Delusions, illusions, and media intrusions into the online-offline reality of police gang stalking: case study in perception management, type 1 & 2 errors.

While some ask “What is going on with mass shootings,” in fevered tones and defense department affiliated pitches, others simply collect evidence, and document the fact that the hidden hand of “high policing,” aka “police investigation privileged” methods and tactics are at the root of nearly every single event.

And gradually, journalists, psychologists, and criminal defense attorneys are catching on that those who claim gang stalking are, more often than not,e ral people who are whistle blowers, dissidents, activists; and unsurprisingly, people who once worked in the security industry.

People like the guy in the following story:

Paranoid delusions in the police state:

For Targeted Individuals, what happens when reality starts to look like your nightmares?

By: Joseph L. Flatley

…the American security apparatus (including the intelligence community, all levels of law enforcement, and private spooks like Stratfor and HBGary) is more vast, more out-of-control than even Julian Assange would suspect.
The result of having so many people running around with surveillance tools and law enforcement connections is that America is a de facto surveillance state, where we’re all victims of decentralized, lone wolf Stasi. Most of us just haven’t realized it yet.

As for Brian, all he really knows is that he feels persecuted and that
this persecution defies reasonable expectation. Unable to document hard evidence of his harassment, he assembled a theory to explain what might be happening to him.

“I personally think that there are different people,” he said, “different groups who use these same tactics,” one of which was hired by his ex-boss. Surveillance culture and gang stalking are so firmly fixed in the American psyche, said Brian, that all sorts of groups have the mandate (and the technology, and the budget) to
target anyone who pisses them off. Many of these people are “ex-cops or former agents. They know these tactics. I don’t think there’s a single
entity that coordinates federally all this stuff that’s going on.”

…..follow this link to read more!

So, ROGS has repeatedly asked a series of valid questions as regards gang stalking, AND the exact statements in the story above, made by another victim of gang stalking, and I invite any and all to “debunk” my “theory” if you can.

Because you cannot.

Here is why ROGS Analysis cannot be “debunked,” or in terms of the scientific method, falsified.

1- ROGS Analysis is batting nearly 1000% in cases of mass shooters, butter knife wielding fake terrorists, and other bizarre events, like the gang stalking related suicide of Sol Pais. ROGS ANALYSIS maintains that there are features of these events that can be predicted, or analyzed post mortem, to reveal often illegal policing , and police affiliated persons as causal agents (such as the many, many, many examples where we see off duty and undercover cops “arriving” within seconds of mass shooting event; or being there in the first place s) and my results hold up in case after case.

2- Unlike the case in the article above, ROGS has actually documented the facts stated in the article above, named a few names, and in many cases and my own, documented the mystery stalkers webs of relationships in policing, security, and various NGOs.

Related Story: Take a look at ROGS “moldie oldies ” file, where I traced a web (a hive? a rats nest ? No, just some cops,and federal investigators ) of gang stalkers from Minnesota to the Los Angeles County Coroners office, and eventually to the FBI itself. Gee, I hope I dont get gang stalked for writing this….

Notably, in my own case, I also did that with court room worthy evidence (and indeed, I sued a private security contractor and put those punks out of business). My results can be scientifically replicated, and in fact five other plaintiffs filed lawsuits against that same security contractor, and won, or settled for financial compensation.

3- I documented a gang stalking in Minneapolis, MN, with parties who were known to me by name, and by face; a gang stalking that ended badly for George Floyd, who is now a world reknowned icon of the excesses of our modern due-process free “police as gang stalkers” police state (the USA is that, by the very definition of a police state) over a period of twelve years, and that involved corrupt police, and their community assets in the various NGOs, a Fusion Center (I recorded and traced their IPs as they jiggled my internet around, and as squad cars parked outside my house, just out of range of my CCTV cameras), many strange and typical events that other TIs document, (without the gibberish of electronic brain beams, and talking computer locusts that gang stalking denialists utilize online, in examples like this), and much more, with photographs, video, and sound files; but mostly, with credible witnesses and other evidence like this.

So, yeah, organized gang stalking is what I have documented it to be, not merely some hearsay sans evidence.

And, best of all, journalists are now examining OGS in a different light, after Ahmaud Arbery was murdered in cold blood, by a gang whi stalked him, attempted to electrocute him on one occasion, and that gang led by a retired cop, and his “security gang” that included his relatives, a neighbor, a couple of local prosecutors, and even the 911 call system, which is in fact a “microwave based” device, the word bade in this case meaning “radio” via cell phone.

So, post-ROGS Blog (the blog you are reading right now) journalists are asking other questions, and getting different answers.

But dont ask me for all if the answers, I simply dont have them.

Ask Ahmaud Arbery instead.

Or, ask George Floyd.

Or Duncan Socrates Lemp.

Or Scott Bierele.

Or Mathew Riehl.

Or Andy Ostrowski.

Or Ian Long.

Or Dr. Moss David Posner.

Or any of so many others I have documented.

You can use my search feature, KW: the names listed above. After all, my search box can “talk to the dead,*”lol.

* talking to the dead is a euphimistic expression that police, forensic scientists, and cold case investigators use to describe how they can access files, reports, films and photos from the case files of unsolved crimes; but also, the “investigation privileged” materials that are hidden in police departments, and retired cops garages all across America.

The most notorious case of that type of illegal police data warehousing came to light as activists were being murdered across the globe as the Anti Defamation League tracked and spied on them, with the help of retired, and current police.

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