Inside eBay’s cockroach cult: The ghastly story of a stalking scandal, and another ROGS Analysis 100% Bingo

Inside the eBay Global Security and Resiliency intelligence cult, a gang of sociopaths and other stalkers, from

The arrest and prosecution of a “gang” of stalkers who worked at the eBay® “threat assessment” department is a huge win for ROGS Analysis, a 100% ROGS Bingo on every material fact, including an actual conspiracy, a crackpot cop who claims to be CIA, a high percentage of female stalkers, outrageous surveillance, mail tampering, weaponized pornography and more shenanigans than you can shake a stick at, now prosecuted by the feds.

It’s the kind of stuff that only cops can get away with, unless the DoJ takes these cases more seriously.

In the various online gang stalking forums and blogs, a consistent and frequent question arises: but who are the gang stalkers?

And, Rogs, the blog you are reading now consistenly answers: gang satlkers are always police, retired police, military and ex military members, and their gangs of associates, frequently working under cover of “community policing,” and from within the security industry.

So, lets meet a few stalkers from an actual security gang aka “gang stalkers” face to face, starting with this one, who will soon plead guilty to stalking, cyberstalking, and more.

Meet Veronica Zea, who will likely soon find a new job with Amazon, lol.

Veronica Zea


grew up in Santa Clara, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, she cared little for the dazzlements of technology. In college, she studied criminology. After graduating, and a year spent recovering from knee surgery, she surprised herself by answering a classified ad and ending up at the e-commerce pioneer. Zea’s first job at eBay was intelligence operator.

In a windowless room at corporate headquarters in San Jose, she watched closed-circuit cameras and helped people who were locked out of their offices. Zea (pronounced ZAY) was 23, with no special skills, but she worked hard.

Soon she was promoted to intelligence analyst, charged with staying ahead of geopolitical and individual threats.

She sounds like a complete moron, true to form in an industry awash with Paul Blarts and other low IQ types, right? And, a perfect patsy for the executives and their security staff to use in a plot as stupid as this.

These really are the people phoning in anonymous tips to Homeland Security, and other cowardly anonymous tip lines that proliferate in the US surveillance state.

As all gang stalkings go, this story is bizarre beyond rational belief, and strikes the heart of the isdue of organized gang stalking, so stay with me, and maybe take a look at this other case of gang stalking where CIA contractor CyCorp waged a similar campaign of terror against an individual who was critical of the pre-NSA worldwide wiretap, then called Total Information Awareness, run by the Bush Whitehouse.

Heres the piece of shit sociopath who started the gang stalking, eBays former CEO, Devin Norse Wenig, who left that company (with a 57 million dollar severance) as soon as the indictments came out:

I would love to see that guy get indicted, and hopefully it will be soon.

And, as we watch the “eBay Gang Stalking Scandal©” roll out in the press, we see that this case hits every single point on the ROGS Bingo card, including “electronic weapons” that included cyber crimes, digital crimes, and planned breakins to their homes, to install (illegal) GPS tracking on their targets car.

Related Story: how police and intelligence agents and other bad actors wage internet smear campaigns, and post gibberish about “electronic directed energy weapons, satellite mind zappers, and mind reading locusts”to discredit victims, and hide these massive surveillance state crimes in psychobabble to discredit complaintants. Here is another example of how these same security gangs use the term “electronic implants” to refer to computer and phone wiretaps.

But we also see a case where the federal government has now prosecuted a case of highly organized, coordinated stalking, by a gang of security contractors that includes retired police working with active police everywhere you look.

As for ROGS Analysis, it even predicts that gang stalkers are affilliated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, which you can read about here, or use my search feature, KW Boys and Girls Clubs.

So, heres eBay’s then second in command, public relations chief Steve Wymer, who “retired” from the company as soon as the charges were laid, and guess what?

Yup, Wymer, the son of two Baptist proselytes, is now the head of Silicon Valleys Boys and Girls Clubs!

Because “Gang stalking: its “for the children!©” Go get em’ team John 3:16!

ROGS Analysis also predicts crisis PR agents and agencies just like him involved in these things too. Use my search feature to find posts about that, KW “crisis PR”.

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