For investigators, defense attorneys, and psychologists: Happy 9/11!The importance of “time” and its relation to “time theft” in the gang stalking dialectic-with helicopters!

ROGS recently outed an FBI Special Agent from the Los Angeles field office as an “organized gang stalker,” whose pals and relatives once (and likely still) were/are gang stalking me, personally, in this post here, and I invite every/any rebuttal of my claims.

Which wont happen, of course, because thats not how “the corporation” and its “proactive policing” apparatus works.


What actually happens is that these FOBs put you on various watchlists, and in threat assessment databases, and other community policing “dossieres” of the type that the Nazis, the USSRs Joseph Stalin, the East German Stasi, and todays Israeli IDF use/used, and then, they harass you even more if they can.

So, as my regular readers know, gang stalking is actually “police, intelligence, FBI/DHS/Etalphabet agency/NGO” stalking, and its illegal, and ROGS names names just so that I can watch the Kommunity Keystone Kops Kollide as they research my evidence.

But gang stalking is also encouraged by non-police assets in the community, because the US and the FVEYs alliance are de facto police states that hand out favors for the silence of the privileged, and the complicit.

Or, this:

police state
[pəˈlēs ˈstāt]


  1. a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.

Perhaps the easiest examples that demonstrate this are how the FBI (arguably a political police agency, but definitively a secret police agency) has completely subverted due process of law in the United States by forming an anti-democratic para military organization called Infragard, which is 100% full of people who violate the law daily, by trading private citizens private info like baseball cards. These quasi-agents are employed in various fields ranging from the information and technology sector, to social media corporations, to the post office and more-they are who the FBI relies upin to subvert our privacy and more.

But there are many other examples that demonstrate that so-called western democracies are not democracies ruled by the rule of law, but in fact are police states, and those individuals and organizations are hidden in every corporation, and every organization at varying levels of “trust.”

And, these wield immense power. The only problem is, that these have “earned” that trust by violating the most basic laws of the land, and willingly violate “the social compact” by having placed themselves above the law; and that, as others argue that the social compact is just fluff, and not a contract at all.

So, welcome to the Hegelian Conflct, 101. Meet Mike Brazill(and take note of the spelling of that last name) alleged and self described “gang stalking target”:

So, lets go on a gang stalking wild goose chase, flying pig chase, where we will see various elements of the ROGS thesis validated, with social science, and predictive analysis, but also, with Las Vegas connections, and actual helicopters, which feature in many complaints of gang stalking.

I once encountered a person who claims that they are being gang stalked, who had a blog, now deleted, called .

That person, when I encountered their religion infused gibberish at a blog called neverending1, claimed that they were targeted with an “electronic weapon,” and here we see, many years after I encountered these double talking time wasters, here we see this person, Michael “Mike” Brazill thus:

1- involved with real estate

2- involved with helicopters

3- involved with a christian cult

4- claiming electronic harassment, but phenomenally successful as,a para-military contractor type

5- involved with airplanes, rental/leasing/other “aircraft”,which many actual,non-fake TIs claim harass them.

So, Michael “Mike” Brazill, Las Vegas real estate broker, and aircraft industry specialist, feel free to sue me for libel and defamation. My contact feature is at the top of this blog, should you feel a need to sue me. I will gladly respond with a counter suit, and eventually own you, and your sordid group of air born stalkers like a dog flying pig on a leash, that I will slaughter, and feed to pork eaters.

So, meet a military contractor, who has access to airpanes and helicopters, who Isuspect is one of those who use thoseepensive toys to harass actual targets, because as we know, “crazy, delusional” people dont have (and are not allowed) access to such technologies.

And of course, gang stalking isnt “real” according to the FBI, most local police departments, and mental health “professionals” like the good doctors Lorraine Sheridan, David V. James, Christine Sarteschi, and the humble “conspiracy theory psychology” lecturer Dr. Mike Wood, who once wrote about gang stalking at, but who is curiously silent on the topic since I astroturfed some facts over there.

Mr. Brazill is a former U.S. Army Aviator and Warrant Officer. He served
6 years on active duty, from UH-1 “Huey” Crew Chief in the 4/498th
Medevac Battalion to Aeroscout Helicopter Pilot in an Attack Helicopter
Battalion assigned to the 1st Infantry Division.

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