Dear David Eby, Gang stalking and prosecutors, the DVIC, perjury, and illegal, actionable, DHS deportation: A note from Patrick Fox

Mr. Eby: please go fuck your (Queen) mother. Because if you dont (and if your types arent already) this guy might:

Mother, son charged with incest, after mans wife catches that motherfucker, and his fucking mother in the act.

Who wants to bet that lively couple in the story above are New Democrats, like David Eby?

Related Post: The Palgrave Handbook of Counter-terrorism, and many other manuals in use by British and US, FVEYs policing and intelligence personel utilize unconstitutional “high policing” methods and ideology to manipulate, harass or contain dissent, and opposition to modern police state practices.

There is nothing Democratic about these so-called New Democrats in Canada, or the Democrats in the USA either. These parties are 100% controlled by British banking interests, the DVIC, and their counterpart conspirators in banking and finance in what many term “the Israelification” of policing.

To understand the complexity of these cases of gang stalking, start with the Queens favored knave, Scotland Yards “stalking expert” Hamish Brown, and his “chivalric” methodology:

How to create mass shootings, butter knife weilding terrorists, while using sex-biased and gendered narratives that absolve female sociopaths, by Hamish Brown, a knight in shining armor, cumming to your eMooootiiiiional rescue.

There are a lot of cases of anti-democracy, anti-due process cases of gang stalking where we find nightmare female sociopaths and drug users like Desiree Capuano (, sleeping their way up from being strippers, then system raised children producing more children(this is what western demicracies are now), and then progressing to being police rats and informants, and then, through the police and intelligence agencies, finally succeeding in attracting intel/police/ NGO cockroaches who couldnt otherwise get laid, even if the heavens broke, and dropped willing, able vaginas in their faces 24/7.

But, these DVIC pigs and their sows manage a strange economy, while dragging some guy (usually many guys) through that clusterfuck of muck, as the DVIC and its “white knights, like Mr. Shitstain “Scotland Yard retiree” Brown look in.

Women like Tracy West, who beat and raped herself; tied herself up and then blamed her childs father while in the middle of a custody dispute. She is a veritable poster child for how the entire Domestic Violence Industrial Complex and its “exigent religion” operates across the west.

I mean, womens deviance, psychopathology, and social chaos creation is everywhere you look in gang stalking cases, but the problem is, they, and their enablers, like Hamish “HIGH Policing Pussy” Brown and others like him, always manage to hide the fact that The Queens dick’s always fudge the basic tenets of disinformation, leaving the following case to reach an audience, wherein it gets echoed.

So, for the sake of the untold story, ROGS asks: why are your types gang stalking a blogger-a guy who believes in free speech, and who is far less scurrilous than the heinous cock-sucking security industry woman he documents?

It makes me wonder if the Queen uses,salad oil, as you, and your RCMP/Mi5/Rothschild/ DeBoers types pack her ass with tall tales of your “knightly” works…..

Dear Mr. Eby:You may recall a few months back I sent you a letter, while I was
still in custody at North Fraser Pretrial Centre, about the BC
Prosecution Service (BCPS) refusing to prosecute me for criminal
harassment based on this “Desiree Capuano” website I put back online,
even though in 2017 they prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced me to
three years in prison for it. And even though, for the past year and a
half, while I’ve been fighting their petty allegations of probation
violations, I’ve been demanding they prosecute me for criminal

Anyway, on August 19, 2020 I had a trial for a probation violation
for putting this website back online (publishing, disseminating
information about Capuano). And ,,,,,,, though the Crown’s (Chris Johnson)
only witness (VPD Detective Jennifer Fontana) and Crown himself both
admitted they had no knowledge or evidence of WHEN I published the material; and even though the material was published BEFORE
the probation order took effect (2018-12-30) and therefore it could
not, possibly, violate the probation order because the period of
probation had not yet begun; nevertheless, I was convicted. I was
sentenced to six months in jail (although I had already been in for 17
months anyway) and a new probation order with the one condition that I
take down the website within 48 hours of my release. I told the judge
“that’s just not going to happen”.

I told Mr. Johnson all this is doing is showing the world how
ineffectual and impotent the Canadian justice system is. They can’t
even make a little pissant nobody like myself take down a website. They
can lock me up for te rest of my life, but I will never take down the

Well, 48 hours has passed and the website is still online. The R. v.
Fox section, with all the proof of the corruption and collusion that
Crown Counsel Mark Myhre, defense counsel Tony Lagemaat, and Justice
Heather Holmes engaged in is still here. By the time you read this I
will probably be back in custody, but in case you haven’t figured it
out, I just don’t give a fuck.

And since January 2020 I’ve been fighting with the BCPS to disclose WHY they are refusing to prosecute me for criminal harassment – they are, after all, required under section 15(4) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to disclose the reasons for their decision not to prosecute.

So, come on Mr. Eby, tell the world why you’re refusing to prosecute
me for criminal harassment while at the same time prosecuting me for
violating the probation order by engaging in exactly the same conduct
Justice Holmes and Mr. Myhre insisted formed the basis of the criminal
harassment allegation when I was sentenced to three years in prison in

Is it because a new criminal harassment charge would mean a new jury
trial, which would mean the jury would be shown the proof of all the
corruption, and all of Capuano’s perjurious testimony from that first
trial? Is it because you know I would be acquitted and that would bring
the entire local justice system into disrepute because how could I
possibly be convicted the first time and acquitted the second time if,
both times, the allegations and the trials were based on exactly the
same conduct and evidence?

So go ahead, Mr. Eby, have your automatons at the BCPS get a warrant
for me violating probation because this website is still online. Send
me back to jail. Lock me up for the rest of my life. Show the world
that the BC Ministry of Justice and the BCPS just will not stand for
obnoxious little pissants like me exposing the corruption going on every
day in the Vancouver justice system. I mean, how dare I! Just who the
hell do I think I am? Right?

And finally, I would like to point out that, to date, neither the BCPS nor any of the parties discussed on the R. v. Fox page have denied any of my claims of corruption, collusion, or perjury!

Patrick Fox

Afterthoughts: ROGS has read through Mr. Foxs claims, and validated large portions of the case, leading to my conclusions herein. I will soon publish my interview with him.

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