Religious proselytization hidden within the gang stalking dialectic: Who are Targeted Individuals?

Who Are Targeted Individuals? A post for researchers, psychologists, defense attorneys, and forensic analysts to understand gang stalking.

Conspiracy author Renee Pittman, licensed psychologist Peggy Kannaday (Henderson), and a slew of othe apocalyptic christians comment on mass shooter (and apocalyptic christian) Myron May:

As ROGS has repeatedly demonstrated, in case after case, organized gang stalking is frequently gangs of police, and those affiliated with police, such as city workers, firefighters, etc., organized as local mobs and targeting individuals.

The link above demonstrates this point quite effectively, as we see Renee Pittman commenting in a forum about Florida mass shooter Myron May. She was nirably contacted by the FBI and other federal agencies after his spree killing at a university in Florida, and May, the killer, had contacted her and others shortly before his rampage.

But aside from that, one cannot miss the fact that other prominent apocalyptic christians appear in that forum either, quite notably, Peggy Kannaday, a known “warrior” for Jesus, who uses her degree in psychology as a prop with which to proselytize christianity.

Where have we seen these female “warriors” appear in the gang stalking narrative before and after a mass shooting? In.none other than the case of the Ten Thousand Oaks mass shooting, where Ian Long shot up a bar full of undercover cops, security guards, and country music fans, many of whom had “coincidentally” been at the Mandalay Bay mass shooting too.

So, yeah, crazy christian cults and sects are indeed connected to gang stalking.

And as ROGS Analysis has demonstrated repeatedly, the number 13 shows up too, which is a regular feature of christian bullying, and harassment, but ALSO prominently linked to mass homicides too.

From “The Thirteenth,” here is one yammering “gang stalking victim,” Peggy Kannaday, a self-proclaimed targeted individual who appears all over the net in forums about gang stalking, rambling on about satellite beams and energy weapons but never producing scientific evidence of any kind to verify her claims, while preaching apocalyptic “gospel”

Putting God First

By Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday

When I was a new Christian, The Lord taught me many lessons about putting Him first.

I was raising my daughter, and I was always so concerned about her
well-being and education. It seemed that my life was revolving around

One day, The Lord spoke to me that if I continued putting her first; He
would have to take her home to Himself. He told me that she was “His”
daughter, and that He had chosen me to raise her up in the way she was
to go.

And here she is,again.from the website Faithwriters, where she writes about “Jesus the whistle blower.”

With zero doubt, the Jewish-christian* worldview is what is behind gang stalking, and ROGS Analysis predicts that too.

* I use the term Jewish-christian because historically, the term Judeo-Christian has been used because it hides the word “Jew” from the average observer by using the “Latin” variation of that word. No modern speakers use ancient Latin, except religion, and church affiliated persons.

2 thoughts on “Religious proselytization hidden within the gang stalking dialectic: Who are Targeted Individuals?

  1. im also a target and a christian. ive lived a life of straight up sin.
    ive never raped or killed anyone

    anyway….JC brings me joy and peace

    if so called christians are really some kind of limited hangout for the government….
    they are just actors

    one shouldnt hate JC just because some of his fans are doing it wrong

    ive been reading my feral house collection and its sad stuff to know Adam is dead.
    he didnt have anything good to say about ||||the occult #### in his final days

    JC helps me laugh off gangstalkers

    i probably am done bothering you now.

    great website

    1. The Jesus myth is interesting, but doesnt hold up in any way as a true historical story. That said-dont you think its a bit silly that all kinds of non-Jews worship a Jewish guy instead of their own tribal/ethnic martyrs?

      I mean, study the history of your own tribe, and imagine if Jews worshipped one of your own tribes mythical heretics? That would be weird, right?

      So, while I understand that you are trapped in a,Jewish christian culture, and you are under seige from them at all times- maybe get out of Rome once in awhile, and stop doing as they do.

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