Internet redirection, non-consensual surveillance and third party “middle man” attacks: what is Moonshot CVE?

ROGS moldie Oldies, in re, internet redirection: Many years before the main stream medi was talking about it, I wrote about how police and intelligence agencies, and racist non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like the Anti Defamation League (ADL); and corporations where FBI Infragard agents make decisions, were using internet redirection to target unsuspecting individuals.

And all of that amounts to non-consensual “experimentation” by definition, as those who are “redirected” do not give their consent to being a)spied on by a middle man attacker, or b) being “redirected” without consent into areas outside of their internet search queries.

Heres more about how the Anti Defamation League-whose online and offline gang stalking has been linked to mass shootings- sits at the internet switch acting as god, or Svengali.


So, the following post, written many years before Moonshot CVE, an internet platform that was developed to target “terrorists” was revealed in the mainstream press, or used as a political weapon against unsuspecting domestic and civilian targets by the ADL, demonstrates that ROGS Analysis is a useful tool of analysing gang stalking claims, such as,“redirected web searches, cell phones that have a mind of their own,” and other claims made by TIs.

From 2012:

I just got done reading through some of the most boring crap I have ever read–a big law enfarcement circle jerk, in the guise of a bunch of “TI” blogs that are just more setups and more psychic driving attempts. And many of them were begun just this year. Many others are actually not blogs at all, and in the dialogues between these people, they mention the use of WordPress–and I suspect they are attempting a reach around of–well never mind. We’ll get to that later.

Like I said–MKULTRA on steroids. After all, at the HIGHEST LEVELS, law enfarcement, is “lying to Congress,” and everyone else in these types of illegal activity.

In years and decades past, I never knew if this sort of repetitive, abusive psychological harassment was real-I just thought the internet was good conversations with occasional real people , and full of occasional ass holes.

But what has been happening for the last seven years for sure, and likely 12 years is this: I go online, and odd things happen.

Conversations that are relatively good turn to shit all of a sudden, and then, different internet voices take over, as if the people I had been talking to suddenly have turned into other people.

And this is true of the actual people I know online–without doubt, the actual people I know online are usually predictable voices, with conversations that are coherent, subjectively and rhetorically understandable, and mutual.

But in the last seven years, it has been a hit or miss–depending on where I am and what I am studying online. And then, the sky is the limit–or the ground an entry point to a cesspool as to what happens next. For lack of a better term (as this is a relatively new phenomenon) they call it gang stalking; mobbing–I have used those terms to attempt to define it, and they are terms that I found online in the last several years–so it is a phenomenon.

But I have always called it ‘redirection’, because these people and their tactics appear in my path on a regular basis–and one either goes around them willingly, or, as I have experienced for decades, they re-route you by force into their paths of conversation, their websites, and their topics of conversation. Others I know have witnessed this, or documented it with me.

The internet is NOT at all like the ‘real world’ and the online experience in NO way resembles the historical,legal, or sociological definitions of a society, despite attempts to portray it as such. It is NOT the ‘real world,’ despite some who try to make that argument.\

There are portions of it that ARE the real world–Ebay is a great example: one goes to Ebay and selects products or services, then enters credit card data or other information to a robot clerk, who processes an order, and then, once you pay for it, a product is shipped, and then, you receive that exact same product. Voila!. A ‘real’ transaction’ is completed.

Also, many online forums require an actual identity, or an actual name–the name one was born with–to be entered into a database and then, a willing and eager participant participates in that forum.

These are ‘real’ interactions in every legal and sociological term. They are consensual, they are willing, and they are ‘free’ for all to participate in.’

However, much of the internet is grey area–yet this grey area outside the consensual aspect of the internet even has been defined previously–in court cases, and legal cases that existed BEFORE the internet.

Privacy is a primary implied notion of the constitution. The rights of association, and assembly, are defined within the constitution. The rights of protections against unreasonable searches, or rights against self incrimination are enshrined principles; and the right to counsel and the right to speak with counsel are internet. And the pursuit of happiness–the right to not be impeded in ones quest for that most bsic tenet–is just a given–until it is taken away by unknown assailants or others who deliberately stand in your path.

However, law enfarcers do not believe that is so–and there are now systems in place, and test cases in formulation that attempt to assault these notions in ways that have as yet been unheard by any bench across America. After all-freedom actually has two kinds of battles associated with it, and not all ‘warriors’ are equipped to protect anything but their own paycheck, and their belt buckle, ever wider from eating at the sewer pipe.

While no one could logically, or believably argue against the need of the “PUBLIC” to be assured by law enforcement that they are safe–as that IS the job of law enfarcement; and no one would or could logically argue that any free society could, or should be free of law enforcement or other quasi military bodies–it is crucial thatwhatI write be sen in this light: I stumbled upon a certain propaganda mechanism in the 1990’s in America–the lie, somehow, became more important than the truth. And that, is un-American, in my humble opinion.

But when I began to research these things in American colleges, I stumbled upon something even MORE un-American: there are mechanisms in place that actively, and actually assault every one of those rights or assumptions to rights outlined above, and these mechanisms, beyond being merely subversive, are indeed illegal in the strictest sense, as I will demonstrate later, and as I have documented herein, even if in the vaguest of terms.

But last night, once again, I fell into the cesspool of the internet, and wrestled with sewer rats in order to ascertain if in fact the latest round of redirection by those who I suspect might be in official capacities is indeed ‘in my head’ or not–and if they are ‘in my head’, they can easily be in the heads of others–others less stoic as myself, or others less used to state sponsored brutality–others with a different basis in reality as ‘we’ know it.

And, I suspect, there is a campaign of law enfarcement afoot that is actively instigating, encouraging, and in FACT creating crimes, from the most petty, to the most egregious, as in the case of mass shooters like James Holmes, Christopher Dorner, and Adam Lanza, etc.

Here below are links to some examples of the smut from the cesspool, and I apologize for taking your time to wade through these incredibly, poorly written, transparent attempts at code talking and signaling by amateur profilers and professional instigators. I myself have endured this, and other things FOR DECADES, without my consent, and to the point of absurdity.

Here are raw notes with links to conversations and hidden references to previous conversations–combined with their covert, coded threats (which can be demonstrated later, and which primarily came from prayerwarriorpsychicnot/taknbsorbthemwon5/):

Classic disinformation: these sites and these bloggers are Psyops oriented, but poorly trained–at least in so far as that they are obvious. Their are dozens of signs, but suffice it to say that they break the very most basic rules of disinformation and propaganda–never under-estimate the intelligence, or emotional ‘climate’ of the target or the target audience, or trigger the bullshit detector of herdsmen.

Below are different GS handles–unknown agencies two definitely local to my region and city:

4spaniels/ Karen Ward
Karen Ward (k9)

here is a link to a ‘psychic driving’ site, whose intent is to affirm, or mock GS posts and other writers purposes:

and it also references a post that I had recently written, and another that I had hit, and kept in my browser–and this was GS bait.

The post that was linked was from what appears to be a Tea Party writer named devvy, and that post contained some interesting and accurate information about the recent administrations extension of dubious methodology conceived by the previous administration that has the “Net Effect” of being unconstitutional on its face, and testy in the least-but that, most importantly, mirrors directly the exact methods that were used by MKULTRA in depatterning/driving individuals.

Gotta love ol’ fuzzy psyops

The above link, and neverending1’s blog in general backdates its comment section so that these GS can add comments today, and date them as if they were put there a week or a month ago–entries (I think) based on what they are reading from my browser, and those of others (collagues).

Gotta love ol’ fuzzy psyops

taknbsorbthem5, and prayerwarriorpsychicnot and spotlight on gangstalking are all the same disinformation ops:

Here is a quote from the above post–and that author tried to tell me several days ago in the
disguise of prayerwarriorpsychicnot… that this book was NOT cultish!
2. What is the purpose of the appalling lies told about the Target?

“See the book “Influence” by Cialdini. Strong emotion disables rational thought. The gang
stalking Recruiter is following standard con artists procedure to dupe the potential recruit. He
engages revulsion against the Target Bait and stimulates the engenue’s desire to be public
spirited. He accompanies this by being sympathetic and helpful, reinforcing his own credibility
and like ability and reinforcing the subjects desire to cooperate/reciprocate. Recruitment
techniques similar to these are used by cults.”

Then this one where they playwith code and badly signal each other, re: NE/ne (also DE):

more BS from GS with other coded language:
unknown or sc blogger, possibly legit, likely a redirector.

Recently, one poster to this blog has been coding threats to me (as mentioned above), my family, and my property, and that ‘code talker’ goes by the handles described above:

Classic disinformation and attempts to ‘depattern’ here:

Blog began in June, 2012, restarted in 2013 plays badly with the ideas that TI’s can be programmed:

Screenshot: when I research these people, its like a big internet ‘thump’– the browser resets itself, the links go black, and the net freezes, I get cut off, and time delayed.

researching neverending ones blog the net gets cut

Ay by dad by gum–I think the cesspool needs less turds and more root killer–after all, the poisoned seed grows the poisoned tree–and that tree, poisoned fruit.

And even you wouldn’t want that in your refrigerator. But I hear that rats have iron stomachs–and even almost anything.

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