Conflating sex work with human trafficking: Ferdinand Magellan’s Catholic legacy in the Phillipines

Ferdinand Magellan, and the legacy of Catholic colonial servitude: lies and conflation about human sexual activity mirror the lies and conflations found in Biblical narratives of “the Virgin Mary,” and other Babylonian mystery cultic and symbolic narratives

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Those who deploy the narrative conflation of sex work with sex trafficking is a euphimstic stretch, already one step removed from fact, because to many men and women from impoverished and colonialised countries, there are simply no alternative viable economic choices to the wealth that sex work can bring.

So, for example, selling street food for X amount of dollars/pesos/yuan/bhat per day just cannot compare to selling sxual access, because one sexual activity lasting ten minutes to one hour easily brings in more revenue than selling hot dogs and fry bread all day and night.

It is into this dialectic space where this centuries neo-colonialists insert themselves into local economies, and attempt to re-colonise countries where the western churches and governments once held court

Then, theres the issue that each and every “first world” culture is based upon the manipulation of male labor via the mechanism of the limitations of sexual access, enacted through occulted religious and legal structures and institutions.

And all of that predicated with the un-scientific, and false idea that having sex is a bad or unnatural thing in the first place.

Related Story: ROGS, the author of this blog, spent 15 years as a nightclub doorman(see my who is the author page), and without any single doubt, has personally observed that nearly 100% of all violent conflicts in those environments are preceded by conflicts based in sexual access related events. The following story highlights how high status males from one socio-economic class are seen as victims of violence, despite their own aggression, and how lower status males are villified as criminals for “winning” battles. And such is the case of the death of Ferdinand Magellan, interloper of the Phillipines, which I will briefly explore below.

Double fatal stabbing suspect Michael Mosley arrested in Cheatham County

So, naturally, when Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the Phillipines, his first work was to attempt to divide and conquer neighboring tribes, in order to force Roman Catholicism upon the native peoples.

And, history tells us that he was then rightly slaughtered by one of histories under rated Top Ten Badasses, the warrior king Lapu Lapu. But also, that he may, or may not have been the first person to sail around the world.

Whats important here in my thesis, is the issue of narrative supremacy, as it relates to sex workers, and as it relates to gang stalking, because as we see time and time again, NGOs that claim to be saving people, and women specifically, are deeply involved in the information and disinformation around this topic.

We also see Phillipine citizens pop up in several mass shootings, and in one famous case, the incredibly sketchy persona Marilou Danley, a so-called girlfriend of the Mandalay Bay shooter, Stephen Paddock.

After the Las Vegas shooting, former Muay Thai boxer, and mayor of a Phillipine village, Danley is also said to be variously affilliated with the CIA, and that actual evidence exists that she listed the FBI as a personal address, and reference while renting property in Australia.

But because ROGS is not a conspuracy theory blog, what matters here, is this fact of organized religion, and whether or not it is related to the vent at hand.

So, heres a quote from MSM sources, about Las Vegas shooters relationship with Danley, and that Catholicism was a factor:

He sent his girlfriend Marilou Danley to visit her family in the
Philippines two weeks before the attack and wired her $150,000 while she
was there. Danley, a former casino worker in Reno, returned to the U.S. after the shooting and told authorities that Paddock had complained that he was sick and that doctors told him he had a “chemical imbalance” and could not cure him.

Danley, who is Catholic, told investigators that Paddock often told her, “Your God doesn’t love me.”

So, in each and every narrative where these mass shootings take place these days, there are three constants:

1- heavilly gendered narrative as in the case above, where we see both the domestic violence smear in most news reports, and above, the idea ythat “he sent her away,” as if she was somehow powerless to leave by herself.

2- Like we also saw in the case of Gabriel Wortman and the Nova Scotia spree killing, that those who gender the narrative also derive funding from NGOs and federal budgets; but also that these bizarre smear campaigns use bizarre language, equating (unlitigated, gender biased) smears of DV with “torture.”

3- that religious spimespersons are widely quoted in these narratives, and news reports nearly always contain some yammering fool talking about god.

Here is more about how Catholic, Evangelical, and other relgions and their CIA derived NGOs wage tribal sectarian war against competing theologies in South America, but also here too.

From the link:

Roman Catholic Liberation Theology:

  • consciousness raising among the people through grass roots activities
  • commitment to the struggle of the poor for self-emancipation
  • few friends in high places, persecution by death squads etc
  • very few funds

church in latin america


  • resignation and fatalism; acceptance of the status quo
  • offer a safe surrender to Christ
  • their churches are considered holy and respectable by the authorities
  • ample funds from abroad (NB many of these churches now generate enough cash of their own not to need foreign funding, indeed some new fundamentalist sects have popped up in Latin America which owe nothing to the ‘Yanquis’.

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