When police are the terrorists: George Floyd was terrified, as police pointed a gun in his face

Police stalking is enough to make a grown man cry. Or, as one other murdered man once said “Makes me wanna holler.

One of the things that police do these days is that they deliberately create, and manipulate the content of videos from squad car and body cam footage as they position a target; and gang stalkers claim in online banter that a “secret database” exists where only “gang stalkers” can access that footage.

I wrote a story a couple years ago about this, but had to retract the story, because the victim in that incident-a mortgage broker who had been married to a stripper- asked that I not publish it.

This modern police tactic has yet to be written about in the “positive sense,” meaning that we have proof that police in the US are doing this, but extensive proof exists that police are turning their cameras off, or refusing to turn over footage, and worse.

I suspect that this is what happened to George Floyd, as he was “gang stalked” by his coworker Derek Chauvin and his “police gang.”

Here, take a look at George Floyds face, as he is being gang stalked by a literal gang of police (who have since been arrested and charged with his murder) who point a loaded gun in his face over a simple–and alleged, and unproven– 20$ transaction, where Floyd was said to have used a fake 20$ bill:

Ask yourself: what kind of sickoes brag online that they keep images,and videos of terrified, targeted, stalked, and harassed individuals?

Only sociopaths and psychopaths do such things, acvording to all of the psycholigical research available.

Then, note that gang stalking denialists such as Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, Christine Sarteschi, David V.James, and Mike Wood of www.conspiracytheorypsychology.com all work directly for, or within the Prison Industrial Complex, or its subsidiary industries, like,“forensic psychology.”

ROGS asks you, the reader, and those “good doctors” above, to note the quote below, published in a mainstream news outlet Buzzfeed, from the little girl in the newsletter above:

[Hafsa Islam] even filmed a 5-second video on Snapchat, a blurry video showing police with a man on the corner where Floyd was arrested.

“The first thing I noticed was his facial expression,” Hafsa said. “It
brought that image to my mind. I remembered how he was crying and in

She has thought of that expression, she said, as she watches the protests unfold in her city. “I think the people saying that people should stop protesting are wrong,” she said.

Now, ROGS,asks the reader to answer the following:

* what “gang” murdered an unarmed man in broad daylight?

* what “gang” had been following the target, and for how long, and with what “electronic surveillance gear?”

* how long had Mr. Floyds murderer known him, and known of him?

* lastly, is gang stalking related to police and security gangs?(see my bio and intro page for evidence of my former life,as a humble, incorruptible doorman in that exact city)

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