An actual conspiracy prosecuted by the feds, a gang of stalkers with high percentages of female stalkers, an “ex -cop*” Phillip Cooke, eBay ® and gang stalking are another ROGS Bingo

In my research, I estimate that nearly 100% of gang stalking complaints and associated harassment campaigns involve police, ex -police*, military, and ex -military, intelligence agents and their assets in the, “community.”

But as we see over and over in ROGS Analysis, an unusually hight percentage of these gang stalkers are women, as police and intel find womens propensity for violence, revenge seeking, passive aggressiveness and “third party punishment ” tactics, (as seen in the film Mean Girls ) quite useful. This is sugnifucant, because in studies of violence and predation, womens roles are overlooked by the selective and at times convenient gender biases of people from Jewish -christian societies.

And it is in that #safespace where gangs of women, like the notorious bombers and bank robbers of M19 hid out and waged murderous campaigns for decades, right under the nose of the FBI and many other federal and state law enforcement agencies.

Read About:  The gang of “quiet, white, college educated lesbians ” of the murderous M 19 in “The night they bombed the capitol ”

In this specific police, security and intelligence gang, three out of seven of those charged with a conspiracy are women, four out of seven are ex -military or ex -police, and four out of seven will now enter guilty pleas to cyber-stalking and offline stalking an unnamed couple who wrote a newsletter critical of eBay®

Ex-Cop* Phillip Cooke To Plead Guilty In Natick eBay Cyberstalking Case

Federal prosecutors announced another impending guilty plea the case of a Natick couple harassed by former eBay employees.

And this, from

They are all charged with conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with a witness. Their lawyers either declined to comment or didn’t immediately return emails seeking comment Wednesday.

The employees also sent pornographic magazines with the husband’s name on them to their neighbor’s house, planned to break into the couple’s garage to install a GPS device on their car, and posted the couple’s names and address online, advertising things like yard sales and encouraging strangers to knock on the door if the pair wasn’t outside, officials said.

So, whether its the FBI and their Infragard agents or eBay®, the tactics and methods of organized gangstalking are relatively stable features, across cases, resulting in the ability of OGS researchers to utilize quantitative and qualitative metrics to document it.

ROGS Analysis also predicts an extremely high percentage of the guilty pleas in the “eBay Gang©**” stalking case are women, once prosecutors and others are aware of these facts (just take a look at the buzarre claims of Dr.s Tomo Shibata (who ROGS suspects is tied to a “Japan porn ” blackmail and compromise operation, based upon her politics, and the many hits that come to my blog about that exact search language ), and many other women who natter on incessantly about mind zappers, DEWs and mind reading satellites, who never once mention cases of actual gangs of cops, retired cops, and their gangs of associated anti -democracy scum murdering men like Ahmaud Arbery, who they stalked incessantly, and actually attempted to “zap ” with a Taser two years before they killed him;  and other men in similar cases dicumented here at my blog, and elsewhere all over the country.

In this case at hand, 75% of the guilty pleas are female sociopaths who stalked a couple writers “electronically” online and  sending them pornography, cockroaches and more offline:

The four [that are] expected to plead guilty are Brian Gilbert, 51; Stephanie Popp, 32; Stephanie Stockwell, 26; and Veronica Zea, 26, according to The Boston Globe.

All live in San Jose, California, except for Stockwell, who lives in Redwood City, California.

* the asterisk denotes that the inside joke is that the term “ex -cop ” and, “ex -military intelligence ” implies that they no longer act as police, or interact in a, “high policing ” capacity with police.  So, these people never actually separate from their ties to current police, and police institutions like the nefarious LEIUs, and other fraternal and sororal organizations related to policing, and the cloak and dagger official -unofficial cronyism associated with policing.

The most recent case of gang stalking where this was evident was the murder of a jogger, Ahmaud Arbery by a “retired cop, ” and nothing could be further than the truth, as that cop was actively working with local prosecutors to stalk and target Arbery for many years-he was retired in name only, having been forced into retirement for non -compliance with use of force training policies.

But there are many other cases, everywhere you look, once you recognize the tactics, jargon, argot language, and ohysical configurations of “who are the gang stalkers. ”

** ROGS is claiming copyright on the phrase eBayGang© effective as of the date of this post

The Night We Failed Christina: the un-naming of a man, and ritualistic slander of Kevin James Loibl, who murdered “The Voice” singer Christina Grimmie

The loss of a child, a sister, a loved one is tragic to any and all involved. But religion toned ritual slander after the fact of a loss doesnt help anyone.

What does help, however, is brining causal factors into the light.

It doesn’t matter what his name is, and it will not be written in this essay. He is not allowed to be a Jim anymore, nor a Lyleor a David or a Gregory. He is as replaceable as the photograph in a picture frame. Really, any monster can stand where he stood, be practically mirror-like in his repulsiveness. He is just another of cruelty’s limbs. They are all the same.

It doesn’t matter what his name is. How many syllables. Which letters of the alphabet were ruthlessly hooked into speech. He does not earn the right to exist apart from Christina, because he is the reason why, after four years and an eternity to come, she still has not returned home. He is the reason why she never will.

And someone who wishes to play God with a thing as fragile and vivid as a person’s life, someone who reckons with all of its kaleidoscopic complexities—its trodden past, its winding journeys towards (something like) a finish line, its daunting dead-end streets, its emerald meadows of success, the many futures it could have costumed and became—someone who can witness the grandiosity of a thing like a life, and assign himself the dire privilege of bringing it to an end, wherever rested its final footprints, then he is no longer owed the dignity of being a person.

It doesn’t matter what his name is. He may only be identified through the memory of the life that he decided didn’t get to be a life any further. Without Christina, he is nobody, forever.

ROGS has pointed to a disturbing trend in mass shooting cases, and other bizarre homicides: the ritual un-naming of the men involved as perpetrators.

Beyond the simple fact that many who advocate this practice are by default occluding insight into the motives of these men, and social factors that contribute to our insight into these cases are further complicated as media,unflinchingly follows police.narrative laden dogma, they are also practicing a “belief” that has religious and cultic symbolic meaning. And, all of that defies critical thinking and is a traceable assault on reason.

Here from NPR, we glimpse the manufactured “controversy”of reporters “using the names of mass shooters” which is simply doing what reporters are trained to do, and report facts, as simple as the names of people.

This is a spinoff campaign of organizations that trace directly to ultra-conservative organizations and neocon think tanks, racist groups like the ADL who are deeply involved in ongoing and actual “psychological operations online” as,I have repeatedly documented in examples like Moonshot CVE, which classifies atheists and atheist speech as “extremist.”

Heres another example from “” which is an example of “exigent religion” and cultic practice expressed through media campaigns that are short on evidence, and long on hiding the investigative ball:

Don’t sensationalize the names of the shooters in briefings – or in reporting about active attack events.

It is journalistically routine to name the killer. It’s public record and
it is important to use their names and likenesses to apprehend them and
bring them to justice. However, once they are captured, it’s really no
longer a part of the story, other than to create a call to action for a
like-minded killer to take their plans and thoughts and make them into

Sociologists and criminologists should study the criminal – but let’s not glorify the attacker by giving them valuable airtime. Don’t share their
manifestos, their letters, their Facebook posts. Be above the
sensationalism. Tell the real stories – the stories of the victims, the
heroes and the communities who come together to help the families heal.

So, follow the link above, and note one authors quest to un-name a man, who the evidence indicates:

1- according to multiple sources, including his father, he exhibited well known signs being gang stalked, i.e. he kept his windows covered in tinfoil, and “had an aversion to light” and loud noises.

2- he was bullied in his workplace prior to the shooting, acvording to coworkers and according to the final police report

3- according to reports from friends,and family, he was a lifelong victim of a physically and psychologically abusive, alcoholic Catholic mother who overdosed on aspirin as he told her ‘go ahead,’

4- later, the pattern of abusive and violent females in his life was replicated as he was assaulted by his fathers abusive girlfriend, and police were called to his residence after an incident where she had attempted to strike him, and he closed his bedroom door on her wrist, yet the media (TMZ and others) attempted to frame that event as “he had a record of violence.”

5- he was an atheist, and his alleged “only friend” had claimed he,was on the verge of an epiphanie, possibly surrounded by christian types

6- most tellingly, he is alleged to have destroyed or removed his computer hard drive, without evidence that he was actually the person who did so

Gang stalking, psychology, criminal defense, psychometrics: a snapshot of what “we, the people,” search online about FBI-etalphabet gang stalking

These two screenshots document how internet search language directs traffic to my blog. And, these results indicate a growing awareness of FBI gang stalking.

Especially note how many are “catching on” to how psychologists are “complicit” and those, often reporting to the FBI in a complete subversion of privacy rights, and due process.

Yup. Mundane FBI spying on.individuals produces these search results, which you can use to document what for online, in cases of gang stalking.

Newspapers: Fusion Centers Have Secretly Created A National Citizen Spying Program

Follow the link to read more of this article from Aletho News, and the Intercepts coverage of the Blue Leaks data dump which validates many targeted individuals claims:

The Feds have done a great job of keeping the public from finding out what DHS Fusion/Intelligence Centers are really doing.

In a country founded on freedom, we find federal and local law enforcement scrambling to keep the true function of Fusion Centers hidden from the public. By piecing together news articles from Maine and Texas papers, a disturbing picture begins to unfold of warrantless surveillance of Americans.The first proof that Fusion Centers were being used to spy on everyday citizens and activists can be found in a Maine Press Herald article from mid-July.

“A cache of internal police documents stolen from a secretive Maine State Police intelligence unit has provided the first substantial glimpse into how it collects and shares information about crime suspects and political activists and, in rare cases, keep tabs on domestic extremists, gang members and anti-government groups.”

The article goes into greater detail describing how local police use Fusion Centers to track down low-level offenders and ID people from social media or video footage.

By piecing together news articles from Maine and Texas papers, a disturbing picture begins to unfold of warrantless surveillance of Americans.The first proof that Fusion Centers were being used to spy on everyday citizens and activists can be found in a Maine Press Herald article from mid-July.

“A cache of internal police documents stolen from a secretive Maine State Police intelligence unit has provided the first substantial glimpse into how it collects and shares information about crime suspects and political activists and, in rare cases, keep tabs on domestic extremists, gang members and anti-government groups.”

The article goes into greater detail describing how local police use Fusion Centers to track down low-level offenders and ID people from social media or video footage.

Gang stalking, and the scientific evidence for the claim “24/7 harassment” has valid connections in the extant literature of “Fusion Center stalking.”

“Fresno’s Real Time Crime Center is the type of facility that has
become the model for high-tech policing nationwide. Similar centers have opened in New York, Houston and Seattle over the past decade.

Fresno’s futuristic control room, which operates around the clock, sits deep in its headquarters and brings together a handful of technologies that allow the department to see, analyze and respond to incidents as they
unfold across this city of more than 500,000 in the San Joaquin Valley.”

Spies, schmies. The USA cannot be taken seriously anymore in any spying related matters. US “Freedom” via FVEYs spying dropped the ball in 2001, ongoing

First, the lurid headline:

NYPD officer arrested for helping China spy on city’s Tibetan community

An NYPD cop was arrested for spying on local Tibetan communities for
the Chinese government, federal prosecutors announced Monday.

Officer Baimadajie Angwang, 33, a community affairs cop with the 111th
Precinct in Queens of Tibetan origin, reported to two Chinese consulate
officials in the city since 2014, according to a criminal complaint
filed Monday.

ROGS, as an American citizen whose bonafides include having watched how the US intelligence apparatus threw our own constitution under the bus, 2001-ongoing, as well as watched how the FBI-et Aphabet soup agencies, work with local police, and particularly how these sloppy bullies with badges target Asians and other foreigners (see my Who is the Author of Researchorganizedgangstalking page), its impossible to see the case above as anything other than a racist hit job.

Start with the comments from the NYPD police commisioner, Dermot Shea, a likely Irish Catholic, and himself the child of immigrants, and work your way out from there:

“Baimadajie Angwang violated every oath he took in this country. One to the United States, another to the U.S. Army, and a third to this Police Department,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said in a statement.

Heres Sheas bio from Wikipedia, which includes his status as a police misconduct coverup artist.

I mean, this fucker reports to the Pope, which is no different than what the officer above is alleged to have done.

And you dont have to take,ROGS word for it either, because this guy is,all over the news with support from the Roman Catholics.

Heres his pal, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, defending unconstitutional NYPD stop and frisks, FBI airplanes collecting the cell phone data of American citizens without a warrant, and the unconstitutional profiling of Muslims, and brown people in general, and the use of sound weapons on peaceful protesters, and more.

And, like his “secret society” affilliated colleague, the defrocked former head of FBI child porn distribution and manufactured terrorism, James Comey putting “christ in culture” these guys do not believe in the constitution one bit, and now, take the Catholic churches war on China to a new level with this arrest.

A buncha malarkey and shenanigans if you ask me.

Warning: the tragic consequences of religious (and other) cult fair game tactics and covert methods of secret societies

My readers know that I primarily cover police and intelligence cults, and that their methods are exactly the same as most cults, with the main difference being that police and intel gang stalking frequently causes suicides, homicides, strange “car crashings,” and bizarre butter knife wielding events-but also mass homicides in the case of the extreme outliers,on a Bell curve of strange events.

My readers also know that I generally steer clear of any and all religion oriented blogs, except to occasionally castigate those cults or sects who use gang stalking to harass people.

That said, please check out this excellent post by Ralph Christian about “fair game” and gang stalking psyops by path-narcs, sociopaths, freemasons, kabbalists, and others:

Whether it’s scientology making BBC presenters explode,
subtle stalking, de-fellowshipping by Jehovahs Witnesses or abusive
methods Crypto-Judaism Christians, Cults are marked out by the way they
don’t take kindly to a number of things. Leaving and/or revealing that
they are not quite as friendly as the lovebombing they hook people in
with suggests. We look at some of the tragic results of the subtle and
expertly crafted ambient abuse from ex-cult members and victims who lent
their voice to research and study groups of Cult methodology…

Religious proselytization hidden within the gang stalking dialectic: Who are Targeted Individuals?

Who Are Targeted Individuals? A post for researchers, psychologists, defense attorneys, and forensic analysts to understand gang stalking.

Conspiracy author Renee Pittman, licensed psychologist Peggy Kannaday (Henderson), and a slew of othe apocalyptic christians comment on mass shooter (and apocalyptic christian) Myron May:

As ROGS has repeatedly demonstrated, in case after case, organized gang stalking is frequently gangs of police, and those affiliated with police, such as city workers, firefighters, etc., organized as local mobs and targeting individuals.

The link above demonstrates this point quite effectively, as we see Renee Pittman commenting in a forum about Florida mass shooter Myron May. She was nirably contacted by the FBI and other federal agencies after his spree killing at a university in Florida, and May, the killer, had contacted her and others shortly before his rampage.

But aside from that, one cannot miss the fact that other prominent apocalyptic christians appear in that forum either, quite notably, Peggy Kannaday, a known “warrior” for Jesus, who uses her degree in psychology as a prop with which to proselytize christianity.

Where have we seen these female “warriors” appear in the gang stalking narrative before and after a mass shooting? In.none other than the case of the Ten Thousand Oaks mass shooting, where Ian Long shot up a bar full of undercover cops, security guards, and country music fans, many of whom had “coincidentally” been at the Mandalay Bay mass shooting too.

So, yeah, crazy christian cults and sects are indeed connected to gang stalking.

And as ROGS Analysis has demonstrated repeatedly, the number 13 shows up too, which is a regular feature of christian bullying, and harassment, but ALSO prominently linked to mass homicides too.

From “The Thirteenth,” here is one yammering “gang stalking victim,” Peggy Kannaday, a self-proclaimed targeted individual who appears all over the net in forums about gang stalking, rambling on about satellite beams and energy weapons but never producing scientific evidence of any kind to verify her claims, while preaching apocalyptic “gospel”

Putting God First

By Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday

When I was a new Christian, The Lord taught me many lessons about putting Him first.

I was raising my daughter, and I was always so concerned about her
well-being and education. It seemed that my life was revolving around

One day, The Lord spoke to me that if I continued putting her first; He
would have to take her home to Himself. He told me that she was “His”
daughter, and that He had chosen me to raise her up in the way she was
to go.

And here she is,again.from the website Faithwriters, where she writes about “Jesus the whistle blower.”

With zero doubt, the Jewish-christian* worldview is what is behind gang stalking, and ROGS Analysis predicts that too.

* I use the term Jewish-christian because historically, the term Judeo-Christian has been used because it hides the word “Jew” from the average observer by using the “Latin” variation of that word. No modern speakers use ancient Latin, except religion, and church affiliated persons.

Dr. Vaughan Bell, mind control experiences on the internet, gang stalking denialism, and Moonshot CVE: from Broadmoor to Bedlam, a brief history of psychiatric torture, and its practitioners

Dr. Vaughan Bell was an early War on Terror funding recipient, and one if the pre -Lorraine Sheridan gang stalking denialists who claimed that people who claimed “mind control experiences on the internet” are likely delusional.

But today, there are mountains of evidence that refute his claims, and his “research,” including the Moonshot CVE program which states,as its goal that it will “influence” internet search results without the informed consent of those who use internet search engines, and that program run by racist and religious sectarian organizations from the hidden depths of cyberspace.

And the Palantir suite of programs used by intelligence agencies, the police, private FBI and DHS contractors, and their hydras of affilliates, who use the data they glean from the social media accounts of activists, dissidents, and first amendment speakers to develop profiles, create dossiers, and wage online and offline influence operations on those targeted, again, without the informed consent of those targeted .

Just a few,examples of how this,works in real life are the tens of thousands of examples online where peoplecreport their cell phones have, “a mind of their own, ” as black operations target them, and the mind that uses those phones. Most famously, one pitential mass,shooter repirted that his internet “forced him to watch ISIS videos. ”

Or, the many examples where corporate security, private contractors, intel agencies lije,Britains,JTRIG, or any of the FVEYs countries and police use pornography, or illicit pornography to compromise targets from around the globe.

Then, there was the billionaire Facebook investor Roger McNamee stating that Facebooks paid and unpaid “psychological operations,” aka “influence operations ” are worse than Adolph Hitlers epic brainwashing.

While the main stream news continues to cover the revelations of whistle blowers and dissidents who claim that our entire internet is “wiretapped,” and that everyone who uses internet features as apparently innocent as a search box are in fact scrutinized, analyzed, and targeted, psychologists like Dr. Vaughan Bell struggle to connect some pretty basic dots.

Basic dots like how non-consensual, and actual “mood altering” programs, are in fact being used in every single internet search, from any major search engine, to target unsuspecting internet users. And, beyond advertisers and intelligence agencies, certain groups are using the internet to do other things.

These so-called countering violent extremism programs, like Moonshot CVE program and others are designed to alter the chemical pathways in our brains, and change our behavior, without the informed consent of the person who encounters them.

So, as we see time and time again, psychologists like Vaughan Bell, et al are either calculatingly deceptive (“Get out of my way, I have pharma drugs to sell! ”) or in the least, are totally full of shit, as the evidence has been apparent since at least 2013 that nation-state level organizations ranging from the,UKs JTRIG, and the FVEYs and their little pals in Israel, and intelligence agencies all over the world in general have been performing internet dissections of peoples web searches, and inferring or imputing “intention ” and “motivation” to online speakers.

“When you say ‘we do not have to accept psychiatric concepts of mental
illness in order to include biology in our understandings’ I
wholeheartedly agree. Let’s sidestep the argument over what might be
considered ‘psychiatric’ (dear old Foucault, of course, would have us
psychologists well within the psychiatric power structure) and just say
that one does not have to work within a medical framework to
successfully work with people to overcome their distress or impairment.
These frameworks are tools, however, and to suggest that certain
approaches are necessarily more compassionate than others entirely
misses the point. Just as some people object to their psychological
distress being medicalised, others object to their problems being
‘psychologicalised’. Is it our job to persuade people of our own
prejudices? Or to inform them of how each can be a tool for progress? If
our responsibility lies anywhere, it is to highlight how social and
psychological approaches are under-emphasised while simultaneously
encouraging an integrated view of human existence. A 21st-century
psychology should drop the incoherent battles over the false dichotomies
of the mind when the issue is one of understanding people in all their
rich complexity.

– Vaughan Bell”

(this post is still in progress, check back later. Or, read this post from The, which explores the horrors of British psychiatric hospitals. Try not to miss the Jewish authors use of the number 13, or her mention of “chaos ”)

For investigators, defense attorneys, and psychologists: Happy 9/11!The importance of “time” and its relation to “time theft” in the gang stalking dialectic-with helicopters!

ROGS recently outed an FBI Special Agent from the Los Angeles field office as an “organized gang stalker,” whose pals and relatives once (and likely still) were/are gang stalking me, personally, in this post here, and I invite every/any rebuttal of my claims.

Which wont happen, of course, because thats not how “the corporation” and its “proactive policing” apparatus works.


What actually happens is that these FOBs put you on various watchlists, and in threat assessment databases, and other community policing “dossieres” of the type that the Nazis, the USSRs Joseph Stalin, the East German Stasi, and todays Israeli IDF use/used, and then, they harass you even more if they can.

So, as my regular readers know, gang stalking is actually “police, intelligence, FBI/DHS/Etalphabet agency/NGO” stalking, and its illegal, and ROGS names names just so that I can watch the Kommunity Keystone Kops Kollide as they research my evidence.

But gang stalking is also encouraged by non-police assets in the community, because the US and the FVEYs alliance are de facto police states that hand out favors for the silence of the privileged, and the complicit.

Or, this:

police state
[pəˈlēs ˈstāt]


  1. a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.

Perhaps the easiest examples that demonstrate this are how the FBI (arguably a political police agency, but definitively a secret police agency) has completely subverted due process of law in the United States by forming an anti-democratic para military organization called Infragard, which is 100% full of people who violate the law daily, by trading private citizens private info like baseball cards. These quasi-agents are employed in various fields ranging from the information and technology sector, to social media corporations, to the post office and more-they are who the FBI relies upin to subvert our privacy and more.

But there are many other examples that demonstrate that so-called western democracies are not democracies ruled by the rule of law, but in fact are police states, and those individuals and organizations are hidden in every corporation, and every organization at varying levels of “trust.”

And, these wield immense power. The only problem is, that these have “earned” that trust by violating the most basic laws of the land, and willingly violate “the social compact” by having placed themselves above the law; and that, as others argue that the social compact is just fluff, and not a contract at all.

So, welcome to the Hegelian Conflct, 101. Meet Mike Brazill(and take note of the spelling of that last name) alleged and self described “gang stalking target”:

So, lets go on a gang stalking wild goose chase, flying pig chase, where we will see various elements of the ROGS thesis validated, with social science, and predictive analysis, but also, with Las Vegas connections, and actual helicopters, which feature in many complaints of gang stalking.

I once encountered a person who claims that they are being gang stalked, who had a blog, now deleted, called .

That person, when I encountered their religion infused gibberish at a blog called neverending1, claimed that they were targeted with an “electronic weapon,” and here we see, many years after I encountered these double talking time wasters, here we see this person, Michael “Mike” Brazill thus:

1- involved with real estate

2- involved with helicopters

3- involved with a christian cult

4- claiming electronic harassment, but phenomenally successful as,a para-military contractor type

5- involved with airplanes, rental/leasing/other “aircraft”,which many actual,non-fake TIs claim harass them.

So, Michael “Mike” Brazill, Las Vegas real estate broker, and aircraft industry specialist, feel free to sue me for libel and defamation. My contact feature is at the top of this blog, should you feel a need to sue me. I will gladly respond with a counter suit, and eventually own you, and your sordid group of air born stalkers like a dog flying pig on a leash, that I will slaughter, and feed to pork eaters.

So, meet a military contractor, who has access to airpanes and helicopters, who Isuspect is one of those who use thoseepensive toys to harass actual targets, because as we know, “crazy, delusional” people dont have (and are not allowed) access to such technologies.

And of course, gang stalking isnt “real” according to the FBI, most local police departments, and mental health “professionals” like the good doctors Lorraine Sheridan, David V. James, Christine Sarteschi, and the humble “conspiracy theory psychology” lecturer Dr. Mike Wood, who once wrote about gang stalking at, but who is curiously silent on the topic since I astroturfed some facts over there.

Mr. Brazill is a former U.S. Army Aviator and Warrant Officer. He served
6 years on active duty, from UH-1 “Huey” Crew Chief in the 4/498th
Medevac Battalion to Aeroscout Helicopter Pilot in an Attack Helicopter
Battalion assigned to the 1st Infantry Division.

Daniel Pocock, Exploring blackmail, slander, and anonymous “walk on”players in the gang stalking dialectic: Tor developers, #fakerape, Jacob Applebaum

The intelligence community and its rabid neocon religionists, zionists, and others has weaponized #fakerape as we saw with Julian Assange, and Jacob Applebaum: Tor is so useless, lol; hacked from the inside by ideological anonymity frauds.

From Daniel Pococks blog

26 August 2020

Debian falsified harassment claims in Appelbaum expulsion


In 2016, there was an enormous amount of noise about Jacob Appelbaum from the Tor Project and winner of the Henri Nannen Prize for journalism.

An anonymous web site had been set up with allegations of harassment,
abuse and rape. Unlike the #MeToo movement, which came later, nobody
identified themselves and nobody filed a police complaint. It appears
that the site was run by people who live in another country and have no
daily contact with Appelbaum. Therefore, many people feel this wasn’t
about justice or immediate threats to their safety.

Long discussions took place in the private mailing lists of many free
software communities, including Debian. Personally, as a I focus on my
employer, clients and family and as there are so many long email
discussions in Debian, I don’t follow most of these things. I’ve come
to regret that as it is now clear that at least some claims may have
been falsified, a serious injustice has transpired and this could have
been easily detected.

I don’t wish to discount the experiences of anybody who has been a
victim of a crime. However, in the correspondence that was circulated
within Debian, the only person who has technically been harassed is
Jacob Appelbaum himself. If Appelbaum does have a case to answer then
organizations muddying the waters, inventing additional victims, may
undermine the stories of real victims.

The Debian Account Managers (DAM) had sent various emails summarizing the situation. I quote one of those:

Subject: Re: What is true and what is false in accusations against Jacob Appelbaum

Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2016 14:32:03 +0200

From: Enrico Zini <[email protected]>

To: Debian Private List <[email protected]>

On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 02:33:53PM +0100, Dimitri John Ledkov wrote:

No, the decision was not made based on those accusations but based on
Debian’s own member contribution / testimonials to the appropriately
delegated team.

Indeed. I noticed a tendency, when famous people are involved, to put
the celebrity at centre stage and give everyone else nameless walk-on

In this story, and in Debian especially, there were several players on
stage. In -private we have read first-person stories by Erinn Clark,
Jérémy Bobbio, and Ximin Luo. In DAM’s mailbox we have read stories from
3 more people who are well known and trusted in our community.

… snip …

Enrico (with input from Joerg and Christoph), as DAM

I had taken comments like that at face value and not looked any
deeper. Zini is referring to six “testimonies” in total, three have
been hidden and Zini expects us to trust him. Secret evidence is normal
in countries like North Korea but it has no place in Debian.

Nonetheless, in 2018 I resigned from some of my activities for Debian
due to family circumstances. Later on, I heard that people who knew
nothing about my family life and the death of my father had started
trying to create gossip. This motivated me to get further away from
these people but on the other hand, I became curious about finding the
truth in Appelbaum’s case.

I started with the quote above from the DAMs and went looking for the
evidence of Erinn Clark, Jérémy Bobbio (Lunar) and Ximin Luo. I found messages from each of these people, which I quote:

From: Ximin Luo <[email protected]>

Date: 2016:06:15 16:21 +0200

I and several other DDs are also Tor Project members, which is where these
accusations first surfaced. I myself have tried to stay away from the messy
details of the situation, but I do know that some of these other DDs have
personally spoken to some of the accusers, whom they have known as friends in
real life for a while. These accusers are also known and respected within the
infosec community, which is why you will see so many of them voicing opinions
against Jake. It’s probably not too hard to deanonymise some of them, if you

From: Erinn Clark <[email protected]>

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 11:08:32 -0400


I’ve been much more involved in Tor than Debian for the past 7 years, but I can
personally vouch for at least 3 of anonymous victims (who are known to me).
This is not a state-sponsored attack.

From: Jérémy Bobbio <[email protected]>

Date: 15/06/2016, 18:39

I can personally vouch for 2 of the stories on the website. I also have
direct experience of Jake playing with people’s boundaries, mine
included since I first met him in Florence four years ago.


[email protected]


: :A :

`. `’`


# apt-get install anarchism

I remembered Zini’s words, “first-hand accounts”, but that is
clearly not true. These three emails do not say they are from victims.
They are not even witnesses, only acquaintances. They made brief
references to stories from a third party. They may all be referring to
the same source(s). In four years that have passed, not one of the
people referred to has filed a formal complaint, so these scant emails
are nothing more than rumours and innuendo.

It appears that all the developers who trusted the analysis of the
DAMs have had the wool pulled over our eyes. Zini had taken these three
people who heard the story from a friend and told us they were victims
with first-hand accounts. We took his word for it. Zini had implied
there were at least three victims in the Debian community but there were

Internet redirection, non-consensual surveillance and third party “middle man” attacks: what is Moonshot CVE?

ROGS moldie Oldies, in re, internet redirection: Many years before the main stream medi was talking about it, I wrote about how police and intelligence agencies, and racist non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like the Anti Defamation League (ADL); and corporations where FBI Infragard agents make decisions, were using internet redirection to target unsuspecting individuals.

And all of that amounts to non-consensual “experimentation” by definition, as those who are “redirected” do not give their consent to being a)spied on by a middle man attacker, or b) being “redirected” without consent into areas outside of their internet search queries.

Heres more about how the Anti Defamation League-whose online and offline gang stalking has been linked to mass shootings- sits at the internet switch acting as god, or Svengali.


So, the following post, written many years before Moonshot CVE, an internet platform that was developed to target “terrorists” was revealed in the mainstream press, or used as a political weapon against unsuspecting domestic and civilian targets by the ADL, demonstrates that ROGS Analysis is a useful tool of analysing gang stalking claims, such as,“redirected web searches, cell phones that have a mind of their own,” and other claims made by TIs.

From 2012:

I just got done reading through some of the most boring crap I have ever read–a big law enfarcement circle jerk, in the guise of a bunch of “TI” blogs that are just more setups and more psychic driving attempts. And many of them were begun just this year. Many others are actually not blogs at all, and in the dialogues between these people, they mention the use of WordPress–and I suspect they are attempting a reach around of–well never mind. We’ll get to that later.

Like I said–MKULTRA on steroids. After all, at the HIGHEST LEVELS, law enfarcement, is “lying to Congress,” and everyone else in these types of illegal activity.

In years and decades past, I never knew if this sort of repetitive, abusive psychological harassment was real-I just thought the internet was good conversations with occasional real people , and full of occasional ass holes.

But what has been happening for the last seven years for sure, and likely 12 years is this: I go online, and odd things happen.

Conversations that are relatively good turn to shit all of a sudden, and then, different internet voices take over, as if the people I had been talking to suddenly have turned into other people.

And this is true of the actual people I know online–without doubt, the actual people I know online are usually predictable voices, with conversations that are coherent, subjectively and rhetorically understandable, and mutual.

But in the last seven years, it has been a hit or miss–depending on where I am and what I am studying online. And then, the sky is the limit–or the ground an entry point to a cesspool as to what happens next. For lack of a better term (as this is a relatively new phenomenon) they call it gang stalking; mobbing–I have used those terms to attempt to define it, and they are terms that I found online in the last several years–so it is a phenomenon.

But I have always called it ‘redirection’, because these people and their tactics appear in my path on a regular basis–and one either goes around them willingly, or, as I have experienced for decades, they re-route you by force into their paths of conversation, their websites, and their topics of conversation. Others I know have witnessed this, or documented it with me.

The internet is NOT at all like the ‘real world’ and the online experience in NO way resembles the historical,legal, or sociological definitions of a society, despite attempts to portray it as such. It is NOT the ‘real world,’ despite some who try to make that argument.\

There are portions of it that ARE the real world–Ebay is a great example: one goes to Ebay and selects products or services, then enters credit card data or other information to a robot clerk, who processes an order, and then, once you pay for it, a product is shipped, and then, you receive that exact same product. Voila!. A ‘real’ transaction’ is completed.

Also, many online forums require an actual identity, or an actual name–the name one was born with–to be entered into a database and then, a willing and eager participant participates in that forum.

These are ‘real’ interactions in every legal and sociological term. They are consensual, they are willing, and they are ‘free’ for all to participate in.’

However, much of the internet is grey area–yet this grey area outside the consensual aspect of the internet even has been defined previously–in court cases, and legal cases that existed BEFORE the internet.

Privacy is a primary implied notion of the constitution. The rights of association, and assembly, are defined within the constitution. The rights of protections against unreasonable searches, or rights against self incrimination are enshrined principles; and the right to counsel and the right to speak with counsel are internet. And the pursuit of happiness–the right to not be impeded in ones quest for that most bsic tenet–is just a given–until it is taken away by unknown assailants or others who deliberately stand in your path.

However, law enfarcers do not believe that is so–and there are now systems in place, and test cases in formulation that attempt to assault these notions in ways that have as yet been unheard by any bench across America. After all-freedom actually has two kinds of battles associated with it, and not all ‘warriors’ are equipped to protect anything but their own paycheck, and their belt buckle, ever wider from eating at the sewer pipe.

While no one could logically, or believably argue against the need of the “PUBLIC” to be assured by law enforcement that they are safe–as that IS the job of law enfarcement; and no one would or could logically argue that any free society could, or should be free of law enforcement or other quasi military bodies–it is crucial thatwhatI write be sen in this light: I stumbled upon a certain propaganda mechanism in the 1990’s in America–the lie, somehow, became more important than the truth. And that, is un-American, in my humble opinion.

But when I began to research these things in American colleges, I stumbled upon something even MORE un-American: there are mechanisms in place that actively, and actually assault every one of those rights or assumptions to rights outlined above, and these mechanisms, beyond being merely subversive, are indeed illegal in the strictest sense, as I will demonstrate later, and as I have documented herein, even if in the vaguest of terms.

But last night, once again, I fell into the cesspool of the internet, and wrestled with sewer rats in order to ascertain if in fact the latest round of redirection by those who I suspect might be in official capacities is indeed ‘in my head’ or not–and if they are ‘in my head’, they can easily be in the heads of others–others less stoic as myself, or others less used to state sponsored brutality–others with a different basis in reality as ‘we’ know it.

And, I suspect, there is a campaign of law enfarcement afoot that is actively instigating, encouraging, and in FACT creating crimes, from the most petty, to the most egregious, as in the case of mass shooters like James Holmes, Christopher Dorner, and Adam Lanza, etc.

Here below are links to some examples of the smut from the cesspool, and I apologize for taking your time to wade through these incredibly, poorly written, transparent attempts at code talking and signaling by amateur profilers and professional instigators. I myself have endured this, and other things FOR DECADES, without my consent, and to the point of absurdity.

Here are raw notes with links to conversations and hidden references to previous conversations–combined with their covert, coded threats (which can be demonstrated later, and which primarily came from prayerwarriorpsychicnot/taknbsorbthemwon5/):

Classic disinformation: these sites and these bloggers are Psyops oriented, but poorly trained–at least in so far as that they are obvious. Their are dozens of signs, but suffice it to say that they break the very most basic rules of disinformation and propaganda–never under-estimate the intelligence, or emotional ‘climate’ of the target or the target audience, or trigger the bullshit detector of herdsmen.

Below are different GS handles–unknown agencies two definitely local to my region and city:

4spaniels/ Karen Ward
Karen Ward (k9)

here is a link to a ‘psychic driving’ site, whose intent is to affirm, or mock GS posts and other writers purposes:

and it also references a post that I had recently written, and another that I had hit, and kept in my browser–and this was GS bait.

The post that was linked was from what appears to be a Tea Party writer named devvy, and that post contained some interesting and accurate information about the recent administrations extension of dubious methodology conceived by the previous administration that has the “Net Effect” of being unconstitutional on its face, and testy in the least-but that, most importantly, mirrors directly the exact methods that were used by MKULTRA in depatterning/driving individuals.

Gotta love ol’ fuzzy psyops

The above link, and neverending1’s blog in general backdates its comment section so that these GS can add comments today, and date them as if they were put there a week or a month ago–entries (I think) based on what they are reading from my browser, and those of others (collagues).

Gotta love ol’ fuzzy psyops

taknbsorbthem5, and prayerwarriorpsychicnot and spotlight on gangstalking are all the same disinformation ops:

Here is a quote from the above post–and that author tried to tell me several days ago in the
disguise of prayerwarriorpsychicnot… that this book was NOT cultish!
2. What is the purpose of the appalling lies told about the Target?

“See the book “Influence” by Cialdini. Strong emotion disables rational thought. The gang
stalking Recruiter is following standard con artists procedure to dupe the potential recruit. He
engages revulsion against the Target Bait and stimulates the engenue’s desire to be public
spirited. He accompanies this by being sympathetic and helpful, reinforcing his own credibility
and like ability and reinforcing the subjects desire to cooperate/reciprocate. Recruitment
techniques similar to these are used by cults.”

Then this one where they playwith code and badly signal each other, re: NE/ne (also DE):

more BS from GS with other coded language:
unknown or sc blogger, possibly legit, likely a redirector.

Recently, one poster to this blog has been coding threats to me (as mentioned above), my family, and my property, and that ‘code talker’ goes by the handles described above:

Classic disinformation and attempts to ‘depattern’ here:

Blog began in June, 2012, restarted in 2013 plays badly with the ideas that TI’s can be programmed:

Screenshot: when I research these people, its like a big internet ‘thump’– the browser resets itself, the links go black, and the net freezes, I get cut off, and time delayed.

researching neverending ones blog the net gets cut

Ay by dad by gum–I think the cesspool needs less turds and more root killer–after all, the poisoned seed grows the poisoned tree–and that tree, poisoned fruit.

And even you wouldn’t want that in your refrigerator. But I hear that rats have iron stomachs–and even almost anything.

Press Release: Why are police, FBI agents, and crisis PR agents totally full of shit about mass shootings? Journalists, contact ROGS for the answer-and please, investigate the agent below.

ROGS, the blog you are reading, has continuously connected hidden “high policing, ” which can include “surveillance ” of the type described by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, (ATAP ), “colluding parallel investigations, ” waged by numerous private contractors and police affiliated groups,  asTHE  precursor to mass shootings, and I have even named many names of current, and retired police who form actual “police gangs ,” and then wage bizarre “proactive /preemptive /community policing” on individuals who disrupt their false /dishonest narrative.

UPDATE 06/01/2021: ROGS is a patient person, and in that light, I now reveal that this post is a honeytrap. Thanks for visiting, Boardman OR, IP, and Columbus, OH, IP 2600:1700:a1c2:1010:2594:3a92:1e2e:c095, and Wichita KS, IP 2607:fb90:9682:91b6:1944, and Moses Lake, WA, Conifer, CO, Chicago, IL, Altoona IA, Wash D.C., and many, many others. Also, a shout out to that special office in Central H.K. too-you (we) know who you are. And, know this: targeting individuals is very bad thing to do, so–keep your families safe out there, lol.

So, here below, ROGS is about to name a few more names of an actual “gang ”of police, and their associates from Los Angeles, CA, many of whom rose through the ranks between 2008-2018, as they participated in gang stalking, ut before I do, I want you, the reader to note the organizations and individuals named in the press release below, and to review my many blog posts that name names, using the following search terms (there are about twenty posts ):

KW: Las Vegas mass shooting, Stephen Paddock, Los Angeles, San Gabriel valley, county coroner, Joyce Kato, Frank Tomota, and Erik D. Arbuthnot, Asian FBI, Trevor Aaronson, and “Ed ”.

I ask this of the reader because many ask for “proof of gang stalking, ” and empirical evidence of illegal police tactics which some call COINTELPRO 2.0; but also, the names of gang stalkers, and ROGS provides that.

So, this first, a press release, featuring a bunch of police affiliated K 4 personas and NGOs:

Press Release: Prosecutors from 30 Cities and Counties Attend Prosecutors Against Gun Violence Summit On Mass Shootings

Panels also explored: The Mind of a Mass Shooter; Combatting Domestic Terrorism, Extremism, and White Supremacy, with experts from ADL’s Center on Extremism and the Southern Poverty Law Center; The Role of the Internet in Mass Shootings; Emerging Legislative and Policy Issues at the State and Federal Levels; Preventing Mass Shootings at Public Events, featuring senior security and investigative experts and a former FBI Assistant Director; and The Voice of the Next Generation, including two student leaders active in March For Our Lives and the organizer of a Gun Violence Prevention Fellowship housed within the Manhattan DA’s Office. Representatives from Giffords, Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action, and March For Our Lives were also among the approximately 100 people in attendance at the conference.

In connection with the summit, PAGV is partnering with the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to produce a white paper on the issue of mass shootings in the United States. The document they create will be the first of its kind and will serve as a resource for future prosecutors confronted with mass shootings in their jurisdictions.

Now, whats in a name, anyways? Well, since gang stalkers get their jollies, (and paychecks) by ritually defaming people in official records, and in meatspace via community slander campaigns, its important to actually name the gangs of “police and police affilliated stalkers ” that target individuals.

In fact, its the difference between vague, Level X type claims of gang stalking versus actual proof.

So, I urge the reader to note how many K 4 affiliated police and NGOs are in the text above, discussing mass shootings, which are nearly ALWAYS the result of extreme police /DHS /FBI gang stalking targeted at individuals. But nowhere in those talks do they describe their tactics of chronically surveilling their targets, wire tapping their phones and computers, or any.of the other bizarre, unconstitutional b.s. that they are doing.

Now, I ask my one dear reader (and those six vague, non -descript photography blogs that linked to mine recently )to look at “contact chaining,” “open source intelligence, ” and “SOCMINT ” as it relates to gang stalking.

First, search through ROGS posts, using my search feature, for the following search terms, one at a time :

Asian FBI, county coroner, San Bernardino, San Gabriel Valley, Arcadia, racetrack, Joyce Kato, Frank Tomota, Los Angeles, gangs of police, Deb Matheny, nit picking, K 4, cold case investigator

Now, have fun chipping away at a mountain of evidence that gang stalkers are indeed, an incestuous group of people, all related to current and former police, DHS, FBI, etc., much as we saw in the recent cold blooded and actual stalking which resulted in the homicide of Ahmaud Arbery, who was murdered by a group of these same police and police affiliated types.

Related Story:  The Ahmaud Arbery case reveals that literal and actual gang of police, and people who are related to police, and retired police and their community associates literally, and provably conspired over a period of years to stalk, follow, and “disrupt ” Mr. Arbery, including actual attempts to electrocute him with a deadly Taser,  hitting him with a car, and finally, murdering him with a shotgun.

Extra points for noticing that some of my personal gang stalkers actually lived together in the same house, over a period of decades, often dating each other. And, that their operation spanned decades, and multiple states in the USA.

So, I started with a religious crackpot that I encountered in Minnesota after “mystery ” internet stalkers from that states Fusion Center (which I verified by their IP redirections into my computers ), Deb Matheny, who for better or worse, actually has named a few actual gang stalkers. By night, she writes strange stuff about gang stalking, illuminati lizards, and other useless information, and by day, she wages smear campaigns against alleged pedophiles, drug dealers, etc., via email. You can look her up yourself, shes all over online, and linked to the people I name below.

Then, I traced her associate, this guy, auto mechanic Frank Tomota, who regularly posts stuff (psychobabble and gibberish ) about gang stalking online, most of which looks like the work of a drunk, or a police informant spreading misinformation (out of focus pictures of raindrops on his car windshield, shadows in his living room, etc. that he describes as mucrowave satellite beams,  and other gibberish ala these examples herethese examples here)

And that led me to his former (?) girlfriend, Joyce Kato, aka Joyce Ito, aka Princess Megumi from the Los Angeles County Coroners office, a person who actually DOES stalk gangs of civilians, while leaving police gangs untouched and uninvestigated .

And many years later, to this guy here below, who all lived (unironically, of course ) at 4918 Robinhood Avenue in Temple City, CA .

4918 Robinhood Avenue, Temple City, CA. Known Residents. Details Erik D Arbuthnot (818) 355-3897. Age 50. Details Haruko S Kato (626) 452-8043. Age 83. Details Joyce M Kato (310) 344-6022. Age 54. Details Peter J Kato (626) 452-8043. Age 55.

And, Frank Tomota lived there too. So, as you see, people who stalk alleged “gangs ” are in fact, gangs themselves, and I urge my one dear reader to trace this cluster….er…this “hive ” of actual gangstalkers.

Another 100% ROGS BINGO :

From one OSINT source:

i. Glenn Burton Arbuthnot Born 01 July 1933 Loma Linda, CA Educ California State University, Los Angeles (BS) Married Temple City, CA 24 October 1966 Melinda Carol Reukema Born Santa Monica, CA 22 December 1940 Father John Reukema Mother Frances Mae Dobrielet
(A) Andrew John Arbuthnot Born San Gabriel, CA 8 May 1967
(B) Erik Dean Arbuthnot Born San Gabriel 5 October 1969. Los Angeles Co Coroner.
ii. Gloria Jean Arbuthnot Born Pomona, CA 9 February 1941 Married first Arthur Schwing.
Gloria married second Fineasi Yeichi Mitani Mohi
Gloria married third in Las Vegas, NV, 20 April 1958, Grant Sherwin Lawrence Born 31 August 1938. Divorced 1966.
(A) Karri Lynn Lawrence Born 21 November 1961 West Covina, CA Married in St George, Utah, 20 June 1976, Douglas Clyde Morrill Born West Covina, CA 17 January 1957
(1) Miranda Lynn Morrill Born 01 November 1976 Fontana, CA
(2) Tifany Marie Morrill Born 13 July 1981 Upland, CA
(B) Grant Christopher Lawrence Born 08 September 1964 Loma Linda, CA

Then, the “amissing link”below. Remember folks, “crime DOES pay,” when.its done in an “official capacity” as we see with gang staljers, nearly ALL of whom are hives of police, intelligence, and their associates.

From LinkedIn:

Also search my posts for anything about Arcadia, Monrovia, Temple city, etc, where this “gang of police” and their associatesoperates.

P.S.The image below does not link anywhere, piggies, so stop clicking it.If you want this and related images, stop being so cowardly, and,ask me directly.SOCMINT, OSINT and gang stalking,

Gang stalking case studies: the drug deal, the bloody bat, and police “investigation privileged” narratives in the news

When lawyers and psychologists meet people who have been gang stalked (properly called stalking by police and community assets, aka informants), they are meeting people who are or were under a form of duress that is nearly always caused by un-Constitutional policing.

And those people who are being stalked by police and community assets sometimes make “type 1-2 errors of reference.”

But most ofthe time, these,are not “psychological delusions” but rather, assessments of the types of illegal surveillance, stalking, and other harassment directed at them by agencies that practice “proactive policing.”

Related Story: Sept. 03,2020, NSA Surveillance Revealed by Edward Snowden finally ruled illegal.

Seven years after former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden denounced mass surveillance of Americans’ phone records, an appeals court found the program illegal – and that US intelligence leaders who had defended it publicly were not telling the truth.In a ruling on Wednesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said the warrantless phone dragnet that secretly collected millions of phone records from Americans violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and may well have been unconstitutional .”

NSA, Fusion Centers, and other wiretapping of US Citizens, and the fake claim of “national security” covered up these massive spying-on-citizens programs and finally are ruled illegal by the 9th Circuit Appeals court.

Why did it take so long? Ask the guy in the story below, or the milliins of other Americans surveilled illegally every year.

You get the police state you pay for I guess.

It is important to distinguish these errors from “delusions,” and to properly situate these errors as the result and effect of “illusions” performed by the stalkers instead, because what modern police investigations are is anything but constitutional, as they track so-called suspects (such as Ahmaud Arbery, murdered by a gang of police, retired police, community assets, and prosecutors that targeted him for years) mercilessly for years on end, and do plainly bizarre stuff to their targets.

When I say illusions, I reference the types of strangely illegal activities that are easily found described in the existing online discourse, such as this short list of common complaints:

– Breaking in to a targets home or apartment, and moving things around

– directed conversations where a community asset repeats things to the target, things that could only have been gleaned from violations of the targets privacy online or off

– garbage strewn across a targets yard

– mail theft

– computer and phone hacking, redirection, and more

– actual military grade psychological operations targeted at “suspects,” but ALSO at civilians, activists, dissidents, and political figures

Here below, we see how this is described in a court room, and how that is relayed to the news reporter via “official narrative” though none of that contains exploration of “police investigative privileged” tactics, such as Fusion Center spying, or actual quasi-legal surveillance, aka gang stalking.

So, the story, sans description of these illegal police tactics, is essentially boiled down to its most mundane elements: the narrative of a person deemed a “bad guy” who eventually murdered a police informant.

The basic case facts are that a drug deal was alleged to be taking place at a storage locker, and one man accused another man of being a police informant, and then he murdered him with a bat:

Murder trial gets underway with opening statements

Battle Ground man accused in August 2015 altercation at storage facility

By Jessica Prokop

Stephen Reichow, 35, struck Brandon Maulding nearly 20 times in the head with the bat during an altercation Aug. 1, 2015, outside a storage facility in Battle Ground, Deputy Prosecutor James Smith said during opening statements in Reichow’s murder trial in Clark County Superior Court.

The two Battle Ground men were acquaintances.


What the attorneys do seem to agree on is that Reichow and Maulding had been hanging out earlier in the day. They were picked up by another friend, Anne Tanninen, from Maulding’s house and went to a storage unit that Tanninen had rented.

The trio was inside the storage space when Tanninen received a
strange phone call, Smith said, from someone talking about $5,000, drugs and picking something up. He said both Reichow and Tanninen shared
paranoid beliefs about the world, and they thought they were being “gang stalked.” Gang stalking can include being harassed by an organized group of people.

Up until the call, which turned out to be a prank, nothing was out of
the ordinary, Smith said. The trio were unloading some items at the
storage space, and Maulding was toying around with a bat inside the
unit, he said.

So, we see several important things here:

1- complaints of gang stalking are framed as a “set of beliefs,” as if its Moses burning bush, aliens, or UFOs, or some other bizarre unexplainable-by-science event, when in fact, its fully explainable using the psychometric of ROGS Analysis, and other methods.

2- that psychiatric and psychological meta-narrative about “beliefs” is then substituted as a belief by the author!

3- that Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, and others hyperbole and gang stalking denialism has been inserted into a news article as “facts about belief systems,” when in fact, more evidence of these illegal police tactics exists than facts that validate gang stalking as a “belief system,” rater than what most victims describe it as: “illegal warrantless surveillance related poluce stalking, using hidden (occulted) community assets.”