Beating around the proverbial “bush”: Cheerleading competition instructor Darrell Kellam gets targeted by neocons and the Fort Hood/Fort Bliss pornography programs in Texas

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ROGS has made the claim that a large part of gang stalking is the 1980s religious conservative “War on Pornenacted under cover of internet and herein, I provide more evidence of that.

Below, we see another guy, whose legal pornography viewing and searching on internet connections in Texas has been stated as the cause of his gang stalking, which included blackmail, slander, and other compromising features. It includes online and offline harassment, from persons that he identifies as “community” based stalkers.

I have covered this topic in various ways, by revealing that a major gang stalking gaslighter, Dr.Tomo Shibata, is directly affilliated with religion infused pseudo-feminism, and anti-pornography crusading, and I have discussed it as an issue of “mean girls,” their enablers in law enforcement, and as an issue that is particularly noted in the US Bible belt; and also in the case of the Pensacola Navy base shooter and “the language of porn,” as miltary operations, and Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence harassed and blackmailed him online and off, using community assets, before a “mass shooting,” and that she and her of terrorism manufacturers use military and intelligence related blackmail and compromise operations too. Use my search feature for that evidence (KW: porn deluge, Tomo Shitbata, Catherine McKinnon, Andrea Dworkin, OSI Informers, Pensacola) .

Here below, we see one man trying to rationalize his legal porn viewing habits, with the related “free porn” deluges that are common online and in this case, adopting the strange, “bizarre” language of “satellite beams” reading his thoughts and emotional states from outer space, rather than focusing his energy on the government and NGO anti-pornograpby crusaders, and their associated porn distribution operations that are being run out of the US Cybercommand of Fort Hood, and Fort Bliss, Texas.

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The commander of Fort Hood gets shit canned, due to mysterious deaths of an ever growing list of deaths that includes eight soldiers so far.

Or, is it 15 dead ?

Or…is it somethinge else, considering the Fort Hood shootings of 2011, 2013, 2015, 2020, and counting….

Or: this Fort Hood related spillover into civilian life, the Walmart shooting of 2019, where we see that 40% of mass shootings take place in Texas, not incoincidentally in places like Fort Hood, where the US Government cybercommand is running pornography related cyber operations.

From a “disinformation” laden narrative, the story of the cheerleading coach, and “community standards ” online (community standards is the old legal argument that pro-porn and anti-porn advocates argued over, pre-internet), via Fusion Center spying, and the Stockholm Syndrome-like nature of the adoption of the language of thise who had “tortured ” him (aka “caught him in an internet honeypot of free pornography, and then began to leverage and blackball him) via privacy rape online:

AI controlled satellite electromagnetic frequency signals intelligence (SIGINT) is now being deployed to mine citizen’s memories, monitor their thoughts and much worse

My name is Darrell Kellam (Bio)
and I have published this page as a preliminary site in order to
document the historical and unprecedented deployment of satellite electromagnetic frequency monitoring (signals intelligence)….

When I first realized that I was being followed around my hometown, I
initially thought that some type of local criminal operation was using
its thugs to harass me. They knew private information about me and could follow me anywhere, so I presumed that they had hacked my cell phone,
home and business Wifi networks. A couple of former employees had
implied that they knew people in this organization and so my initial
thoughts were that this was an attempt to extort money from me and take
over my business contracts having learned of the significant amounts of
cash my business generated every weekend. In the first couple of days of
overt stalking I received several phone calls from a local VOIP line
that attempted to coerce me into making payments to them. I refused to
give-in to their demands and the stalking and harassment increased. It
would be almost two years before I was told that a compartment of United
States military intelligence had intercepted my internet traffic from a
legal adult website and chose to conduct thought surveillance and
memory mining in order to create a fallacious pedophile investigation
and monitoring operation that allowed local citizens access to my
thoughts, location, personal information and visual memory data in order
to community monitor someone that they were told was a pedophile.

This is completely illegal and everyone involved was breaking the law
just by spying on me but they did not seem to care, which is truly

After almost a year of this initial intelligence and data gathering,
as well as thought monitoring and tracking, a slander and criminal
stalking and harassment operation was launched to destroy my business
and life. The NSA/MIC gave access to my thoughts and mined memories to
some wealthy members of my local community, which is very religious
conservative, and they disseminated this to numerous community members
alleging that I was a pedophile and a danger to young girls. This
included very personal information regarding my sexual thoughts and
behaviors, the legal adult images that I have viewed and any information
from my past that they could use to co-opt these citizens against me.
Daily organized stalking and harassment using my own thoughts, private
information and tracking began in August of 2014 and people would show
up at random places each day and say something to me that included my
private information. This left me perplexed and terrified as to how all
of these people knew detailed information about my private life and past
and how they were able to locate me anywhere that I traveled including
to out of state events. With access to my thoughts they were able to
stay two steps ahead of any move that I made since my thoughts would
give away my plans several days, weeks, or event months before.

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