is an occult ritual based influence operation: ehy naming people like Portapique mass shooter Gabriel Wortman is imperative upon journalists

The thing that makes a total surveillance state, and its rampant police-crime tolerable in so-called western democracies* is occulted by the religious influences of crisis PR organizations, and ritual practices tied to superstitious beliefs. is one such occult organization that advises law enforcement and journalists to refuse to name the murderers, and co-conspirators of mass homicides.

Terry Glavin of McCleans magazine asks the questions that everyone asks after these law enforcement cults are linked with hard evidence to each and every mass shooter.

The killer’s name

Terry Glavin: What kind of person would do such a thing?
Contrary to the PM’s advice to journalists, there is nothing destructive in asking and seeking answers.


Among the first questions that reasonable people were asking in the early aftermath of the massacre that unfolded over 14 horrifying hours in Nova Scotia over the weekend were these three: What the hell just
happened? Why would somebody do something like this? What sort of person would do such a thing?

There is nothing macabre or morbid or in any way wrong or destructive to social cohesion in asking these questions out loud, and in wanting and expecting news organizations to seek out accurate answers to them.
These are in fact precisely the questions the RCMP is setting out to answer. In a free and democratic society, it is right and proper that journalists are making the same sorts of inquiries and reporting the
facts as they are discovered.

For these reasons, it would be reckless for Prime Minister Justin
Trudeau to give the appearance of instructing or advising journalists in how they should do their jobs, or to prejudge Gabriel Wortman’s
motives, or to encourage weird ideas about how Canadians will or should respond to the barbaric acts of mayhem Wortman committed over the weekend.

But however well-intentioned he may have been, Trudeau did all three of these things

Like a pedophile who tells his victims “Dont tell, ” we see a well heeled crisis PR operation surrounding these mass shootings, telling us “Don ’t ask,” and its undeniable that a similar mindset has operated at the site of any lynching, or lynch mob violence related event, ever.

Un -naming rituals, bannishing, and other similar practices are widely documented in the religious occult world, and are not merely the practice of whacky ancient religions, or satanists and covens of new age witches.

In fact, mainstream religions all have dehumanization of targeted persons at the center, ranging from Catholic Black Masses like the Mass of Saint Secairre, to ordinary Baptist or Jewish shunning practices, shunning and banning, and unnaming is everywhere you look in modern religious orders.

These plainly inhumane and even fanatical practices derive from the base insanity and delusion that conservative religious teaching, as we see in oft repeated phrases like “I had to die, so that Jesus could live in me, ” and so on (this is literally the mindset and delusion of anti -rationalist born again evangelical christians. )

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(this post is in progress, stay tuned)

Religion, Gang stalking, Gabriel Wortman latest news, and the occult: religionists in policing seek to hide their “investigation privileged” practices

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