Daniel Pocock, Exploring blackmail, slander, and anonymous “walk on”players in the gang stalking dialectic: Tor developers, #fakerape, Jacob Applebaum

The intelligence community and its rabid neocon religionists, zionists, and others has weaponized #fakerape as we saw with Julian Assange, and Jacob Applebaum: Tor is so useless, lol; hacked from the inside by ideological anonymity frauds.

From Daniel Pococks blog

26 August 2020

Debian falsified harassment claims in Appelbaum expulsion


In 2016, there was an enormous amount of noise about Jacob Appelbaum from the Tor Project and winner of the Henri Nannen Prize for journalism.

An anonymous web site had been set up with allegations of harassment,
abuse and rape. Unlike the #MeToo movement, which came later, nobody
identified themselves and nobody filed a police complaint. It appears
that the site was run by people who live in another country and have no
daily contact with Appelbaum. Therefore, many people feel this wasn’t
about justice or immediate threats to their safety.

Long discussions took place in the private mailing lists of many free
software communities, including Debian. Personally, as a I focus on my
employer, clients and family and as there are so many long email
discussions in Debian, I don’t follow most of these things. I’ve come
to regret that as it is now clear that at least some claims may have
been falsified, a serious injustice has transpired and this could have
been easily detected.

I don’t wish to discount the experiences of anybody who has been a
victim of a crime. However, in the correspondence that was circulated
within Debian, the only person who has technically been harassed is
Jacob Appelbaum himself. If Appelbaum does have a case to answer then
organizations muddying the waters, inventing additional victims, may
undermine the stories of real victims.

The Debian Account Managers (DAM) had sent various emails summarizing the situation. I quote one of those:

Subject: Re: What is true and what is false in accusations against Jacob Appelbaum

Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2016 14:32:03 +0200

From: Enrico Zini <[email protected]>

To: Debian Private List <[email protected]>

On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 02:33:53PM +0100, Dimitri John Ledkov wrote:

No, the decision was not made based on those accusations but based on
Debian’s own member contribution / testimonials to the appropriately
delegated team.

Indeed. I noticed a tendency, when famous people are involved, to put
the celebrity at centre stage and give everyone else nameless walk-on

In this story, and in Debian especially, there were several players on
stage. In -private we have read first-person stories by Erinn Clark,
Jérémy Bobbio, and Ximin Luo. In DAM’s mailbox we have read stories from
3 more people who are well known and trusted in our community.

… snip …

Enrico (with input from Joerg and Christoph), as DAM

I had taken comments like that at face value and not looked any
deeper. Zini is referring to six “testimonies” in total, three have
been hidden and Zini expects us to trust him. Secret evidence is normal
in countries like North Korea but it has no place in Debian.

Nonetheless, in 2018 I resigned from some of my activities for Debian
due to family circumstances. Later on, I heard that people who knew
nothing about my family life and the death of my father had started
trying to create gossip. This motivated me to get further away from
these people but on the other hand, I became curious about finding the
truth in Appelbaum’s case.

I started with the quote above from the DAMs and went looking for the
evidence of Erinn Clark, Jérémy Bobbio (Lunar) and Ximin Luo. I found messages from each of these people, which I quote:

From: Ximin Luo <[email protected]>

Date: 2016:06:15 16:21 +0200

I and several other DDs are also Tor Project members, which is where these
accusations first surfaced. I myself have tried to stay away from the messy
details of the situation, but I do know that some of these other DDs have
personally spoken to some of the accusers, whom they have known as friends in
real life for a while. These accusers are also known and respected within the
infosec community, which is why you will see so many of them voicing opinions
against Jake. It’s probably not too hard to deanonymise some of them, if you

From: Erinn Clark <[email protected]>

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 11:08:32 -0400


I’ve been much more involved in Tor than Debian for the past 7 years, but I can
personally vouch for at least 3 of anonymous victims (who are known to me).
This is not a state-sponsored attack.

From: Jérémy Bobbio <[email protected]>

Date: 15/06/2016, 18:39

I can personally vouch for 2 of the stories on the website. I also have
direct experience of Jake playing with people’s boundaries, mine
included since I first met him in Florence four years ago.


[email protected]


: :A :

`. `’`


# apt-get install anarchism

I remembered Zini’s words, “first-hand accounts”, but that is
clearly not true. These three emails do not say they are from victims.
They are not even witnesses, only acquaintances. They made brief
references to stories from a third party. They may all be referring to
the same source(s). In four years that have passed, not one of the
people referred to has filed a formal complaint, so these scant emails
are nothing more than rumours and innuendo.

It appears that all the developers who trusted the analysis of the
DAMs have had the wool pulled over our eyes. Zini had taken these three
people who heard the story from a friend and told us they were victims
with first-hand accounts. We took his word for it. Zini had implied
there were at least three victims in the Debian community but there were

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