talking to the dead is a euphimistic expression that police, forensic scientists, and cold case investigators use to describe how they can access files, reports, films and photos from the case files of unsolved crimes; but also, the “investigation privileged” materials that are hidden in police departments, and retired cops garages all across America.

The most notorious case of that type of illegal police data warehousing came to light as activists were being murdered across the globe as the Anti Defamation League tracked and spied on them, with the help of retired, and current police.

When police are the terrorists: George Floyd was terrified, as police pointed a gun in his face

Police stalking is enough to make a grown man cry. Or, as one other murdered man once said “Makes me wanna holler.

One of the things that police do these days is that they deliberately create, and manipulate the content of videos from squad car and body cam footage as they position a target; and gang stalkers claim in online banter that a “secret database” exists where only “gang stalkers” can access that footage.

I wrote a story a couple years ago about this, but had to retract the story, because the victim in that incident-a mortgage broker who had been married to a stripper- asked that I not publish it.

This modern police tactic has yet to be written about in the “positive sense,” meaning that we have proof that police in the US are doing this, but extensive proof exists that police are turning their cameras off, or refusing to turn over footage, and worse.

I suspect that this is what happened to George Floyd, as he was “gang stalked” by his coworker Derek Chauvin and his “police gang.”

Here, take a look at George Floyds face, as he is being gang stalked by a literal gang of police (who have since been arrested and charged with his murder) who point a loaded gun in his face over a simple–and alleged, and unproven– 20$ transaction, where Floyd was said to have used a fake 20$ bill:

Ask yourself: what kind of sickoes brag online that they keep images,and videos of terrified, targeted, stalked, and harassed individuals?

Only sociopaths and psychopaths do such things, acvording to all of the psycholigical research available.

Then, note that gang stalking denialists such as Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, Christine Sarteschi, David V.James, and Mike Wood of all work directly for, or within the Prison Industrial Complex, or its subsidiary industries, like,“forensic psychology.”

ROGS asks you, the reader, and those “good doctors” above, to note the quote below, published in a mainstream news outlet Buzzfeed, from the little girl in the newsletter above:

[Hafsa Islam] even filmed a 5-second video on Snapchat, a blurry video showing police with a man on the corner where Floyd was arrested.

“The first thing I noticed was his facial expression,” Hafsa said. “It
brought that image to my mind. I remembered how he was crying and in

She has thought of that expression, she said, as she watches the protests unfold in her city. “I think the people saying that people should stop protesting are wrong,” she said.

Now, ROGS,asks the reader to answer the following:

* what “gang” murdered an unarmed man in broad daylight?

* what “gang” had been following the target, and for how long, and with what “electronic surveillance gear?”

* how long had Mr. Floyds murderer known him, and known of him?

* lastly, is gang stalking related to police and security gangs?(see my bio and intro page for evidence of my former life,as a humble, incorruptible doorman in that exact city)

Conflating sex work with human trafficking: Ferdinand Magellan’s Catholic legacy in the Phillipines

Ferdinand Magellan, and the legacy of Catholic colonial servitude: lies and conflation about human sexual activity mirror the lies and conflations found in Biblical narratives of “the Virgin Mary,” and other Babylonian mystery cultic and symbolic narratives

Related Ideas: Thoughts on the defamation of human sexuality, and women from Peter Turner M.A., M.Sc who writes an interesting blog over at Zingcreed

Those who deploy the narrative conflation of sex work with sex trafficking is a euphimstic stretch, already one step removed from fact, because to many men and women from impoverished and colonialised countries, there are simply no alternative viable economic choices to the wealth that sex work can bring.

So, for example, selling street food for X amount of dollars/pesos/yuan/bhat per day just cannot compare to selling sxual access, because one sexual activity lasting ten minutes to one hour easily brings in more revenue than selling hot dogs and fry bread all day and night.

It is into this dialectic space where this centuries neo-colonialists insert themselves into local economies, and attempt to re-colonise countries where the western churches and governments once held court

Then, theres the issue that each and every “first world” culture is based upon the manipulation of male labor via the mechanism of the limitations of sexual access, enacted through occulted religious and legal structures and institutions.

And all of that predicated with the un-scientific, and false idea that having sex is a bad or unnatural thing in the first place.

Related Story: ROGS, the author of this blog, spent 15 years as a nightclub doorman(see my who is the author page), and without any single doubt, has personally observed that nearly 100% of all violent conflicts in those environments are preceded by conflicts based in sexual access related events. The following story highlights how high status males from one socio-economic class are seen as victims of violence, despite their own aggression, and how lower status males are villified as criminals for “winning” battles. And such is the case of the death of Ferdinand Magellan, interloper of the Phillipines, which I will briefly explore below.

Double fatal stabbing suspect Michael Mosley arrested in Cheatham County

So, naturally, when Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the Phillipines, his first work was to attempt to divide and conquer neighboring tribes, in order to force Roman Catholicism upon the native peoples.

And, history tells us that he was then rightly slaughtered by one of histories under rated Top Ten Badasses, the warrior king Lapu Lapu. But also, that he may, or may not have been the first person to sail around the world.

Whats important here in my thesis, is the issue of narrative supremacy, as it relates to sex workers, and as it relates to gang stalking, because as we see time and time again, NGOs that claim to be saving people, and women specifically, are deeply involved in the information and disinformation around this topic.

We also see Phillipine citizens pop up in several mass shootings, and in one famous case, the incredibly sketchy persona Marilou Danley, a so-called girlfriend of the Mandalay Bay shooter, Stephen Paddock.

After the Las Vegas shooting, former Muay Thai boxer, and mayor of a Phillipine village, Danley is also said to be variously affilliated with the CIA, and that actual evidence exists that she listed the FBI as a personal address, and reference while renting property in Australia.

But because ROGS is not a conspuracy theory blog, what matters here, is this fact of organized religion, and whether or not it is related to the vent at hand.

So, heres a quote from MSM sources, about Las Vegas shooters relationship with Danley, and that Catholicism was a factor:

He sent his girlfriend Marilou Danley to visit her family in the
Philippines two weeks before the attack and wired her $150,000 while she
was there. Danley, a former casino worker in Reno, returned to the U.S. after the shooting and told authorities that Paddock had complained that he was sick and that doctors told him he had a “chemical imbalance” and could not cure him.

Danley, who is Catholic, told investigators that Paddock often told her, “Your God doesn’t love me.”

So, in each and every narrative where these mass shootings take place these days, there are three constants:

1- heavilly gendered narrative as in the case above, where we see both the domestic violence smear in most news reports, and above, the idea ythat “he sent her away,” as if she was somehow powerless to leave by herself.

2- Like we also saw in the case of Gabriel Wortman and the Nova Scotia spree killing, that those who gender the narrative also derive funding from NGOs and federal budgets; but also that these bizarre smear campaigns use bizarre language, equating (unlitigated, gender biased) smears of DV with “torture.”

3- that religious spimespersons are widely quoted in these narratives, and news reports nearly always contain some yammering fool talking about god.

Here is more about how Catholic, Evangelical, and other relgions and their CIA derived NGOs wage tribal sectarian war against competing theologies in South America, but also here too.

From the link:

Roman Catholic Liberation Theology:

  • consciousness raising among the people through grass roots activities
  • commitment to the struggle of the poor for self-emancipation
  • few friends in high places, persecution by death squads etc
  • very few funds

church in latin america


  • resignation and fatalism; acceptance of the status quo
  • offer a safe surrender to Christ
  • their churches are considered holy and respectable by the authorities
  • ample funds from abroad (NB many of these churches now generate enough cash of their own not to need foreign funding, indeed some new fundamentalist sects have popped up in Latin America which owe nothing to the ‘Yanquis’.

Gang stalking movies: FBI gas lighting, OGS, and informants in “Donnie Brasco”

Can I ask you something?


What’s “forget about it”? What is that?

“Forget about it” is like

if you agree with someone.

Like, “Raquel Welch is one great

piece of ass.” “Forget about it.”

But then, if you disagree, like,

“A Lincoln is better than a Cadillac?

“Forget about it.”

It’s also like if something is the greatest thing in the world.

Like “Minghia, those peppers!

Forget about it!” You know?

It’s also like saying, “Go to hell,” too.

Like, “Paulie, you got a one-inch pecker.”

And Paulie says, “Forget about it.”

Forget about it. “Paulie, forget about it.”

Sometimes it just means, forget about it.

All right. Thank you very much. I got it.

Let me tell you something.

I don’t get this boat for Lefty…

Forget about it?

Fucking forget about it.

You know that sting operation?

What do you call it?

Where the agents dress up like Arabs and try to bribe congressmen?

They got a boat down here.



That’s right. It’s Abscam.

Yeah? Could we get it?

Forget about it.

Son of a bitch!

Come on, son of…

Fucking Donnie.

Hey, Lefty,

you’re not gonna fucking believe this.

You think this is some joke, huh?


You think this is funny, huh?

What are you talking about?

It’s fucking cold. Why is it so cold in here?

Hey, Donnie. Listen to me, Donnie.

I know you know, all right?

And I know you know I know you know.



What the fuck are you talking about?

I’m telling you, I’m freezing

to my fucking death, Donnie.

Yeah, fucking Greenland in here.

There’s no knob. Where’s the knob?

Thank you.

Well, did you call the maintenance guy?

They gotta have a…

Maintenance. I’m not gonna call

a maintenance guy. What are you, crazy?

Who knows a maintenance guy comes in,

what if he’s an agent? Come on.

Come on, he’s not an agent.

He’s a fucking janitor.

Janitor, come on.

I don’t want him touching it.

Put his hands on it. Who knows what

he puts in the goddamn air-conditioner.

Here, look at this. Here, look, look.

I got it up to 120, here. Come on.

Ain’t no fucking…

I’m not gonna have anyone going in here.

You know something?

That’s a fucking practical joke.

That’s what that is.

It’s a joke?


Where’s the joke? I don’t see the joke.

Come on, you know Sonny’s

sense of humor. It’s Sonny fucking around.

You think this is Sonny?




Sonny did this to me?

This is not Sonny Black, my friend.

No. This is you, Donnie.

You fucking cocksucker, it’s you!


In the tens of thousands of blogs, videos Reddit threads, and other online media that describes gang stalking, very few relate the real world of police and higher level (higher echellon) intelligence agencies to their fairly “ordinary” world.

But the movie Donnie Brasco is a total ROGS Bingo, if for only the portion of the script above.

In that script, in the lines quoted above, we find enough evidence to validate the ROGS thesis:

1- a verified, actual FBI infiltrator and informant manipulates perception

2- gas lighting (the air conditioner knob is mysteriously broken) as Donnie Brasco denies knowledge of both the misding air conditioner knob, and the FBI tactic of using the ruse of the maintainence worker to gain access

3- directed references to the targets sexuality. As many OGS blogs document, a persons sexuality is a tool with which to “handle” them

4- fear, anxiety, and paranoia (justified, actual self-protective and healthy, normal paranoia) expressed by the target in a situation where it is warranted is gaslughted as paranoia

5- suspicion, based in known and actual police/FBI tactics of using repair persons, and others who have access to personal, private dwellings.

Heres the script here, a total ROGS Bingo.

Dear David Eby, Gang stalking and prosecutors, the DVIC, perjury, and illegal, actionable, DHS deportation: A note from Patrick Fox

Mr. Eby: please go fuck your (Queen) mother. Because if you dont (and if your types arent already) this guy might:

Mother, son charged with incest, after mans wife catches that motherfucker, and his fucking mother in the act.

Who wants to bet that lively couple in the story above are New Democrats, like David Eby?

Related Post: The Palgrave Handbook of Counter-terrorism, and many other manuals in use by British and US, FVEYs policing and intelligence personel utilize unconstitutional “high policing” methods and ideology to manipulate, harass or contain dissent, and opposition to modern police state practices.

There is nothing Democratic about these so-called New Democrats in Canada, or the Democrats in the USA either. These parties are 100% controlled by British banking interests, the DVIC, and their counterpart conspirators in banking and finance in what many term “the Israelification” of policing.

To understand the complexity of these cases of gang stalking, start with the Queens favored knave, Scotland Yards “stalking expert” Hamish Brown, and his “chivalric” methodology:

How to create mass shootings, butter knife weilding terrorists, while using sex-biased and gendered narratives that absolve female sociopaths, by Hamish Brown, a knight in shining armor, cumming to your eMooootiiiiional rescue.

There are a lot of cases of anti-democracy, anti-due process cases of gang stalking where we find nightmare female sociopaths and drug users like Desiree Capuano (, sleeping their way up from being strippers, then system raised children producing more children(this is what western demicracies are now), and then progressing to being police rats and informants, and then, through the police and intelligence agencies, finally succeeding in attracting intel/police/ NGO cockroaches who couldnt otherwise get laid, even if the heavens broke, and dropped willing, able vaginas in their faces 24/7.

But, these DVIC pigs and their sows manage a strange economy, while dragging some guy (usually many guys) through that clusterfuck of muck, as the DVIC and its “white knights, like Mr. Shitstain “Scotland Yard retiree” Brown look in.

Women like Tracy West, who beat and raped herself; tied herself up and then blamed her childs father while in the middle of a custody dispute. She is a veritable poster child for how the entire Domestic Violence Industrial Complex and its “exigent religion” operates across the west.

I mean, womens deviance, psychopathology, and social chaos creation is everywhere you look in gang stalking cases, but the problem is, they, and their enablers, like Hamish “HIGH Policing Pussy” Brown and others like him, always manage to hide the fact that The Queens dick’s always fudge the basic tenets of disinformation, leaving the following case to reach an audience, wherein it gets echoed.

So, for the sake of the untold story, ROGS asks: why are your types gang stalking a blogger-a guy who believes in free speech, and who is far less scurrilous than the heinous cock-sucking security industry woman he documents?

It makes me wonder if the Queen uses,salad oil, as you, and your RCMP/Mi5/Rothschild/ DeBoers types pack her ass with tall tales of your “knightly” works…..

Dear Mr. Eby:You may recall a few months back I sent you a letter, while I was
still in custody at North Fraser Pretrial Centre, about the BC
Prosecution Service (BCPS) refusing to prosecute me for criminal
harassment based on this “Desiree Capuano” website I put back online,
even though in 2017 they prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced me to
three years in prison for it. And even though, for the past year and a
half, while I’ve been fighting their petty allegations of probation
violations, I’ve been demanding they prosecute me for criminal

Anyway, on August 19, 2020 I had a trial for a probation violation
for putting this website back online (publishing, disseminating
information about Capuano). And ,,,,,,, though the Crown’s (Chris Johnson)
only witness (VPD Detective Jennifer Fontana) and Crown himself both
admitted they had no knowledge or evidence of WHEN I published the material; and even though the material was published BEFORE
the probation order took effect (2018-12-30) and therefore it could
not, possibly, violate the probation order because the period of
probation had not yet begun; nevertheless, I was convicted. I was
sentenced to six months in jail (although I had already been in for 17
months anyway) and a new probation order with the one condition that I
take down the website within 48 hours of my release. I told the judge
“that’s just not going to happen”.

I told Mr. Johnson all this is doing is showing the world how
ineffectual and impotent the Canadian justice system is. They can’t
even make a little pissant nobody like myself take down a website. They
can lock me up for te rest of my life, but I will never take down the

Well, 48 hours has passed and the website is still online. The R. v.
Fox section, with all the proof of the corruption and collusion that
Crown Counsel Mark Myhre, defense counsel Tony Lagemaat, and Justice
Heather Holmes engaged in is still here. By the time you read this I
will probably be back in custody, but in case you haven’t figured it
out, I just don’t give a fuck.

And since January 2020 I’ve been fighting with the BCPS to disclose WHY they are refusing to prosecute me for criminal harassment – they are, after all, required under section 15(4) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to disclose the reasons for their decision not to prosecute.

So, come on Mr. Eby, tell the world why you’re refusing to prosecute
me for criminal harassment while at the same time prosecuting me for
violating the probation order by engaging in exactly the same conduct
Justice Holmes and Mr. Myhre insisted formed the basis of the criminal
harassment allegation when I was sentenced to three years in prison in

Is it because a new criminal harassment charge would mean a new jury
trial, which would mean the jury would be shown the proof of all the
corruption, and all of Capuano’s perjurious testimony from that first
trial? Is it because you know I would be acquitted and that would bring
the entire local justice system into disrepute because how could I
possibly be convicted the first time and acquitted the second time if,
both times, the allegations and the trials were based on exactly the
same conduct and evidence?

So go ahead, Mr. Eby, have your automatons at the BCPS get a warrant
for me violating probation because this website is still online. Send
me back to jail. Lock me up for the rest of my life. Show the world
that the BC Ministry of Justice and the BCPS just will not stand for
obnoxious little pissants like me exposing the corruption going on every
day in the Vancouver justice system. I mean, how dare I! Just who the
hell do I think I am? Right?

And finally, I would like to point out that, to date, neither the BCPS nor any of the parties discussed on the R. v. Fox page have denied any of my claims of corruption, collusion, or perjury!

Patrick Fox

Afterthoughts: ROGS has read through Mr. Foxs claims, and validated large portions of the case, leading to my conclusions herein. I will soon publish my interview with him.

Gabriel Wortman update, Portapique, Nova Scotia, domestic violence spin, forensic psychology analysis, junk science

Analyzing crisis PR “spin” in the gang stalking dialectic: Gabriel Wortman, the Portapique Nova Scotia mass homicide/spree killing, and influence operations involving gender biased, and unproven claims of domestic violence

ROGS asks: Since the baseline null hypotheses of those who are attempting to make a link between domestic violence and mass shootings is that these are in fact linked in a cause and effect manner, a series of new questions arises.

* Why do western narratives gender domestic violence as “male only” while absolving women of equal responsibility in this one way street of a narrative; and even in cases like the horrific murders of six children by Democratic party socialite Jennifer Hart, and her wife, who fled three states, over a period of nearly a decade after they repeatedly abused their adopted ca$h kids children; and the murders of children generally by their “mothers”-why is womens capacity for attrocity and basic human responsibility routinely overlooked in the west?

* Are these cases a reaction formation, a type of revolutionary act of directly engaging a false, gendered narrative of violence? In case after case of mass shooters, we see contact at many levels with DVIC kangaroo courts, and due process free policing long before they go ballistic. Use my search feature , KW: Scottsdale shooting, Matt Riehl, Scott Bierele, Andy Ostrowski, Duncan Socrates Lemp, Ahmaud Arbery

* Is there a “mean girls” component to these events, where the well known, and well documented factor of womens institutional violence, known as “third party punishment” and stalking “by proxy” which precipitates this reaction formation? Use my search feature and search the names above, and the keywords Thousand Oaks, speech polucing, ritual defamation.

Is there also a link between official source crisis PR and narrative control via policing and media pundits, combined with a less descript real world proxy stalking mechanism, such as that visible in the case below and if so is it an indicator of gang stalking?

Hypotheses: In cases where domestic violence is said to be linked to mass shootings the official narratives frequently quote people who had been involved in the suspects life, which in and of itself is not unusual.

But what is extremely unusual is that these crisis PR pundits, and “bystanders,” and interviewees are extremely close to the DVIC narrative, as we saw in the case of Scott Bierele, the hot yoga shooter, and in the case of Ian Long, the Ten Thousand Oaks shooter, narrative agents from media reports were put in the record having bullied, or harassed the shooters in the past.

Why do the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) narrators nearly ALWAYS appear in the official narratives of gang stalking? Because its a multi-billion dollar industry, and a social engineering effort, where police departments, and domestic violence NGOs gain revenue.

In advertising terms, this is called “product placement,” and these totally preventable events are called “publicity opportunities.”

In the following example, look for the appearance of a woman who is retired military, who “lived next door,” to the shooter (a common refrain written and spoken online is that ‘the gang stalkers will move in next door’).

Then, note another woman in that story, Linda MacDonald, founder of a cuckoo organization that equates white womens loss of privilege with “non-state torture” and who is spouting classic disinformation and psychobabble about “torture,” and, whose grammar, usage and syntax nearly identical to those who I have described as “psychobabbling fruitcakes,” like Dr. Tomo Shitbata, whose every single effort to “help TIs ” always includes gibberish about sattelite brain beams, and UFO like experiences, and other garbage.

Then, we have a chance to once again validate ROGS Analysis, by gendering gang stalkers as female in cases where the gendered narrative of domestic violence is allegedly linked to mass shootings and other mayhem, rather than linked to how these DVIC gangs are gang stalking men who have been accused, but never convicted if domestic violence.

This is what high policing is, and men like Gabriel Wortman are who get targeted in these operations, because without any doubt, this is a classic Hegelian conflict: the evil wealthy white man versus his parasitic live-in common law “wife” who is also a single mother.

First, lets look at the spin, which appeared amazingly early in the media narraties:

Neighbour reported N.S. mass killer’s domestic violence, weapons to police

The Canadian Press

Published Tuesday, May 12, 2020 7:13PM ADT

Last Updated Tuesday, May 12, 2020 7:19PM ADT

N.S. rampage

fire-destroyed property registered to Gabriel Wortman at 200 Portapique
Beach Road is seen in Portapique, N.S. on Friday, May 8, 2020. THE


A former neighbour of the gunman behind last month’s mass shooting in
Nova Scotia says she reported his domestic violence and cache of
firearms to the RCMP years ago and ended up leaving the community
herself due to fears of his violence.

Brenda Forbes said that in the summer of 2013, she told police about reports that Gabriel Wortman had held down and beaten his common law
spouse behind one of the properties he owned in Portapique, a coastal
community west of Truro.

Domestic violence is being examined as a key aspect of the mass shooting, as police have said the rampage began on the night of April 18 after the gunman argued with his common law spouse and restrained and beat her before she managed to escape into the woods.

  • Then, read the ROGS posts, listed below for deeper context to the Nova Scotia killings. From what I can tell, Wortman appears to have targeted those who targeted him, sadly taking out a few innocent bystanders aling the way.

    But predictably, according to ROGS Analysis, retired police were literally EVERYWHERE you look in this story, ranging from the woman mentioned above, to three of his own relatives who are former RCMP.

    And so far, ROGS Analysis is batting nearly 1000% in these cases, unlike police departments and national police agencies like the RCMP which peddle ACTUAL CONSPIRACY THEORIES, such as this here, where we see them grasping at all the wrong straws, rather than shine a lught in the high polucing tactic of organized gang stalking by DVIC sponsored NGOs, and their psychobabblers.
    RCMP profilers and an RCMP forensic psychologist have been deployed “in an effort to better understand the gunman, why he committed these horrible crimes and to determine if there were any predictable factors that may assist in preventing future similar tragedies.”

    Note to the RCMP: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, right? Well, the science indicates that Hamish Browns stalking advice(KW: Hamisch/Hamish) combined with gender-biased gang stalking ala Nikki Craft by womens empowerment advocates, and their DVIC NGOs and their assets in proactive policing is garbage, and precipitates mass shootings quicker than a cold front meeting your hot air.

    Maybe, go bark up that tree for awhile, and see what kind of birds fly out.

    My money is on a few Ravens, crows, and some dual national cockroaches too. And maybe, an umbrella or two, too.

    Gang stalking case study: the rebuilding of sustainable economy starts with the right public relations

    A Plymouth Rock and Pilgrim free, John Wayne Commemorative Edition Thanksgiving Day Feast

    Them’s is fightin’ words in Minneapolis’ Third Precinct….

    For those who have been following along, you will note that ROGS planted a seed in 2008, and that seed has grown.

    The avid reader will also note that invoking the words “peace,” or “sustainability,” or “community” in a pro-democracy manner can get a person gang stalked by corrupt police, and their police state networks (in NGOs, and other community groups with cloaked purposes) that operate from the anti-democratic, “proactive and preemptive” model of  “policing,” which is really just a black hand shakedown racket, with police and fire working as the collectors.

    George Floyd worked security at El Nuevo Rodeo, right next door to Gandhi Mahal, with his co-worker, and eventual murderer Derek Chauvin.

    Read the linked articles above, and then, read my news letter below, from 2008 (search my blog for posts that reference the murder of George Floyd, Ruhel Islam, Derek Chauvin, or this restaurant herein) where I created a concept, and provided the language to a person who promised that they would follow my lead in ending discrimination, feeding the poor, and building sustainable economy.

    This can help psychologists, and attorneys answer the main questions about gang stalking, such as “who gets gang stalked.”

    A Golem indeed, but whose?


    Gang stalking case study for law and psychology: Organizing dissent, against the backdrop of racial conflict, Minneapolis, MN Third Precinct, pre-George Floyd

    KW:Keith Ellison, Ruhel Islam, Minneapolis Police Federation corruption, gang stalking minnesota

    In Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood, a restaurateur looks to build a Ramadan tradition

    It’s a social gathering place,” said U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison.

    “It’s a place where people who are facing political struggle come to

    Ruhel Islam knows food insecurity well. Growing up in
    Bangladesh, Islam didn’t always have access to food, let alone healthy
    food, an outlook that shaped his very business model. “If we all do our
    part, the world will be a better place,” he said.

    That simple mantra has been the driving force behind Islam’s restaurant, Gandhi Mahal, a popular Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant in Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood. But it’s also why Islam has received attention for his
    charitable works — like supporting and growing locally sourced food and
    building a community room in the neighborhood that anyone can use to
    host events.

    It’s also why for the last three years, during Ramadan — a monthlong Muslim holiday celebrated through fasting — Islam hosts free iftar dinners every night and donates the proceeds to charity. “There’s a suggested $15 donation,” Islam said.

    “They can pay $15 and their money will go to good causes.”

    Read the rest of the story here, at MinnPost

    ROGS has referenced the story above, and also the following issues here at ROGS blog, and I provide you, the observer, with empirical evidence of organized gang stalking, in Minneapolis, MN:

    * White supremacy, expressed as due process free, DVIC “high policing,” and its networks of “snitches” in one local culture, referenced above, as this social engineering scheme confronts “the other.”(use my search feature, KW: Harley Davidson, angel, Brookie)

    * Jewish Supremacy, expressed as crybullying, “narrative control” and media smear campaigns, aka fanatical, racist, neocon zionism, and specifically how that affected Rep. Keith Ellison, who is now that states chief law enforcer, mentioned above (KW: ritual defamation, ADL, Linda Sarsour, Keith Ellison); also referebce this piece about the ritual defamation of Keith Ellison, by Yakov Hirsch

    * reference the recent calls for the ouster of Minneapolis’ so called police union boss, Bob KKKroll, and his ties to gangs, such as the Withrow Warlords, Hells Angels, and other local motorcycle gangs.

    Then, read this, from local station KSTP5:

    A crowd of demonstrators gathered Saturday afternoon outside Minneapolis Police Federation President Bob Kroll’s home in Hugo to call for his resignation.

    Protesters and community leaders have accused Kroll of fostering a
    toxic culture within the Minneapolis Police Department, and calls for his resignation have grown since George Floyd’s death in police custody
    on May 25.

    “Here in Hugo, Minnesota, I’m going to take a wild guess and take it you don’t have to fear for your life as much as you do in Minneapolis with Bob Kroll and his gang of thugs hunting down black and brown bodies like they’re getting paid for it because they are,” activist Toussaint
    Morrison said.

    KSTP has reached out to the Police Federation for a response but has not heard back as of Saturday evening.

    Yoy can use ROGS search feature to find other posts about Gandhi Mahal, George Floyd and the police gang that murdered him (ROGS was personally acquainted with several of those officers, but not “affiliated” with them), or other pists about gang stalking in Minnesota, for “proof of gang stalking.”

    Yoy can use ROGS search feature to find other posts about Gandhi Mahal, George Floyd and the police gang that murdered him (ROGS was personally acquainted with several of those officers, but not “affiliated” with them), or other pists about gang stalking in Minnesota, for “proof of gang stalking.”

    Long Island, NY gang stalking case study: white couple arrested for years long stalking of their neighbor &Who wants to bet cops or firefighters are involved?

    One of the problems that existed in the online community of gang stalking before ROGS began writing was the usual problem of biases, and particularly confirmation bias in observers who are actual victims of gang stalking.

    But heres another ROGS Bingo which is confirmed by ROGS Analysis:CAMPAIGN OF HARASSMENT ‘Racist’ white couple spent years ‘tormenting black neighbor by leaving dog poop and dead animals in their yard’

    John McEneaney, 57, and his partner Mindy Canarick, 53, of Valley Stream, New York, have been charged after allegedly tormenting Jennifer McLeggan, 39.

    VP-COMP-GUNMAN Image Credit Instagram /

    So, sure, biases get in the way, and ROGS -A has eliminated that by separating the “gang stalking denialists ” from their victims, aka targeted individuals, and isolating crackpots who yammer on about total crap like electronic brain zappers, and biblical, mind reading locusts, while others have their heads crammed up the ideologies of various assholes, ranging from white privileged, white female narratives in the case of psychobabbling fruitcake Dr. Tomo Shibata; or in cases where any of the many military trained disinformation and misinformation specialists proliferate, such as,the USAF OSI, or actual milutary and intel agency spies, like this one here.

    RELATED CONCEPTS:  The dialectic of gang stalking is full of strange words and phrases, most of which trace to specialized military and police or intelligence  sources. ROGS calls this “gang stalking para -language ” because up until I began to write, only Dr. Robert Guffey had described the paucity of evidence of “what the gang stalkers call themselves, ” mych less,what language and terms they ude amongst themselves.So,

     here is a milutary related and actual use of electronics, and “bomb sniffing locusts.”

    Then:    Confirmation Bias is the tendency to look for information that supports, rather than rejects, one’s preconceptions, typically by interpreting evidence to confirm existing beliefs while rejecting or ignoring any conflicting data (Source: Britannica online encyclopedia )

    So, ROGS solved that biases problem by developing ROGS Analysis. You can search my blog for those posts, using search term ROGS Analysis, or read this, my “conclusion” post where I discuss a twelve year period wherein ROGS-A was refined as a scientific method based predictive tool with which to assess these cases.

    And, using the scientific method, I discovered that nearly all gang stalking is police, firefighters, city workers, and their related tenracles in the community, such as various political NGOs, Infragard agents, local block clubs full of ex -military and retired police, and government workers, working with active police, and city /state /federal officials, and stalking individuals for years, as we saw with the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, by a highly organized “gang ” of the exact types of “members ” that I describe.

    So, what exactly is “Proactive Policing,”and “threat assessment ” aka gang stalking and threat creation, anyways? See this post, where police, and police affilliated persons from a specific town, and town council  harass an old lady, including poisoning her yard, and her, with lawn chemicals.

    Lets examine a recent case against ROGS Analysis to see if we can confirm, or refute my analysis. And, its important to when note that I was gang stalked, I had no “preconceptions, ” or beliefs, one way or another about “what is gang stalking, and who are the gang stalkers.”

    I simply followed the evidence, which led me to unexpected conclusions, like this one here, and even better evidence, like the organized gang stalking of Bob Deis, or the case study of Rick Krlich in Ohio, where a firefighter from the local stalking gang (made up entirely of current and former police, city council persons, their associates and relatives ) was convicted of stalking, and calling in fake fires, robbing the town till, as Krlich succeeded in getting restraining orders on the other local, highly organized gang members, who work, or worked in, official capacities.

    So, in the following gang stalking case study, I ask the reader to note the following “claims ” that targeted individuals make about gang stalkers and their enabling Karens:

    • they throw shit in your yard – they use, “no touch torture ” to threaten you, or to simulate fight or flight provoking responses, or near death experiences
    • dead animals, as we see in the case of the Ebay executives who gang stalked critics of Ebay, and also used dead animals as symbolic threats
    • they will wage a harassment campaign using city workers, and city protocols (false claims /slander/defamation /harassment )
    • they will target you as an organized group, using friends, relatives and associates; and misuse city resources too

    All this, and much more, in the following gang stalking that lasted three years, and ended with a successful lawsuit.

    And now, the local prosecutor has filed a gang staljing lawsuit, and charged these stalkers . TIs, this is how you fight gang stalking!

    Jennifer taped a sign to her door – photos of which have went viral – detailing the allegations and how police allegedly refused to help her.

    She admits she clashed with fellow residents over her supposedly untidy garden when she first moved in.

    The nurse told WABC-TV: “I bought the property when I was pregnant and this is the truth, the property was in bad shape.

    “I’m trying my best to make every effort to clean the property. I’ve done my best to clean the property.”

    Jennifer claims that her neighbors have thrown dog poo onto her yard leading to her being fined.

    She said: “I kept on noticing dog feces. I kept on noticing ticket ordinances from the Valley Stream Village town.

    “I keep getting tickets. I keep seeing dog feces.”

    This prompted her to install a camera which she claims captured her neighbor throwing the animal excrement.

    Now, ROGS will move into phase two of this analysis to see if any.of the people in that story are police, firefighters, city workers, and other “narrative control agents. ” Stay tuned, because preliminary research seems to link one of the stalkers to an NYPD fire engine, E231.

    Is gang stalking real? Are police, and firefighters nearly always involved?


    Is ROGS Analysis of organized gang stalking worth the paper its written on!?

    You decide!

    Dear Caitlin Lam: why are you following ROGS blog? : gang stalking case study

    The usual suspects: I think the cabal is forming up. I ask my one, special reader, for advice now. You know where to find me.

    Ed. Note: this post you are reading references this post here

    My “followers,” are listed in the screenshot below, all of whom have extremely non-descript blogs* featuring only photographs, sans commentary; and a,surprising number of my followers are also Captain Karens and their spawn. And, they never respond to Nice emails, asking simply “Hi, thanks for following. May I ask why you find my work interesting?”That pattern repeats in these cases.

    Continue reading

    How NOT to stop mass shootings: keep asking the usual suspects for advice about “how to stop mass shootings”

    How to Stop Mass Shootings – WSJ

    By Ari N. Schulman Nov. 8, 2013 7:32 pm ET

    “Public shootings have become a familiar American spectacle in recent years, and two more occurred in recent weeks”….read more here

    The definition of insanity is (apparently) “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” and that quote is often attributed to Albert Einstein, who was never on record writing, or speaking that phrase in any form, anywhere, according to the QuoteInvestigator.

    ROGS asks: is that just more thinly veiled anti-semitism? And then, is this more evidence of how Protestants, Catholics, Baptists, (especially the hard core contingents of King James Bible spouting US Marine Corps disinformation agents) spread lies and disinformation about Jews?

    Because, for starters, the scientific method is, 100% about doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, and proving, or disproving a theory, or a hypothesis. As such, ROGS invites anyone, anywhere, anytime, to falsify ROGS Analysis of gang stalking.

    Related Concept: Karl Poppers concept of falsifiability </aand why scientists “do things over and over, ” sometimes producing “different results.”

    So, please look at my (poorly formatted, in need of editing )post about the true and most likely origin of that quote, which most reputable sources trace to the Alcoholics Anonymous cult, and its tentacles in other occulted religious control structures and institutions.

    Then, look at how the former head of the FBI, James Comey and many other politicians  use the name of Rienhold Niehbur in an occulted, sectarian para-language manner that is affilliated with the concept of “putting Christ into culture, ” to both hide his religious beliefs and influence online (and here where someone from the FBI targeted my blog during a government shutdown, and here too ), but also to affirm his tribal-sectarian approach to law enfarcement, where the Constitution and civil rights, due process, and respect for. both the letter, and the spirit of the law,are demolished by those whose Jewish -christian “buhliefs ”cannot tolerate demicracy, or freedom.

    Niebuhr is the guy who gave us the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous, and also thi idea that “insanity is doing the,same thing over and over, expecting different results, ” which, not incoincidentally just happens to be the scientific method.

    So we see here religion, challenging science, via politics, the FBI, and occulted relugionists,who despise the rule of law.

    The number twelve (12) and gang stalking by intelligence agencies: the case of the Saudi dissident: child kidnapping, death squads, and 12 person teams

    Canada’s National Post covers the story of a gang stalking lawsuit, where a twelve person team of Saudi Arabian intelligence agency assassins targeted Saad Aljabri, a high ranking former Saudi palace insider.

    He is now suing them.

    U.S. court slaps Saudi crown prince with summons over Canadian hit squad case

    The summons lists 12 additional defendants who, dissident Saad Aljabri alleges, were involved in a failed attempt on his life
    Tyler Dawson
    Publishing date:
    Aug 10, 2020

    “Aljabri has been living in Canada since 2017 after fleeing his homeland following a palace coup. that saw bin Salman put next in line for the throne. Aljabri was the right-hand man of Mohammed bin Nayef, who’s the nephew of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Bin Nayef was deposed in favour of Mohammed bin Salman, making Aljabri a target for the new regime, a source close to the Aljabri family told the National Post earlier this year.

    Since then, there have been numerous attempts to coerce Aljabri to return to the Kingdom, including the abduction of two of Aljabri’s adult children, who were forbidden from leaving Saudi Arabia.”

    ROGS readers will note that I have discussed these twelve person teams many times, and in many places here at ROGS blog; and I have discussed how these cowards threaten to steal children too, as we see in this case.

    Whats most important in cases of OGS however isnt that you are 100% correct in assessing the precise numerology involved but rather, that you have a general idea that it exists at all, because the difference between random crime, and other forms of stalking, is that most gang stalkers are “intellugence trained” meaning that they have trained in military, police, and other related fields.

    As such, their levels of organization belie some interesting habits,one of which is the basic structure of their literal team “organization.”

    This strange man, Gernot Ueblacker, who wrote to me about a fake kidnapping hoax, uses the number twelve in his liturgical entitled “Mornins Twelve Mafia,”, as do many others.

    His father was,the famous Horst Ueblacker who designed the technology of the Eisenhower Tunnel. I suspect his “mafia” is a christian prayer group, with police and intelligence ties, and it was he who claimed that some group was targeting him with NSA Equation Group styled “electronic implants,sheep_dog_working_with_Da_Man” in his computer, and that he had tons of evidence, but couldnt produce it when asked.

    * There was the case of my mysterious pair of neighbors who always seemed to arrive, and leave their apartment when I did; and my various ways of monitoring my internet revealed that pair monitoring my internet too, via a Motorola router, as I read a news story about Mahmoud Al Mabhouh’s Assassination by an Israeli hit squad in Dubai.

    * That team mentioned above had 17 or 18 persons involved in the murder, depending on the source one could read at the time it happened, which is explained by the sort-of well known 5/12 configuration that you can see as in this story where former New York detectives discuss it in context to the Smiley Face Killer theory (that is an actual conspiracy theory with far less evidence than gang stalking).

    It can also be glimpsed in the final count of the 12/5 or 13/5 team that was observed murdering Mahbouh on film.

    Heres a Wiki on that topic,but by far, one of my favorite forums about that topic came courtesy of security guru Bruce Schneier; and also where we later saw the “team” grow to 26 or more.

    * I discussed it in the case of the Mandalay Bay/ Las Vegas mass shooting too. In that case, a team of five that included Jose Campos cowering in a stairwell as Stephen Paddock allegedly shot up a crowd of key gun control influencers and country music fans.

    In fact, I used the five person team configuration to develop ROGS Analysis, which is batting nearly 1000% in predicting key features of mass shootings, and other bizarre events like incel related car crashings, and butter knife weilding madmen, pawns in the manufactured terrorism events that fill western newspapers every week.

    And, I discussed that five person team a lot in the case of Stephen Paddock, and you can use my search feature to fund other posts about that link.

    * I used the number twelve, and also thirteen in several contexts all over this blog for a variety of reasons, none of which are that I am somehow obsessed with it, or that it as personal meaning to me, because it doesn‘t.

    It does, however, have meaning to many who operate in policing and intelligence related environments, but also to media and crisis public relations fields. These types use that number to signal to each other online, as we saw with the author of the infamous gang stalkng hit piece called “They See Gangs of Stalkers.”

    That author, Mike McPhate is entirely discredited (as is the NYTs ridiculous opinion pages, as we see with the recent welcome resignation of racist propagandist Bari Weiss), and we see his use of the number thirteen in a piece about actual gangs of police, ling after his smear against TIs.

    Writing about that linkage would require an extensive, novel length explication, so read these ROGS posts about the thirteens and twelves instead:

    * Propaganda and sensationalist news items frequently use the numbers twelve, and thirteen, depending on the targeted audience

    – A main stream Jewish writer stumbles through Kabbalistic meanings of Order and Chaos, much as psychologists get stuck analyzing true delusions from OGS symptoms, or discerning apopheny from epiphany.

    – An actual occultist, one of my rabid zionist cyberstalkers, who followed me on Twitter, and whom I later researched intensely after she started her schtick about “face orbs” and talking with the dead, is a former United States Air Force investigator from its OSI division, and she claims to belong to an actual USAF sponsored intelligence cult of 13 members.

    I suspect that her cult has something to do with child abductions, and child abuse as we saw with the Col. Aquino scandals, but I dont have proof of that. In order for the ROGS readers to understand the threat that these types of people pose to targeted individuals, a look back at the Satanic Panic era, and specifically at the Presidio Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax, and Col. Acquinos response to his vile, and actual occultist, religious critics is an eye opener.

    * Thirteen and spying is even tied together in the Jewish-christian books, bibles and Torahs too. Have a look at how its used in biblical spy activity. ROGS primarilly profiles Jewish-christian terrorists, so I dont know what the numbers twelve and 13 mean to sociopaths like the Saudi Prince in the story above.

    On that note, yes, OGS is indeed bizarre, and I urge the reader to use my search feature for other posts about the numbers twelve and thirteen, because it is used as a sign and signifier in OGS cases, for a variety of reasons.

    The number twelve in our case at hand is a case of Saudis, not our usual suspects from the Jewish-christian world, and will require more analysis on my part to understand its Arabian and Muslim context.

    For now, heres more about the propaganda features of these numbers, from the kabbalistic, cultic, sectarian and oral traditions:

    Chabad Jewish kabbalah, the number 13 which is related to the synagogue shootings, and police freemasonry/other poluce occult groups

    What Are the 13 Attributes of Mercy?
    The number 13 signifies the infinite. The number 12 signifies constraint and order: e.g., the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 months in a year. Above order and control, 13 connotes boundlessness and immeasurability.

    And 12 from the western religious and gnostic, Knights Templars, and other occult symbology, the zodiac, months of the year, etc.:

    ‘Mind control’ experiences on the internet: Vaughan Bell et al., and “psychologists are complicit”: Psychopathology and gang stalking, delusions, the redirect method Moonshot CVE, and racist hate groups alter our choices online

    Non governmental organizations (NGOs), governments, police and intelligence firms, corporate interests, and even sectarian and religious and hate groups like the Anti Defamation League (ADL), with its tentacles in the NGOs and their related industries are using non -consensual, unethical ,and possibly illegal “middle man attacks ” of web browser searches online to target people they dont like. And, those online operations come offline too.

    Related Story:  CAIR Los Angeles sues the government for disclosure about how LA is spending the $425,000 government grant allicated for “countering violent extremism (CVE )” programs. These programs include onlune and offline “redirection and disruption ” of individuals who fall into these targeting programs.

    These religion based hate groups and their compatriots in the altRight, a hodgepodge of occulted religious orders working through activist circles, police, intelligence firms, and private contractors aka DHS /FBI/Mi5-6 private contractor spies are employing(deploying ) varying levels of “extrinsic religion ” as we saw with former FBI director James Comey and his allegiance to theologian Rienhold Niehbur; and  using programs like Moonshot CVE, and the Palantir octopus of “predictive policing” technology and internet monitoring “tools” to “target individuals” and whole demographics with non-consensual “internet redirection”online, based on Google search language; and then, its associated unconstitutional “proactive policing” offline.

    This “redirection,”and military “psychological operations ” waged against non-consensual subjects is what “mind control” actually is in the extant literature, and by definition and an example of what is commonly known as a, “black program,”in military and intelligence circles, and in these dangerous, mind manipulating black ops, we now see them privatized, wholly unaccountable to anyone .

    Related Story: anti-Muslim bigot and terror manufacturer Rita Katz and her gang of intelligence /security thugs pops up at the site of many strange mass shootings, and other mayhem both BEFORE and AFTER,these events, almost as if she had written the script: Search ROGS for cases yhat examine “mind control”, strange internet happenings, and the terminology or weaponized use of of pornography.

    And, these corporate operatives, police, and others like British Intelligence (GCHQ-JTRIG) widely use internet forum infiltration, hacking, redirection, and more to manipulate speakers, cyberstalk, harass, defame, and otherwise “control” people and their choices too.

    Psychology and the quaint, pre-internet, pre-redirection, post “free will” internet, and post-MKULTRA era notion of “free will”

    The average citizens chances of encountering “spies” used to be nearly impossible, whereas today, the chance of “average, normal people” encountering spies and their assets is a 1/30 chance, EVERY DAY, according to the numbers on the rosters of US based security industry, intelligence, and policing agents, who act in hidden capacities online and off. That means  there is one security /intel /police agent per US person, compared to the general population, and that number does not include retired police and military agents who are still active in organizations like ATAP, LEIUs,  Citizens on Patrol, or the often cited anti -democracy FBI -Infragard.

    The anti-democratic FBI Infragard is behind every internet switch, using cowardly police state, Fusion Center monitoring and provocateur manipulation of real-time conversations on social media, and more to alter, redirect, and otherwise “influence” the minds, and choices of individuals that they target online.

    And then, after that, comes their offline, real time harassment of activists as documented by the ACLU, dissenters, and first amendment speakers. Like this, for example. 

    So: Why do psychologists resist using the term “mind control” in discussing the above mentioned psychological manipulation of targeted audiences, and targeted individuals? Is it only because the APA squashed the research into that topic in the 1980s, or that they are deliberately stuck in the past, struggling over the legitimacy of not just the legitimacy of claims of mind control, but especially narrative control, post MKULTRA, and at the height of the Ronald Reagan/Edwin Meese-pornography and Moral Majority era?

    From Wikipedia:

    • Dualism makes the problem insoluble; materialism denies the existence of any phenomenon to study, and hence of any problem.

    The short bus answer, is that psychologists are simply and often deliberately out of touch with the reality of the internet and its hidden speech police, as we see with Dr.Lorraine Sheridan, Vaughan Bell, et al., but also focus on the following examples of gang stalking denialism by Vaughan Bell, et. al. because these were written at exactly the time that the US -FVEYs were actually torturing human beings in Iraq, and imprisoning-and drugging – men in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, which many argue is a mere ectension of MKULTRA programs providing torture porn to people like US vice president Dick Cheney.

    Laypersons, public relations industry persons, sociologists, movie script writers, and others call these types of targeted “non-consensual alterations of human perception, aka perception management” mind control because the targets dont have a “choice” in these matters. And its at this juncture where we can make educated guesses that anyone who calls targeted, non-consensual internet experiences anything other than “mind control” is likely getting research grants from government or other “vested” resources.

    So, lets examine gang stalking denialism from the perspective of the related concept of mind control denialism.

    Psychology has almost always been nearly junk science, because its purely subjective* and relies heavily upon the subjective opinions and diagnoses of biased, non-objective, primarily white christian and Jewish observers.

    As such, it is an inneffective tool with which to analyze delusions in any form other than the white Jews,and christians who adhere to those “beliefs ” and the exigent religion based societies that enforce those beliefs, as this analyses relies upon cultural observers who themselves are denying the experiences–and story telling conventions and traditions– of the other two thirds of the worlds population.

    But also, because it is entirely subjective, not objective in the clinical sense at all, because of that glaring Jewish -christian bias inherent in the research at its foundations.

    Lets look at a few of the infamous Western Holy War era psychological studies that sought to “question” the narratives of people who had claimed mind control experiences online, what some studies called MCEs, and correlate these studies with the well known and oft repeated gang stalking memetic, that “psychologists are in on it,” which they generally are, bbased in what they read(such as these studies below), and their strange belief systems, like the,absolute “good” of government funding.

    So, ROGS,asks: is the “government” part of some “conspiracy” to deny the ample evidence of “non-consensual redirection and psychological and influence operations,” stated above (and stated in millions of internet and MSM sources too)?

    Lets ask the US National Institute of Health, and the National Library of Medicine about their “mind control denialism” study from 2006, and a few others, and, as usual, ROGS asks you, the reader to decide for yourself. But also, if your lawter, shrink, parole officer, medical doctor, social worker, etc. says you are “delusional”, point them here to these junk science papers, written by pseudo-scientists, aka psychologists:

    Comparative Study

    ‘Mind control’ experiences on the internet: implications for the psychiatric diagnosis of delusions
    Vaughan Bell et al. Psychopathology. 2006.


    Background: The DSM criteria for a delusion indicate that it should not include any beliefs held by a person’s ‘culture or subculture’. The internet has many examples of people reporting ‘mind control experiences’ (MCEs) on self-published web pages, many of which suggest a community based around such beliefs and experiences. It was hypothesized that some of these reports are likely to reflect delusional beliefs and the hyperlinks between web reports were likely to show evidence of social structure, demonstrating the ‘culture or subculture’ exemption to be increasingly redundant in light of new technology.

    Sampling and methods: Texts from web sites reporting MCEs (n = 10), experience of cancer (n = 10), depression (n = 10) and being stalked (n = 10) were identified, and were blind-rated by three independent psychiatrists for the presence of delusions. Hyperlinks from web sites reporting MCEs were used to create a network structure; this was compared with a size-matched, randomly generated network and known social networks from the literature using social network analysis.

    Conclusions: The sampled web-published accounts of MCEs are highly likely to be influenced by delusional beliefs. Social network analysis suggests there is significant evidence of an online community based around these beliefs. The fact that individuals can form a community based on the content of a potentially delusional belief presents a paradox for the DSM diagnostic criteria for a delusion, and suggests the need to revise and revisit the original operational definition in the light of these new technological developments.

    Heres a few more moldie oldies from the War on (manufactured) Terror era of endless money spent on junk science and psycholigy to justify that illegal war, and likely beneficiaries like Vaughan Bell:

    Bells pre-masterpiece of fraudulent (or merely uninformed and pandering)junk science, pondering “delusions” that the governments of the western world and their propaganda agents are manipulating our online experiences:

    ‘Internet delusions’: a case series and theoretical integration
    Vaughan Bell et al. Psychopathology. May-Jun 2005.

    Heres some other crackpot junk science pushing shrink from that era too:

    Why do people with delusions fail to choose more realistic explanations for their experiences? An empirical investigation
    Daniel Freeman et al. J Consult Clin Psychol. 2004 Aug.

    ROGS CHALLENGE: ROGS,dares,any and,all gang stalking denialists, and mind control deniers, and “internet delusions” espousing psychologists, therapists and others, to refute the evidence above, that proves definitively that “psycholigists are in on it,” fat as rats, and thick as thieves.

    * Subjective, meaning that most diagnoses of various “mental illnesses” ranging from personality disorders to delusions, and Type 1&2 errors, are largely derived from Jewish-christian culture and its flawed, biased, incentivized cultural observers.

    So, while issues like physical brain damage, Alzheimers, aneurysms, and other “organic” brain disorders have observable effects,and affective symptoms, backed by actual science which can be analyzed using the scientific method, issues like “delusions,” or ratings of narcissism, schizo-affect, and other western gibberish have less than scientific interpretations, are wholly an opinion, and are not consistent across cultures.

    So, organic brain disorders are observable across cultures, and separate from so called “mental disorders” based in some square pegs opinion about cogs in wheels.