Warning: the tragic consequences of religious (and other) cult fair game tactics and covert methods of secret societies

My readers know that I primarily cover police and intelligence cults, and that their methods are exactly the same as most cults, with the main difference being that police and intel gang stalking frequently causes suicides, homicides, strange “car crashings,” and bizarre butter knife wielding events-but also mass homicides in the case of the extreme outliers,on a Bell curve of strange events.

My readers also know that I generally steer clear of any and all religion oriented blogs, except to occasionally castigate those cults or sects who use gang stalking to harass people.

That said, please check out this excellent post by Ralph Christian about “fair game” and gang stalking psyops by path-narcs, sociopaths, freemasons, kabbalists, and others:

Whether it’s scientology making BBC presenters explode,
subtle stalking, de-fellowshipping by Jehovahs Witnesses or abusive
methods Crypto-Judaism Christians, Cults are marked out by the way they
don’t take kindly to a number of things. Leaving and/or revealing that
they are not quite as friendly as the lovebombing they hook people in
with suggests. We look at some of the tragic results of the subtle and
expertly crafted ambient abuse from ex-cult members and victims who lent
their voice to research and study groups of Cult methodology…

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