An actual conspiracy prosecuted by the feds, a gang of stalkers with high percentages of female stalkers, an “ex -cop*” Phillip Cooke, eBay ® and gang stalking are another ROGS Bingo

In my research, I estimate that nearly 100% of gang stalking complaints and associated harassment campaigns involve police, ex -police*, military, and ex -military, intelligence agents and their assets in the, “community.”

But as we see over and over in ROGS Analysis, an unusually hight percentage of these gang stalkers are women, as police and intel find womens propensity for violence, revenge seeking, passive aggressiveness and “third party punishment ” tactics, (as seen in the film Mean Girls ) quite useful. This is sugnifucant, because in studies of violence and predation, womens roles are overlooked by the selective and at times convenient gender biases of people from Jewish -christian societies.

And it is in that #safespace where gangs of women, like the notorious bombers and bank robbers of M19 hid out and waged murderous campaigns for decades, right under the nose of the FBI and many other federal and state law enforcement agencies.

Read About:  The gang of “quiet, white, college educated lesbians ” of the murderous M 19 in “The night they bombed the capitol ”

In this specific police, security and intelligence gang, three out of seven of those charged with a conspiracy are women, four out of seven are ex -military or ex -police, and four out of seven will now enter guilty pleas to cyber-stalking and offline stalking an unnamed couple who wrote a newsletter critical of eBay®

Ex-Cop* Phillip Cooke To Plead Guilty In Natick eBay Cyberstalking Case

Federal prosecutors announced another impending guilty plea the case of a Natick couple harassed by former eBay employees.

And this, from

They are all charged with conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with a witness. Their lawyers either declined to comment or didn’t immediately return emails seeking comment Wednesday.

The employees also sent pornographic magazines with the husband’s name on them to their neighbor’s house, planned to break into the couple’s garage to install a GPS device on their car, and posted the couple’s names and address online, advertising things like yard sales and encouraging strangers to knock on the door if the pair wasn’t outside, officials said.

So, whether its the FBI and their Infragard agents or eBay®, the tactics and methods of organized gangstalking are relatively stable features, across cases, resulting in the ability of OGS researchers to utilize quantitative and qualitative metrics to document it.

ROGS Analysis also predicts an extremely high percentage of the guilty pleas in the “eBay Gang©**” stalking case are women, once prosecutors and others are aware of these facts (just take a look at the buzarre claims of Dr.s Tomo Shibata (who ROGS suspects is tied to a “Japan porn ” blackmail and compromise operation, based upon her politics, and the many hits that come to my blog about that exact search language ), and many other women who natter on incessantly about mind zappers, DEWs and mind reading satellites, who never once mention cases of actual gangs of cops, retired cops, and their gangs of associated anti -democracy scum murdering men like Ahmaud Arbery, who they stalked incessantly, and actually attempted to “zap ” with a Taser two years before they killed him;  and other men in similar cases dicumented here at my blog, and elsewhere all over the country.

In this case at hand, 75% of the guilty pleas are female sociopaths who stalked a couple writers “electronically” online and  sending them pornography, cockroaches and more offline:

The four [that are] expected to plead guilty are Brian Gilbert, 51; Stephanie Popp, 32; Stephanie Stockwell, 26; and Veronica Zea, 26, according to The Boston Globe.

All live in San Jose, California, except for Stockwell, who lives in Redwood City, California.

* the asterisk denotes that the inside joke is that the term “ex -cop ” and, “ex -military intelligence ” implies that they no longer act as police, or interact in a, “high policing ” capacity with police.  So, these people never actually separate from their ties to current police, and police institutions like the nefarious LEIUs, and other fraternal and sororal organizations related to policing, and the cloak and dagger official -unofficial cronyism associated with policing.

The most recent case of gang stalking where this was evident was the murder of a jogger, Ahmaud Arbery by a “retired cop, ” and nothing could be further than the truth, as that cop was actively working with local prosecutors to stalk and target Arbery for many years-he was retired in name only, having been forced into retirement for non -compliance with use of force training policies.

But there are many other cases, everywhere you look, once you recognize the tactics, jargon, argot language, and ohysical configurations of “who are the gang stalkers. ”

** ROGS is claiming copyright on the phrase eBayGang© effective as of the date of this post

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